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  1. Awesome to see this to start the testing year. I just got the Ventus that I had been fitted for so don't want to mess with that, but will be following this one closely. IMO shafts will be where equipment advances over the next few years more than anything else. Good luck to the testers!
  2. Technical differences? Not sure I'm your man there haha. I don't know much other than what is on the spec sheets when it comes to the technical aspects... but I can try to better describe how it translated to my swing if that helps. https://fujikuragolf.com/ventus https://www.truetemper.com/products/hzrdus-black/ The HZRDUS feels like re-bar all the way down. My swing speed is in the 108-110 range with an aggressive transition. The 75g 6.5 shaft was too much for me to consistently handle (the 6.0, or the lighter 6.5 would be the better choice from that lineup for my swing). Some days I could cook with it, other days I was all over the place. I had cut down on my left misses for the most part compared to earlier drivers (had mostly been buying stiff shafts off the rack pre-MGS enlightenment and fought both pull hooks and over-cooked draws), but dispersion was an issue. Ventus (blue 6x is what I have) is softer up by the grip, way softer than the HZRDUS, for me, that translated into more "feel" of the club loading in the backswing (think AD-DI but not quite that soft). But it has a super stiff tip, which made it feel stable and resisted rotating (for me at least). It is just easier for me to square up, and misses seem to gently ease left or right, rather than really spin way off line. My ball speed from my f8+ with the HZRDUS to my Epic Flash SZ with the Ventus has gone from ~155-158mph to ~158-161, and much tighter dispersion. Hope that helps, but LMK if you had other specific questions.
  3. +1 for the Ventus. It has substantially reduced my left-right dispersion with the driver. It is so stable, but I can still feel the club loading, nothing like the HZRDUS black that I struggled with for a while. I need to save up to get it in my 3w as well...
  4. I recently made my first (and likely last) profitable golf club purchase. Found an Epic Flash SZ with an AD IZ 7X shaft on the bay for $400 and jumped on it, even though I was looking for one with a Ventus. After 3 rounds and 3 range sessions I liked (but def not loved) it. Then I let my buddy use it throughout a round when we played, and he offered me $600, even after I told him what I had paid for it. I guess it was exactly what he had his eyes on and that setup is really tough to find for less than $700 so it was a win win. Now I'm hoping to add to this list again soon with an Epic Flash SZ with a Ventus Blue 6x. My profit will make the purchase feel more like a regular off the rack retail price, so I am justifying it!
  5. Price drops! Also, I noticed one of the pics of the 4i makes it look like it has a mark on the topline, but it is totally clean. Will post an updated pic of that.
  6. AD DI 7S Black, Cobra 3w tip. Played about 42.75” in the F7. $140 $130 HZRDUS Black 6.5, 75 grams, Cobra driver tip. Played just a hair under 44.75” in the F8+. $60 $55 Cobra Forged Tec Black 4i, $ taper 120 shaft. Standard length & lie, 20* (1 strong). Bought new direct from Cobra this summer and played ~10 rounds before going back to my set 4i. Top line and sole are both clean and the face is in good shape. $70 $60 Happy to add any additional pics. Only trades would be for untipped Ventus Blue 6X (driver) or 7X (fw) shafts with cash to makeup the difference.
  7. As a tester and a weekend golfer, being tasked with providing a detailed review of a set of wedges led me to specifically practice in a focused way that I don't generally do, and really helped my short game! I also enjoyed the posts from fellow reviewers and questions from readers because they made me think about different things that I wouldn't have otherwise. As a result of having to think outside of my normal process, I am a little more detailed in my pre-purchase research now, which I think will save me money in the long run. I think the coolest part of the review process as a reader is that we can see a detailed look at specific golfers, understand where their games may overlap with ours, and apply their thoughts to our game. Even better, if something isn't covered in a review that you would like to see, you can just ask, and the testers will graciously answer! Short of your own fitting (and even in addition to one), these unbiased reviews can help to make you feel comfortable about where you are spending large chunks of your money that you can't duplicate with a brief range demo or by reading paid testimonials.
  8. That Ventus Proto MH is what ultimately became the Ventus Red, right? I'm looking to find a Ventus Blue 6x, so if I'm wrong let me know! Otherwise GLWS.
  9. I still visit both, but I get far more value here and participate in more conversations here as a result, with my reasons echoing all that was mentioned above. The one place where WRX still has an edge IMO is in the classifieds. I would assume that the classifieds page here picks up as the site's popularity continues to grow, though.
  10. Public tracks by me can get to 5:00 on weekends. It's brutal. As for the wedges thread... I currently have my set PW & GW at 46 & 50, and then Vokey 54, 58. I have had thoughts about removing the 50 and 54 to add a 52, but more choice at the top of my bag might harm me even more than the additional choices in wedges. The one thing I don't need is an extra club to hit left of left...
  11. Been going backwards since July, and then all of a sudden the swing felt great Saturday and I shot 79 at Torrey Pines South (from the 7000 yd tees!), my first time breaking 80 on that course. I knew it had the chance to be a special day when I hit a fade 6-iron from 180 yds out in the fairway bunker on 1, and then sank a 25 footer for birdie. I hit 9 greens and went -2 on those 9 holes and then played bogey golf on the 9 holes that I didn't find the green. Best ball striking day I've had in a long time (5 of the missed greens were off the back after hitting a solid shot but with the wrong club, and only one of my dreaded-yet-familiar pull hooks). Unfortunately it's going to be 10 days until the next round but I'll hopefully get to the range to keep the proper feels going. Even if I don't I will still have a sh*t eating grin on my face for at least another day or two.
  12. I signed up. Seemed too good to be true at first but I know I will likely end up spending money after this so maybe they are on to something...
  13. Great stuff in these reviews so far. Keep up the good work! I love the classic look of these wedges - the raw finish with the big ferrules really brings me back in time. I also love that they offer so many bounce & finish options (for righties at least) and the s400 shaft is perfect IMO. For stage 2 reviews, I know there has already been some commentary on this, but I'd be curious to hear some additional thoughts around turf interaction for the respective grinds, specifically on chips in wet/dry conditions, thin/juicy lies, fluffy/sparse bunkers. For me this is the toughest part of a wedge to test out without buying so the commentary is super helpful. Thanks in advance!
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