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  1. David P – Omaha, Nebraska I use a GPS but not in watch form. Bushnell Ghost Use both Bushnell Ghost and Precision Pro Golf NX7
  2. I am a Right Handed Golfer David / Omaha Nebraska I would like to test the 460 Swing Speed is 87 mph.
  3. My hcp floats between 10 and 12 during the season and I have been fit for every club except my putter. Fitting did not lower my scores but my scores did not get worse. As I get older, I am not going to hit the ball farther so I want all the help I can get to maximize what distance, have a good club distance separation and of course forgiveness. I am like a car that will never go 100 mph so I want to be the best at 50 mph that I can get. If that makes sense. Getting fit is the best thing that you can do.
  4. When I first started playing, I was told that the sand wedge should have a higher bounce than the lob wedge. Today when you go to manufactures websites and fill out their survey, they tend to put the higher bounce on the lob wedge (based on my input to the survey). Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  5. It is golf so I will probably watch it. If it is on PPV than I will not. I do not watch PPV.
  6. I like golf and will watch if it is not on PPV. I don't watch PPV.
  7. I really do not care what the bottom of the club says, 6 iron, 7 iron etc. What I care about is that the clubs go a specific distance between each club such as 10 yards apart. Wish companies would do away with 8 iron, 9 iron, PW , GW etc and just use the loft of each such as 60, 56, 52, 48, 42, etc.
  8. Listened to the podcast and it was more interested in the ball portion that the other stuff. Seems to me that Callaway still has a ball problem ...
  9. Looks almost like a Datrek which I have used for the past several years. Looks like they share the same designs under diff names.
  10. Aussie Chiller for me. This one is made to be dunked in water then back on your head for cooling during those real hot days.
  11. Take a look at the Datrek Lite Rider Pro Cart Bag.
  12. I have been using Vokey wedges for years and never had a problem with sound. I bet it is the shaft but really don't have a clue. Hopefully customer service will have some ideas. Let us know what you find out.
  13. I plan on going to GG as soon as they open back up for business. I might get lucky. Just wont take my wife with me on that trip.
  14. I have mixed feelings on this topic. I have a friend that plays with hickory shaft clubs and ProV1’s. He hits the ball father than most due using modern clubs. In his case, it looks like the ball until he pulls out an old ball from the 60’s and does the same thing. (he is good) For me, a slow swing player, I find it is a combination of balls and clubs. Balls are much better than 20 years ago and the clubs are too. It is a combination of the chicken and the egg. Take better balls and clubs, throw in a launch monitor, swing coaches and physical fitness and they are all part of the for
  15. I like to watch a variety of videos to get different opinions. Rick, Mark, TXG and anyone else that I can find. After watching several videos on the same topic, than I can make up my own mind as to what product to try out etc.
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