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  1. I have a funny setup that would make any club fitter's eyes roll but it sort of suits me. In my irons I play Nippon NS PRO 950GH whereas in my wedges (Cleveland RTX-3) I play stock DG S300 shafts which are almost 50% heavier than my iron shafts. It doesn't make much sense, I know, but as I said, I kind of like it. Wedges I play are basically blades and heavier shafts help me make better contact with the ball on full and shorter swings. Also, stock wedge shafts that come with Cleveland RTX-3 are just 0,125'' shorter wedge to wedge whereas usually there is 0,25'' difference between wedges. It basically feels like swinging the same club regardless of the loft. I don't advocate replicating my setup at any means, just saying tastes vary from golfer to golfer.
  2. Gal, Slovenia McKinley thin softshell, umbrella and sick anti-rain dance moves. Late november heavy rain with snowflakes mixed between water drops. I am still shivering.
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