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  1. I've experienced this. I hear it most of the time as a "feel" or "experience" thing from them, like their ability and skill outweigh mechanical testing. I know people who refuse to try something new or will discount a piece of equipment because they don't think the source or manufacturer meets their standards. I come from the world of fine dining, and the measure of true talent there is the same as golf to me: the best chefs tell you they know much less than they do, never brag about their skills and are eager students of the craft.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Sports in general is so data driven that sometimes the stats are almost too much info without knowing all of the factors. Will have have to look into more of this stuff now that we're in a post Bryson world.
  3. Had to Google "watch" the Auburn game today, and after surviving yet another near heart attack, got ready to watch Baylor vs. Texas. 3 possessions in came "dad, I want to watch octonauts." The things we do for these tiny little terrorists. At least I got my son to watch Shell's WWOG Snead v. Hogan a couple of nights ago, so I'll take that.
  4. That thing is a trip! I think it might be a nice addition. Maybe make my four putts sound like wind chimes, cover up the groans?
  5. Someday it will change, but Hogan still broke par back in the 40's, so I just need to keep doing my thing.
  6. Yeah the "arms race" is already getting out of hand. They will probably bifurcate like MLB, but I'm starting to think it almost might be fun.
  7. I figured since I'm still fairly new around here, I'd share my taste for turn of the century gear with you: Driver, Titleist 975J, EI-70 Stiff shaft, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Full Cord Grip. I've pinned the ceiling fabric up on this thing for years, but it still starts and stinks like old cigarettes. Thanks to this wonderful forum, she's going to sit in the garage a while. 3 Wood, Callaway Hawkeye, 14deg, Stiff Shaft, Callaway Replacement Grip, What can I say, she's mean but refills my coffee before it's empty and calls me sugar. Hogan CFT 2 Hybrid, 19 degrees, Stiff Steel Shaf
  8. I used to play with these three Korean guys who gambled on literally everything (including who would have to pee first) but they played this game called dollar dots. Every fairway, GIR and birdie was worth a dot. A hole out or eagle was 2 dots. It sounds like it would really add up, but after 18 holes, it was usually $4 or so changing hands. Those guys were probably the most fun to play with, especially when they would run to their second shot to avoid the pee bet.
  9. I picked my ball up on the first green last week and it had the blue dew on it. I wiped it on my towel and probably 4 holes later wiped some sweat off of my forehead. This meme is pretty much the reaction I had.
  10. Ralph Lauren still makes forward and reverse pleated khakis, shorts and slacks."Hammond" and "Andrew" are the style names, and they still carry them at almost every Polo outlet.
  11. I'm not against it, but I wouldn't wear one. I already have 671 swing thoughts and feeling a hood shifting position doesn't need to be 672. I support 7-11 dress code: no shirt, no shoes, no service.
  12. I would be interested to know how they perform. I have talked a boatload of trash about them using the same logo as they use on their Toilet Paper and Rotisserie Chickens, so please, let me know how they go so I know if I need to start working on jamming my size 15 foot into my mouth or not.
  13. Lots of solid advice here. I currently have a 48 PW, a 51, 56,58. I have tried the 54&58 combo, and the 51&56 at times. The pro that ran the course I worked at as a kid was a short game monster. This guy could hardly keep it in play off the tee and was scratch. He had a 56&60. He told me he looked for wedges based on the types of shots they could produce, and he used everything except his woods from 100yds and in and never three putted. Theres some value there. I practice every type of shot as much as I can, and use the 7 on down to bump and run and pitch it when there's grass. I k
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