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  1. Well, the 30th of the month seems to be a good day for eagles. Playing with my oldest on 4/30 at Revere - Lexington in Anthem (Henderson, NV). 10th hole, 320-ish, severely down hill. Had 120 left after a 6 iron off the tee. Hit SW to the right of the hole, bounced off the bank and in!
  2. Tried the grip this weekend. I would consider it a success. I hit a number of good drives, usually straight or with a little cut. The distance was as good or better than my normal 230-240 yard drive. My misses were not as bad, no big hooks or slices. Even the contact off the face sounded better. I just ordered 3 more to put on my fairway woods. I think a measured approach is best. But, so far so good.
  3. Thanks! I have tee times with my son at Royal Links And Bali Hai.
  4. I just put one (Jumbomax Ultralite) on my driver as a test, will be trying it out this weekend down in Vegas.
  5. I am back in, going to improve on that 61%!
  6. My sons and I played our last round of the year at Boulder Creek in Boulder City, NV on 12/27. 14th hole of the round, #5 on the Desert Hawk 9 - Par 5, 476y Hit a decent drive down the right, ended up in the hardpan next to the cart path. Punched an 8 iron back on the the fairway, 95y out. Hit a SW from 95...looked good in the air...hit the green about 10ft short of the pin and rolled past up a slope. And started rolling back...closer....maybe....in! Eagle for Dad! Capped off the strangest year ever.
  7. I have a Black Lab BL-7 with a head weight of 375g. The first grip I had was one of those Winn 15" grips, which was OK, but I didn't really putt well with it. I went to a SS 5.0, The head felt real heavy, and I started having trouble with the shorter putts. I just put on a SS Tour 3.0 with the 50g countercore weight. Huge positive difference in feel and control. I would try it with the grip you like, and add a counter weight if the head seems too heavy.
  8. I installed them in my 919F irons, and tested against my '76 Wilson Staff irons, makes a big difference when you catch it thin.
  9. John from Round Mountain, Nevada Black Lab BL-7 Center Shaft Interested in the Tomcat 14. I did the online fitting and that is what it recommended. Plus, it looks cool!
  10. I have Nippon 950 GH R flex in my Mizuno 919Fs, very smooth. I added Prosoft inserts as well.
  11. I just purchased 5 dozen of the Cut Grey. I have used these in the past few years, but had built up a stock of them. Never had a issue with the cover, but never had purchased the ones that reportedly had an issue. Played the new ball last week, had no issues with the cover. I did purchase some Gamer Urethanes last year during the "cover" issues reported. I was shedding those covers like no one's business. So was my son. Pieces of cover were coming off after every stroke. Those might end up at Goodwill.
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