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  1. I had the same problem as you described so I decided to rent a GC Quad to see whether the problem is in my delivery or there is something wrong with my eqipment. It turns out the was hitting down at the ball for about 3 degrees and with little delivered loft, probably due to forward shaft lean. I suspect you have the same situation and should try to get positive angle of attack. One thing to consider is also the length of your driver. Shorter shaft, generally speaking, makes it tougher to elevate the ball and (if i remember correctly) incourages steeper downwards angle of attack. Combine this with the shaft that has backwards deflection at impact and you get quintuple whammy.
  2. Hello everyone, I am pretty new to the forum but I already contracted DIY golf building bug and need some help. I am using Titleist 818 H1 hybrid with stock Tensei blue 70HY shaft in regular flex that has become unsuitable for me. At first I liked its weight but as my game developed it became too light and unstable/whippy. I decided to change the shaft to Graphite Design. At first i was thinking about AD DI 85S hybrid shaft but quickly found Tour AD utility 85S shaft that has profile and price more to my liking. The problem is the shaft is .355 tip and the Titleist adapter is made for .370 shafts. I have brass shims on hand and some experience with club making but I am still sceptical if it is good idea to install the shaft in adapter using shims. Anyone has any experience?
  3. I have a funny setup that would make any club fitter's eyes roll but it sort of suits me. In my irons I play Nippon NS PRO 950GH whereas in my wedges (Cleveland RTX-3) I play stock DG S300 shafts which are almost 50% heavier than my iron shafts. It doesn't make much sense, I know, but as I said, I kind of like it. Wedges I play are basically blades and heavier shafts help me make better contact with the ball on full and shorter swings. Also, stock wedge shafts that come with Cleveland RTX-3 are just 0,125'' shorter wedge to wedge whereas usually there is 0,25'' difference between wedges. It basically feels like swinging the same club regardless of the loft. I don't advocate replicating my setup at any means, just saying tastes vary from golfer to golfer.
  4. Gal, Slovenia McKinley thin softshell, umbrella and sick anti-rain dance moves. Late november heavy rain with snowflakes mixed between water drops. I am still shivering.
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