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  1. The admins are strict with the rules on this - pretty sure that means you get second (I needed Collin to miss that putt...). Congrats! And congrats to @downlowkey for dominating everyone.
  2. Yep that's hidden tiebreaker #1 -- two of us are currently T2 behind you with identical teams, and I'd lose the actual tiebreaker... But it looks like it's not a valid name, so I'd end up in 2nd. Hoping for Sahith to run away with it today!
  3. Shane pretty much knocked me out of the money - still up high on the leaderboard, but I think my only chance of a prize is both Shane and Collin shooting over par today. Always fun watching how much these contests fluctuate from day to day.
  4. I feel like I'm having a rough go with this test - pretty much every time I work a round around the kids' schedule, it gets rained out (forecast looks like my next round will follow suit). Still have about 6 weeks in the official testing period, so we're still good, it's just annoying. I took it out to our local, "poor man's Top Golf" range last night - decent launch monitor/sim with the Top Tracer, but missing some stats, and standard hard range balls (but many of the balls are very worn out or damaged). I was able to do a few comparisons, but eventually we just decided to do a sim round (kept the TF Yellow+ in the driver, but the stats go away), so actual analysis is limited. Some of what I saw (only used the TF and the AD-DI): Initial set: Picked up that hooker again. Hit one great, but most of the first 5 were in the 50-60ft apex range - far too low, likely also too low spin (but that's not in the stats). The GD had better overall performance - same speeds, but better flight. So... Decided to crank up the loft with the TF. I was hesitant to do that because I wasn't sure if it was like the PURE gimmick where you shouldn't turn the shaft (wait, did I say gimmick? Bit of a joke - I think there is some science to it), and the TM adapter turns the shaft (wish they were all like Callaway, which leaves the shaft in the same position). But after confirming with the TF team that it's cool to turn it, I put it up one setting. The results: solid. Straighter. Higher (90-95ft). Still mid 160s ball speed, pretty tight dispersion. I think this is where I'm going to leave it for the next round, and will try to get to a better launch monitor in the next week or two to run some more comparisons.
  5. Your team is looking solid right now - if Xander drops off, you're in prime position. I'm 1 off the lead, which is basically Sahith vs. Collin. Been here before, though, so I'm not getting too hopeful - but my two throwaways are both -4, so I'm feeling kinda ok about my chances right now (hoping one of them goes lights out tomorrow and climbs up the board).
  6. Oh man... Tommy's eagle on 18 was absolutely huge for me. Makes this league a 5/5 cuts made , but also have him in the MGS fantasy league and another one-and-done majors pool.
  7. Hot start this week! Currently up 12 on the season leader, which means I only have... 250 strokes strokes to go. Plus 50 other teams to worry about in between.
  8. I'm not golf-smart enough to know for sure, but my gut says it's just the shaft specs, mostly just that it's lighter. For years, I've been in a heavier, maybe lower-torque shaft than what I got fit into here (not sure whether the + affects torque). Every time we tried to get something lighter, the ball would head hard-left, which was the initial tendency here. That might all be in my head or something, or it might be that I'm just used to something a little heavier -- either way, it happened at both Club Champion and at the TaylorMade Player Development Center fittings that I had in recent years. Considering some of the results I've seen with it, my gut says I just need to get used to the lighter weight and it will all be OK. The Yellow is documented at 68g, 3.4 torque. My most recently fitted shaft was the Diamana ZF 70X, which comes in at 76.5g, 3.1 torque (at the fitting we had the "let's try the 60X to see if we can pick up some speed" moment, and ). Before that, it was Accra TZ6 75 M5, which was 80g, 2.1 torque. The Tour AD-DI 6X that I picked up "just to try lighter" has very similar weight/torque compared to the Yellow, and through like two rounds, it seemed to be working pretty well.
  9. Really cool to see what the stats actually mean -- I saw the numbers but had no idea what the abbreviations meant. Interesting that you jumped from mostly Orange up to the White+ -- that makes me wonder, where does the Black fit in? I assume similar Load Factor to White?
