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  1. I would welcome the opportunity to test this putting system. My handicap is 5 John Smith Spyder 65 years old I play 3-4 times weekly
  2. Seems right in my wheelhouse, I have about 10 putters, after selling several to second swing golf, I have all the tools to counter balance driver shafts and routinely adjust weights, balance point etc. This test may keep me busy for the entire summer. John Smith 65years old, 5 handicap- play 3-4 rounds weekly Located near Albany/ Saratoga NY
  3. Pay for a FITTING ONLY, get your specs and shop for clubs. That is the prudent and fair way to go. You are not taking "free services" and you are letting the free market drive you buying decision. If you pay for the fitting, get a clear definition of your specs and profile, you can use several channels to get your clubs such as - Direct form the Mgf, Online reputable suppliers like Second Swing Golf, Dallas Golf and others. Since when are we obligated to buy at what we perceive to be a higher than market price for anything. Do your homework, pay for your specs and fitting and if CC is in t
  4. Add the Elks Club ( Southern Pines Golf Club) - Donald Ross gem now being run by the Pine Needles/ Mid Pines mgnt- Kelly Miller - Pat McGowan etc; Great track, super value.
  5. The Ping 700's are a club that focuses on distance and in doing so the engineering goal objective keeping the club light . The stock spec for 700's is C9(4-8) which is light with the wedges set at D1-d2. Most stock irons are at least D0 with D2 a very common stock weight. You may be feeling this difference which is by design and may be noticeable depending on what you were using in the past. If you have the swing weights checked you can confirm exactly where you are presently and then determine a plan to achieve a swing weight that is desired. You could pull the existing shafts, add w
  6. With respect to the issue with the "chips". Titleist will/should stand behind their product regardless of who you purchased this from. I would ask your Pro to contact his Titleist Representative ( regional factory rep that sells to the private club) and let him take a look at it. OR go to any local demo day and ask the Titleist Rep directly. The last thing they want is a dissatisfied person around the many potential customers they are trying to sell clubs to. If your private Club is having a demo day you may get a very positive response from the regional Rep if you approach him with your i
  7. Points on distance control have the greatest merit in my opinion. Todays Player distance and GI options increase overall distance however the drop off in distance resulting from sweet spot contact compared to heel/toe mishits is very significant. While blades or even CB options offer less overall distance, the drop off for mishits ( as a percentage of total distance) is less significant. This results in a smaller "spread" between sweet spot pure contact and heel toe slight misses and better overall distance control. Typical pro's are not in need of the additional distance, control is the g
  8. John Smith- COhoes NY Model Zelos 6 stiff Swing Speed 89 Current Shaft/Flex In Use- Project X LZ 120 stiff
  9. First Name/City State John Smith- Cohoes, New York Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score 4.6 Current Iron Model Played Ping I500
  10. John Smith - Colonie NY Volkey SM7 54, 58 Test wedge preference 50,54, 58 Thank you John
  11. I have been playing golf for 45 years, I became very active in my early 30's and have played regularly since. I love the game on many levels. As a player I love the fact that you can never master this game. You always have room to improve and age only increases the opportunity for adjusting expectations and improving on a relative scale I believe golf exposes who a person is. You can not "hide". You can learn more about a person in one round of golf than you might learn in years of casual contact. The "cheater" is exposed, as is the "whiner or excuse maker" as is the "great guy"
  12. I agree with the comment on maxed out center hit technology. The area with potential for MASSIVE improvement is AI applied to shaft development and the tightening of specs so a player can select a shaft for swing speed with a ( for example) 1-10 rated butt, mid and tip spec. Combining AI with swing profiles/ speed and tightening manufacturing specs to produce a defined, measured shaft profiles will be the next area of dramatic driver distance improvement. Your face is maxed out, your shaft has HUGE potential for specialization and improvement. I anticipate a day when you send a video of y
  13. John - New York Handicap 5 Clubs: Ping I500. Ping G700, and Mizuno Hot Metal Pro ( self admitted club junkie) All are 4-P stiff shaft 7 Iron Carry 155
  14. Driver - John - New York Handicap 4.6 Current Ball - Pro V 1 x Looking for ball speed I am an avid senior golfer that competes in several local/regional tournaments. Fighting to maintain distance as I grow older
  15. John New York ( Albany area) Handicap- 5.7 Mizuno 850 forged Greatest Strength - Iron distance control and accuracy Greatest Weakness- 60 years old and driver swing speed has declined from 105 to 100. As a result I am begining to fight distance and trajectory issues so technology and shaft selection have moved to the forefront of my thought process.
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