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  1. When you have Saquon you have to pay up I felt like. I definitely contributed to that total.
  2. THis worked out well for you @GolfSpy STUDque . Literally 2 hours after our trade....awesome...
  3. I'm curious if anyone has any interest in creating a Slack channel for the league. I know we have this message board but it can be tough to have trade convo's in a timely manner on here. Just throwing it out there to see what people think.
  4. For anyone in Stud, I'm willing to trade Kyler if you are one of the teams in trouble due to injuries.
  5. Took almost a full month off from Golf due to a little bit of burnout but mostly because my child is at an age where I just love spending time with her and I hate to miss anything. But... My in-laws are in due to the hurricane so I went off and played 9 yesterday afternoon and had a great time. Ended up shooting a 47 with 3, 3 putts. So apart from putting ability, it looks like I didn't lose anything due to the time off. I felt great and am getting the driver back under control. It turns out that wrist hinge was causing some massive slices and inaccuracies with my driver, I can't recall if that was the issue during the challenge but the time off helped me pick up some things I may not have been noticing at the time. I'll keep you updated as I get back out there in this freaking gorgeous, almost fall weather.
  6. Shady to the chiefs? Boy the repercussions of that trade are just a rollercoaster this weekend.@blackngold_blood lol.
  7. Was thinking the same thing. McCoy is an elite pass blocker. Which fits but who knows with Bill o Brian having the reins.
  8. Weird it didn't go anywhere the first time. McCoy just got but who knows, maybe he needs up in Houston. I just accepted it again.
  9. Did BnG and I's trade get denied or something? Just checked back in to do something with McCoy since he got cut and I don't see the players anywhere or the trade showing as pending or anything anywhere. What am I missing? @GolfSpy STUDque
  10. Seconded. Im always open to a trade. I've gotten rejected a few times already.
  11. Is he? That was poorly typed while wrangling my 10 month old. I was confused, not trying to state facts..reading it back now makes me feel like a jerk.
  12. The extra 6th and 7th really shored up my bench. The lack of the 4th rounder for me means I don't really have a solid WR1 though which sucks but that was my choice as I went RB the first 3 rounds. I feel like the trade ended up being pretty even. My sit / starts every week are going to be a painful exercise though for my WR corp.
  13. I assume you're talking about Cam? I had all kinds of alerts this morning. X-rays negative, not considered a serious injury..etc.. The boot is probably just a precaution until they can run more tests today.
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