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  1. Got outside for the first time over the weekend for a quick 9. VERY inconsistent with my irons, which is normally the better part of my game. Driver was shorter than usual but generally straight, which was great as I was swinging easier in an attempt to find fairways. 5/7 fairways hit. A lot of my mishits were fat, which I'm hoping is a symptom of playing on mats all winter that will go away sooner rather than later. All in all, great day and happy to be getting outside again!
  2. I appreciate how he is willing to go against common practice and truly customize what works best for him. I'm curious if some of what he's learned on the wedges gets carried over to any other irons. Fun read and interesting stuff about how they approached building this club.
  3. Says one of the Hard Rock Challengers... Possibly not the right thread, but it's still about a ball! Has anyone heard anything about the Genius ball OnCore started mentioning in 2017? I feel like they did a few pushes of marketing and interviews and have since gone silent on the topic. This thread and Mookie trying to sort out distances for his new irons had me thinking it'd be helpful if it ever turned into a real product.
  4. bag, opting to bring only 5 clubs to the course so he'd have room for...
  5. I missed joining in time to see this contest. I have two dozen TF XL collecting dust, count me in if this is taking place. Happy to help with any organizing/logistics if needed. I may ask to borrow my uncles Hammer-X to really drive these rocks out there.
  6. Wallet in my back right pocket, phone in my front left. push cart and my bag carry the rest.
  7. John, MA, 29 rounds last year. Have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Depending on the platform I would create a new account(s). Existing accounts are private/family oriented and include young children my siblings would prefer not be on display for an expanded audience. 16 handicap, 115 driver swing speed Mizuno MP-63 4-PW, Cobra F7+ Driver, Cobra F7 3/4W One length Irons
  8. Points for creativity to whoever was lacing those up. Reminds me of some of the obscure tie knots people will use. I use the bar lacing on almost all of my dress shoes. I think it looks cleaner
  9. One should always take their balls seriously. Depending on which Snell you'd be going with, there is a closeout on the MBT Red at the moment.
  10. Pretty club, good luck applicants. Flooding us with testing opportunities to match all the great product releases so far in 2019. Thanks again MGS
  11. I use Grint and think it's a great app. Easy to use and the handicap tracking is convenient. The GPS works well enough, but a few courses I play I'll lose cell service and it's number get wonky. I don't fault the app for that, just something to check if you use the feature. There is the option to download courses ahead of time as well, which is great for getting a birds eye view of the hole and measure distances to hazards.
  12. "I'm sorry Dave, I can't fix your slice" Congrats guys! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the drivers.
  13. I ended up with an hour to kill yesterday and happen to be near a golf shop. Off the shelf the Flash Sub Zero does some great work, I can imagine a fitting would only improve results. Thinking about way too many metals/woods/fairway clubs after yesterday. Loving my Cobra F7 3/4 wood so much, I always start with Cobras and work from there. I wasn't recording numbers, but the G410 fairway woods impressed me a lot!
  14. I love the Elixr, it's my game ball at the moment, and I agree with you on the logo. It's the second "C" that gets me the most for some reason, and red numbers above the text looks too blocky / stand out-ish (The grey numbers are great by comparison, but I'd be all for a simple black number). I feel like if it was limited to the "O" it'd be more acceptable to my eye. Putting and off the tee I have to align it so I see little to none of the logo/numbers. Beyond the logo, I do like the lines bordering "Elixr" on the side. They've served well for alignment and I no longer have to use a maker to add lines.
  15. I always enjoy slow play threads and conversations. What people enjoy and hope for when playing 18 can vary so much. It's fun to read. Personally, slow play drives me crazy. I lose my mental rhythm and struggle to finish a round. I don't play Tee times after 7:30am on weekends for this very reason, and will call to ask before playing any weekday rounds. If I have 5-6+ hours to play, I'd rather play 27 holes at a regular pace than sit and wait before every shot. There are a lot of contributing factors to slow play. Ultimately I think the course is responsible for holding people to a pace they find acceptable. If they are OK with 18 holes taking 6 hours, I'll likely take my business elsewhere. They are not obligated to match their rules to my opinions. General human decency should be enough for people to sort things out between themselves on the course. If you're walking slow on the sidewalk, you don't prevent people from passing you. Why would letting someone play through on the golf course be any different. It doesn't always happen, but I find most people pretty reasonable if you approach them nicely.
  16. Odd, I always thought they were "Woods" because that's where the ball was heading. Learn something new every day.
  17. Is this the video? It's a nice visual for the point being made.
  18. This is the second worst news I've heard today. The worst was hearing LeBron James involvement with Space Jam 2...
  19. My blow up holes usually start from the tee box and tilt me just enough to make poor decisions in trying to recover. Did I hit my tee shot into the trees? Let's try to recover by hitting a shot with a 5% chance of success instead of laying up out of the woodwork and moving on. Did that not work, better aim for a 2x2 window to cut the corner and avoid the same lay up from the last shot. Is that in the drink? Great, drop and try to hit the flag tucked in between two bunkers instead of aiming for the largest section of the green... It doesn't happen every round, but I can never completely shake losing my sanity now and then. In hindsight, making poor choices in rapid succession may be the most frustrating part of the game some days. More often than not it has the added benefit of a carry over effect to the next tee box and will give a healthy boost to scores on two holes before I snap out of it.
  20. I'm curious - why the handicap limit if there is such a strict pace of play? If I play the course poorly in 3 hours would anyone notice? my unpopular opinion - too much emphasis is placed on achieving longer distances with irons.
  21. 1. John - Mass 2. 16 handicap - 115 mph average driver swing speed 3. Cobra F7+ 4. I would love the opportunity to test the Epic Flash Sub Zero I'm eager to see what HAL was able to accomplish with the club face. The start of golf season for us northerners looks to have a ton of great product reviews. Thanks for putting another product test together for everyone!
  22. I believe the L, M, H are taken from OEM literature. USGA testing is for the purpose of conformity, they do not compare balls to one another as part of their test. Is X ball the right size, weight, symmetrical, and within distance/velocity standards for their robot arms test swing. They record spin as part of the symmetry test for consistency between balls and symmetrical construction, but it's not a parameter they define with ranges. If I read the procedures right, it's also recorded for initial launch conditions because they use launch monitors now instead of outdoor ranges. Spin is used for calculating distance hit, but it's not a tested value. Their procedures are published: http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/equipment-standards/test-protocols-for-equipment-9df6d04f.html Also a video version: https://www.usga.org/videos/2015/03/06/testing-golf-balls-for-conformance-4098088465001.html
  23. Congrats testers! Can't wait to follow along as you give feedback.
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