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  1. I guess one of the best things about being retired is that I play primarily during the week and at courses that quite often are able to accommodate me as a single. Even the last time my son and I played in a foursome, it was at a course that does a very solid job of keeping play going through good marshaling that is calm and friendly. I have enough courses within a 45 minute drive to not have to worry too much about slow play. Though I do accept that it makes it a LOT less fun, especially if there is a time restraint. In the past years, I have also made notes, based on discussions with the staff on when the courses are the least crowded. (In AZ, that is often in the afternoon, July - September, when one could tee off with temps around 105º - 110º; but, even I am not that crazy!) I play to enjoy the play. and don't get too stressed out, even when I play like a horses posterior.
  2. Once for heat exhaustion, needed to abandon. Once for lightning and severe thunder storm; it took out a large oak on the course that evening. Only reasons I can think of.
  3. Today's practice weapons were: Driver, 6i, 7i and 91. After a really focused warm-up to get the body awake and, with use of my Orange Whip® to get the flow right, I was ready to go. First club used got me off to a great start. Shots were well on line, great loft. Really great looking shots with not too bad speed. The only frustration came from distance. For a 6i, I was fairly disappointed. I usually got significantly better distance. So I put the club back in the bag and came to the conclusion that, for a 9i, the shots were really good! Yes, I had been swinging a 9i, not my 6i. Lack of coffee plain and simple! But, it drove home how much I need to not over think and allow the club to do the work! I then hit the 6i and was very happy with those results. Got the distances expected, as well. My 7i was better than it had been behaving. Some bit of a left hook, but nothing too out of line. Driver was one of the best days in a while, though instead of a nice draw, a few were exaggerated a bit too much. I think 85-90% of the whacks were more that playable (one wild slice, two worm burners). If I am happy with 85%+ of my shots, I should have a good game.
  4. Watch those geezer comments; I resemble that remark!
  5. Today was a scheduled 18 at my local course. Weather was very favorable, teed off at 65º, though, being AZ, it did warm up to upper 80s when I finished Of the available course options, for some reason, I choose the one that demanded the most accuracy. ~5,700 from the forward tees. 73.2 rating, 119 slope. Water all over the place. More than a few trees and traps, but none came into play today. Score was 90. 38 putts (missed way too many "short"), hit 8 fairways, 4 GIR, BUT 12 penalty shots as I sent 3 drives swimming (was able to "recover" two from a watery graves) and one OB by a lot. Way too many bogies were interspersed with 3 pars and a 3 double bogies. Most of my not good shots were off the tee; I had not really focused on it in the last 2 - 3 weeks. Way too many shots ended left and distance was only so so. Good work with my 4h, but too many of those shots were true recovery.
  6. My experience is a yes with a no. When I was fit, first by a fitter from Ping, and then, a fitter who is not affiliated with any company; both indicated that I go with the standard length for the type of shaft I decided was best for me and the type of club. As I play an SR, senior graphite, I have not made any type of length changes, ever. and I have good results to date, I do not play clubs with the same length of all clubs. As I have worked with my coach, he noticed I seem to naturally choke up a bit, at times, on many of my weapons. For example, over the years, he noticed I seem to choke off or use full length with my driver. Wind conditions, rain, and such were factors that modified the length by choke or no choke. But he did not teach the to me. Over coffee, it seems, I learned this when I started golfing, using steel shafts and blades. It seems to be something ingrained in me that I have come back to use after decades off. Final suggestion was NOT to change shaft lengths as the 1/4 inch or so I changed did not demand newer shafts. So far, this helps. Perhaps as I am now an older fart golfer, shaft length changes could open newer problems. Bottom line, I play shorter or full on length depending on weather or shot needs. Full length allows me more options.
  7. I am very excited. I think the last time I played any Maxfli was back in the wound ball day. That would have been sometime in the early 70s when the brand I most often played was "found". This will be fun and enlightening!
  8. Usually 1 at the most, but last round it was 4 two WAY OB and a few swimmers. Maybe 8-9 for the YTD.
  9. Had some spare time today so I took time to really hit my 7i. I have begun to feel comfortable with the new grip. That took longer than I thought it would. I put the same grip on my 4h and felt it was perfect by the second swing. I changed to a Golf Pride with a bit less tapering because of a need for my right hand. Seemed to work well for the hybrid. Still feels a bit off on the 7i, so worked to get a better handle on it. (Pun intended, sorry.) Made the club feel heavier even though the weight of the club did not change. Now the older grip was showing some serious wear, so it might be simply getting back to "normal" After 25 whacks, I began getting the loft, distance and direction better in order. I seem o have a fuller control the club and it feels very comfortable. My arthritis is not even noticed. I was fitted for the grip, as well. Should be a solid fix after this weekend.
