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  1. Congrats to everyone. Looking forward to reading how it turns out for you.
  2. I walked into Arby's and orderd a sandwich and drink. The young person told me the price "with a senior discount". I said what? "Oh yea, you saved 35 cents." But I was only 40 years old. I am now 70 and will never forget that one!
  3. I have been playing Titleist and Vokey for a number of years/generations. In the past, I have also owned PGA T Line, Callaway, and Ping irons. My past wedges have included Cleveland, Ping and Mizuno. I have been fitted for my current irons and wedges and have received the best results with what I am now playing.
  4. I am a short hitting and really like fairway woods. I never use my 3 wood in the fairway. Instead, the 3 wood is used off the tee for tight holes and also chipping out from trees which can go as much as 150 yards. My 5 wood is the main fairway wood off the fairway and sometimes the rough. The 7 wood is used in the rough, fairway and tee box when shorter distance is the main factor. I wish I had ordered a 7 wood to match my 3 & 5 when I bought them. Next time I will.
  5. I have a PW and GW from my iron set with are basicly 10 & 11 irons. My true wedges are 52 & 56.
  6. I did not take up the game until after I was married. My very strict and over bearing father-in-law was trying to teach me how to play golf one summer but his method was to interrupt my swing with “do this” and “do that” etc. Usually just when I was starting my setup. My score was at 113 on the 15th hole when I lost control and cursed at him. (First and last time!) I was so bad that I could not hit a golf ball more than a foot off the ground. We never spoke until the end of the round. I stormed off the course and stopped at a driving range. After a couple of minutes, a very well-dressed man came over and gave me some simple advice. For the first time ever, I started hitting balls, in the air. It dawned on me that he was a golf pro and was giving me my first lesson but he would not take any money from me. He just wanted me to promise that I would not give up the game. That night I read an article in Golf Digest that Lee Trevino wrote about playing your own game and do not worry about others. Just relax and enjoy. The next morning, I played with my father-in-law and for the first time broke 100 by shooting a 94. (Still have the score card). At the end of the round, he said “see what happens when you do what I tell you” I never told him about the driving range golf pro and the article.
  7. I use both Range Finder and GPS. The Precision Pro unit works really well and you get free batteries. The Bushnell Phantom 2 has very large numbers so it is very easy to read.
  8. I never have thought about insurance on these item. Got me thinking.
  9. Wondering what his special medical condition was.
  10. I am thinking about replacing my 5 hybrid and considering the Sub 70. Hoping for some more input/reviews before I make the decision. I have always played big name company products so I am a little tentative.
  11. I need replace my Titleist hybrid and this testing information came at the correct time. I need to start testing the top five or so to see how bad I hook them.
  12. I like the T300 and also agree with your review. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  13. I have been playing Vokey's for many years now and was fitted about a year ago. My wedges are 4 deg apart and that gives me 10 yards apart on a full swing. I have tried different Cleveland and Ping wedges over the years but stuck with Vokey.
  14. I use to play long irons gave up and tried hybrids for awhile. Since I tend to hook hybrids, I went with a 7 wood that I hit long and straight. I tried to purchase a 7 wood to match my 3 & 5 woods but was not able to find a new one so I purchased the only 7 wood they had in the store. Next time I will go 3-5-7 all the same brand. I use my 3 wood for punch out shots and if the conditions are correct along with my aim, I can punch it up to 150 yards. Good luck on your golf journey.
  15. Congrats on the win. Looking forward to hearing how it works for you.
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