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  1. Thank you for your input. I don't think my irons were MOI matched or there is some higher reason for random swing weights as they are now. I think the irons were simply botched at assembly. In the end I agree with your bottom line. It all comes down to performance and I believe there is place for improvements. Funny enough I tested all my irons this weekend to determine which swing weight I prefer. It turned out I hit (and like) 5 and 8 iron a bit better then the rest and they measured within 0.3 SW of each other so at least I have target swing weight I will try to achieve for the rest of
  2. Thank you cnosil, I have already seen this chart. I was just wondering whether someone plays, played or was fit in a set of irons with progressive swing weight. Considering there are shafts like DG AMT, it is possible. At the end I will probably make my set per OEM specs.
  3. In lockdown boredom I decided to measure swing weight of my irons since I noticed that my 8 iron is significantly lighter than my 6 iron. It turns out swing weight of my regular irons was all over the place, ranging from C9 to D4.2 with no particular pattern (like descending swingweight as the club shortens etc.). I measured swing weight a couple of times but results were the same inside 0,1 SW point. I guess that is what you get when buying second hand... I decided that I will use my free time and redo my irons. I plan to sort swing weights of my irons with tip weights (fine tuning with
  4. If the testing results for Srixon Q Star Tour balls were that bad I have a bad feeling for my Inesis Tour 900 balls. They belong in the budget bracket too. I guess it is better to know than not to... Sigh...
  5. HI, Guys at TXG youtube channel posted a couple of videos on this topic. Their finding is that all clubs deliver approximately the same distance for the same loft if you have enough speed. For slower swingers there is more of a gap between an iron and same lofted hybrid and then possibly between hybrid and same lofted fairway wood, mainly because of launch and height. Irons generally fly lower hence do not produce the same carry numbers. There are also other factors involved such as steepness of the swing etc. At the end of the day no theory is as good as factual results on the range, gol
  6. Hi, In my experience heavier shaft increases swing weight ad vice versa. Rule of thumb is +1SW for +9g of shaft weight and -1SW for +5g of grip weight. Based on that I would say your build is app. -1SW for shaft and +1,5SW for grip, so about the same without any additional weighting of the head. Thing to realize, the numbers of swing weight change in relation to parts can be different with certain shafts that have higher balance point and can reduce overall swing weight like a heavier grip would. Either way, without knowing balance points of the shafts you used, guessing swing weight
  7. Nothing exciting really. Just 13 pcs Lamking Players cord grips, 20 pcs of 10g brass tip weights for steel shafts, 20 pcs iron .355 ferrules to reshaft my irons. Oh, and an Evnroll ER5 Hatchback putter.
  8. I have noticed that whenever I access MGS forum page, I cannot see any pictures (apart from those in the signature). In the posts they are only links with .jpg ending which I cannot open. At first I suspected than the problem is probably on my side so I checked Chrome settings and AdBlocker but I have enabled all pictures and AdBlocker is not active on MGS site. I tried visiting MGS forum site from 3 other computers and the result is the same. All this strikes me odd, especially because I have no problems with the pictures when I visit other forums and websites. Anyone else has this
  9. As others said, swing changes are probably your best bet but if you are looking at the gear alone, there are a couple of options. I fixed my height issue I had using 16,5* Taylormade '17 M2 with second hand Taylormade M5 fairway wood. That 60g weight plate really helps with increasing the launch and option of lofting the club up 2* is a bonus. The club head of the M5 is smaller than the newest SIM Ti with similar technology (as far as weighting goes) but that was exactly what I was looking for. With my previous 2017 M2 fairway wood I always had a fear in the back of my head that extended
  10. I recognize that currently there are definitely more important things to do, things get done a bit later than usual and health and well-being of the staff should be the priority. That being said, it is evident that the MGS is still running. The ball testing is being carried out, seemingly without a hitch. There are Most wanted testing results being regularly published which include detailed club measurements not to mention in-person testing which seems the most riskiest job for MGS out there. I doubt the testing of all the clubs was already finished in february or is done remotely. I figu
  11. I've been asking myself the same question? MGS CG reports have been historically released in maj/june (if I remember correctly) so with each passing month I am more and more worried that CG reports are the thing of the past. Real shame. I hope MGS are waiting for the drivers that are scheduled to be released in fall, like Srixon and Titleist drivers, so that the database would be more complete. For the time being I suggest you take a quick peek at the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOHkZPKBdKA&t=810s It is very basic CG and MOI breakdown of 2020 dri
  12. Another factor I think is as important as flight window is playability from the rough. Hybrids are miles easier to hit from the rough compared to utility irons and high strikes on the club face that happen (at least for me) more often in the rough are not nearly as penal with hybrid as they are with irons. Another point that TXG did not mention in the video is also that (at least in my opinion) there are ''subspecies'' within certain category. For example within utility irons Taylormade P790 UDI is significantly lower launching than Srixon Z U85 2iron, and for example Titleist TS3 hybrid
  13. Great looking bag. Thanks for sharing.
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