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  1. So... I shouldn't be refreshing this page all afternoon?
  2. My miss is a hook; sometimes overcooked, sometimes the dreaded pull hook... so I have several issues earlier in my swing that I've been working on, initially with lessons and now with videos from Monte Scheinblum. I've been able to shallow the AOA with some level of consistency and my hips don't stall out as much as they used to, but since becoming a dad my range time has taken a hit and old habits die hard!
  3. The UiHi is something I'm particularly interested in, especially since you have blades experience. I am steep with my approach and have struggled on shots with other utility irons off the deck in the past. Does the V-sole enable the UiHi to provide extra help while still getting decent turf interaction? I may need to just order a 2 week demo to test along with you guys...
  4. I should have been more specific : Absolutely nothing wrong with that, other than my swing with those clubs LOL! It’s the swordsman, not the sword.
  5. Congrats gents. The idea of this combo set is so perfect in my mind... can't wait to hear some impressions and if your experiences light a fire in my wallet. I am sooo itching to buy something after paying for nothing but groceries for the last few months... as long as I can stay gainfully employed that is
  6. Enjoying the updates on this thread - keep it up guys! I'm curious for feel impressions as well as left/right dispersion impressions (in addition to the great data sets y'all are already posting). I have a gapr lo head sitting around that is *this close* to going on the classifieds, but part of me wants to pony up (that part of me is pretty consistent ) for one of these shafts for one last ditch effort to be a driving iron guy instead of a 5w/hybrid guy.
  7. The best! Handicap and Location: 7.7HDCP in Encinitas, CA Social Media Accounts: IG: hartrick11 Twitter: hartrick11 Expected rounds in an 8-week span: 10-12 Current OEMs in your bag. Cobra King Forged CBs (Already repping! Probably could use the extra help from Forged Tecs tho...), Callaway woods, Vokey Wedges Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge: SpeedZone Xtreme Driver 9* Atmos Black 6x (If their catalog were our oyster, sub Ventus LOL, but just going off of non-markup options) SpeedZone Big Tour 3w Atmos Black 7x SpeedZone Tour 5w Atmos Black 7x Forged Tec 4-pw $ Taper 130 MiM wedges 50 54 60 W/Modus 3 Wedge 125 S
  8. Awesome! I came close to purchasing the Ft Worth Blacks a couple years ago as a result of the MGS test but ended up going w/ Cobras because I was afraid of a full set of blades. I think the combo is much more suited to my game. Either way, I will be watching this one closely! Patrick, Encinitas, CA 7.7 HC Cobra King Forged CBs I would test the combo set
  9. Awesome to see this to start the testing year. I just got the Ventus that I had been fitted for so don't want to mess with that, but will be following this one closely. IMO shafts will be where equipment advances over the next few years more than anything else. Good luck to the testers!
  10. Technical differences? Not sure I'm your man there haha. I don't know much other than what is on the spec sheets when it comes to the technical aspects... but I can try to better describe how it translated to my swing if that helps. https://fujikuragolf.com/ventus https://www.truetemper.com/products/hzrdus-black/ The HZRDUS feels like re-bar all the way down. My swing speed is in the 108-110 range with an aggressive transition. The 75g 6.5 shaft was too much for me to consistently handle (the 6.0, or the lighter 6.5 would be the better choice from that lineup for my swing). Some days I could cook with it, other days I was all over the place. I had cut down on my left misses for the most part compared to earlier drivers (had mostly been buying stiff shafts off the rack pre-MGS enlightenment and fought both pull hooks and over-cooked draws), but dispersion was an issue. Ventus (blue 6x is what I have) is softer up by the grip, way softer than the HZRDUS, for me, that translated into more "feel" of the club loading in the backswing (think AD-DI but not quite that soft). But it has a super stiff tip, which made it feel stable and resisted rotating (for me at least). It is just easier for me to square up, and misses seem to gently ease left or right, rather than really spin way off line. My ball speed from my f8+ with the HZRDUS to my Epic Flash SZ with the Ventus has gone from ~155-158mph to ~158-161, and much tighter dispersion. Hope that helps, but LMK if you had other specific questions.
  11. +1 for the Ventus. It has substantially reduced my left-right dispersion with the driver. It is so stable, but I can still feel the club loading, nothing like the HZRDUS black that I struggled with for a while. I need to save up to get it in my 3w as well...
  12. I recently made my first (and likely last) profitable golf club purchase. Found an Epic Flash SZ with an AD IZ 7X shaft on the bay for $400 and jumped on it, even though I was looking for one with a Ventus. After 3 rounds and 3 range sessions I liked (but def not loved) it. Then I let my buddy use it throughout a round when we played, and he offered me $600, even after I told him what I had paid for it. I guess it was exactly what he had his eyes on and that setup is really tough to find for less than $700 so it was a win win. Now I'm hoping to add to this list again soon with an Epic Flash SZ with a Ventus Blue 6x. My profit will make the purchase feel more like a regular off the rack retail price, so I am justifying it!
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