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  1. A little cool and a few drops falling. Played forward tees (5578). Score 87, 10 penalties mainly on back 9 due to fatigue, sending a few swimming. 8 Par, 5 bogies, 5 doubles. 64% Fairways, 5 GIR. Good solid drives and short irons today. Penalties were a result to simply over swinging.
  2. This is SO true. While a missed putt will result in another stroke, a missed driver or hybrid shot has the potential of affecting MANY following shots.
  3. Would love to test these as well. Currently pay e12' as my gamer Mark Goodyear AZ 90 driver speed
  4. DrMJG

    senior golf

    Simply put, I do not play many events. I do golf 2-3 times per week. I play for fun and the challenge of just being that much better than last time. As a result, I have actually played much more consistent golf in the past few years. I have gone to senior tees to compensate for my skills and body.
  5. Working with the driver, primarily, slow practice in hitting 25 shots, I concentrated on full follow through to avoid sending them off to the left. Fair success. with minimal loss of yardage. Will have a full set run through early tomorrow if rains hold!
  6. Two items will round out my list: A fairway wood, eater a 5 or 7. Not totally sure what will fill my gaps the greatest. And, finally, a rangefinder. Most of my golf life I never used one!
  7. My name is Mark. I started golf at 12 and played munis in Milwaukee at age13. I was a single digit handicap when I was in my early 20's. I did, however, study music performance at The University of Wisconsin-Madison and my time to hit the links diminished quite a lot. By my late 30's I was lucky to play 3 to 4 times a summer. Graduate studies in Austria followed. Then life got even more hectic. Golf soon became just something my son and I enjoyed together. Life consisted of conducting high school, college and semi-professional performance groups and singing leading roles in 4-6 professional and semiprofessional operas a year in the US and Europe. I ended up in Singapore, where the cost of playing golf was just too pricey. When I returned to the States, I decided to retire, only to become involved in suicide prevention at the request of a former student. It was at the same time that I decided to return to golf, only to suffer a major injury to my right foot. I started up golf again 8 months later, only to find myself getting more modern clubs; the previous times I played I had used persimmons!! I first came to to MGS to learn about selecting new weapons!! Life today consists of range work or playing a round 2 - 5 times a week, working with various groups on suicide prevention (including talking to NPR), some sub-teaching to pay my golf addiction, and simply enjoying my life with all te energy I have. I did my first MGS equipment review this past month and loved the experience. Down to a 15 handicap, still far from perfect, yet enjoying all things golf more than when I was a kid.
  8. Solid day working on my newly re-shafted 50º... better loft and greater distance. Made me a happy camper!
  9. While the Tour performed as a stronger choice for me than the TourX, the bottom line is that they are quite good for what is promised in their materials and come in at a most respectable price point. My outlook and rule: all equipment in golf is personal. As well, I do not spend a lot of time with statistics and numbers; rather, I go by my course results and my comfort factor. Some comes from long term experiences with the various toys; some comes from surprise results. If I were just starting out, I would be very comfortable with both balls, though I had a bigger confidence factor with the Tour. As I have been playing Bridgestone for about 3 years now, that brand has a stronger personal comfort factor for my gamer. Does that make sense? Bottom line: I would be ok with the Maxfli in my golf life of an old guy with lower swing speeds, but not super slow, improving dispersion off the target, a good putting technique and one who plays very few tournaments. I did have great fun in testing these spheres out. This opportunity was very good for my golfing and I hope my opinions help others. I would be very hesitant condemning them to the shag bag. They will be handy in my bag. For a limited distribution ball, they do quite well. I can think of 6 or 7 balls I would feel, based on my play, I would be much more hesitant playing and perhaps 6-7 I prefer much better. I pronounce them a fine mid point ball and even fine+ considering the price point.
  10. I found it a bit confusing at first, too. Agree with what flukes posted.
  11. Palm Valley North/South 18 holes Red Tees 65.0/105. 5400 yards. The very best I have ever played any variation of the course. Wonderful weather and good pace of play, we zipped along quite well. Score: 88 with 30 putts, 6 Pars, 8 Bogies, 4 Doubles, 6 Penalties, 2 sand saves, with 11% GIR and 79% FIR. I put most of the of the gain in accuracy on the improved strikes with the Ping G410+ and some serious work with accuracy with my irons. Allowing for handicap, I hit a 73 and came in 3rd. First time with these guys; they are acquaintances from the range. While I was happy with straight 220-225 yard drives, these guys hit well over 260. Best 2 shots got me on to the green for a possible birdie on a par five, missed the first slightly right and included some invectives; sank the sphere on a hole I have been known to get an 8 on.
  12. Well, it was good as I did a morning of final prep for the match tomorrow. 18 holes on a course where I barely break 100! Once quickly through the bag! All clubs showed an improved line of the shots over the hooks that come into play when I go on auto pilot. Being a hooker is the BIG fault in my geezer/hacker technique. I was happy, in particular, with my hybrids and 6i, which will be needed on this course. Wedges were MUCH more on target, especially in the sand trap practice time. The course I am playing has only a few pre-green traps, which are not too deep, and, not too great of a lip in the green traps. I will do my human-limited best to avoid them. The biggest accuracy gain was in my driver. While I did not measure it, my AoA seemed a bit better, longer, lower action with better post re-entry roll. On this course, if you drive straight, you are in a good position to do well on every hole. Will get a bit of pre-round putting in tonight, at home. May Friday's game not be destroyed by my slight overconfidence my technique and clubsood range from a g!
  13. Basically, the same scuffing on the balls I used on the courses. Never saw a cut on any ball but the ended up, after 18 what I would expect after 36. Worse for the Tour X for reasons I could not quite explain.
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