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  1. I understand, I was just trying to warn you about BBTG measurement. I found this relevant because when I bought +0,5 inch pulls from (I think) Mizuno irons and dry fit them into Srixons, they were only 0,25 inch longer than standard. I thought the seller measured them wrong but when I dry fit them in Mizuno head, the total measurement of the club was +0,5 inch as advertised despite the same hosel insertion depth. Reason for that was because of BBTG of Srixon irons was smaller than that of the Mizuno. http://image.slidesharecdn.com/shafttrimminginstructionsv5-090910085457-phpapp02/95/basics-of-golf-club-shaft-trimming-11-728.jpg
  2. If I understood correctly your question you should be asking about BBTG measurement (bottom bore to ground measurement) to determine total length of the club (BBTG + shaft pull length equals total club length). BBTG info is near impossible to obtain from OEM and I have not really seen any info on the internet so the only way is measuring it yourself by removing one iron head. If you are interested about BBTG of Srixon irons I can measure my Srixon Z565 heads tomorrow.
  3. Lefty 7 iron in otherwise righty bag for those nasty shots by the tree or from under the bush.
  4. I took my driver with a dent on a toe side of the crown to my friend that fixes cars with hail damage to see if he could get rid of the dent. He used some sort of a suction cup and actually got rid of it. If the dent bothers you too much, tthis is worth a consideration... One warning though: Friend warned me that it is always tought repairing dents on the edges because suction cup doesn't always get a proper grip or some paint can chip off on the very edge.
  5. So I figured I would report about the progress of my project. Bad news is that SUB70 irons are not really an option since import taxes are way too high. Good news is I picked up new Taylormade M6 4 hybrid for 50 EUR and I am thinking of picking up new Taylormade M4 5-PW irons for a little less than 500 EUR. What are your opinions on the irons?
  6. I was so excited when cnosil mentioned that SUB70 has a distrubutor (or something like that) in Netherlands because that would/could mean I wouldn't have to pay import taxes and duties for importing clubs from USA. Unfortunately when I contacted the EU distributor and asked for a quote he said that 5-AW of 699 in satin and 56* satin wedge would be (including 30 EUR discount) 900 EUR (1.060 USD) + max 25 EUR shipping. That's heavy for DTC clubs. Later I contacted SUB70 directly to figure whether they ship internationally and what would the shipping costs be. First of I have to say that their customer service is unparalleled. They were really nice, responsive and unlike anyone I have ever dealt with before. Unfortunately I got a cold shower when I calculated the price. I calculated that the sum of the price of clubs, import taxes, customs duties, optional import authorization would be app. 780 EUR plus 87 EUR shipping. Cheaper than from EU distributor but still not that famous DTC pricing I was hoping for. In fact, that is closer to major OEM pricing and I am not surprised I have never seen any american DTC clubs in the bag of any of the golfers I have ever played with. That being said I will have to inquire whether the price of clubs stated on website and already includes VAT because I would certainly have to pay VAT again if I decide to import clubs. It is possible that SUB70 will have to deduct VAT price off their clubs. At least that is how things are here in Slovenia. If that is the case I might pull the trigger... Sigh... I love living in EU but when it comes to golf, its not easy... :/
  7. I knew that ''senior'' remark was going to bite me in my behind at some time. It was just a matter of time... Sorry about that... Thank you for your suggestions. I don't think I will go with Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons though. Although Mark Crossfield proved that even low handicap golfers can play great (or even better) golf with those irons, my father will certainly not be pleased at the sight of those after years of playing irons that are closer to modern players cavity backs like ZX7 or Titleist CB with additional offset. Although I agree that Cleveland Launcher HB irons would help him as well as they would large portion of golfers, lets face it, buying and playing them requires supernatural control of ego. I can assure you, such ego control and reasonable behaviour is unheard of in our family... I really don't want him to buy something he would not like the look of. Besides, knowing his game I don't think he needs them just yet. Modern (super) game improvement irons would help him just enough to enjoy the game a bit more. A few times he hit my irons that are significantly heavier and stiffer and he still managed to achieve reasonable height even with long irons like 4 and 5 iron. EDIT: And I completely agree with what you said with playing 14 clubs. If your driver reach is 180-200 yards, there is no real need for 14 clubs unless you want a couple of clubs that do the same thing or want dedicated irons for punching out of the woods etc. Thats why I was thinking of buying between 11-13 clubs tops.
  8. Thank you for your kind offer. Which websites/online shops did you have in mind? That is amazing news. Thank you! I didn't know about Sub70 presence in Europe. Now they are definitely on the list of possible clubs.
  9. Thank you for your reply but unfortunately there really aren't any fitters or retailers in the reasonable vacinity that would allow you to hit golf balls with new gear. Actually, about a year or so ago I scheduled something called a ''fitting'' and it was just a man taking a few measurements and handing me different irons with different shafts and measuring my swing speed using those irons with radar. Note, I was not allowed to hit a single golf ball or even touch the ground with the club. Surprise, surprise I was quicked with 60g graphite shaft than with 130g steel shaft. After asking if that is his ''fitting'' and his subsequent nod, I just packed my stuff and left the place without even thinking of handing over a cent of my money. I would never refer anyone to this sort of ''fitting'', much less my father. Considering how light and 'noodly'' are my fathers golf shafts and how small are the heads, I am pretty sure anything modern will have significant positive effect. His swing is not agressive but rather smooth and slow so I don't think he has any special requirements aside shafts being lightweight. When it comes to money, 1500 EUR is my absolute limit. My first choices in my first post amount to about 1000 EUR altogether.
