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  1. Whatever it was he appears to have shaken it... 2 over on the back and now already 4 under through 5 on the front... Talk about a bounce back. Must be nice to be able to go from hitting absolutely horrid shots by anyones standard to rolling in 30 footers for bird and putting 180 yard approach shots inside 6 feet...
  2. Seriously though, did a bodysnatcher get him or something? Thats like a 165 yard shot where he missed the green by 60 yards...
  3. lol, since I'm not very good, I make a point to play fast so anyone I get partnered with at the very least can't complain that I was slow...lol
  4. What is going on out there? DJ just put a ball in the water on a par 3, missing the green by like 20 yards And then just followed that up by missing a 104 yd shot by 50 yards...I think he's broken
  5. 37th with @PMookie now that the dust has settled. I picked New Mexico State over Auburn...If only he'd made that second free throw... Luckily most of my losses I have going down in the next round so there's still hope for now...
  6. Wallet back right, Glove back left, Phone front left, 1 ball and ball marker front right. I keep a tee in my hat so I dont gouge my fingernails digging for it in my pocket. I just keep my phone in my left and I use 18 birdies for GPS distance on every hole. Getting my phone out isnt really the problem, its unlocking it to get my yardage with a glove on my hand... Thankfully since I walk I just take glove off after every shot and as I'm walking pull it up, when I get close I know about how long it will be, phone back in pocket, glove on by the time I reach my ball and drop my bag. Peak efficiency over here.
  7. I love this challenge. Thanks MGS and Cobra for the opportunity! Bradley / Georgia / 40 rounds per year I'll happily start any accounts necessary and link them with MGS and my profile. Currently I have instagram. 25 HDCP / 105ish Driver Swing Speed Current set: Cobra F7 Driver Stiff 4-PW Taylormade Rocketbladez Stiff flex 52 / 56 / 60 Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 Wedges MaxFli Stand Bag Desired Set: King F9 Speedback Driver King F9 Speedback 3W and 5W 4-PW F9 Speedback Conventional OR Single length, I don't mind being a guinea pig for the same length, the less variables, the better. King wedges 52/56/60 Versatile grind in the black finish if possible Cobra Ultralight Stand bag Again thank you MGS and Cobra for the opportunity! I love this testing event.
  8. He's on my fantasy team, hence me knowing exactly who it was and where to find the video.
  9. For your viewing pleasure: https://www.pgatour.com/video/2019/03/21/russell-knox-cards-275-yard-albatross-at-valspar.html
  10. Well I joined a club so its not exactly free, but I am definitely getting my moneys worth either way...
  11. Hey Thanks, It is hard to fight the urge to hit balls at the range, but theres no better way to spend my lunchbreak then being out in the sun and putting and chipping golf balls...Especially after the cold rainy winter we've had.
  12. Practice Update 3: Today I spent the entire 40 minutes working on getting 20 putts in a row from 20 feet inside 3 ft. I putted 3 in a row at the same target and then chose a new target and the best that I did was 5/20 in a row. Clearly this is something I need to spend a lot of time on. I did notice that my big misses were generally due to bad reads or a poor stroke. And I confirmed that my tendency is to miss left and pull putts. I am really enjoying spending all this time putting and chipping. Learning my tendencies and how to compensate for them is a pretty fun exercise.
  13. Just when I thought I was ruined this week already, Knox gets a freaking albatross from 275 out... to get back to 1 under.
  14. Speaking of. Why does Waldo always wear stripes? ... ... Because he doesn't want to be spotted. Badum Cha!
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