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  1. Played a short 9 hole course. Too short to call a full executive, too long to be a true Par 3 course. Desert Mirage is a nice course for short game practice, even if it needs better care. 28.9/89 1867 yards. 36 total 6 Bogies, 2 Par, 1 Bird. Could (should) have had 2-4 more Pars if I would have putted with more confidence. 2 GIR, 5 FIR, 15 Putts, 0 Penalties On to a longer course this weekend.
  2. Mark, Goodyear AZ Old guy who has never used a rangefinder or a GPS. I was taught how to eyeball distances in the past, but since am no longer using my old blades or persimmons, I find that I cannot any longer match the distances play to the distances I need to go the way I could 40 years ago. I am very interested to see hw ouch rangefinder could improve my overall game.
  3. Sunday was 18 holes. Warm-up was solid, nice work on the range after physical warm-ups and the Whip. Played a familiar course, Wigwam in AZ. Weather was coolest it has been in almost two weeks. 5578 from forward tees, 73.20/128, no significant wind Total: 94 with 39 Putts (one of my poorest this year, left way too many longer putts) 10 penalty assessments, 4 OB, 2 went for a swim. OB shots finished left and 3 of 4 were barely OB, but they were OB. Playing partner I was assigned seemed somewhat shocked I counted all the penalties and I am sure he used his foot wedge a few times! I tended to ignore him. 6 FIR and 0 GIR. 5 Pars, 6 Bogies, 5 DB and 2 TB. So, about an average round. Handicap is now 17.2. I am consistently in the mid 90's, some times higher, some lower. Seem to have settled into a base for most rounds. Tend to play from forward tees with 5600-5900 lengths. After all the rounds now, I write down specific swing or round planning items to work on during the week. If weather cools down the week, will try to get out twice on a course.
  4. Thanks for the link; I'm in
  5. The range I usually practice at has top tracer. I use it as a solid training aid to my work. great for getting a fairly solid knowledge of distance, loft and accuracy. I do have to add about 10 yards to distance due to the realty of using range balls I use it every 6wks or so. The visual tracer after each shots tells me a lot.
  6. I was planning on a day just to work on accuracy for the wedges, but the strong winds today shifted the lesson plan. The day was favorable to work on a real problematic situation, given my normal results. The wind was blowing strong right to left, as I encountered it. When combined with the strong draw/pull I normally have, it was a bit of a challenge. The key goal for me, with my irons and hybrids, was to lessen the loft, so that the ball would not end up too wildly pushed off line. I remember someone, Greg Norman, if my fading memory serves me today, said something along the lines of "in a breeze, swing with ease". So I backed off about 10 so so percent on my speed (ball speed). This was done with a combination of not trying to use my usual power fully and even using a 3/4 swing with some clubs. Next I choked up a bit on the clubs and went down a club to try to eliminate as much spin as possible. Also, I was putting the ball a little bit back in my stance. For shots off the tee, I used my GX-7 and gave the driver the day off. I lowered the tee a tad. Even took a few off the tee with my 7i/w and 4h. Results were more than ok in therms of fighting the wind, but none left me saying "do this as your first option". Finally, I adjusted my target somewhat to allow for the wind. All in all, I lost 25% or so of my normal loft. Yes, I lost yardage, but those 15-20 mph wind gusts did less damage in terms of accuracy. My ball ended up as "straight" as I could make it. And even though more than a few strikes ended up less than ideal, the balls mostly ended up in my imaginary fairway. Ended up a bit more confident on how to deal with the conditions of today.
  7. Nah, a bit but I live in AZ and temp has been rather consistent as of late. I last used Top Tracer when we were pushing mid 90s. While it may have an effect, and, I will account for it, my last rounds were played under the similar weather conditions.
  8. The last two rounds I have been consistently over hitting my targets by 5-10 yards or so. I have been hitting my clubs well lately and I did not feel I have done anything such as trying to power a shot more or try for a little more ball speed. When I went back to the range for a lesson and my pro said the "added distance" may simply be the result of hitting range balls and then playing a much better ball for my rounds. My range uses a Srixon range and I use Bridgestone 12e sot on the course. Question is simple; in my club planning, do I just add 10-15 yards to my thought process? My swing has become consistent and so has the result. Not sure I want to change anything physical.
  9. Still working on final decision regarding driver. I only know it WILL be a Ping and 12º. The G410-Plus has, so far, given me excellent results during a demo days try out, but I will also Look at the other G410SFT as an option, though there is no savings in price. I have also, mainly for price decision, taken a look at the G400Max & G400SFT. The big consideration here is that the G400Max would have a 10.5º face, though the setting of the shaft would get me to 12º. With the G400SFT it comes with a 12º setting. The main reason for looking at these options is a savings of over $200 compared to Ping's newer toys... nothing to be sneezed at! I will be trying all four more than a few times using a Top Tracer and I will note as well how comfortable I am with each club. I will be using a Soft Regular shaft, and here, the G410 employs a newer shaft that I just love. The G400 soft regular shaft is not bad, I just got more yards with the newer model. I will also try them out vs the Ping G5 12º I have been using for almost two years. That club usually gives me a bit more draw than I would like although distance is OK. I will have my coach look at things as I narrow the choices down. No rush, but I want to be able to make a choice by the end of summer.
  10. Today 5/15 was 99 at the range today. Here is AZ we say it is a "dry heat" but still too damned hot. Should be 15-20 degrees cooler this weekend when my next 18 are played.
  11. For the last three range sessions, I have used a top tracker to get a better sense of range, loft and ability to stay close to target for all of my clubs. Today was my hybrids 3h, 4h, 5h, and my 7i/w which I treat more like an hybrid than anything else. Results were not too much different from three months ago when I did the same run-through. That is except for accuracy towards target. With all of my clubs, the drift in any direction was usually defined as a draw about 3 - 6' off-line. Very few pushes or hooks. In the time since the last top tracker every club action, I have learned a consistency of all the pre-swing actions. Today ended being a bit of conformation of what I am seeing on the courses.
  12. I have just finished a very good two months both on the range and on the course. I have begun to expect a certain distance, loft and range on every club a solid majority of times I select a club. If I hit the occasional shot I won't admit to having taken, I can make corrections quite rapidly. My Handicap is falling at a steady pace and the amount of profanity passing my lips almost would be acceptable in church circles. While I do not plan on winning a long drive competition, my tee shots are consistent. I even feel good about my hybrids. Why am I feeling that my game has entered complacency where I think I am missing something? I practice and play enough to have the ability to overcome an off day. My age and a serious injury may limit my ability to ever gain yardage or even make serious steps up in ball speed. I still have a number of things I am working on, such as shots on uphill of down hill lies, but the courses I usually play are not too hilly. I just don't want to be too comfortable with the way my game has developed. BTW, I know Sassoon asI post thisI will soon play like crap!!!
  13. Ping G400, red, graphite with senior flex (I am 67). 75-78 trackman speed as of this AM. I use it for 150-165 yards.
  14. Mark, Arizona Ping G5 12º Ping TFC 169 Graphite Shaft Senior SR flex GHIN 15.5, nothing other than a top tracker every few weeks. Swing speed average 90 I have not used a Tour Edge Driver, though I use Tour edge 7 i/w and chipper Currently looking for a drier for this old retired golfer
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