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  1. John Smith- COhoes NY Model Zelos 6 stiff Swing Speed 89 Current Shaft/Flex In Use- Project X LZ 120 stiff
  2. First Name/City State John Smith- Cohoes, New York Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score 4.6 Current Iron Model Played Ping I500
  3. John Smith - Colonie NY Volkey SM7 54, 58 Test wedge preference 50,54, 58 Thank you John
  4. I have been playing golf for 45 years, I became very active in my early 30's and have played regularly since. I love the game on many levels. As a player I love the fact that you can never master this game. You always have room to improve and age only increases the opportunity for adjusting expectations and improving on a relative scale I believe golf exposes who a person is. You can not "hide". You can learn more about a person in one round of golf than you might learn in years of casual contact. The "cheater" is exposed, as is the "whiner or excuse maker" as is the "great guy"
  5. I agree with the comment on maxed out center hit technology. The area with potential for MASSIVE improvement is AI applied to shaft development and the tightening of specs so a player can select a shaft for swing speed with a ( for example) 1-10 rated butt, mid and tip spec. Combining AI with swing profiles/ speed and tightening manufacturing specs to produce a defined, measured shaft profiles will be the next area of dramatic driver distance improvement. Your face is maxed out, your shaft has HUGE potential for specialization and improvement. I anticipate a day when you send a video of y
  6. John - New York Handicap 5 Clubs: Ping I500. Ping G700, and Mizuno Hot Metal Pro ( self admitted club junkie) All are 4-P stiff shaft 7 Iron Carry 155
  7. Driver - John - New York Handicap 4.6 Current Ball - Pro V 1 x Looking for ball speed I am an avid senior golfer that competes in several local/regional tournaments. Fighting to maintain distance as I grow older
  8. John New York ( Albany area) Handicap- 5.7 Mizuno 850 forged Greatest Strength - Iron distance control and accuracy Greatest Weakness- 60 years old and driver swing speed has declined from 105 to 100. As a result I am begining to fight distance and trajectory issues so technology and shaft selection have moved to the forefront of my thought process.
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