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  1. Is there still something planned for the US Open? Wondering if I might have missed it in the forums...thx
  2. My highly subjective experience: I've found that most CBs, as long as they have some tungsten in the sole/toe, provide me with probably 80-90% of the forgiveness I need. My miss tends to be thin or slightly out by the toe. I also like the smaller club head when hitting out of the rough since it seems to get in and out of the turf more easily. That said, as the tech-packed irons continue to get more "players" looking I will probably look for that type of set when I am up for new irons in a couple of years. A while back before some swing changes I was very steep into the ball and wider soles were a must to reduce the size of the beaver pelts I was taking out of the ground; think Ping i210, JPX forged for players-ish irons with wider soles. When my swing was steep, smaller-soled CBs definitely did not work for me.
  3. Thanks, that makes sense. Hopefully the fitter can expand his thinking - but I think when he hears the word graphite he is going to recoil* LOL I'm going to at least mention steelfibers as a start (thanks @NRJyzr). It has the word steel right there in the name, so maybe he'll be more receptive?!
  4. A close friend of mine is getting fitted for irons on Sunday after years of my prodding. He hits the ball high, straight and short (for a 37 year old 2 handicap; 150 club is between 6-7 iron and driver carries ~230). He is pretty slight and has had some shoulder issues so I think graphite might be a good option - which of these would you recommend he try out that might keep the flight down? He is a bit of a headcase and has always been an off the rack player without putting any thought into shafts (his last 3 sets have had, in order; KBS tour 90, C-Taper 120, DG 105). He has some of the best hands/short game I've ever seen and is straight as an arrow off the tee. I'm pretty confident with a properly fit iron set he could be scratch or better.
  5. Basically if it has a round neck and a sight dot, I am probably going to dig it whether it's 8802, anser, or other style. I have always pulled more putts with the traditional sight lines and the sight dots seem to help prevent that. With mallets I can't control my distances, though I haven't tried any of the newer small-ish and toe hanging models. Most recently I have been drooling over the TP Mills Fleetwood. I love the higher toe look (which my gamer SC Hollywood also has), and the fact that it is a bit wider front to back than a standard anser style blade (with maybe higher MOI as well?).
  6. How did I not know about this before??? What a find thank you!
  7. Likewise on your Fastback - love the whole California series! My putter won't be changing for a looong time. I also have a Monterey 1.5 collecting dust and if I had the extra cash sitting around would buy the rest of the lineup for a sweet display rack. Everything else was purchased within an 18 month stretch that ended in January which explains my bag staying the same since then, though it's still a bit of an upset . Not planning to make any changes in 2021 either, unless I am selected for a test that is!
  8. Somehow my bag (in signature) hasn't changed since the beginning of the year which is a huge upset!
  9. Somewhere there is a beast of a Cobra LTD hitting power fade bombs for a financially responsible owner that bought my trade-in while I struggle with a two way miss using the top dollar driver I was fitted for. Sigh. Get fitted while you're playing well, but tread carefully!
  10. hartrick11

    JPX 921's

    I'm sure these flat out perform in all categories, but I have to say I prefer the look of the prior generation.
  11. All three sets are gorgeous, and I love that they made the lofts more blend-able across sets. TM is going to sell so many of these.
  12. Hit 10 fairways on a pretty tight course, which for me is the highest in quite a while (took driver out of the bag and hit 8/12 3 woods with only one bad miss, and 2/2 irons), and complemented that with the worst short iron/wedge day in years for a middling 84 (9.9 differential). I had been dialed in with my irons and wedges all year and haven't been able to get off the tee to save my life. Fkng golf!
  13. As much as I would love for Tiger to take this one I worry about his back in colder weather. I think Koepka or Webb takes it down. Is there a contest for this major like in previous years? I was looking around but didn't see anything, wanted to make sure it wasn't just me.
  14. I have come full circle on hybrids, initially loving them when I got back into the game 10 yrs ago, but then abandoning them once I started having hook problems. Now it seems like there are more options with adjustable hosels/weights and stout shafts. After a couple of failed trials with other options, I have enjoyed my 818 h2 with fade weight & lie angle, and 90g shaft.
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