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  1. I have a few pairs of both spiked and spikeless. Based on the course and what time of day dictates which shoe I'll wear for that round. Wet conditions (early morning rounds with dew on the grass) always spiked. Afternoon dry conditions I can go spikeless. Before purchasing a pair of spikeless, I always see them in person to look at the tread design for grip. If I go to a PGA tournament, I'll always wear golf shoes that are spikeless. Good for walking around the course and not slip. When spikeless shoes started being a thing the treads were horrible, but they have come a long way. I actually just ordered another pair of spiked shoes this morning.
  2. I use a 10-finger for all my woods but interlocking for hybrids and irons. I've been doing this for at least 10 years, and it works for me. Totally not the norm by any means but I have the most consistency using this approach. I have medium sized hands but longer fingers. At the end of the day, it is what works best for you, your hand and finger size, and comfort. If you are putting too much pressure on your fingers with an interlock, then over time your finger joints will start to hurt. Also keep in mind grip size really matters. Get fit for proper grip size for your hands! I have longer fingers, so I fit best into a mid-size grip. This now allows me to interlock with the irons. An interlocking grip with a standard grip size (for me) allows the club to twist if I don't over grip. Over gripping results in poor shot control. Some things to watch out for using a 10-finger grip. 1) Make sure your hands stay connected. No gaps between the hands on the club. 2) If you are right-handed make sure your left hand / arm is pulling the club through impact. Pushing the club through with the right hand/arm which is dominant for right hangers can lead to some unwanted results.
  3. I had to get this one in. This was as close as I have ever gotten to a hole in one on a par 4. March 2022
  4. Hitting into the 9th green at Southern Hills. June 2022 a day or two after the PGA Championship. Approach into a par 5.
  5. If at the range I’ll just switch clubs. But during a round my pre-shot routine sort of limits my bad shots. You know sh&t happens but this is what I do. I use a line on my ball for tee shots and putting. On the tee, I get behind the ball and align the line on the ball with my intended target. Then at address I back up two steps and take a full practice swing looking for the club to go over a specific blade of grass. Then step in and pick a specific blade of grass right behind the ball. Rear back and let the club fly making sure my swing path is parallel to the line on the ball and over the blade of grass. Focusing on a smaller target makes the ball seem huge. In the fairway I just focus on a piece of grass just in front of the ball. I let the ball get in the way of the club. I never let a bad shot carry over to the next shot. It’s a new opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted due to carry over stress.
  6. My course charges $20 for carts as well. My last country club in TN only charged $7.00 for members. So $20 was a shocker when we moved, but the yearly fee is less.
  7. Interesting because any course I was a member at, and even other public courses in the area charge a yearly fee for membership but that includes all the golf you can play. Carts are extra, but I enjoy walking. So there are no extra charges. Normal charges are $110 to $150 a month depending on the course or you can usually pay all up front at a reduced rate.
  8. Chuck @cksurfdude, I wouldn’t worry about it. Everything is still dormant in that area so it won’t cause any grief. I couldn’t find where you mentioned the dates you were going to be there. Refresh my memory.
  9. Interesting Since I play mostly solo rounds and for the most part at the same club I can’t post my scores. However I do keep score. If I go back and look, a majority of my scores beat my handicap. The last 10 rounds fell between 70 and 72. So looking at this I am playing better to my handicap. But all this means is my handicap is not correct. The only way to fix everything is to play with others more often which has its pro’s and con’s. Not that I don’t enjoy company. It just works for me. I go play when I want and sometimes at a moments notice like today. I’ve been asked to play in our clubs shoot outs many times by members wanting me on their team. There is one every day. But my Pro told me I don’t want to play with them. I get zero strokes and they all cheat. Foot wedge, preferred lies, claiming fire ants so they can move the ball out of pampas grass, free relief from traps if they feel the sand is too firm and so on. I’m all for people having a good time but there is always money on the line and I don’t want to be the guy calling them out on something. So I just keep clear.
  10. What does your membership include for $425 per year?
  11. It happens to me if I get an email notification and select read more. Then it goes to the Forum and some times works and sometimes not (spinning wheel). I found it does not happen if I just go directly to the forum through your browser. I also have the same problem with liking a post if I go through my email link. I’ll get a something went wrong. But the fix is the same. I just go through my browser then everything works.
  12. I have issues as well. Always feel I’m going to hit the top or side. I also was getting very poor distances. It turned out that indoor I was decelerating. I modified my home sim to compensate. I removed the entire top netting and cross rail. Then padded the back wall above the screen and the ceiling. Now I’m comfortable swinging (at least in my own sim). I only do outside demo days and fittings. Otherwise I don’t get good results, or should I say data I can trust.
  13. Thanks for breaking up my 5-1/2 hour drive home. That hour went way too fast.
  14. Wondering a few things as well. Does this resort deliver breakfast to the condos like they did at Pinehurst? Trying to figure out if we need to do some type of food shopping since we will be late checking in on Thursday due to playing Royal New Kent at 2:00. Inquiring stomachs want to know.
  15. I have played Wilson irons since the original fat shafts came out way back when. I probably have five sets from different model years around. My three children have Wilsons in their bag. (All hand me downs from me of course). I sure wouldn't mind having a set of these in my bag.
  16. Bombs away. Congrats testers. Looking forward to reading about the results.
  17. Looks like someone woke up early from hibernation.
  18. Boy oh boy. Hope you have a big fire pit outside. What a great fire that would make.
  19. Sub 70 Golf. They have a strong following on the forum. Excellent clubs and top notch customer service. golfsub70.com
  20. Game on….. Pulled pork and pulled chicken sliders, ribs, tortellini salad, pigs in a blanket, mini pizza bagels. Also have fresh cold cuts and rolls. I think I’m covered.
  21. After yesterdays round which went well, I decided to play again this morning. I did my usual routine and got to the course at 7:30 a good 30 minutes before carts are let out. I’m at the course and there is one other car. I get ready and start heading to the first tee. A guy sees me coming and runs over to the first tee. Ok he was there first. After his third shot from the tee I was concerned that this was going to ruin my day. So I moved up the hill a bit so I could see the green. 10 minutes go by and he is still on the green. Then I thought he was done. Nope, now he decided to pull the pin and putt again. He saw me standing on the tee box but just didn’t care. I abandoned ship and headed over to the fifth hole. If you know you are going to practice or hit multiple balls then don’t run over to be first because you saw someone else coming. I played 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 before he teed off on 4. And I waited for him to finish the first hole before walking away. Holley slow play Batman. I went to the back 9 and played those holes. Finished up there. Then went back to the front to play the first four I skipped. Played decent today. Two bogeys and two birdies to go even par for the round. Interesting to see my distances increasing with my irons. I was struggling with the King Tour 8, 7, and 6 irons with a loss of distance. So I did two things. I reshafted my Sub 70 699 Pros to graphite. I made a split set. King Tours are the Gap, PW, and 9 then 8, 7, 6 are the 699 Pro’s. This is working well. Higher ball flight and hitting more greens in regulation in the mid range distances.
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