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  1. If they are being sold on eBay why are they still listed for sale here?
  2. I've been really interested in this bag. I love my Grom with the 14 way diamond top. Checked it out at the PGA Superstore today and I'm sold. Then I saw this color pattern and there are no doubts anymore.
  3. I got my eWheels V2 last weekend and took it out on Sunday. It was the most fun and easy going round I've had walking since using a caddie. My back has never felt better after walking. Been carrying with a Hyperlite Zero most of the year. My home course has a lot of uphills holes 15-17 and it was getting rough pushing a cart. I have it hooked up to a BagBoy Tri-Swivel II and it rolled so easy and has pretty much a 0 turn radius. I tested the limits of the slopes it could handle, took quite a bit for it to fall back on the wheelie bars. Don't have pics or video on the course. This is
  4. Won my flight in the club championship last year
  5. Joker

    JPX 921's

    Really hope that blue paint fill is custom
  6. Played today and noticed it was holding the score screen while it was on the green and all the way to the next tee box. Seems like they fixed it in a recent update
  7. They were for a Tuesday practice round. Doubt those would go for more or even face value.
  8. I saw and have already asked for a refund on my tickets
  9. I just want to be able to swap the orientation of the straps. Switch which side the buckle end is on.
  10. I don't know how to fix it, but I have the same issue. Maybe once a round it will show me the score input screen on a green. Every other time I have to do it manually.
  11. Exactly this. It's the guy's who think they are better than others and their ego can't handle when the old guy hit's a 7i when they are hitting 7i and get upset about it.
  12. You're making it something when it's nothing. You sure do seem to care
  13. Never understood why people care. If a strong lofted iron doesn't work for you, don't buy it
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