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  1. Another update: Bill is still destroying this thing and has dumped his senior flex driver and is using the GS53 X flex strictly off of the tee. Very interesting that @goaliewales14 and @AGutierrez7 both saw the spin numbers they did, because this is something I would not have expected from this club. This test is still making me think about equipment differently, because I would never have suggested this set up to a senior player, but the results are really speaking differently in this case. I would totally recommend these fairways to players that need lift and a drop in vs. roll out performance. Thanks to everyone still throwing data out, and thanks again to Hogan for putting out a club I'm still posting about 1 year later.
  2. For me I feel like the AVX has a lower flight than a ProV1, but they honestly have similar stopping power off of the wedge for me. Neither go too far from the ball mark on the greens with mid irons either. Long iron AVX stays lower with more roll, but I hit it straighter. I do like a lower trajectory ball, because my flight is too high anyway, and any help I can get is always good. AVX is, in my opinion, the best low spin premium ball. Chromesoft X LS was not as good a performer as the standard X. I like to play a two ball and put them head to head over 9 holes. I usually find that I prefer 3 piece balls. The AVX is the exception.
  3. Back for another update... I was still using this as almost a 5 wood until recently. I came across a used Mavrik 4 wood and it gaps perfectly with my driver and long irons, so I dropped my Hawkeye 3 wood in favor of that. Meanwhile, getting the chance to test this club and reading the other reviews prompted me to invest in new wedges and irons from Hogan. The wedges, Equalizer 2, I love. I have yet to receive the irons. Anyway, back to the 3 wood. So I love the looks of this club. It feels great, and even though its not the PERFECT club for me, I've been able to overlook it for sheer sex appeal alone. It was the first club I ever unwrapped from the plastic, and it just catches your eye in all the right ways. Enter Bill. Bill is a pretty serious senior golfer at the course I play at. I haven't teed it up with him before, but he plays CFT irons and hybrids and loves them. The second he saw the headcover, it was love at first sight. He wanted to see it, swing it. I told him to hit it. He didn't want to mess it up, and after a while, agreed. He hit it perfectly, right down the center, 220, further than his driver. For the rest of the day he's bragging to his buddies about the X-Stiff shaft he just hammered, but we talked about the forum and how I got the club. He was so excited about ball lab he looked it up on his phone, and it was honestly one of the most fun rounds of golf I've played in a long time. So of course he's asked about Hogan and where to order it, and when we're walking off the 18th green, he tells me he's going to have to save some money to look into one of those. No need. It breaks my heart to say goodbye, but I have never seen an old man so happy in all of my life. I'll give you a performance update on the club when I get a chance. We have a tee time Saturday morning.
  4. The prior comment didn't quote, but see above.
  5. I have never been to Bend, but I do like golf and Dutch Bros. so I will have to keep an ear out. Thanks!
  6. If you want to have fun, don't keep score. If you want to get good, practice until it doesn't feel fun.
  7. UPDATE To my humble followers and donor, @fixyurdivot : The scores have continued to come down, and while I can't credit a single club to that, being 30 yds farther and in the woods less will always inspire more confidence. I've been at it hard since last June trying to get my game down to pass the PAT, part as a personal goal, part as well, maybe let's see where I can go. Three weeks ago I got an offer from a management group to come on as an apprentice, and they're going to help me through the process and I'll be working as an assistant pro until I'm all finished up. Just wanted to thank you all, because this post was WAY more than just a club, it brought some good people into my sphere and I have gotten lots of good advice from so many of you. Beyond all that, MGS has a special place in my heart and love all that you guys are bringing to the game AND THANKS FOR PLAYING YOUR PART IN HELPING A DREAM COME TRUE!!! I'll keep you updated when I finally pass the test. Fingers crossed. Thanks again guys, Evan
  8. So I lost my damn mind, starting a couple of weeks ago. Let me tell the story: Got an email from the frozen over bots at Callaway during the Austin snow storm and saw this awesome old Steelhead Plus 3 wood with an EI-70 shaft in it for 8.47. Now, just because you see one thing, doesn't mean you need to hang out. So, moments later, I see a Rogue Sub Zero, Tensei Blue X stiff shaft, with tool and original headcover for 167. Well bag it up and I'm out the door. Two days later at the local golf shop (why am I there?) I score 3 Ben Hogan Belts, 3 Nike Belts, an Adidas Belt and a PING Sunday bag, all for $60. Crazy, right? Well then at the same time, they let me try this Odyssey 7s EXO, and I hate putters that look like this. I have always played an Anser 2 style since I started the game, but its like this other putter is blessed by God himself. I tried a couple of other 7 style putters and its like I can't miss. Well, that can't just leave your mind and then you start looking into putters like that and you have been blown away by Wilson recently, and...well! A Bucktown style Infinite putter? It really is important to keep them in the game, and oh? 20% off if I provide you with my email? But of course. So now I have a new driver that I ABSOLUTELY CRANK, an old 3 wood that gives me the happy nostalgia, my pants are jacked up to my neck, I am now a Wilson staff player and I have a s*#&load of explaining to do around here...
