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  1. Hahahaha. I checked the wind numbers, 7 MPH helping wind with gusts up to 20 MPH. I wasn't pin high with all of them, and several came up a good 10 yards short. Not to mention the range balls don't spin a bit which sometimes make them act like flier lies. I probably would be insane to try to hit a 9 iron 170+ on the course. In all seriousness though, my contact got so much better with the aggressive/acceleration focus. Pretty sure @chisag was talking about deceleration chunks the other day and that's what got me thinking about it. When I get too timid on the downswing I just don't hit the ball very well. And it happens all too often on the course.
  2. Still trying to figure out the driver, but took a few good observations away from today's range session. Watch for overly closed or open shoulders at address. Don't lift the club in the backswing. Make a good turn. Be aggressive on the downswing - really accelerate through the ball with my arms/hands. The last one is a big key for me. When I'm not aggressive enough my shoulders outrace my hands and that's when the cuts/push cuts/slices come out. I crushed four or five balls to end my driver swings - nice high, straight flight. A couple one- and two-hopped the end of the range which was about 285 from where I was. We had a little wind help so I'm happy with those. I then finished my bucket with the same thought and it was fantastic! I picked out the 178 yard flag and grabbed my nine iron (normally a 160-165 club on course) and tried to hit the green with what felt like half backswings. It really made me accelerate through the ball because otherwise there was no way I could hit 170-180 yards with a nine iron.
  3. Thanks. I'm very close. But it's been consistent and my short game has improved a ton. Did manage to bomb a perfect one leading to a par to finish today's round. Nice high baby draw up the hill. Something to build on heading into the next round.
  4. Two 18s and one nine this week. Shot 39 on the front Monday by rebounding on the final four holes or so after a shaky start. Followed that with a very, very solid 41/37 -> 78 on Tuesday. Didn't hit anything all that well, but my short game and putting were on fire. I actually started on the back and nearly finished it at even par, just missing a putt on No. 18. Fell off a bit making the turn which was frustrating. Finished this morning's 18 with a 40/41 -> 81. Hit the ball extremely well with my irons. Driver continues to be pretty squirrelly and cost me three strokes this morning. Mental mistakes (which make me so mad) cost me another two (resulting in two double bogies on the back). Short game just wasn't as good as Tuesday, but I've been putting a lot of pressure on my chipping and putting with the driver. Felt really good to hit the ball well with my irons. Just need to get the driver sorted out now.
  5. H4 mini-review after playing about a week with it: Pros: Exactly what I wanted - a manual, tagging-based system. The integrated GPS is an added bonus and one that I've used surprisingly often. Small and very lightweight. (Also a con, see below.) Synchronization in the mobile app is really simple. Battery life appears to be good, at least good enough for 45 holes or so. Cons: The non-standard "clip" charger is annoying. I understand that USB is not ideal due to debris and water problems, but it would be nice to have some sort of standardized charging interface. Small and very lightweight. So much so that you can misplace it or have it knocked from your belt without noticing. The magnet that holds the unit to the belt clip is not overly strong. You could certainly bump the unit out of the cradle. I've been using a rubber band to secure it. GPS signal takes some time to lock in, though I remember this being the same with the v2 watch. It is far too easy to turn the unit on when you don't want to. A dedicated power button (or at least requiring a long press) would be nice as it would be much harder to accidentally drain the battery (which has happened twice to me now already). Overall, a very solid unit. I have had some course mapping issues and ShotScope has been very responsive to support requests. The dashboard is good, obviously lagging just a touch to Arccos but I really don't care. I don't really look at the metrics too much, I just like to look back on rounds and occasionally score Internet points with long drives .
  6. Had several great ones this morning before work but this one takes the cake: Easily goes down as one of my longest ever. Middled it and hit a beautiful cut to the right side of the fairway on a par 5. I've gone for this par 5 in two four times already this season and can't recall doing that more than once or twice last year. Moreover, each time I've taken less and less club. Started with hybrid, then utility, then 5 iron and today my 6 iron finished hole-high in the left bunker.
  7. Unremarkable 43 over nine holes yesterday morning but finally got on the right track again for this morning's 18: - 38/40 = 78 (+6) - 8/15 FIR - 8/18 GIR (3 birdies) - 29 Putts (12 2-putts, 7 1-putts) Finally figured out how to get rid of the hooks that have been plaguing my early season. Driver was very good for most of the round. I had two bad double bogies on the back nine, but managed to stuff a wedge to two feet on 17 for my third (and very rare for the hole) birdie. Just need to clean up the big numbers and something around even par should be in the future.