  10. 18 holes today at a course I am quite familiar with, and, the results showed that well. I played the forward tees today, which I always have used. So, the yardage today was 5875. Due to the storms of the past few days, there was some casual water, but none of it came into play for me this round. Score was 82 (10 over Par). I usually shoot 95+ here. This was the frustration of the day, a handful of better shots here or there I might have beaten 80! Still, this was the best score of the year 2019 so far. I hit 50% of fairways, another best for me. And I have become harder on myself in counting "fairways" for myself. This aspect has faltered due to poor direction for the last few months. When I missed a fairway it was from controllable reasons. Of the 4 par three holes, I landed two drives in good position in the greens. 4 GIR total. 33 putts total, 5 of which were close but no cigars on the longest lines. I saved par on 5 primarily to some good putting. 7 of the tee shots were rather off line, and I had 3 OB from the tee. As well, I sent one swimming in a pond just off the green. So penalties were, for me, way too plentiful! I am working to be ready for a seniors open tournament in November!
  11. The replacement of my 3h with my 7i/w is starting hit its stride. I was getting a nice, for now, 85-90 speed with, loft solid at, I would surmise, 15' - 20' (when it is working well). Direction was good enough to finally be something not to worry about this morning. As to my re-gripped clubs, they are feeling good enough that the re-grip seems almost a non-issue. I have a feel of more control with no real movement in the hands. I had been feeling some significant shift in my older grips. I do not need to hold on quite as hard to keep the shift/spinning in the hands from happening. I will re-grip the 9i, 5h and driver tomorrow. The following week will be the wedges. The practice today was in short, results I expected (hoped for), minimal tension in hands and swings. I left, in a quest to obtain more coffee, a fairly happy golfer.
  12. Another day of working with all 3 of my hybrids. 4h and 5h were spectacular and predictable with range, direction and loft. My coach was very pleased with all of the aspects of the play with all the work on those two. The 3h was another beast. He videoed my work and found nothing really off. Perhaps a little of this and that would make a difference. Perhaps. The bottom line is that a 3h is the most difficult to hit of the hybrids, at least the hybrids in my bag. And, I am not losing enough yardage between my 4h and the 3h, if a goes well. Rather than looking for a 3h to match the other hybrids in my bag, I would be better to get a 7 wood as the basic replacement. Result, tomorrow will be to put the 3h into a suspended from my bag status and return the 7i/w that I have. Or to look for a true 7 metal. He also suggested I experiment with various 1/2 and 3/4 swings with the 4h. The goal, he said was 2-3 strokes/round on longer holes. So I will go this way for now. Onward, upward, Excelsior!
  13. As promised (to my self at lest) it was a fairly intimate day between me and my 3h. I was very much able to make good full contact, and, I was able to get decent distance only about 10 yards off expected. However, good loft was almost not appearing as it should. Most barely rose 8-10' above the planet. I made almost religious use of my alignment rods to make sure the position of the feet and then the angle of the club was proper for the club at address. I made a slight adjustment so that my grip was a bit more strong to keep it that way. Again, solid contact but no great loft. (10' would have been a better than average loft.) As I stated, this hybrid is not the same design as my other, more reliable, 4h and 5h. The reality is this one does not have the dragonfly design normally found in Pings and the face is not made of the same resilient materials. SO tomorrow, I will be looking at a replacement to try out. Great thing about this range is that one is allowed to test any club in the store. I will look at the 3h's in stock from new G400 and G410 as well as some older models, if they are in the used club section. I am simply looking to find a more consistent club to save one or maybe two strokes a game on the longer courses I play.
  14. I must be doing something right. 20 dutiful driver events were such that , I almost dare say, I may know what I a doing; at least, for thisweek I do. It is amazing how much not forcing a club and not over-swinging often gets me far better results. My speeds today were some f the best in terms of consisItency. Distance was solid, 200+ yards with god following role. I had only one push right. I was a but upset at first, but then came to understand, if that were a drive at the course scheduled next, it would have probably ended up in the second cut of rough at worst! Heck, I have seen many a pro do that as well. Except for that miscreant whack, I somehow got, primarily, a nice draw. Now, I cannot state all was glorious today. While my 6i was good with only one rather than shot, my 3h was lacking both loft and distance. I need to spend either time mastering my 3h, or seriously take a look the value of this particular club. (My coach had suggested that the Karsten 3hdesign might be the reason as it does not, in most respects, match design of my other bride. When we next meet, I will try out a 3h at the G400 line)
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