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  1. Just having Arccos has caused my handicap to drop from 25.5 to 21.7. Pretty significant. It's important to note though that it could also easily be correlated with an increase in play. Apart from last week. I'm playing 36 holes a week now. I like to think it's a little bit of both.
  2. Woah. I'm sensing a very small amount of hostility towards old Pattie cake.
  3. You can try roasting your own and ordering in bulk. I used to do it before we had our kid. It's a great feeling to go from green coffee beans to the pot. Sweet Maria's is the site you want to try if you get into it. You can buy a 20 dollar air popcorn popper from Target or Walmart that will get you the best, freshest coffee you have ever tried.
  4. I saw that. My man. His loyalty will be rewarded with sweet victory.
  5. Nah. It's just like 12 straight hours of work followed by vendor dinners and what not. 0 time to do anything and it's so busy. Also no chance for any golf...
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know that satrtibg today and running through Thursday I won't be on here hardly at all. I have a Work trip and they are always crazy and I generally have very little time to myself when I'm on them. Rest assured I'll be back and ready to rock in no time.
  7. My clock only goes to 12 and then it starts over....Are you sure you arent from another planet? EST here, So at the time of this posting its 8:15 am.
  8. My 9 holes got brutally rained out on the 16th tee box. Yikes. Had to walk probably 800 yards in a deluge until someone from 12 came around and picked me up.
  9. Hey, no problem. Cobra calls it Progressive shaft weighting so like for the KBS tours, they work down in weight as they get to the "longer" clubs so Tour 80 in the 4-6 and 90 in the 7-9. That being said I am not sure what that is supposed to accomplish and also all of my clubs are Modus3 Tour 105's so they did not use this "progressive shaft weighting" on my set as far as I can tell...
  10. I haven't checked them but they were part of the spec sheet and they feel significantly heavier than my current irons and the stock f9s I swung at the local pgass
  11. I mean there are no real changes you can make between irons. When I got fitted I hit the 7 iron and used the mizuno shaft optimizer. The fitters big concern was with shorter shafts and heavier heads that improper swing weighting could cause me to feel like the long irons were like "kids clubs" as he put it. So I specified a swing weight when I sent my order in and Cobra happily obliged. We also went up an inch so my irons are really more like 5 iron standard length but I'm 6'3 so I think that's fine. After the range session yesterday I can confirm that the weighting is really nice. For reference I'm at a D4 for all my irons. I think the standard Swing weight for the f9s is d0 and my old irons are D2.
  12. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised at how the first time out went.
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