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  1. Joker


  2. Joker

    D v D 2

    I think getting it in the hands of people like Shiels and the MSG guys takes it out to a bigger market. They did something different than anyone else the first time and it failed. I guess there is just no winning with some people. Put out a new and different design, people s*** on it. Put out something more like mainstream drivers after feedback from the public, people s*** on it.
  3. Joker

    D v D 2

    If they price is low they will be perceived as a discount brand. They want to be taken serious and priced it where other top brands are.
  4. Joker

    D v D 2

    My prediction, that was foreshadowed last night, is that both will be produced. The owner dude noted that his W was still in play at the end decision. One of them will win, then the dude will pull out the W and say they are putting both into production.
  5. Really hope Callaway uses some of the good Ogio designs in their new bags.
  6. This is huge step backwards. Who wants a stand bag with a single strap?
  7. That post is also over a year old
  8. wait for one of those days where eBay has a 15-20% any item deal. I got a dozen for $39
  9. When I think players iron it's anything between a blade and a shovel. Something like an AP2, i200/210, MP-18, X-Forged/Apex Pro, etc.
  10. I don't think you're most people though. There are plenty of people out there that will go out and buy clubs based off a list. The Srixons are very nice but they are not for everyone when it comes to this category of irons. They are much closer to a players iron than a Rogue or G400.
  11. I hit a lot of these when I got fitted earlier this year. Went with the AP1s. Don't go by a list, go by what's best for you.
  12. A lot of what is being said in here is right. My home course has had hard/wet sand all year. I used to use a 58° with 12° of bounce before in bunkers with normal sand with great success. In these hard bunkers I started launching the balls over the green even trying to keep the face square and taking shorter swings. I picked up a 60° with 9° of bounce halfway through the year and it has been great. I can just take it and square up the face and take half of a normal swing I would take in the bunker. It's automatic now
  13. Joker

    OEM advertising

    None. I really don't care how a company advertises, the slogans they use, or marketing gimmicks they come up with. I play what best fits my game and is at a price I am willing to pay. Q-Star Tours have been my ball all year and I still have 3 dozen of them waiting to be used. They add a good 5 yards on all clubs for me compared the Bridgestone RXs I was playing, spin well, and for less than $30 a dozen. I had no clue about any of Srixon's claims or numbers they release. I'd rather look at reviews from reviewers online.
  14. Your first name: Josh Home state: Denver, CO Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Epic 9°/Fujikura Speeder 665 Evolution II/63g Current swing speed: ~90 MPH
  15. Scotty said he took a 5W and switched the wings around to get this design in a video I saw
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