  8. Silly game we play. Friend of mine is in town from Florida, so between my normal rounds, two rounds with him and one additional round (hey, I already had the day off!), I've played 90 holes in about 48 hours. Tuesday was another rough day with hooks dominating all of my swings. Shot 90 at home and 85 at another course with my friend. Both not great scores. Yesterday morning I realized my grip had gotten too strong and that was the cause of the hooks. Posted an 80 (79 ESC) at home, highlighted by reaching the 500+ yard par 5 in two going driver hybrid and two-putting for birdie. Remove one bad triple bogey and that round would have been great. In the afternoon I played a tougher track with my friend and just had one of those rounds where things went my way. My driver was not good (recurring theme so far this season), but my putting and short game were on fire. I ended up with a 77 (!) for the best round I've ever had there. This morning I had a lot of ups and downs on my way to an 86 at home. Driver is killing me right now and just leaving me with too many recovery shots. Putter was good, not as good as yesterday, but I could not buy a putt inside of five feet it seemed. Lots of lip outs from very close range. If I could get the driver sorted and my 50-100 yard game on track I'd be scoring so much better. Putting and short game have been great so far this year, much better than in past. But way too many punch outs off the tee and too many wedges ending up long off the greens.
  9. Ugly first 18 at home this morning. Still very wet, and because I was first out before mowers, there were several spots where the rough was 4-5" and the fairways were 2-3". Needless to say no roll and lift, clean and place. Couldn't putt at all. Four three putts in the first five holes. My speed was all off and just did not feel comfortable over the ball until much later in the round. Scraped by with a 90, that felt much worse, but had I not taken a penalty for a lost ball (plugged, presumably) on 17 I probably would have eeked out an 88 with no game today whatsoever. Could have been worse!
  10. Pretty much describes my year so far. Range finally opened today after being closed all week from last weekend's rain. Really, it probably should remain closed. There are still puddles of standing water all over the place and balls are plugged everywhere. This weekend's planned rounds might be in jeopardy as we are supposed to get more rain tomorrow at some point. Everything is a swamp. That being said, I hit a bucket of wedges, mid irons, Super Hybrid and driver today and found some keys to hone in on as the season starts to progress. In my quest to hit less of a draw I had started to push my hands away from me on the backswing (trying to move my path more left), which in effect got them too far out in front of me. My body was aware of this and compensated by dropping everything way inside on the downswing again, which in turn lead to a bunch of thin or blocked shots as I've been focused on not firing duck hooks on every swing. Started by relaxing the hands/wrists a bit more and then ended the session with the feeling like I was coming more inside on the backswing. Straightened everything out and I started hitting some really nice shots.
  11. I know the latest software update has the ball hitting area shaded in red when you go to the target alignment screen. I'd just make sure the ball is inside that area. I originally found the most success with 17 degrees, but the latest revision of the FS Golf app recommends 12 degrees, which was the default with the plastic template included for E6. I've gone to 12 degrees, can't say I've noticed much difference. I have noticed the FS Golf app does a fair bit of normalization when the ball is identified in the app as a range ball. I accidentally left range ball set on the other night and was wondering why my 8 iron carry was so long. I switched back to "standard ball" and I shaved about 10 yards and carry felt much more realistic.
  12. I haven't noticed any difference with the RCTs pre-/post- Pro Pack purchase. The thing with the RCTs is that as the cover gets damaged, the number of actual spin reads go down. This is largely my fault as my setup can result in balls hitting concrete occasionally. To me it seems the Mevo+ algorithm can overexaggerate draws/fades a little bit, but still a draw is a draw and a fade is a fade. The only thing I can think of offhand is to make sure that your target line and ball hitting position are what you think they are in the carport. I tend to aim to the right of my intended target in my garage. Not sure why, it just happens. If I'm really focusing on the path numbers I will be sure to lay down an alignment rod in front of the ball so that I have a visual cue of where my face really needs to be pointing to match up with the Mevo+'s aim line.
  13. In fairness to Puma, the replacement DISC laceless set is still going strong and is primarily my range/stay in the trunk pair of cleats. They're "waterproof" but not as waterproof as I need them to be. I also have a set of laced ones that I won on MGS and they don't really see much use anymore because they are a pain to get on and off. Those are the ones that have worn through in the heel, which is probably the result of them being about 1/2 size too big for me (they do seem to run long). For actual on course use I'm almost always on New Balance Striker v2s, but if it's dry the Pumas occasionally make an appearance.
