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  1. Do you notice much of a difference in feel between the 7i and the 8i where they remove the tungsten and the "power slot" or whatever that is called? I go from 770 7i to P7MC 8i so I couldn't say, but do notice a real difference between my 7 & 8 so was curious.
  2. Wow so cool! Every time I come in 350th+ and I tell myself that next time I will just pick at random and do better, and every next time when I have the chance, I dig into research for 5-10 mins and convince myself that my lineup is THE lineup. Rinse and repeat lol.
  3. Funny how that happens. My Cobras were protesting big time but I didn’t want to hear it and they have been stuffed unceremoniously into the travel bag in the garage ever since the new ones came!
  4. My experience seems pretty similar to yours between agonizing over every detail of every offering and trying/fitting multiple times before settling on a P7 combo. I went 790 4i, 770 5-7i, MC 8-P with 4 degree gaps from 22-38, 42.5* 9i, 47* PW, and $ taper 120s. I am six rounds in and loving them so far…as you said there are a ton of great options available these days but I think you will be very happy with your new sticks! Curious to follow along
  5. Saw the info on Cobras website… looks like the X model is similar to the older versions but with slightly stronger lofts. The FT carries the same lofts as prior iterations but with a bit less offset and smaller topline…the topline almost looks smaller than the MIM Tour in the pics. I think the two models should stand well independently but also blend easily; they should now appeal to a wider audience, similar to P790/P770, seems like a great approach. I would also bet that if they do bring the MIM Tour back it ends up being a bit smaller to provide a bit more differentiation vs the FT.
  6. Right, I couldn't agree more...but Haywood & Fourteen ranked ahead of T100 and others in the forgiveness ratings within this article, which had my eyebrows raised because I would think that the multi material offerings would provide greater forgiveness than solid one piece CBs unless the CBs are much larger.
  7. I know that there are fewer variables when you get to players irons, but today's players irons are still decidedly not blades. Shouldn't physics also dictate that tungsten impacts launch/forgiveness on off-center strikes? I know that the results are the results & I don't question the accuracy of the specific tests, and I think most here understand that every iron will perform differently for every golfer etc... but all else equal, I have a hard time with the claim of more forgiveness in a DTC players offering (I believe these all have zero tungsten right?) vs. say the Apex Pro, 223, or T100 with tungsten packed in at the top end of the set. Are the DTC clubs generally larger which leads to a larger sweet spot and equivalent/better forgiveness than smaller tungsten-packed offerings (I know the T100 is particularly small and thin-soled so could understand that argument to an extent), or is the concept of tungsten just overblown despite major industry investment in that material over the past decade?
  8. Do you like golf trips but dread having to be the guy to plan everything? Or do you lack a little bit of faith that your buddy who can barely respond coherently to texts within 3 days will be able to setup a well-thought-out plan for an upcoming trip? If so, I would highly recommend https://www.whiteglove.golf/ for planning & concierge needs. Planning trips can be anything from a modest time suck for relatively "simple" groups to a legit extra job for larger or more complex trips, and that is in the pre-Covid days. Now with the explosion of popularity in the game making tee times harder to get, combined with the hassle of coordinating travel and dealing with random flight changes/cancelations that the pandemic has brought on, even the most carefully made plans can be thrown off in an instant, making a concierge service that much more valuable. White Glove is a new company that was just started last year and I randomly got paired up in a round with the founder, Conor, while I happened to be in the planning stages of a Scottsdale trip with my buddies. My job was extremely busy at that time and I also have a toddler at home so figured I would give his services a try and I am SO glad that I did. Here is what Conor provided for our group: Worked with us to find a house to rent after giving us a bunch of options at varying budgets Booked tee times (and re-booked when flight changes threw us for a loop) Got us hook ups for pro-shop and dining credits to be included in the price to play (in March in AZ!); I never would have imagined that this was doable with the current state of the game Discounted shipsticks pricing for the guys who had a really tight turnaround from the airport to the teebox and would not have been able to check their bags and still play 18 otherwise Arranged for customized embroidered gear (Linksoul quarter zips, polos for each team) Custom engraved wooden bag tags, Western Birch tees, koozies, and hats Booked dinners for us in downtown Scottsdale Other options that we didn't take advantage of were bottle service at bars, car services/rentals, booking dedicated blackjack tables at the casino, fittings from OEM reps, really anything that you could imagine depending on your budget I know there are are multiple larger companies out there that do this type of planning & concierge work, but working with a new founder that wants more than anything to make his services stand out from the crowd was a really amazing experience and Conor delivered and then some, helping to create a seamless experience and memories that will last a lifetime. I hope to re-create annually with my friends at new locations around the country. Think @GolfSub70 type services and apply it to your trip.
  9. Curious what happened to the long/mid/short iron data? Is it still being incorporated into overall ratings? Especially with more and more irons that have different construction and/or size between long/mid/short irons I think it would be beneficial to see if testing backs up claims from OEMs. For example, forgiveness in the 223 4i might actually be really high, but low in the PW which nets out to a middle-of-the-road forgiveness rating if you are just assigning one grade but misses a lot of nuance that could be helpful for golfers to know.
  10. From what I have read, watched, and tested for myself, Ping accomplished exactly what they set out to accomplish in making a small, consistent, *relatively* forgiving players iron, they just did it at a price point that shocked many of their prospective buyers, including me as I couldn't get past the price. I think a lot of the commentary gets clouded by the fact that they are so expensive... I found that once I sifted through the muck online, along with my own testing of the 7i I was able to come away with a really good impression even if I didn't think they were worth the price premium with so many great options out there. While I will never fully understand the MGS testing parameters I know what they are doing is objective and it's nice to see the i59 score well. I also need to apparently give New Level a try...:)
  11. Those 659s look sick! Can't wait to learn more.
  12. Not a surprise to many who live in CA, but PSA for people thinking about trips (especially couples trips): Sandpiper, just north of Santa Barbara. Billy Bell design (Torrey Pines), it is a muni that could use a little bit more in the way of investment dollars which I think is why it hasn't really made it to the "lists" in some time, but it was still in very good condition when I played and IMO the 5 hole stretch from 10-14 heading directly down to the beach (the 11 green/12 tee box is basically on the beach) and then banking left along the cliffs could compete with any stretch of golf in the world; one of those places where you just chuckle to yourself because you are so freaking lucky to be playing there while staring at dolphins swimming in the Pacific to the west & snow capped peaks to the east.
  13. While nobody has answered yet, the answer for me was about 3 range sessions and 9 holes on the course lol!
  14. This is exactly the logic I needed to hear!
  15. I don't exactly have $1500 to burn after ordering irons but s!@t I'd kill for a round/pipe neck Anser or ZB in patina finish with tungsten plugs, site dot and a Redwood stamp on the face (hey, they said to just ask!). Oh and I'd like to avoid that whole fitting thing in case it tells me I need something at all different than that - it would probably be too pretty to game anyway!
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