  10. Bit of a tougher outing this weekend... Can't really blame the shaft though, need to practice and play a bit more to prove either way. Took it out for a scramble, and the consistency was gone. A few of those knucklers came out and missed well left. Had one that was way right. But, there were still a handful of very solid drives mixed in. My thought: my swing was a bit off, and this shaft can really expose the swing flaws. But, we'll see.
  11. Definitely try the T200 Utility before pulling the trigger on the T150 - they're awesome long irons. I'm sure T150 would be great too, but the T200 Utility build almost feels like cheating.
  12. My response probably isn't so relevant to the original post (just about to turn 40, high swing speed), but the MGS e-mail seems like it's a broader question, so here goes: Yes, still have a 5 iron. The main set is 5-PW, with 2-4 irons as slightly larger, but still standard, iron heads -- I have a strong preference for iron look over hybrid (but now that I'm figuring out better shafts, might try a true hybrid again soon). I just recently dropped the 4 to that style after finding success with the 3 as part of a '21 MGS test, and then decided to get a longer one as well. I'm likely going to hold out as long as possible - definitely like the iron over a hybrid, but I'm sure that it's inevitable that I'll need to start swapping out those longer ones as I get to mid-40s. But the 5 iron? I think dropping that is a long way off for me.
  13. Yea, it's hard to say, but they're definitely not alone in this space. Many of the cover / accessory companies claim things like "artistic representation" or "tribute", but who knows where the actual line is drawn between direct character vs. artistic/tribute, especially when they look pretty authentic like this (HFL is also in the UK, where things could be different?). Based on what I've seen, often the licensed ones tend to be higher production and need the actual designs approved, or so I've heard from some official partnerships at similar companies (not meaning mass-produced, but like 300 rather than 30); the lower production ones seem like they're often unlicensed, but also tend to have more creative designs. Other popular/formerly popular brands that do similar things: American Flatsticks -- not a plug for them, definitely don't recommend them these days. But they claim that it's artistic representation directly in their descriptions (their Yoshi looks similarly authentic to HFL's). They've done Sesame Street, Dr. Seuss, Mario, South Park, lots of others. Rocket (formerly Hole9Design) - not so much since they rebranded, but as H9, they had TMNT, Snoopy, etc., all pretty direct representations. Swag - they used to knock competitors for not getting licenses when Swag did. They also might hold licenses for everything, but I'm basing it on what's in their listings. Their listings for WWE, KoolAid, and Topps/Garbage Pail Kids all say officially licensed, but the NES-themed covers don't say anything (except Street Fighter - they had a Capcom partnership for those). That includes some that look identical to the original games, like one of Mario on top of the flag in the original NES Mario game; others are clearly adapted toward their brand but still represent the characters in some way (like their skull logo dressed as the 1-up mushroom). Hatch (formerly Blue Birdie) does it a bit too, but nearly all of theirs are more clearly "based on", but not directly representing, the characters (like their old Toy Story covers are mostly based on the character outfits without showing the character directly, or their egg logo dressed to look like the Ninja Turtles).
  14. I agree with @MrBandit - there is a different feel to it vs. my other shafts. Even at the fitting, I tested out all three potential TF options and had to adjust a bit before having that really good session with Yellow+). My first outing with the Yellow+ felt completely different too -- at the fitting, thought it felt "light" (it's not) and/or "soft" (also not); at the first sim session, it had me questioning the opposite -- can I keep up with this thing? But, after sticking with it a bit, it turned around. Gonna sound cliche here because of how they do the fittings, but on a few swings, I had to remind myself to "use my feet" -- with those pedals under the feet, I think it was a subconscious "use the legs/feet" feeling, but I often go back to old, bad habits of not using the legs enough. Like I mentioned in a previous post, it's very possible that same swing thought/focus would produce a better result with my other shafts too but either way, right now mine feels great.
  15. Well, Luigi is here, and as expected, it's great quality. Definitely an underrated headcover/accessories company. A few days earlier, bought the Hulk for the exact same reason, not knowing Luigi would come next (the 5yo prefers Spiderman, but that cover looked a bit rough for his age -- did buy the Spidey ball marker for him, so he can settle for that). Don't remember if I shared these when they came in, but here's the new ones plus a couple past HFL purchases - Yoshi and Mikey are hybrids (I don't have a hybrid... So why did I buy them? Oh right, hoes don't discriminate).
