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  1. bardle

    100 push ups a day

    Crushing it shanks, Where do you do pull ups at? do you go to a gym for this stuff? I would kill for a legit pull up bar at home, I'm too tall for the doorway ones unfortunately.
  2. bardle

    Weight Loss Thread

    I haven't found many cons besides cost. It's the financing plus the subscription, so we did the full family get up with shoes and heart monitors and all and it rounds out at a little over 100 a month total. If I'm going to be really critical, me and the wife were discussing that since there is such a huge array of classes and class types, it becomes a little difficult to know what to do first and where to go besides just the beginner classes. It would be nice if they had a quiz or questionnaire to get you on the right path towards your goals. Like I said, thats a wishlist, not a con... Pros: - An insane amount of spin class options, live and recorded. Some notes on this, I've done live spin classes in studio at places like Flywheel whose claim to fame is the quality of their instructors and I swear to you, the Peloton instructors are miles ahead of anything I have done in studio. Not to mention there are probably 10 to choose from, all of which have huge libraries and different specialties so if you don't like one, you can try another. I personally have an affinity for two different instructors who motivate me to push myself more than any class I have ever done, and I am a serial gym rat, I have done Crossfit, orange theory, Flywheel, and even Jiu Jitsu for a period, and have never had instructors keep me motivated to push myself like this. The good news is that the 39 dollar subscription allows unlimited members to use the same bike for no extra cost. - The Bike - The bike is incredibly well made, it weighs in at like 140 builds and is super sturdy. I weigh about 235 and the thing almost never moves, it's also super quiet, which comes in handy with my 2 month old in the house. - Gamification - This is probably what pushes me the most, classes are measured by output, it tracks other things, but you get PR's by breaking your highest output given the length of the class, so 20,30,45,60,90 minute classes track your highest output per. I've found it fascinating how badly I want to break my highest PR every class. It really applies to my gamer brain, this sense of acheivement and accomplishment by numbers. It's also really nice to see how much you've improved week to week and even day to day. - Its not just Spin classes - Something Peloton does a poor job of marketing is that the subscription you pay for the live and recorded spin classes also comes with Live and recorded classes of different types that you can cast from your phone or bike to a tv using chromecast. These include Yoga, Bootcamp, Strength, Running, Walking, Cardio, and Meditation. The running and walking classes are live and recorded audio sessions so you can run and listen to instruction which I haven't tried yet due to weather but feels like a fantastic idea. ------------------ This is probably more than you bargained for, The depth of features is intense, I didn't even talk about power zone training....It might be better if you ask me specific questions in case you have any concerns. ha
  3. bardle

    How'd you play?

    Back to my usual self rocking a 103 on Sunday in a sloppy wet mess, but it was a gorgeous day. I didn't have time to warm up and just never really found my iron swing. I was first off with 3 other guys, two of which started sipping SoCo at 8am..by the 18th it had become an...interesting round at best...
  4. bardle

    Weight Loss Thread

    4.7 pounds down my first week trying. 238 and change to 233 and change. Feeling good, I really can't say enough good things about the Peloton Bike. I credit the weight loss entirely to the addicting workouts. If anyone has questions about it, because I know you've seen the ten thousand commercials for it, I'm happy to answer them.
  5. bardle

    Weight Loss Thread

    Well it's not my fault you couldn't just keep all that weight on until this idea popped into my head. [emoji16] Kidding of course but it would likely have to be percentage based to make it fair. A 200 pound guy losing 20 pounds and a 300 pound guy losing 30 pounds would both be a 10% loss, that way it stays even. So your loss isn't in vain although the more fit you are the harder it is to lose weight so it still may be more difficult for you. But it's more about extra motivation than it is winning of course. Sent from my Pixel 2 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  6. bardle

    Back to the top button

    I'd be happy to code small things like this for you guys in my spare time Stud, I've been doing it for 10 years...just PM me if your interested, I'm happy to consult / answer questions as well.
  7. bardle

    Weight Loss Thread

    Has anyone ever proposed a MGS Biggest Loser type competition? With all the new years resolutions, It could be fun, even if its just a box of balls as the prize and gentlemans rules...Just a thought, I could use a little extra motivation with this type of thing but I may be the only one. I'd be willing to buy and ship the balls to the winner, and If I win, I save myself some money. It's also perfectly okay to hard reject the idea, just something I thought of today... Weight loss wise, I'm down 2.3 lbs already!
  8. bardle

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Like that's going to happen...
  9. Here's the screenie from his video...comparing ball speed from the SZ Flash to SZ Rogue. It only resulted in a whopping 2 yard increase, but at least their claims of increased ball speed hold true...even if it doesnt actually do anything for distance... EDIT: I'm not trying to be argumentative, I went back and looked for a sanity check because I had just watched the video. Just making sure I hadn't lost my mind quite yet.
  10. I watched rick shiels, I thought he did get 1.5-2mph over the rogue, but only 2 extra yards of distance...Did I hear that wrong?
  11. This is an interesting backstory for sure, Everyone is using AI now to do everything, it was inevitable that it would the golf industry eventually, The most telling and hilarious part of the story to me is this: So their engineers went home that day realizing they had been replaced by a computer who can do 100x the designs and iterations that they can? Just such a weird and interesting story, I don't even know what to say. I'll be interested to hear if the reviews match the marketing, but the concept is absolutely where the industry needs to go to get some fresh approaches and concepts. I sure won't be paying 550 dollars for 2mph of ball speed max on my "Perfect" shots...
  12. bardle

    Any gamers here?

    I have the same setup as you and just got smash bros at christmas from my 13 year old nephew. They crushed it with that one, kept the original in tact and just added some QoL improvements and an adventure mode. Glad to know there is a another serious gamer hanging out around here. You just got a PS4 for the first time? If thats the case, I am happy to give you recommendations, you can get some amazing games on the cheap that were created years ago. Even games from last year are some of the best I have ever played and you can get them for nothing now.
  13. That "Good for one Putt" and "Bullseye" are sick. Bookmarked for when I decide to pull the trigger on some markers.
  14. bardle

    100 push ups a day

    Is it a time thing? or an endurance thing? I mentioned this earlier but I usually break it into 10's or 20's. I was hardcore about this early last year as well and then fell off when I switched jobs. Roughly I do 10 before I hop in the shower, 10 when I hop out, 10 before I leave for work. Then when I get home I do 10 and change clothes, Do my actual workout, then 10 after, rinse off the sweat, 10 again, 40 left and its not even dinnertime, After that I just do 10 every time I come out of the bathroom and I usually have 10 or 20 left before bed which I just knockout. Not everyone has the same schedule of course, but the principle applies that just chipping away is much much easier in terms of time and fitness needed to achieve them. Just some thoughts on this, not just for you but for others as well who may be struggling to find the time. FWIW At my old job we had individual bathrooms, every time I went, I'd just drop and do 10, wash hands, proceed with life...Gross, yeah for sure, but it got the job done.
  15. bardle

    College Football

    This is a much more elegant and humble way of saying what I was trying to get across earlier in this thread, Thank you for adding this. I agree 100% with your conclusions.