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  1. I'm really torn on how to play this week - Scooped a bunch of RBs to fill possible holes but everything seems risky. Of my top options: Ekeler is like 95% out, Conner is both splitting time now and a GTD, but don't want to bench him for a hot Duke (because Duke might not even make the roster this week...). Basically went from having two top tier RBs heading into the playoffs to now likely starting two guys that are splitting time (at least one of them in the #2 slot of that split). Not bowing out just yet though. I'm hoping Josh Allen lights up the Pats in Foxborough again like he did during my playoff run last year - likely my only chance at advancing.
  2. Might end up working out for you in the end -- I've been riding the Conner train most of the year, but he might be going out and Edmonds might be coming back soon... Not the best playoff look for me:
  3. Glad I snuck in for the last spot -- the week off might actually give me hope (a couple late-game injuries this week would likely lead to me bowing out in round 1...)
  4. At risk of jinxing it... It looks like you and I should sneak through with the last two Byes. I need something like 3 more points in the 4th and you need 13 - hard to see that not happening with the guys we have playing, but we'll see...
  5. *Sees Josh Allen in a walking boot*
  6. In past years, I used FantasyPros for some info (never the paid version though -- or maybe I used Google Play credits to get it for free one season). I actually had their app hooked up in one of my Fantasy Leagues to give advice, similar to the add-on that we had in the MGS league last year. It was beneficial, but in general I don't spend a ton of time on Fantasy, so I think I left a lot of their features unused. Now...I don't do much. Mostly just compare analysis across platforms and read a few articles from time to time. I'm also don't do much trading and am not too deep into waivers (although I use them way more than trades) -- both last year and this year, I ended up with a good core crew and mostly used waivers to supplement for Byes and short-term injuries (haven't had a star go down for long periods of time).
  7. Apparently I need to step up my game with waiver bids. Thought I bid plenty high to get 1 of the 3 Darrel Williams copies, but I was nowhere close.
  8. We're on the board! Offset a bit by my kicker going out with a warmup injury, but still have a chance at a 2-0 week (or could go the other way).
  9. It's going to vary based on your actual foot size/shape, but my go to shoes for walking are New Balance (minimus is my top choice but I have another that is also very comfortable). G/Fore MG4+ come in close second for me, and I bet their new cross trainers are great too, but they are pricey.
  10. Haven't scored a defensive point since putting up 3.0 in the semis of last year's playoffs. In the 4 weeks since, I'm at -3, -14, -8, -12. Really hoping I can just ride the waiver wire and not need to trade for something better -- I'm a little jealous of one of my opponents who had 2 DST on their roster with 20+ points scored this week.
  11. I started typing a post about this on my phone earlier but didn't finish (assuming you're referring to this): That's after the Titans drove down and tied it up but before overtime -- went from 145.45 to 140.45 on that play thanks to defensive points dropping. Got lucky that the additional yards and 3 pts in overtime didn't knock my defense down another level -- held steady at an impressive -8 points. I'm now averaging -11 pts/week on DST this season, and that's with starting two different defenses -- is it frowned upon to just leave that spot open?
  12. Strong start for the defending champ - going 0-2 with a solid -14 in DST. Put up a dominant performance in Circus though, so I got that going for me...
  13. Based on it working for bng, it could be your browser - try clearing the cache or just use a different browser. I had a lot of issues with the site toward the end of Fantasy Golf / start of Football -- on both my phone and my work laptop, I couldn't get into our leagues using Chrome, but Edge worked just fine (Chrome still not working on the work laptop); on my home laptop, it works fine on both.
  14. I'm going to bet that you somehow end up with Kamara on your roster again before week 2...
  15. Me too - picked up two dozen to try them out. Already have more balls than I could possibly use in one season, but felt like I had to do it
  16. Same here. Felt good going into the week. 5 MCs, capped off with a Paul Casey implosion over the last few holes to seal the deal. Nice season fellas - good luck the rest of the way.
  17. You get any updates on the order? I keep looking at the direct Garmin website and it looks like it has had a couple delays (now says 5-8 weeks). I'm guessing all of the other retailers are going to see the same thing, if not longer.
  18. Not sure why I keep thinking things like this but not acting on it (Hadwin was "lower risk"...). Higgo currently -6 and projected to be in the field next week (we'll see how the weekend goes); Hadwin at +4, which is 4 outside the cut line (but hasn't played yet today).
  19. Sorry - completely missed that e-mail invitation. My team is in now.
  20. If we keep the current format, I'd be interested in joining some discussions on scoring-related things for next season. Assuming we stick to a similar format, I'm interested in minor changes (not a complete overhaul) to the current scoring system if others are open to it and Fantrax allows those types of things. My main thought is that it feels a little odd that we have scoring based loosely on Modified Stableford ("make birdies to win"), but our end-of-tournament bonuses are based purely on stroke play position. At the same time, that MS-like style makes it more fun (in my opinion), so I wouldn't want to just make it "relative to par". Some quick thoughts, fully acknowledging that these things will not make scoring "perfect" (and that we'll never satisfy everyone): Bigger rewards for Eagles and bigger penalties for Doubles -- maybe not all the way to the Modified Stableford levels of +5 and -3, but closer (maybe Eagles +4, Doubles -2.5 or -3). Narrow the gap between erratic vs. steady rounds/tournaments. In a couple of the mock situations that I played out, a steady -5 stroke play score for the full tournament leaves the steady player 2-4 points behind players that get to -5 with more birdies and bogeys (without moving into the next tournament bonus level, the steady player would actually need to get to around -8 to top all of the -5 players). Maybe give a slight bump to pars and/or increase the penalty on bogeys by a small amount (so bogeys are -1.1 instead of -1). Note: in actual Modified Stableford, the steady player in my mock-ups would be getting smoked by these other guys - he'd actually need to get to -10 or more in stroke play to keep up with the -5 guys. Similar to what was mentioned before, maybe line up the winner's bonus closer to FedEx cup ratios (which are established consistently across three different "types" of tournaments). Making this too big or too wide of a gap would bring us in line with pick 'em and similar leagues, so don't want to do anything too big here -- but maybe bump the winner's share up to 25 points and cut back slightly on the 3rd-25th spots. Props/Achievements? Or is that too close to Circus? I'm thinking similar to bonuses given in a lot of Fantasy Football leagues (like "100+ yards rushing/receiving" gets a bonus) -- things like "+2 for a bogey-free round", "+1 for 75% GIR and +1 more for 100%". It'll be tough to decide which things are in vs. out and how valuable each achievement should be, but it could be a cool addition.
  21. I'm part of the problem in that spinoff league anything that doesn't require agreement on a draft time feels much easier to get off the ground, at least in my experience of trying to coordinate leagues and similar things. Pick 'em shouldn't have the up-front issues, but could have people drop out or give up
  22. Full-season Pick 'em leagues are fun too -- I'm in one now where you pick one guy per week and cannot repeat picks, and the standings at the end of the year are based on the actual tournament prize money you accumulate. I think the PGA Tour Fantasy Leagues (and their expert picks each week) do something similar, but they pick a larger team each week and can only repeat a pick so many times throughout the year (3-5x per player). Those are fun, but I like the week-to-week scoring format that we have for the Golden Ticket prize, so I'd be interested in joining a side league like this (or running it? Not sure I'm that ambitious, so quick plug to thank the commissioners for all of the work they do behind the scenes to make this league happen!).
  23. I think I included him in my long list of hopeful add/drops, thinking I could at least get him if all the others fell through. Picked up Hadwin instead. He slumped a bit after the win, but I have an odd feeling that he's going to bust out again this week and people will be throwing FAAB at him again next week.
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