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  1. Jay / Woodbury, NJ / USA 11hdcp **left handed** Taylor Made TP Rossa Dayton tomcat ,tyne 3 , fetch ,ketch was considering switching to a mallet for more MOI in the putter head. Use the Ping putter app all the time while practicing and interested in the straight to slight arc models that the app recommends. Also like the thought of a firmer face, that's more audible when striking the putt and anything with more alignment marks can't hurt
  2. Wouldn't have a problem at all, to a well trained dog that helps you enjoy the game. I think it would be a treat. Don't worry about pace of play, most people play slower in carts, as they have no idea how to properly play with the cart partner anyway. I find walking is so much faster and more enjoyable.
  3. I might be wrong, as my ping grind sheet from 2019 says stealth grinds on 2.0’s
  4. If I remember correctly, my ping rep said the custom grinds weren't available in the stealth wedges, but my memory sucks. And I'll be trying that low toe spinner this weekend at the range! I’d like some for sure. I just use 2 lie stickers on the sole, works well. Gives a real good indication of attack on angle for a players wedge swing
  5. I would have to agree with this as well. Sounds like you work out the mishits in the face area and all is well. Good luck with the new Mavrik, the Sz is a great head.
  6. Yung have you hit the Ping zz115 shafts they have in the glide 3.0 wedges? I just purchased a set of Ping I500's with Modus 105's in them(love the feel so far) and was curious how the zz115 compares to the modus 115 wedge shaft? Heard the zz115 has a really high launch.
  7. broke 80 / lefty plz , thanks
  8. broke 80 badge / lefty and I also work @ golf galaxy and run my own private golf shop at my residence- i am a GCA certified fitter-builder-repairs with Professional level status.....not sure if that counts for industry badge thanks
  9. Anyone play the Ping 3.0 glides with the zz115 shaft? Just got a new set of I500 with modus3 105's and wanted to know how the 105's will blend with the zz115 shaft? I typically have a higher launch- high spin in my scoring irons.
  10. Let me know if you guys need another player. Not a bad drive for me from Woodbury and always heard the Mercer courses are nice.
  11. Great thread! just found you guys and wanted to say hi from southern new jersey. I'm right handed, but swing lefty, so we all feel the same equipment pain when it comes to this game. Hope i can add to the thread or just bs with everyone.
  12. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? For 30 years on/off- i'm 53 yrs old, have taken it seriously for the last 2 since the kids are older. Play to a 12.5 right now, going to get to single digits by the middle of the summer if it kills me! What do you love about golf? That it is an individual sport. Played team sports my whole life, no matter how much you practiced to improve you are still part of the team. golf is just you against the course. Your work and practice and improvement are yours and not team dependent. Plus nothing better than playing with buddies, sharing some laughs and some cold ones during a casual round. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?Have been following / reading MGS for 2 years and have has a couple posts but thats it. Would love to meet some spies in the area and tee it up some time. Where are you from? What is your home course? Southern New Jersey - Westwood Golf Club - Shorter course 1 mile from the house What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? best - Lots of courses in the area / worst - lots of golfers in the area What do you do for a living? Fleet manager(vehicles) for local municipality. I am also a certified club fitter/club builder for the last 20 years with a full golf club repair/build shop at the house. I also work part time at a golf retail store. How’d you pick your user name? born in canada, lived in the states since I was 10. Canadian / American 13 is my favorite number and jersey number i always wore playing sports.
  13. Empty spray bottle of simple green. I've also bought the spray bottle at home depot for this purpose. cheap ones from dollar store and such don't last.
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