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  1. Other then the Asian tour players, that is a recognizable leader board. gooch, Matt Wolf, Martin Kaymer, and Kevin Na right there too. The on air product/ broadcast is shockingly well done for the 2nd time out.
  2. One more note for the trip, @fixyurdivot Is a monster. other than Galena where they laughed at him, he walked every round of this event. Some of the courses were easier then others, but Wine Valley was over 6 miles, almost 90 degrees out and very hilly.
  3. Wow, Wine Valley. Another really fun day out golfing. @gavinski91was a ball striking machine and managed a couple looks at eagles after some some spectacular wood shots. The sun was out, the wind was down and the fairways were very wide.
  4. There were lots of pictures taken yesterday, but none by me, lol. We started the day with a shotgun start at Canyon Lakes in Kennewick. I thought it was a very nice course. I played with Gavin and Kiran while Kenny, Bill and Martha were the group behind us and spent the day hitting golf balls into us. The weather was great, low 80s and no clouds with minimal wind. I finished bogey, bogey, double. Which was disappointing. Still, cared a 79 and had a fun time. After Canyon Lakes we grabbed some teriyaki for lunch. then Bill, Gavin and I met up at Pasco Golfland which is a 9 hole par 3 course. It was a very fun course, in surprisingly good condition. Then to see Kenny and Martha's house for happy hour and the site of Kenny's future swing bay. Dinner at a local sports bar to watch Gavin's hopes for an Avalanche Stanley Cup have to wait at least one more game. A drive to Walla Walla after dinner to switch hotels, and now I'm getting ready for Wine Valley. Today is a good day.
  5. Bonus 18. Since I got stuck working all day and missed on apple tree I met up with Gavin and Kiran (sp?). We were going to play at the short par 3 course, but upon arrival found they were doing a league night. So we regrouped at Sun Willows and got 18 actual holes in. The sun was set by 17 and 18 played out with fading light, but definitely enough to watch our tee shots take unexpected routes to our targets. Lots of fun
  6. We played a friendly round today at Columbia point. Weather is going to be perfect for this event, 75-90 blue bird skies is the forecast. Tomorrow is Apple Tree, game on.
  7. The Majors are the Majors... until they aren't. The 4 majors that Bobby Jones won in a calendar year aren't the 4 majors that are celebrated today. You can't get that tradition and history without starting. If the LIV group puts up an Invitational event every year and calls it a major... so be it. The Masters was made a Major in the 1960's... because it was the event that had the single highest purse. So by that token, the Players should have been a major for awhile. I'm not a fan of the funding that backs LIV, its bad. But the format idea itself sounded good when the PGL was trying to pitch it to the PGA, too bad the PGA ignored it and the LIV came to be.
  8. I'm also a member of the bucket hat brigade.
  9. I'm here to win a 2018 odyssey putter, and I'm not leaving until I do. Really. Something about the running jokes, generally welcoming attitude and people seeking to discuss club minutia that might or might not actually matter has kept me coming back. These forums are the only SM I use. They have been a great community and this week will lead me to the 4th annual pnw spy Meet-up. I like the idea of the new testing format, but in practice it just hasn't engaged me. The lack of major OEM tests, is bad. Really bad. But for me, the biggest issue is that HQ has gone off the deep end and the content it produces is the worst golf content on the internet. Since the first ball test, it has gotten progressively worse. People find the forums from the main page, the main page is Charles Barkley double hitch bad.
  10. that was me last month, i feel you. an eagle and 5 birdies, squandered by a quad, a triple and 2 doubles...
  11. On Sunday afternoon I got a hall pass to get out and go golf for a 3 hour window between the responsibilities of life. I met up with a single on the first tee. Nice guy, grew up right beside the course but only started playing last year in the covid boom. a college baseball player, and once he works out a consistent golf swing he is going to mash the golf ball. My game was fine, my short game was really good. 11 putts through 9 holes and a -1 total score. I got a par on 10, then birdied 11 to get to -2 for the round. This was easily the lowest score I have had on a course this late in a round. But... my 3 hour hall pass expired and I had to head off the course and to Home Depot to pickup some drywall screws and thin set... Yep, I left my best round going ever to get back to remodeling a bathroom...
  12. I guess I would have just liked the Tour to figure out how to incorporate 225 Million and 8 Events into the existing structure.... Maybe it didn't happen all in 1 year, but over a 5 year period as existing contracts expired they could have come up with something. But, that cat is out of the bag.
  13. I've said from the start of this that LIV was much more of a threat to the DP tour then the PGA tour. The PGA has some prestige behind it that it can lean on. The DP tour has lower pay and other then the British Open, a forgettable schedule.
  14. Yeah, with Ferrari doing a double dnf, Wasn't much going on out front. Russell gets another podium out of it. I'm a merc/ Hamilton fan. And I'm fully off the opinion that merc has the worst race strategy team in the paddock. I think they are so used to just having the fastest car and not really carrying about actual the strategy of when to pit, what tires to use, etc. Watching them dump Hamilton behind slower traffic every race in a car that isn't up to par is comical. Russell has had a solid year, and at the same time done really nothing. His race strategy keeps him in the hunt and in good position. Merc needs to figure out it out. RB are the best on the grid at it. Having been the chasers in the slower car for years they have developed all the little things much better and are rightfully in the driver's seat for a championship.
  15. This is one that I have a little different opinion on. I think from just the US perspective, the idea of growing the game is laughable. But if you are talking globally... that is a different conversation. This is a league that is viewable on YouTube, the most watched content provider on the planet. That reaches a lot more eyeballs then the PGA Tour and its current broadcast rights. While the LPGA tour does a pretty substantial world tour, the PGA tour doesn't stray from the continent that often. If LIV continues to travel to global locations and provide ways for people to watch for free anywhere on the planet... Its hard for me to ignore that as a way to help grow the game. It is also seemingly trying to include a pretty diverse group of players in terms of ethic and regional background. I think that claim of growing the game, while it isn't their obvious priority, can't be dismissed as not happening.
  16. Other note from watching it. Having the shotgun start, was really nice from the viewing standpoint. If I was a spectator going to the event, 5 hours onsite to watch the whole event is a lot better then 9+ hours if you want to watch at a normal pga event. I did like that.
  17. There is always the concern with NHL when it comes time for the Olympics and risk of injury. Also, WNBA players often go play in Turkey/Russia during the off season.
  18. Initial thoughts, production quality is way better then i was expecting.
  19. The Team names are about the worst ever. Like, they could have gone with Laser, Blaser, Phaser, and Michelle. and had them been better.
  20. That would require the Saudi group to pay women and promote womens sports. If that sort of paradigm shift occurred maybe this would be a good thing. The pga as it is setup, has been making the top players disgruntled for a good while. With it being a 501c non profit, I'm under the impression that that is why it can't put out different pay scales and rules for the top 10 or so players, the entire membership has to be treated the same. It is also why the pga gives so much money to charity. It is setup very different then the other American sports. I like my job and my company, but if I was offered 5x the money to go from thirty five 4 day work works to eight 3 day weeks... yeah. I'm in. Saying this isn't good for golf might be short sided. It isn't good for strength of field and the PGA. but it is better for professional golfers. I thought the PGL plan was a really cool idea to make the non major weeks worth watching. Maybe this inspires the PGA to change, adapt and come out with a more compelling product. Because the FedEx cup format sucks(imho). And watching 48 stroke play events is boring. The Zurich is fun, but the teams are a one week thing and it comes off as a gimmick. I'll put a 3 golf tee wager that by the last LIV golf event of this year, it has a stronger strength of field then the pga event the same week.
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