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  1. Handicap and Location 13 - South Chicago Social Media Account Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Expected rounds in an 8-week span ~15 Current OEMs in your bag TM Driver, 3wd, Hyrbid, Putter Mizuno Irons Cleveland Wedges Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge SZ Tour Length Driver, Black/white, 9 degree, stiff, PX small batch smoke green 60 SZ Tour Fairway, 3 wood, stiff, -1/4”, PX Even Flow White T1100 65 Forged Tec, 3 iron, Stiff, KBS $ Taper Lite King Forged CB, 4-PW, Stiff, KBS $ Taper Black King MIM Wedges in 50, 54, 60 degree, stock kbs hi-rev 2.0 All Cobra Connect, Lamkin X-line Chord, Standard
  2. Looking at arranging a little golf trip if the shutdowns will agree. Wanting to be within driving distance to Chicago. What’s some recommendations for a few days of great golf without having to take a second mortgage out on the house. (have done Gull Lake and love it)
  3. It’s hit or miss as well. I do have a different grip on my 3 wood than the rest of my clubs. Have a mcc plus 4 on the three wood and regular mcc on everything else. Wanting to change it but have to wait until IL opens up a bit more.
  4. I flip between V1 Golf and Huddle Technique as I like to use them both to record my swing on the range or in the backyard. Bought a phone clip that attaches to an alignment stick and can record my swing very easily without a second person having to man the cam. You can draw on the video to playback and see what you need to work on. I’d highly recommend both of them
  5. I jumped on the plus4 bandwagon a few seasons ago. Feel as though I lost a bunch of feel and tempo when I did. Went back to the standard golf pride mcc and love it. I still have the plus4 in my 3wood only because I haven't had the time to get it regripped during all the covid closures and I immediately feel it anytime I grab the club.
  6. Has to be taking the driver off the deck... never practiced and seldom used so by sheer volume alone it is the most inconsistent.
  7. As of right now it has to be my 2016 m2 3-wood. Tested others and this one always beats it. Pretty sure I got lucky with a really hot face on this one.
  8. I’m a victim of the over draw / block miss on my driver. Don’t have those issues when I pull the 4-iron out. Haven’t completely abandoned it, especially on longer par 4’s but it’s costing me probably a good 3-4 shots a round. And I feel that is being optimistic.
  9. My miss on driver can be a two way miss much too often. I’m giving up a good 65 yards from driver to 4 iron... but it also forces my hand on the second shot.
  10. This stuff is gold. Much better than last weeks Rory/DJ/Rickie/Wolff match.
  11. I’ve recently began to tee off on par 5’s with a 4iron... allows me to go 4 iron, 4 iron, 7-pw into the green. Essentially eliminates any eagle opportunity but it’s not like I really was having many opportunities at them anyways. It has however kept me in play and my scoring average down. Anyone else in this boat?
  12. M5 with project x handcrafted yellow m2 3wood mizuno mp18 mb/sc combo with project x Lz 6.0 Cleveland rtx 3 wedges in 50*, 54*, 58* spider tour red no sight line/dots
  13. Hey everyone! I’ve been playing golf since the age of 10 when I bought my first set at my neighbors garage sale. Old leather bag with about 35 clubs in it... 20 of them were some type of wood and the others were blades. What is not to love about golf... I think the best part is that you can truly never master it. There is always room for growth. I’ve been reading MGS for years and recommend it to all my golf junkie friends. I know a few spies and always looking to meet some more. I’m from Chicago (south burbs) and don’t have a home course... more of a golfing nomad. I’m a teacher and coach by trade.
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