  14. Finally was able to get out at home for nine yesterday morning: - 39 (+3) - 3/8 FIR - 4/9 GIR (1 birdie) - 16 Putts (7 2-putts, 2 1-putts) Wet, windy and cold with tee balls plugging in the fairway in a few spots. It's been so wet they haven't been able to mow much, so some of the fairways were closer to rough length. Pretty solid round overall. Driver was not great or long but I kept it in play and with a little luck didn't really hurt my approaches to greens. Couple of really bad shots including a snap-hooked Super Hybrid from the tee and one of the chunkiest irons I've ever hit from the fairway that led to bogey on 17. Hit a great 58 wedge to three feet for a hero-style birdie from the wrong hole after the snap hook, and had I not lipped out a three-footer to save par on the par 5 I was looking at a very, very solid round scoring. I was supposed to play 18 this morning but we got an inch of rain last night and the course is closed again after being open for only two days. Might be another 3-4 days before it can open again, and even more rain is in the forecast. So far not a great spring for golf.
  15. Just got my H4 unboxed and setup last night. Reading your comments about the clip is a little concerning. The magnet is definitely not that strong. I'll probably start with it in my pocket and adjust from there. First round this weekend, hopefully.
  16. Range has finally been open for a few days. Three buckets into my outdoor practice season, and I'm over the moon with the progress I'm seeing. I think it's a combination of my winter practice/lessons, but also my equipment changes. I've been so busy with work and personal life that I haven't completely finished my bag tweaks, but I did manage to get the Motore X F1 into my driver and have finished three of my six Hogan PTx Pros with SteelFiber shafts. I'm taking my time with the build as I don't want to redo anything. It's amazing how much higher and straighter I hit the Hogans with the SteelFibers versus the Sub 70 699 Pros with the MMTs. I know raw loft differences make up some of it (Hogan goes 46/42/38/34/30/26 while Sub 70 goes 45/40/35/31/27/24) but something about the weight and launch of the SteelFibers is money with my swing. Still working on making a good, connected turn. It's tough to describe the feeling but I know I'm in a good position at the top when I feel like I'm "heading downhill into the ball." Finished the session with some drivers, and the Motore X is great. Big focus for me now is to be mindful of my swings and practice. Sometimes I get going so fast on the range and course that I don't "feel" the shot before I hit and that's when I'm most likely to make a poor swing.
  17. This offseason is lasting a lot longer than I wanted. Our weather has not been cooperative in the least bit between cold temperatures and a ton of rain. I finally played my first round last weekend, and just yesterday I was finally able to get on the range. It's going to be another week at least before my course opens, it's just too wet. I took some face-on video of my 7 iron for the first time in a while yesterday: Lots of good things here, especially compared to last season. Setup I still wouldn't mind seeing a little bit more tilt at setup. I think it would help me to make a better turn and get a little more behind the ball. Left hand grip is slightly stronger which helps a lot. Takeaway You can kind of see that I'm less "rigid" than last year. Trying to feel more loose or free flowing in my movements. Also do a better job of keeping the club in front of me starting back. Top of Backswing All of those takeaway feels lead to a more complete and athletic top of backswing position. This is where I've likely picked up speed with my 7 iron, which according to Mevo+ can top out around 98-100 MPH when fully warm and going at it. Transition Huge improvement here. Starting down without sliding forward. Probably the result of a better turn (less sway) and just the focus I've put on this area over the offseason. You can also tell based on my hands/wrists that the face is a bit stronger coming into impact. Impact Bingo! Because I'm not sliding forward I can post up and deliver a descending blow to the ball. No more scooping like in last year's frame. Finish
  18. This is something I've been interested in as well. If anything to pass the time in the winter.
  19. Going back to ShotScope. Ordered the H4 this morning. Signed up for text alerts from DSG and got $20 off $100 or more, so grand total was ~$140 with taxes and free delivery. Arccos hasn't been bad lately, but I couldn't stomach the renewal fee this year. Just the renewal would have been more than the cost of the new ShotScope device. They've also been really slow at rolling out their new dashboard. I'll miss the caddie for wind adjustments, but that's about it. I have said in the past that I wished a company would go back to the Game Golf tagging setup and ShotScope delivered. Plus the tags are much lower profile than the Arccos sensors. Excited for it.