  9. I just got a pair of the FJ Traditions. Saw they were tested, didn't make the cut. I like them, but they're considerably lower in quality than FJ shoes of old. I got them because I had a pair of other FJ shoes where the sole separated after 3 weeks, regular use, just some morning dew. The Traditions are comfy, easiest classic FJ style shoe I've ever had to break in, but they do feel cheap, rather than a new spin on a classic shoe. I'm honestly considering trying some new brands after this pair. I've just never been into the sneaker style shoes, and footjoy has the market cornered on the classic look shoe, but the last couple pairs I have had just haven't lived up to the shoes I've had of theirs in the past.
  10. UPDATE #2 So I let a co-worker borrow the Hogan to take to a top tracer range since he has been in the market for a new 3 wood. He's currently gaming an RBZ phase 1, standard stock regular flex shaft. The first picture is his current gamer: His swing speed is a little high for regular flex, which is why I thought he might like the Hogan. Here are his numbers with the X-Stiff Tensei Blue Hogan: Again, considerable distance gap from a club much older than this one. I think the ball flight is better suited with the Hogan, but even with a lower trajectory,, distance suffers. He did say he really liked it though, which is the interesting thing; it does FEEL really good.
  11. Hi all, brief update: The Hogan is still in the bag...but the Hawkeye is back too. I'm honestly getting more roll out and driving power with the Callaway, and this GS53 is playing an almost 5 wood type role. This thing SPINS. I honestly think it's not as long due to the tendency the club has to balloon. The flight is fairly high, all things considered, and good backspin on a solid strike really oulks the ball up. It is very consistent in that if I hit it good, it's going to drop in a 15 yd circle which makes laying up to hazards or attacking a pin less nerve-wracking. Honestly I think I love this shaft more than anything. I'm looking at one for my driver because it feels so good. Hogan definitely offered supreme shaft options and while the club is performing differently than I expected, it has really been a good overall experience and I'm definitely interested in giving the driver a try.
  12. When they say a 3 wood can offer you control off of the tee, this is what they were talking about. I rarely group the big dog this tight with 4 balls.
  13. I'll be finishing up my review this week, but the testing on this club has been a real shock to say the least. I haven't had as much time at the course, but I've managed to log 10 rounds and two dedicated range sessions with this club and I'm feeling confident in my opinions of its performance at this point. I will outline this further, but I have been bagging a 21 year old 3 wood for a while with a factory shaft. I would imagine the performance would be in entirely different realms, but the Hogan has actually performed pretty comparably. This isn't a matter of hitting one way better; I have smoked the Hogan and come up equal or short a few yards and vice versa. I'm a Hogan lover and like the club for what it is, but an equipment junkie might view this as a step back. Interesting to see the other reviews, I haven't made it on here as much because of the busy holiday season and trying to get the testing in, but it looks like the other 3 wood guys have been experiencing similar results.
  14. They just got Mizuno range balls at this course near me, and they fly all over the place. Fresh with dimples, still just all over. Meanwhile those junk old Pinnacles seemed to fly ok. They looked good though. I was thinking of giving them a try because I saw them on some discount golf site but after this test and those range balls, I'm a little nervous.
  15. Honestly the Maxfli Cabaretta gloves have been awesome. They have them $10 ea at times and totally worth it for real leather.
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