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  1. Doug, Boston MA I probably spend 2 hours a week on a little 8-foot kidney-shaped mat. I find it incredibly addicting to practice my putting stroke and work on a repeatable result on that mat. I'll work on running it into the hole at different speeds, work on different spots on the hole, etc. I love practicing my putting, but find that the mat I'm using doesn't really translate to the course as well as I'd like. I'm also never quite sure if there are biases in it, especially the cheap foam part where the holes are cut. I'm in the market for something new and better, and the BirdieBall mats are at the top of my list. I think medium speed would be most useful/helpful for me so I'd like to test that.
  2. Hey everyone - another Boston area golfer here. I'm in for an outing with other MGS folks.
  3. May I have the hole in 1 badge please? Made my first ace this past weekend!! While you're at it, the broke 90 would be great as well. Thanks!
  4. Doug / Upton, MA Taylormade Milled Grind Would like to test 54* wedge
  5. Happy to report that with a few weekend course openings already this season, I've made some progress on this challenge even in the New England weather! I think I was very much correct about the easiest holes... I've already completed all but 1 of those pars. However, I was pleased to note that I've parred two of the hard holes as well. Seems like a real possibility I can finish this off in the next couple months, and then start the birdie challenge. I doubt I'll complete all 18 of those, but I would be thrilled to make 9.
  6. Agreed, I had the same issue. I don't mind the idea of DTC, but in general if I'm going to buy without getting fit I'd rather buy preowned clubs made by the major manufacturers. Then I get cutting edge technology (which, I'll admit, is of minimal use to me, since I don't swing nearly fast enough to really get the benefit from it), but also a fantastic price. If I was serious about purchasing an actually new set of clubs, I'd go to a fitter and spend the extra money to make sure that the product was best for me. That being said, if I went to a fitter, and the choice was between a Callaway/TM/Ping/Cobra product or a DTC club that fit me equally well, I'd have no qualms with "sacrificing" the brand name to save some $$.
  7. NoSpoon

    WGC Mexico

    Agreed. You can't take that away from him. It's just a shame he's brought the controversy on himself, because he doesn't need to cheat to win tournaments... So why do that to yourself and to the game?
  8. NoSpoon

    WGC Mexico

    Time for me to turn it off. I find Reed so hard to watch... It's always a disappointment to me when he's leading. Lost a little more respect for him this week after listening to the Kostis interview the NLU guys did...
  9. This might be one of my favorite quotes ever. I 100% agree!
  10. I get it... The problem is I also hate not playing golf for 5 months! And sim golf isn't my favorite
  11. Hi everyone, Like most of us here, I'm an avid golfer. There's nothing I love more than a perfect spring day, 70°, no wind, and just enough cloud cover to reduce my sunburn a bit. However, I live in New England and those days are few and far between. Over the course of the winters, I usually get impatient for golf season to start. Occasionally courses around me will open for a "nice" 38° weekend, and I will go play 18 frozen fairways and greens. Other times I'll grab some time on a simulator, but its expensive (and if I'm being honest, the short game isn't even close to realistic). My question for you all, at least those who have to contend with the winter months, is what do you do? Do you like to go out and play winter golf? Grab some time on a sim? Suffer through golf withdrawal until spring returns? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  12. I've been working on my putting a lot this offseason on a mat in my spare bedroom. I had been using a two thumb type grip (similar to what GolfSpy MPR uses), but switched to something a bit more like a two-finger overlap grip. While I really like the balance the dual thumbs with fingers down the side provided, I wasn't able to get the forward press I like to use to feel comfortable, which was leading to some face angle issues. As a sidenote, I've been struggling with an inexplicable tendency to pull my putts to the left the last couple weeks. Checked that I wasn't putting sidespin on the ball, checked to make sure the ball was getting online... I tried everything. I tried changing grips, nothing worked - couldn't figure it out. It dawned on me this morning that it might not be my fault so I checked the floor. Sure enough, my putting mat was on an uneven part of the floor and apparently reading hardwoods are not my strongpoint. Moved the mat and magically everything straightened out.
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