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  1. Hrmmm, tool is like the same price as a grip... Knife it is
  2. Anyone have a good method? I've got an air compressor but not sure the pressure needed to overcome the tape. Or if it can be done. Needle and solvent?
  3. If I hadn't visited Costco for their wedge deal last week I'd be your huckleberry.
  4. When you have your own customer representative assigned to you, service is usually good...
  5. I'll kick you $20 extra on the ZX5s
  6. @golfinnutsaid he would take it, so unless he opts out its claimed.
  7. Also, make any reasonable offer and I can send it your way.
  8. Yep, I have one. Plays at about 44.75 with a TM adapter on it currently. pictures here:
  9. I mean, they look good. But I'm a wedge skeptic. I've hit just about all of them, gamed just about all of them and could put any set in my bag for a round and feel good for a about them. Right now I've got the Kirkland 's. And 3 of those for less than 1 of these is going to keep these out of the bag(or any other brand for that matter). Didn't the rtx 4 offer different dot options that did the same thing?
  10. Not a new club, but decided to add a sand bottle to my cart.
  11. Come on you northwest spys! As much at I like Bill and Kenny some new faces would be nice.
  12. @GolfSpy MPR I'm going a different direction. 1 want and 1 test: I want a pay wall, or a patreon option that gives some more behind the numbers numbers. Like a subscription version of TRUEgolffit. but for more clubs and balls than just driver. Let me put in that I'm a sweeper with a xx mph 7i that tends to draw the ball and see which testers were closer to those stats and what worked best for them. The Most Wanteds are awesome, but still this years Driver test had like 30 drivers. The Epic Speed has the highest chance of being good for the most people and so I tested it, but I
  13. My favorite set of wedges I've ever had were a set of BeCu 588's from the late 90's. Apparently they were more damaging to the environment to make than dropping a nuclear bomb, but man were they wonderful.
  14. I was at Costco this week, went for milk and eggs... got these wedges too. The price is just too attractive. Also, the wedges look really good.
  15. I'm definitely curious how your long term test goes. I don't have your swing speed. And having watched a few of the you tubers hit it, I got the impression that it does add some club head speed, but overall it's accuracy kept them from putting it in the bag. But for players with a little slower (maybe much slower) swing speed it seems to test out better. But I haven't gone to the other forums to read their results. I only care about yours. You're my boy blue.
  16. Glad it is working for you so far. any more testing with it lately?
  17. I'm waiting for the zx5 from @dlow206, but thanks.
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