  10. So here is the deal: My father is 53 and has been playing golf 10-15x per year for the past 16 years or so. He is really not interested in the score, he just likes to enjoy the game and social events that come with the golf (although every time he scores a birdie he walks for the rest of the month with head up and chest out like he just beat Tiger Woods). If I am brutally honest, the years have not been too kind with him. With age (and perhaps with additional pound here and there) he has become less flexible and simply slower. The 16 year old Wilson Di5 golf set consisting of Sw, Pw-3 iron, 5 wood, 3 wood and driver the size of a modern hybrid are just outdated, too hard to hit, tough to elevate the ball beyond 6 iron and are visibly killing my fathers love for the game. He was looking around for a newer set but modern prices of larger OEM gear are just outrageous and he says that the current set is good enough for him. He is adamant that it is the archer and not the arrow that is at fault. I would naturally agree with him but if the archer is not willing or capable of change, the arrow has be modified. As a thank you for all the support over the years I decided to buy him a newer and more suitable set of golf clubs. It would be simple to just send him to fitter etc. but unfortunately there are none in the vacinity plus my income doesn't really allow me to spend more than 1.500 EUR for the set. The natural question is, what to buy in today world of overpriced golf gear? I was thinking of waiting for the price drop in the fall and grab Cleveland Launcher HB 10.5 driver, Cleveland Launcher HB 5 wood and Cleveland HALO 4 hybrid. Looking at the release date of the launcher series it is quite possible that the Cleveland will release new series of woods in the fall but with the current world health situation it is impossible to predict for sure what will happen in the following months. In regards to irons, I have my eye on Cleveland UHX Launcher irons (5-D + Cleveland CBX sand wedge) but the problem is they are hard to get so 2017' Cobra King OS 5-SW (I can get new for 600 EUR) and Cobra F-MAX Airspeed 5-SW are also tempting. I was wondering if Mygolfspy members have any suggestions? Are there any reputable golf websites beside Galaxy Golf that are worth checking out? Any advice or help is welcome. The catch is that I reside in EU so any well known DTC retailers or sellers in USA and UK are not really an option since I would have to pay significant import tax. I am not really looking for used clubs with clear signs of use just because there is something special about taking off the plastic of a brand new club. Looking at the topic What have you bought lately, I am sure that the Mygolfspy members know what I am talking about. Any advice or help is welcome. Thanks.
  11. It sounds like this experiment is going to get expensive very fast...
  12. Not really material for Q&A but I figured that perhaps describing my experience might help someone. Recently I decided to invest in my golf game and purchased Arccos Caddie sensors and Link. A couple of days ago I put them in play and despite having a record low round, I spent too much time on the phone adding and editing the shots to the point that it somewhat ruined the enjoyment of being on a golf course after a long time. First, it took the Link about 15-20 minutes to acquire GPS signal on a bright sunny day with not a cloud or tree in sight. When Link acquired GPS signal it had no problem maintaining the signal but the Link missed vast majority of my shots. OK, I understand missing short putts and gentle chips but when Link detected only tee shots it got annoying really fast. I tried fiddling with the position of the Link, first on left side of the belt, than front left side of the belt and finally lower on bottom of the left pocket. No change. Shirt was tightly tucked in pants the whole time so the Link was not covered and its microphone was unobstructed. Before selling the system I decided to give it another chance because information provided was unlike anything I have seen before. Just out of caution I re-paired all sensors (and in the process found 2 clubs that were for some reason not paired) and read a bit more about the system and common solutions on this forum. Yesterdays round was much better. Link acquired signal in 5 minutes and held to it for dear life despite slightly overcast weather. At first Link again missed majority of shots but then I remembered someones advice to make a couple more practice swings and out of curiosity repositioned the Link on top of the knot I usually make with the end of my woven belt so it protruded out a bit more. Such a difference! Link missed just one full shot in remaining 15 holes (probably because I was in the dark under the trees right after sunset), a couple of short chip-and-runs (clean strike with very little sound and vibration), one pitch that I hit 2 meters from previous position (punch out with upside-down 6 iron from below the bush that Arccos probably thought was from the same position) and 50% of putts from 1 meter or closer (that were very quiet). Considering the limitations of the system heavily depending on microphone and light, I think the second round went pretty pretty darn good. It seems that phone and Link need a bit more time together to work smoothly and a bit of patience and effort from the side of an user is needed.
  13. I am thinking about potentially trashing golf club to satisfy my curiosity. I have an old Taylormade Aeroburner 5 wood head laying around that has been skyed many times and is otherwise pretty well banged up. I decided I will not repair skymarks etc but strip it of paint so paint will not chip any more and hopefully I would be able to see any welds etc. If it is from stainless steel - great, if it rusts - even better. I can polish it to high gloss finish or I can bang it up and scuff it some more. Perhaps I can even lightly ding it and age-it like: Pretty stupid idea but I am stoked to see where curiosity takes me.
  14. Thank you for your input. I don't think my irons were MOI matched or there is some higher reason for random swing weights as they are now. I think the irons were simply botched at assembly. In the end I agree with your bottom line. It all comes down to performance and I believe there is place for improvements. Funny enough I tested all my irons this weekend to determine which swing weight I prefer. It turned out I hit (and like) 5 and 8 iron a bit better then the rest and they measured within 0.3 SW of each other so at least I have target swing weight I will try to achieve for the rest of the set. I don't expect massive changes but if I am completely honest, headworms are at work and I will not sleep until this swing weight thing is sorted. God knows what lies beneath the surface... Iron length is spot on and I had lie angles and lofts checked about 6 months ago. I am not certain about the lie angles but since they are not far off and they better protect me from my misses, I will let them be. At least until headworms strike again...
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