  16. It's official. I'm an idiot. Bought these to test out specifically for scrambles. They claim to be the longest USGA-legal ball in production today - maximum weight and minimum size, with a surlyn cover. But... Looks like they may not be on the USGA conforming list? I'm sure our charity scramble coordinator won't care
  17. The T200 long irons are just so good. Got the T200 3i as part of the '21 T100S iron test, now have 2-4, all "utility build" (2 iron is the '23 model). Strongly prefer the T200 to the U505 and other utility irons I've tried.
  18. First time on course, and this thing is... Legit. Played 11 holes (as noted before, 7yo and 5yo in the group), hit drivers where I usually don't too, so that meant 9 driver holes (hit two balls off of three of them - for the test, not provisionals). First driver on the range was trash - straight duck hook, made me nervous. But it turned around. Mishit off the first tee was in play and still got out there. 2nd hole was mashed - hole is 365 downhill, and is often downwind like it was today, so luck is a factor (specific landing spot can influence rollout), but I was further than I've ever been, by about 15yds. Stock drives were great; mishits were very in play; lost a couple to the right, but one was an attempted cut (and I suck at cutting - can't blame that one on the shaft). A few were deep. Either way, those knuckleballs from the sim session didn't really show up (maybe one) - it performed very well. The challenge with testing a shaft -- is it the shaft or the swing?? I'm willing to bet the Tour AD would've worked well today too, but considering the bad ones were very in play and the places some of the good ones ended up, I have to think there's something working here.
  19. First impression posted in the Main Test Post! Waited until tonight because I wanted to catch all parts of what I'm considering a "3 Part 1st Impression" (fitting, the shaft itself, and an initial range/sim session). The initial session was...interesting, to say the least. It performed well, but very different from my typical performance -- we're talking total distance like 305 with tight dispersion and pretty close to target...but low, shorter carry, and way more roll than I'm used to (with ultra-low spin). Had some that were more what I expected, but I'm interested to see how it stands up on the course -- e.g. our typical league course this early in the season needs more carry; on our now-kinda-annual Sand Valley trip, thing would be $$$ (the 50yds of roll on the Trackman would probably translate to 70+ there). So, what's next? Playing Saturday afternoon with a buddy and the kids (with a 7yo and 5yo joining, fully expecting only 9 holes and some distractions, but should be able to get an on-course impression). Then my first league match is Tuesday evening. I'm also planning to do some more Trackman / similar sessions to get some data comparisons against my current gamer and a couple past gamers (from prior fittings) -- hoping the first one of those will be next week as well.
  20. I have too many shoes...in part because I believe they do affect performance, but also because I'm a golf ho. I mix it up between Olukai (current favorite), New Balance, G/Fore, and Asics (forgot that one on the survey...), all spikeless. Traction and stability are huge for me, plus comfort for walking rounds (which is most of them for me). I still have a spiked pair or two for riding and/or certain conditions, but spikeless have worked well for me since making the switch. Note that some spikeless are terrible in terms of traction, so if you only tried one or two pairs, don't give up on them -- I think they're way better for walking.
  21. Dang, headcover and everything? I bought one off Mullie a couple years ago but it was club only, no hc
  22. Yes...and if you're wondering if I bought it...I did. Got the Fairway, because that's the most likely one to make the cut on my bag, and that size fits my kids' drivers (they've never played or watched anything Mario, and yet, they're obsessed with multiple Mario characters -- thanks, daycare).
  23. Nobody's made me read the full rule book since High School, maybe I should read it again. Always thought they were technically non-conforming, but it looks like they've been allowed since at least 2019 (USGA 2019 FAQ says they're OK). Updated my fake news post - thanks for the clarification.
  24. If you're interested, I might be able to hook you up with a few you don't have - I'm always tempted by and special edition drops, and picked up quite a few over the last few years (have enough new balls to last me ~5 years, but still take the bait on these...). DM me if you're interested.
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