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  1. To me, this is key. At many of the courses I play, I almost never see a ranger and the starter (if there is one) never really lays out the pace of play expectations. I have had a couple experiences that I think courses should do more of: 1) Warren Course at Notre Dame - the starter was awesome. He recommended tees for us (which were forward from what we were tempted to play based on length) and explained their pace of play expectations in a manner that was friendly and stern at the same time. 2) A muni in Jefferson City, MO - I have no idea if they still do this, but in the 90's, they had a time clock by the club house (like you would see for workers in a factory). You stamped your card at the start, the turn, and the end. A ranger checked the time card and if you were outside their requirements it was possible you would be asked not to return. The course was jammed on Saturdays, but everyone knew they had to keep time, so it was always a nice pace. @Reesedw's post sounds like a more modern take on this type of system. Question for @GolfSpy_APH: are there ever any pace of play issues with the system in place? Without decent rangers, I could imagine there are still people like the selfish old farts I see that just don't care (yes, I'm generalizing, I know they are not the only problem).
  2. I don't think I've heard a Sasquatch, but it can't be much louder than some of the old Cobra drivers. I can hear a guy in our league warming up on the range from the parking lot.
  3. Didn't drive the ball particularly well and playing one of the harder courses in the area in gusts around 40 mph was interesting. Best part of my game was irons, for a change, but tricky greens with lots of slope meant a couple 3-putt bogies on par 3's. Started the front with 3 straight doubles (after what ended up being the best drive of the day on 1 ). #9 was dead into the wind. The card says 357. As I recall, Arccos claimed it was playing more like 440, which makes sense given that I hit driver and 4h and was still not quite pin high.
  4. I've been debating deleting my Facebook profile since I rarely use it any more. My wife has discouraged it because she likes to browse the marketplace and doesn't want to create her own account. Shockingly, having an account proved to be a good thing last weekend. We were driving to MO to see my wife's family and she happened to be scrolling through FB and says, "hey, it looks like a couple of your old roommates are in Columbia." There is another old roommate that still lives there. It has been about 10 years since I had seen one of them, more like 20 for the other two. We grabbed some dinner, hung out, and spent a lot of time catching up. It was a great time.
  5. The forum software does it automatically. I don't think it requires any special options turned on to do it.
  6. I was just getting ready to go into a meeting when I replied. I managed to find the thread pretty quickly. Some of the info is outdated since SS has updated their dashboard and the V3 watch is smaller with better battery life.
  7. I've used both, sort of. I was a SS V2 user and switched to Arccos over 3 years ago as their dashboard was superior at the time, imo. Except for putting stats - SS made it much easier to test a different putter and get separate data for it. Shotscope has improved its dashboard, as I understand it, and Arccos has gone to the subscription model. I am grandfathered without a subscription, so when my sensors die, I will not replace them - I hate subscriptions. I have had very good luck with Arccos. Other than putts, I can probably count the number of missed shots on one hand. I think the putter sensor struggles with soft-faced putters, so I took it off and just log my putts manually as well as I can. Even when the sensor did pick up putts, the supposed "AI" was terrible at predicting the hole location, so that needed to be fixed, making adding putts not that big of a deal. I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the "plays like" distance in Arccos. It has been very helpful to try to pick a club on windy days and/or hilly courses. As far as I can tell, it has only been really wrong for me a couple times, but we had swirling winds that day and maybe does not refresh the weather often enough? There was actually a thread a couple years ago that compared/contrasted SS and Arccos. It was started by me if you feel like trying to go down that rabbit hole to find it, especially with forum reorgs, who knows which subforum it might be in.
  8. As bad as the driver felt Saturday, it was the complete opposite last night. Every drive was center of the face (or close to it) and all but two ended up on my start line and faded back in as intended, and only one of the push-fades left me with no shot at the green. Distances were 264, 252, 285, 258, 255, 282, 284. Unfortunately, with our league course, that meant I had a fair number of partial wedges for second shots. Distance control with them SUCKED. I missed the green twice from 30-50 yards (one short, one long). Putting was only OK, but I'm not too concerned. The greens were punched a couple weeks ago and they were bumpier last night than just after they did it. I ended up with a +6 42 which is right on my league handicap. More than likely, this was it for the year for me. It was good to end on a relatively high note. See y'all next spring!
