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  1. MaxEntropy

    POLL: Mobile access to the forum

    I was exclusively app until the other discussions a few weeks ago, now exclusively browser. It is so much improved over what it was.
  2. The honeymoon isn't over for me. When I played Thanksgiving weekend, it was probably the best I've hit the irons. Still in love.
  3. Good luck! This will be another good one to follow.
  4. MaxEntropy

    Happy thread

    That seems like it's some pretty good consistency, too. Do you feel like you've eliminated the big numbers? I'm still good for 1 or 2 huge numbers per round.
  5. MaxEntropy

    Weight Loss Thread

    I stepped on the scale Friday and am below my pre-holiday weight. Currently at 216.4 with a goal of getting to 200.
  6. MaxEntropy

    MyGolfSpy Tournament

    I think a nationwide outing would be awesome, but committing to such an event would be difficult without plenty of advance notice. I honestly like driving places to play golf, but would likely limit myself to within a 10-12 hour drive, which encircles a pretty huge area for me.
  7. Send Golfspy_CG2 a PM with your paypal email address. He'll be able to get you hooked up.
  8. MaxEntropy

    Donate to MyGolfSpy

    Just got done donating, too!
  9. Just bought a Shotscope - FYI, the code mgs189 will still give you $60 off, making it $149 if anyone else is interested.
  10. MaxEntropy

    Happy Birthday 00sportsman!!

    Happy birthday!
  11. MaxEntropy

    Does Jordan Spieth have the yips?

    I agree with the sentiment that it is probably a combination. I went to the PGA website to see the actual numbers instead of rankings. The data below is the total strokes gained putting. 2017 (As of 10/1/17) RANK THIS WEEK PLAYER NAME ROUNDS AVERAGE TOTAL SG:PUTTING MEASURED ROUNDS 1 Michael Thompson 60 0.84 36.94 44 2 Rickie Fowler 78 0.812 47.934 59 3 Luke Donald 50 0.704 30.285 43 4 Graeme McDowell 56 0.599 28.775 48 5 Brian Harman 104 0.568 46.581 82 6 Shane Lowry 52 0.545 18.544 34 T7 Jonas Blixt 74 0.536 31.627 59 T7 Patrick Reed 107 0.536 42.917 80 9 Rafa Cabrera Bello 63 0.515 21.632 42 10 Brooks Koepka 88 0.505 31.793 63 39 Jordan Spieth 85 0.339 21.727 64 2018 (As of 9/30/18) RANK THIS WEEK PLAYER NAME ROUNDS AVERAGE TOTAL SG:PUTTING MEASURED ROUNDS 1 Greg Chalmers 56 0.79 32.387 41 2 Jason Day 75 0.77 37.72 49 3 Alex Noren 67 0.758 37.154 49 4 Daniel Summerhays 51 0.736 27.965 38 5 Webb Simpson 95 0.692 56.017 81 6 Beau Hossler 104 0.685 61.617 90 7 Johnson Wagner 75 0.623 34.291 55 8 Peter Malnati 87 0.619 46.409 75 9 Patrick Rodgers 97 0.561 40.931 73 10 Emiliano Grillo 94 0.546 39.84 73 T123 Jordan Spieth 81 -0.034 -2.224 66 I averaged the entire field for each year and found that the total strokes gained improved by over a stroke (2.43 in 2017 versus 3.57 in 2018). At the same time, Spieth went the other direction by over 0.35 strokes. If Spieth had maintained his 2017 putting stats in 2018, he would have ended up in 34th - a slight improvement over 2017. While the entire field improved, this tells me most of the improvement came from the lower 2/3 of the field.
  12. MaxEntropy

    Dots above Forum names

    ...says the guy with a name and a post count badge....
  13. MaxEntropy

    Preferred iron finish

    I prefer satin finish.
  14. MaxEntropy

    2 Spies with a Birthday!

    Happy birthday, guys!
  15. Interesting topic, rev. Last weekend when I was at golf galaxy swinging the TS2, I had a good discussion about the topic with the guy that was helping me. His recommendation to me was lessons first to refine my swing and make it all more repeatable before focusing on what club might be best for me. The crazy thing about this game is I feel like I used to have a fairly sound swing (but didn't have time or money to work on it) until a couple years ago when back trouble started. I picked up a lot of bad habits to avoid pain. My back is quite a bit better now, but the flaws remain. I've had a couple lessons and have been working on the primary flaw. Depending on what happens this year, I may try Golftec or something that will totally break down my swing and see what happens.
  16. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on a Shotscope (hopefully some new deals pop up this spring). I've been weighing the pros and cons of this versus Arccos for a couple months and the "no subscription" aspect of the Shotscope factored quite a bit - I'm not a fan of subscription-based software, even more than having a dinner platter on my wrist. I've been wearing my Fitbit while doing the Orange Whip routine to get used to having something on my wrist. Is there something else I'm not considering?
  17. MaxEntropy

    Back to the top button

    I've barely been on today, but just noticed... Nice job, stud!
  18. MaxEntropy

    Happy Birthday MaxEntropy!

    Thanks, all! No big plans. Youngest daughter is in Atlanta, oldest daughter will be working (not sure were she got her work ethic, she has been waiting tables almost every day of her Christmas break), so it's just the wife and I, no clue if she has anything planned.
  19. MaxEntropy

    Happy Birthday DaveP043!

    Happy belated B-day, Dave!
  20. I'm not in the greatest shape, but decent for my age and when I did the full routine with the OW last night, I felt it. It was actually a decent workout.
  21. I have not tried the SKILZ version. It is not entirely clear to me why the OW is so much more expensive since they both seem to be very similar.
  22. MaxEntropy

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Yeah, a tester badge would be nice!
  23. MaxEntropy

    MGS App

    I had seen similar issues for many of the testing threads that were started in the August/September time frame, particularly the two Bridgestone JGR threads. The notifications in the app would randomly show the original "do not reply" title.
  24. Update: just got done doing the entire routine as recommended on the website. I think it's going to work out for me. As I accelerate the swing, I can feel when I'm fighting it versus letting it work. I can also feel when I am not getting a complete follow-through, which I know has been a tendency ever since I started having back issues a couple years ago. I'll report more as I get further along.