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  1. Give me the Mona Lisa over a collection of replicas, no matter how amazing they are.
  2. Right/Right...give me the flow necks with less than a full shaft of offset please...
  3. Finally got to hit a 7i with the stock LS 6.0 at the range this weekend. The grass was closed so didn't get a great feel for turf interaction, but I really liked everything about it otherwise. Nice high flight, really good forgiveness low on the face which is my typical miss. Feel was really good considering the beat up range balls; not ZX7 soft but still very solid, similar to but better than my brief test with the T100, though I had a PX 6.5 in the T100 which is a bit harsher for me than the LS, so not necessarily a fair comparison. Not sure if I can stomach the pricing when there are so many strong offerings at lower price points, but man are they good looking!
  4. Took me a minute to find these with the format that is still new to me, but I thought these reviews were very comprehensive and helpful, outlining all the positives of these offerings (consistent with all the other positive reviews on these sticks across the web) while pointing out areas other golfers might want to dig in on before purchasing. Great job guys!
  5. I hit these again at my local golf mart the other day along with the ZX7 and they were neck and neck (I went in to try out the i59 but they didn't even have a fitting head in yet ); I actually thought both felt equally great in their own way on well-struck shots which is saying something compared to an Endo forging in the ZX7; though the Srixons felt better outside of the sweet spot. The only thing I noticed performance-wise was that the MIMs were launching about a degree higher and spinning 300-400 higher than the ZX7 with the same $ Taper 120g shaft (they were both spinning higher than I would look for but this was with pinnacle practice balls so I wasn't reading too much into the numbers other than the differences between the two). I have also seen on other forums that the ZX7 may spin a bit less than competitor irons, so that could be saying something about the Srixons more than the MIM. In any case it held its own with the more-heralded ZX7 and continues to be an under-appreciated offering in my view. I had to push off an intended iron set purchase, but still hoping to buy a set in the next few months and these remain in the running.
  6. After the T-100s didn't knock me out (don't get me wrong they are still at the top of my list just not quite an "autobuy") and Ping came in too pricey with the i59s (and no i525 combo option yet), I am going to wait to check out these 223s and 225s before buying my next set. They look awesome and I like the fact that they seem to blend better than T100/T200.
  7. From an equipment standpoint, where do you see the most innovation happening over the next couple of years?
  8. Great looking bag. Love the way the wedges came out! Also I don't usually use OEM headcovers but those would make me think twice - very clean and, dare I say, un-Cobra-like?
  9. Sweet setup @txgolfjunkie! Do you get irked at all by having three different finishes? I added an i500 3 iron utility setup to my bag of black irons & wedges earlier this year and it's been bugging me big time, but wondering if I am alone in my ocd-ness. Wonder if they are going to take that finish through to the utility/wedges...would be pretty cool to be able to rock a full set of copper beauties.
  10. I got to hit the T200 and T100 at my local range today. The grass was closed and wind was around 15 mph hurting & right to left, so not ideal from a testing standpoint but it was nice to try out both clubs. I had a 7 iron head of each and was switching the same PX 6.5 shaft into each head. Hit 30 shots with each, and compared with 15 shots with my gamer, the 2018 Cobra King Forged CB, 34* loft (same as T100), $ Taper 130 shaft which, while not exactly apples-to-apples with the PX 6.5, not too far off in profile. Looks wise, the T100 was a few mm longer blade length than my CBs, which combined with a bunch of tungsten should hopefully provide the additional forgiveness that I am seeking with my next set. The soles were actually a bit thinner on the T100 though - not a ton, but I found that interesting at least. T200 looks great at address; slightly thicker than T100 but in line with the older AP2 sets, so still very "players" look, and with minimal offset. Feel-wise, the T100 felt great. Very solid, almost heavy when making contact if that makes sense. Definitely firmer to my ear than say ZX7, MMC/JPX Tour or X Forged/TCB, but that is in line with Titleist historically IMO. Plenty of feedback to know where I made contact. What surprised me was how close in feel the T200 was to the 100. That's not to say it was just as good, but it was a lot closer than I expected. I initially thought I would look for a 4-5 in the T200 to combo with the 100 because I assumed the 200 would be too similar to the feel of the Apex Pro, but after today I would not have any issues gaming the 7 iron. Performance-wise, I will need to wait until a proper fitting to make any decision. The combination of the wind/range balls likely impacted things quite a bit but I was hitting both clubs very high despite using a low/low shaft; I didn't have a launch monitor but the T100 & 200 seemed to provide very similar ball flights despite the 2* loft difference. My gamer was also going higher than normal, but was definitely flying a couple of degrees lower than the Titleists, which I assume is at least partially influenced by the large amount of tungsten relative to the 12g of tungsten in the Cobras. All in all, I was impressed with both, with the T100 meeting my high expectations and the T200 exceeding my slightly lower expectations. With the right setup either could provide me with a more forgiving set than my current gamers while still looking and feeling the part of a players iron.
  11. 100% agreed re: the communication aspect - the spur of the moment golf is officially dead for me, but if I am planning well I can usually make it work; it just usually means I am playing solo or with 1-2 other friends rather than accommodating three other guys' schedules to get a foursome together.
  12. Whatever the record is for test sign ups I think it's about to be broken...what an amazing test opportunity.
  13. I am definitely lucky, I know that - It has been terrible in a hundred other ways, but the pandemic actually helped my golf frequency in that there has been minimal social obligations or travel since my son was born, so most weekends are free.
  14. My son (first child) was born last year, so I have had a recent adjustment. Golf is the one thing that really allows me to reset as I get time with friends, time outdoors with no computer/phone, and time to compete (with myself and with friends/playing partners). For that reason, as much as possible, I have sacrificed any other social life that existed pre-kids rather than sacrificing golf since it can check a lot of boxes for me. My wife has also been very supportive as she knows that the "reset" really helps me be the best dad/husband/corporate stooge the rest of the week. I try to make it up to her by making sure she has solo time in the evenings. Even with that, I went from playing 45-55 times per year plus at least one range session each week (I live in San Diego so was playing almost every weekend throughout the year), to 20 rounds, with probably 15 range sessions, in his first 12 months. Handicap has gone from a 5.0 up to almost 9 before dipping back just below 8 recently. On one hand, it is very frustrating to watch yourself get worse at golf, but on the other hand I am really stressing a lot less about my scores and focusing on enjoying the time I do get, which has been refreshing. Logistically I did two things: First, I joined a club back in January that was offering a good Jr. Executive deal. I am definitely not "breaking even" financially, but the course is 10 mins from my house so I am able to get a full 18 holes in and be back at the house within about 4:30-4:45 after leaving, compared to really a minimum of 6 hours out of the house for the public tracks I was playing at (between longer commutes and slow weekend play on completely stacked courses). The other thing I did was put a putting green over a small dirt patch in my side yard. I am having fun playing around with my son, who loves holding his little plastic club and swatting at the ball, and also enjoy a good 15 mins most evenings after he has been put to bed just grooving my stroke while turning my brain off. I would imagine the second kid whenever that does happen will be another even bigger reduction in the amount of golf I will play (and will get rid of the club membership), but I will cross that bridge when I get there!
  15. I have a black MIM 52* that has a bit of rust on the leading edge after a few months. It doesn't even get a lot of play as I usually play a four wedge setup with my set 50* and a Vokey 54*, so I am guessing with regular play you will see some rust, but this is just based on a sample size of 1 so YMMV.
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