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  1. Tried the grip this weekend. I would consider it a success. I hit a number of good drives, usually straight or with a little cut. The distance was as good or better than my normal 230-240 yard drive. My misses were not as bad, no big hooks or slices. Even the contact off the face sounded better. I just ordered 3 more to put on my fairway woods. I think a measured approach is best. But, so far so good.
  2. Thanks! I have tee times with my son at Royal Links And Bali Hai.
  3. I just put one (Jumbomax Ultralite) on my driver as a test, will be trying it out this weekend down in Vegas.
  4. My sons and I played our last round of the year at Boulder Creek in Boulder City, NV on 12/27. 14th hole of the round, #5 on the Desert Hawk 9 - Par 5, 476y Hit a decent drive down the right, ended up in the hardpan next to the cart path. Punched an 8 iron back on the the fairway, 95y out. Hit a SW from 95...looked good in the air...hit the green about 10ft short of the pin and rolled past up a slope. And started rolling back...closer....maybe....in! Eagle for Dad! Capped off the strangest year ever.
  5. I have a Black Lab BL-7 with a head weight of 375g. The first grip I had was one of those Winn 15" grips, which was OK, but I didn't really putt well with it. I went to a SS 5.0, The head felt real heavy, and I started having trouble with the shorter putts. I just put on a SS Tour 3.0 with the 50g countercore weight. Huge positive difference in feel and control. I would try it with the grip you like, and add a counter weight if the head seems too heavy.
  6. I installed them in my 919F irons, and tested against my '76 Wilson Staff irons, makes a big difference when you catch it thin.
  7. John from Round Mountain, Nevada Black Lab BL-7 Center Shaft Interested in the Tomcat 14. I did the online fitting and that is what it recommended. Plus, it looks cool!
  8. I have Nippon 950 GH R flex in my Mizuno 919Fs, very smooth. I added Prosoft inserts as well.
  9. I just purchased 5 dozen of the Cut Grey. I have used these in the past few years, but had built up a stock of them. Never had a issue with the cover, but never had purchased the ones that reportedly had an issue. Played the new ball last week, had no issues with the cover. I did purchase some Gamer Urethanes last year during the "cover" issues reported. I was shedding those covers like no one's business. So was my son. Pieces of cover were coming off after every stroke. Those might end up at Goodwill.
  10. John, Nevada Adams XTD, Matrix Red Tie, Regular Flex Hdcp: 17 ST180: 9.5 Degree, Regular flex
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