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  1. Angry Yeti

    The bag is finally complete!

    Naturally, you have to let them cool down after smoking them off the fairway.
  2. 1. John, Mass 2. Marmot jacket + pants 3. Started a quick 9 with some light misting. Was with some cousins and we made a bit out of it, finishing the last 4 holes in a downpour.
  3. Angry Yeti

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Got to hit a friends Ben Hogan PTX irons over the weekend. They felt and look great. Making me reconsider the project of building my own irons this year.
  4. If anyone has some KBS C Taper Lite X shafts they're willing to part with hit me up. In the aftermath of a fitting I'm slowly working on my first build for a set of irons. 4-PW Either .355 or .370 tip works.
  5. Not exactly a training aid, but in looking for a head cover I enjoyed this one:
  6. Angry Yeti

    Would you be interested in MGS Virtual Golf League

    Definitely interested. Great idea and thank you for putting in the legwork to get this started! Happy to help if you need extra hands for anything.
  7. Angry Yeti

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Thank you! Perhaps I misunderstood the purpose of the badge, I broke 100 last year and was late to request the badge once they were created. Are they intended for new accomplishments? And that is sound advice, thank you. Limiting disaster holes is the crux of scoring well for me. It's not unusual for my first 6 holes to go, Bogey, Par, Par, +4, birdie, +4.
  8. Angry Yeti

    MGS Forum Badge Catalog

    Love the way badges evolved and find themselves now. I do miss the Special badge a bit though... May I please have the broke 100 badge. Hoping it's only temporary as my goal is to get a round(s) in the 80's this year
  9. Angry Yeti

    How do you measure a successful score?

    I'm happy with my play if I'm striking the ball well, specifically my irons. A pure iron shot just makes me smile. Any day on the course is a good one. I certainly have moments of frustration, but every outing is a net positive. If that ever stops being the case I'd likely have to take a break and reassess what I want to get out of that time.
  10. Angry Yeti

    TaylorMade M5 & M6 Driver Thread

    Fair I was using their material more than the hashtag or tagline. The tagline is definitely misleading, and incorrect from the single sample I've seen. Reading the rest they never actually say they're faster. They claim more consistently getting as close to the limit as they can and expanding the area of the face that hugs that limit. (I pulled a section out below) It's not entirely fair to compare clubs made under different testing specifications, but that's all we can do in this case. The follow up question I'd have is - would you rather have the faster club or the club that meets the new criteria? Admittedly, I haven't followed the equipment guideline changes close enough to fully understand what has changed and how that impacts which clubs are still legal.
  11. Angry Yeti

    Pics from the course

    I told myself I'd be avoiding this thread for the winter. Your pictures reminded me why. Looks beautiful, consider me jealous
  12. Angry Yeti

    TaylorMade M5 & M6 Driver Thread

    I just finished watching Rick's review and got a kick out of this. The only question I'd raise is - is it faster on off center hits than previous versions? Rick is likely striking the ball fairly close to the sweet spot, so I take his review as "Well struck balls are no different". Part of the "faster" claim they made is the face is thinner all the way across, and the "variable resin" helps bring it back into spec. Let me get in there and compare drivers hit off the toe... As for looks - I'm a fan of the matte finish on the crown, but the bottom looks like a hot mess.
  13. Angry Yeti

    SNELL MTB on sale!

    it's a solid deal, if I played Snell I'd have taken advantage. Thank you for sharing sir
  14. Angry Yeti

    Miura The Perfect Club

    Went for shears, came back with a car payment
  15. Angry Yeti

    Indoor Golf in Rhode Island

    Simulator for playing rounds (possibly with friends) - a lot of fun. Gets some swings in when the weather doesn't permit you to do it outside. There is no real punishment for mishits, so enjoy your perfect lies and test out being more aggressive with course management. I'd encourage you to explore the full course list. Sure, playing the greats is fun, but there are some completely made up courses that are great too. Also, TXG did a video or two about it, but for kicks and giggles you can set up the same conditions as some of the more famous shots from the greats and give it a go. After watching the video I was able to confirm I'm not Tiger and should continue to avoid this sort of shot Hitting bays for practice - The place I use has cameras set up facing you and from behind the ball down the line. As someone who had a lot to work on when I started in an indoor bay, I've made more progress on my swing here than anywhere else. The ability to review from both angles was HUGE in aligning what I wanted to happen vs how I thought the swing felt. It's still hitting off mats, but when grass isn't an option at all it'll do the trick.