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  1. I have a black MIM 52* that has a bit of rust on the leading edge after a few months. It doesn't even get a lot of play as I usually play a four wedge setup with my set 50* and a Vokey 54*, so I am guessing with regular play you will see some rust, but this is just based on a sample size of 1 so YMMV.
  2. They sure have. It's also worth noting, given the struggles of some other OEMs over the past year (see this year's CCC thread for example), just how good Titleist was to us with respect to our test. Despite supply chain challenges, our custom setups shipped out extremely fast. In my case Titleist provided a free TPI fitting and had the driver in my hands before you could even get one off the rack in stores! Ridiculously good service on their part. I know 2021 has brought different challenges to the OEMs than 2020 so the comparison may not be totally fair and I don't mean to throw stones, but my experience certainly renewed my appreciation for Titleist after not playing or even really considering any of their non-Scotty/Vokey offerings for >10 years. Hopefully they can get through what is sure to be a wildly popular iron series release without too much of a supply issue.
  3. Can't wait to hear more on this one. I am particularly interested to see if the T100S is more forgiving than the T100 as a result of the "muscle channel" in the cavity that apparently helps with ball speed. My initial thinking (will get a fitting first!) was a T200 4-5 (the 5 being 1* weak at 26*) and then T100 6-W so I could keep similar lofts to my current set while adding forgiveness compared to my current CBs, but if the T100S are actually more forgiving and don't sacrifice much in the feel department it would open up more options to over analyze think about.
  4. Back down in the 70s for the first time in a little bit with a 78 (4.9 Diff). 2 birdies, 9 pars, 4 bogies, 2 doubles. 9/18 greens, 7/14 fairways, 31 putts; about 2 better than my averages across the board over the last few months. Been working on a "dead" feeling with my arms in the transition/downswing and it is really helping to reduce my left miss. Hoping I can keep the momentum going into August.
  5. My TSi3 is still safely in the bag as well. I had really been fighting my swing earlier this year (a lot of swings that no driver could help), but it is starting to come around the last month or so and I am a lot more comfortable pulling driver on holes that I wasn't back in the spring. Obviously just as the driver has come back to life my irons have left me but my plan to buy myself a more forgiving set of irons for Christmas (or potentially Halloween haha) should solve that...
  6. This is probably not the best take for a golf forum, but mine was actually my habit of messing around with different wedges and putters just because new cool stuff=fun. Full swings and short putts weren't really a problem, but anything touch-related was incredibly inconsistent as a result; lag puts and any half swings/pitches turned decent holes into disasters. I have stuck with my same putter for 4 years now, and do almost all of my chips & pitches with the same SM7 58* for the last 2+ years, and the short game has really been cleaned up as a result. I even bought a backup SM7 58* that I will unwrap next year to ensure the exact same wedge feel for another few years before I have to even think about changing anything. Now, my problem is inconsistency off the tee and the answer is an upgrade from Monte's online videos to real, regular lessons with a coach, and if I had the extra scratch lying around, probably a sports psychologist too since my problem seems to be like 75% mental . More to come on that front...
  7. A low spin ball and a higher tee height might help knock the spin down a tick.
  8. I actually went back and forth for the last day on even submitting for this one just based on a miniscule chance that I would win it and miss out on what would probably be an even smaller chance at testing a sweet set of irons (that may or may not even appear for testing!). Then I finally said to myself, "self, you are being an idiot - if you get selected for an opportunity to get free instruction on your wildly inconsistent swing, take it and run". And let's be honest I'm going to continue to buy new equipment regardless of/in addition to testing opportunities because of course new toys are the answer. Needless to say, I have issues.
  9. Very cool opportunity, and am excited to see user feedback on the coach connect program regardless of whether I am one of those users. I had been holding out on submitting for one of these until a set of irons came up but actual instruction would really be much more beneficial to my game than new equipment
  10. Great write-up. Having tried out a friend's 7 iron my thoughts were similar; well-made, good feel, great value. I am in the same boat wishing there was an iron in between this and the 699 pro (or even just the same CB but with tungsten added to the low/toe area), but admittedly that is probably asking for too much given they are still an upstart and already have a ton of SKUs as it is.
  11. It's actually comical how bad I have been at these but here goes nothing...not picking against Rahmbo at this point.
  12. Looks sweet! Nothing like a fresh set of irons... I am doing an iron fitting in Sept and cant wait
  13. Wow, love the blank look! I always say I am never going to change my putter if I can help it, but that makes it pretty tempting to sign up for the Fujikura & Evnroll test...
  14. Love it - just what I was hoping (and expecting) to hear. I am planning to buy a set and keep for 3 years (and love to overanalyze all my big ticket purchases anyway), so will wait to hit all the new releases in the next couple of months, but leaning strongly towards these. They really do seem like a goldilocks product with no need to create a combo set.
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