  9. Got out Saturday with @DiscipleofPenick. It was a beautiful day and the course was in great shape, but there are getting to be too many leaves. We played a pretty liberal version of the leaf rule, so my score doesn't really have much meaning (I think I lost 5-6 balls we should have been able to find). I struggled with driver pretty badly. Way too many push fades. Case in point on 18. Red line was my intended target. Yellow line was pretty close to actual start line. The ball ended up in the bunker. I know exactly what that means in relation to path and face angle, I just had no clue what adjustments to make. In reality, I still don't. I just hope when I play tomorrow, the swing is subtly different (as tends to happen) so it stops. If anyone wants to suggest some easy tweaks to try, I'm all for it. The one time I hit it straight, it was dead at my target of a big tree. It hit the tree solid and it must have vaporized because we never found it. I felt like chipping was terrible, but Arccos doesn't necessarily agree with me. Maybe it's because my chipping has been really good recently so my expectations were getting too high? We had some decent wind Saturday and for the first time I recall, the Arccos "plays like" distance was way, way wrong and I flew a couple greens by 20-30 yards. The winds were swirling a bit so maybe I picked the exact wrong time to hit the ball solid?
  10. The 16th was 4 days ago. Why have I not seen any pics in this thread?
  11. Fun time, fun course. About the time Matt found his driver, mine went AWOL, but I still managed to mostly avoid the big numbers (two doubles) and scrambled around in 42/44 (par 71).
  12. I had to Google to make sure. The Rokstock RSR was a 2.8 turbo. Perhaps there was a 2.3 turbo option as well? I couldn't find it though.
  13. My first car was a '76 VW Dasher wagon (root beer brown) It was a fun little car and even had fuel injection. I rear-ended someone and totalled it. Drove a totally beat up bug for a couple years, then got a '76 Mercury Capri Rokstock. As I understand it, the Rokstock designation was someone trying to do a Shelby thing to these. Beefed up suspension and engine tweaks for better performance. Mine had a pretty healthy 2.8 V6, but there was apparently a turbo version of the engine, too. I loved that car. Mine looked just like the pics, but different wheels.
  14. I've had this swing thought the last couple weeks: "smooth". I think that really turned into "slow" and "trying to steer the ball" so there have been a few struggles, even though I have scored pretty well (thanks to short game). After the second hole last night, it occurred to me to swing my swing and let it rip. Strangely, whatever I WAS doing was causing back pain, but when I started swinging more aggressively, it resulted in less pressure on my lower back, so it must have been a mechanical mess. The results were MUCH better, both off the tee and on approach. I ended up with 3 bogies and 6 pars. Short game was again very good, even though the greens have been punched since last Tuesday (the ball still rolled pretty well). I had a hard-pan bounce aided 300 yard drive and a downwind 272 yard drive that got slowed by a tree. I hope this is a good sign, but there is not a lot of golf time left - snow is starting to show up in the long-term forecast.
  15. My glove comes off after every shot and stays off for short game and putting (bunker shots it goes back on, though). During this time of year it's a habit (though unnecessary), but during summer, it is to allow whatever fractional amount of drying that can happen while walking to the next shot. During peak heat/humidity, I normally have 2 or 3 gloves in rotation because my hands get pretty sweaty.
  16. I used to play Colwood a fair amount when it was 18 holes and I was just learning to play, so there are a lot of good memories. I've played Great Blue a handful of times, not since some time in the 90's if I were to guess, but never Greenback. I always enjoyed Heron Lakes. There is a lot I miss about the PNW and golf is certainly among them.
  17. I bought ShotScope V2 ~3.5 years ago, then won a set of Arccos sensors here later that same year. I really liked ShotScope but the V2 watch was huge and battery life wasn't good. At that time, the Arccos dashboard was quite a bit better than SS, in my opinion, so given the "downsides" of huge watch or phone in front pocket, I chose phone in front pocket and gave my SS to a friend. As I understand it, the SS dashboard has improved a lot and the V3 watch is smaller with better battery life (plus the newer options like the H4, etc.). My Arccos sensors are also 3 years old now. I know a lot of people have had issues with missed shots, but, other than putts, I can count the number of shots Arccos has missed on a couple fingers (out of 8200+ shots taken). Part of me wonders if it is some flaw with the next gen sensors? An issue with the link (it seems link users report more missed shots)? Up until 10 days ago, I was using a StrokeLab putter with the soft micro hinge face. I assume the lack of sound makes shot detection tricky. Arccos replaced the putter sensor for me once, but it never really worked either, so I finally took the sensor off and manually add my putts. Since I am using a "louder" putter these days, I may reattach the putter sensor and see what happens. Once my sensors start dying (and those @tony@CIC gave me when he and/or his wife switched to SS), I'm likely done with shot tracking. I don't like subscriptions and I don't know if going back to SS would give me enough ROI since I already know my distances really well and know what I need to work on. More than likely, I'll keep using the Arccos app for the "plays like" distance as that has become my favorite feature.