  20. I'll post two from Saturday's round. Both pars, given the conditions (30s and blustery), I'm happy. Into the wind on No. 7, middled a 4 hybrid from the tee that pushed just into the right rough. Approach shot wasn't very good (was a hair away from a shank), but a nice two putt from 30 feet on a tough green. No. 16 only had a crosswind to deal with, thankfully, and hit a nice little cut that again just barely rolled into the right rough. Best drive of the day and very happy with the distance as both myself and the ball had been out in the temps for over two hours at this point. Played a low wedge into the green (not a good shot, came up very short of hole), hit a meh first putt but sunk a 7 footer to save the par. This hole is quite long from the back and narrow so a par is a good score on a nice day and a great score in the conditions we were playing in.
  21. I don't have a drill per say, but one thing my instructor has mentioned is to just simplify things when stuff starts going awry. If you're hitting the toe, try hitting the heel, etc. That being said, I'm in a very similar situation, having gone from 20+ to ~7 to ~9 depending on if I string a few rounds together. I don't know if scratch is in my future because of where I play (both region - weather - and course - weak rating and slope), but I'd love to get to a five this season. To do so I'd need to shoot +3 or better 8/20 rounds at my home course after only doing that four times last season in total. I've come to terms that there is never going to be a moment where I'm not needing to make some change in a feel or focus to play my best. I had always hoped I'd get to a point where the swing would just be "natural," and I'd just go out and play, but for me I need to be very conscious of things or else it falls apart very quickly. Now, a lot of that is just making sure the fundamentals are good, but I'm never without some sort of thought. Some days are more autopilot than others, but there's always a thought. Not sure if that helps, but I definitely feel as though I'm in the same boat.
  22. Got out with @ncwoz at the short muni to open my season, finally. Weather was not particularly nice. Mid-to-upper 30s, mostly cloudy, 15 MPH winds with 25 MPH gusts. Some snow at times... Par 65, shot a 79 for a +14. Looked back and in perfect conditions last summer I shot 77. So not bad at all. The course has several par 3s that are long. Two are 220+ yards, and both played directly into the wind today. Hit driver and hybrid well, irons were touch-and-go, putter wasn't too bad. Short game killed me as I didn't have a ton of touch, which is to be expected, plus the wind made everything an adventure. Lots of good to take away from the round and am excited for better weather to get here.
  23. **Cough** AutoFlex vs. an $89, brand new, Motore X F1. Thank you Cobra for offering it as the stock shaft. Even came with a brand new Arccos sensor.
  24. My course will not be open for at least another 10 or so days, depending on weather, and the range hasn't opened yet, either. Starting to go a bit stir crazy! But, it's been nice enough the last two days to get out to the putting green, practice bunker and today I was even able to hit some pitches off some very soggy turf around the pitching green. It's all good practice for me anyway since my course is likely to be pretty wet most of the early season. I'm guessing it will be like 2019 when it wasn't fully dry until July or so. Focus lately has been getting more of an athletic posture for every shot, including putts. More of a direct hinge from the waist with some anterior pelvic tilt feeling. Gets my pressure more toward the front of the feet without being in the toes, which seems to help me turn a bit better and gives me a lot more room on the downswing. I found a few range balls plugged in the short game area so I did get to hit a few full swing irons and hybrids yesterday out on to the range to end my session. Some good, some bad hooks (normal), but my last hybrid from a tee was pured. Felt great to hit and see ball flight for the first time since October. Just need to the weather to cooperate now!
  25. This is my setup as well. In fairness, my hitting platform is 1.75 inches while the closest option in the settings is 2 inches. That may be responsible for a small amount of variance in AoA readings. But during my Trackman fitting I was 3-5 down at most with the mid irons, and less with the Cobra Utility. From my estimation, path and face angle are close, certainly accurate enough for my liking. Yes, whatever algorithm E6 uses for driver seems much more realistic than the FS Range algorithm. I should have tried the E6 range yesterday when I switched to driver as a comparison. I'll remember that for next time. I know you've mentioned this before and I unfortunately cannot replicate your issues with an iPhone 7. Which in itself is troublesome as I've read similar experiences on different forums. I am not prompted to login each time. Software is definitely clunky, however. The last update fixed the slow connection times and that seems OK again. The E6 software seemed to work OK, however after about an hour of play the iPhone 7 starts to stutter occasionally as the phone heats up a bit rendering the graphics. My battery life has decreased a bit since new, but I didn't have the same charging issues you had and I've run it completely out of battery several times. On that note, I've also noticed when the battery reaches it's "low" state, the readings tend to get more erratic as well. My experience so far doesn't have me running to another platform just yet, but I was thinking the other day I should start saving for the GC3 or whatever it's equivalent will be in 2-3 years. I think a camera-based system would be better for my setup anyway.
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