  18. Last night was another night of "oh so close to being good", but it started ugly. First hole is almost always a hybrid off the tee for me - it's short and doesn't play very well with my normal shot shape due to trees preventing any ability to aim left. Unfortunately, a toe hook with hybrid is no good either as there is OB left. "Fortunately" a pine tree kept it in bounds, but it was all I could do to get a club on it and advance it 30-ish yards. 3rd shot was a theoretically a smooth PW, but I have been struggling with solid contact so have been intentionally clubbing up, so I grabbed a 9i. Of course that's the time I flushed it and flew the green. With a hard bounce and ground sloping away, I ended up about 50 yards past the green. I hit a nice high 58 over some trees but pushed it a bit right of my target, then proceeded to 3-putt for a triple . I was +4 on the remaining 8 holes with 2 birdie putts that missed by this much ->| |<-. Driver was ok, irons were nothing special, but short game was really good, including making 2 putts for par that were in the 10-20 foot range. BTW, after my putting woes the last month or so, on Friday I decided to bench my StrokeLab and busted out my 10-ish year old Ping Scottsdale TR putter. I had 30 putts on Friday (no 3-putts on some tricky, albeit slower than normal, greens), 16 last night, and confidence with it seems high right now so I think it'll stay in the bag for a while. My biggest complaint is the head cover has a velcro closure instead of a magnet. I've gotten used to sticking the head cover to an iron, so I keep trying to do it and it falls on the ground. First world problems, I guess.
  19. I had a few chips/pitches that really helped me out on Friday, but this one was probably the best. Hole #2 which was playing about 185-ish. Since this is a weird distance for me (i.e. I can't hit a 5 iron any more), I have been gripping down on a 4H and trying to be very smooth. I was playing a bit of a fade with the left edge of the green as my target, but I hit it towards the toe resulting in a draw. It hit the cart path and bounced into the bushes on the other side of the next tee box. Fortunately, the bushes were dense enough that the ball stayed out and I could put a swing on the ball. As usual for me, I had also short-sided myself and had almost no room to play with. I hit the perfect little 58* which landed in the fringe and died, leaving me about 5 feet for par. Note to self: do something about that gap from 4H to 6I.
  20. It was actually Friday.... You are too young to be losing time My handicap is not USGA compliant, so I won't bother with the details, except to say I birdied the same hole by sinking a 15-20 foot putt before he could tap in. We played from the tips, which didn't make the course too terribly long, but it did mean I was hitting a hybrid on 4 of the 5 par 3's.
  21. That's a peer reviewed journal so it should be legit (unless the authors AND reviewer(s) were morons, but that's unlikely).
  22. All good things must come to an end, I guess. Last night wasn't really a bad round with the driver, but not nearly as good as it has been for the last couple weeks and also included the first lost ball off the driver in a looong time. Irons and chipping kept the evening from being potentially really bad, but putting was a disaster. 20 official putts, 21 if you count the putt from the fringe, including another 4-putt on the most severe green on this particular course. It was dumb - I was way too nonchalant with third putt, treating it like a tap-in when it clearly was not. Normally I average 15-16 putts for 9 hole rounds, so taking 4-5 strokes off my +9 makes it a good round for me. I was +9 thru 6 holes when I finally pulled my head out of my a$$ and started putting better. I finished with 3 pars. I don't know if it is something mechanical or mental, but either way my pace has been terrible for a couple weeks. I'm half tempted to bench the StrokeLab and bust out my old Ping to see what happens. Friday afternoon @DiscipleofPenick and I are playing a course that arguably has the best (and fastest) greens in Akron. In my opinion, you can include many of the private courses in the discussion, too (at least that I have played). The greens are fantastic at this joint. It's not a place you want to go when you are struggling, but our tee time is at 1 and I'll be off work around 11, so I'll have plenty of time to practice.
  23. On Saturday I played in another outing for a league I sub in periodically - they made it a two-man scramble where the B flight picked their A partner out of a hat. The course was about an hour away and was a great course. Very hilly and picturesque. I had a great time. I played pretty steady all day - driver was once again pretty good and irons were very solid most of the day (just some challenges with direction). Short game was pretty lame and putting was tricky with very sloped greens. We ended up middle of the pack - winner was +2, we were +6. My partner played really well on the front, but kind of fell apart on the back. I'm not sure what his handicap is, but I'd guess he's about a 12 for 9 where I'm a 6 for 9. We also ended up winning a skin with a birdie on a par 3 (I also won closest to the pin with the tee shot). Only 2 skins were won on the day so we more than made our money back.
  24. As usual, I'm no where near the first page of the leaderboard....
  25. Congrats on the awesome round! Did the Rogue come home with you?
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