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  1. Me, too. I'm second guessing whether I actually like the sound or not now. Color scheme is one thing. The bottom design neither helps nor hurts my impression of the club, and Callaway does offer the custom program for those who are vehemently again the colors. The crown, which is really all you see over and over again, is downright gorgeous. As I alluded to in my post from last weekend, I hit two back-to-back on the sweet spot and it is a marvelously smooth feeling. The driver is forgiving off the sweet spot, but you can still feel where the mishits are. On the sweet spot it felt so effortless and just rocket-launched the ball out there.
  2. The pictures you guys have posted are great. Nice to see what they look like out of the course. I'm loving that they don't appear to be too baggy/boxy, but also seem to be loose enough as not to interfere with a swing.
  3. Might have to do this to prove the Epic Flash's worthiness. This is really a cool idea. Dare you to putt and chip with it, too? Talk about bump and run!
  4. I don't think I could have said it better. I'm no where near as consistent as @yungkory or @THEZIPR23, but when I put a good swing on the ball, the Epic Flash feels awesome and the numbers are amazing. I'm the unfortunate oddball on GAME Golf, but my rounds are public and can be viewed without an app here. I think my fitting was correct. I'm loving the decision to go +2 wraps. I did really like the feel of the Tensei Blue, it felt a little more responsive than the HZRDUS Smoke does, so that'd be my only question mark if I did it again. The shaft choice may be something to address down the road. But as I mentioned above, a good swing makes the ball fly far and straight, so I'm still loving the current combo. As far as fairways hit, I don't hit many. But most of my misses are a few yards left or right. In the three 18-hole rounds I've played with the Epic Flash so far, I can't recall having a terrible second shot on any hole because of my drive. That's a major improvement for me.
  5. Great work, @GolfSpy MPR. That wedge matrix is awesome. Reinforcing my want for a Skytrak. Looks like you're just a few warmer and dry days away from getting out there. It's going to be cool to hear how all of your practice translates to the course.
  6. My swing hasn't been terribly great so far this season, so I've experienced plenty of less than perfect balls. I would say the Epic Flash does an exceptional job of keeping the ball in a playable position while minimizing the distance loss. I don't have a ton of hard numbers, but I would say 10-15 yards max loss (though my swing speed is less than yours). I've hit one duck hook, but cannot get this thing to slice at the moment. Weight is straight back, standard 10.5* settings. Regarding the sizing, here's a couple poorly-lit pictures (sorry, basement lighting) comparing the top view of the Epic Flash to a Cobra F6 and a Cobra AMP I have available: Very similar sizes, and a pleasing shape for sure. Also reinforces the sexiness of the carbon fiber crown.
  7. Woke up to four inches of snow this morning. Warmer weather is on the way, but so is more rain. Looking like Sunday will be my only opportunity to play this week. I was hoping to hit the range to compare sounds with the various drivers in my possession, but I guess that'll be postponed until next week!
  8. Played 18 today on a course I'll just call, "The local pasture." Nice thing is that there are plenty of holes that driver is the correct club choice, my other option (we had a lot of rain Thursday/Friday and many courses were closed) would have only had one or two holes that a driver would have been the good play. The Epic Flash continues to amaze me for its forgiveness. It was very cold and wet today, my swing was mostly trash, and yet I don't feel like I was overly punished for making bad swings. I maybe lose 10-15 yards distance on my most severe mishits, and they still land pretty darn near the fairway. My range session earlier this week had me hitting in the 230+ carry range, today my best effort was 224 with no roll according to GAME Golf. Like I said, I was not swinging well with my driver and long irons. However, on the 280-yard, par-4 12th hole, I hit the two most pure drives I have ever hit with the Epic Flash (and perhaps with any club). Unfortunately, the first drive sailed left into the trees, and my second drive was my provisional, which I piped right down the left side of the fairway. I found my first ball (lucky bounce), which ended up going 171 yards. I then lasered my provisional and figure carry+roll to be in the 250-260 range. I wish I could adequately describe the feeling and sound of those two hits, and I unfortunately couldn't recreate them the rest of the round. Just a really smooth feel from the Epic Flash and Hzrdus shaft. Speaking of sound, I paid closer attention today, and I will admit there is a "tinny" sound as the other reviewers have pointed out. I noticed it really only on a few hits -- it's definitely easy to forget about the sound when you're watching your ball fly down the fairway!
  9. We had a lot of rain Thursday evening into Friday morning, so I had to call around today to find a place that was open. I had been itching to take the Epic Flash for another spin. 45 degrees with sustained 15 mile per hour wind made for an interesting round. I would guess we are still two or three weeks away from good golfing weather. Local pasture was open, $1 per hole. Walked 18, shot 45-41/86, which is +15 from the tips at about 5,600 yards. Front nine was surprisingly in great shape and mostly dry, back nine not so much, but I parred all three par threes on the back which really helped my score. I can't recall ever shooting a 41 before (though the back is a par 35). Ironically, I don't feel like I played well. I really struggled with everything beyond 50 yards today, but my game from inside 50 made up for it. I putted very well with only one three putt. Though, to be fair, the greens at this course are absolutely tiny (the last par three green is about 1,600 square feet) so once you're on the green you are not far from the hole no matter the pin placement. I also had two really great chips and a few solid pitches. Two fun notes for todays round: 1) I accidentally played hole 11 twice, once as the second hole and once as the 11th. The way the course is routed, holes two and 11 are located parallel to each other directly off the first green. They play almost the same distance and the green complexes are identical. I hadn't played this course in a while and wasn't paying attention to the sign near the tee. Whoops. 2) I lost a ball in the fairway. I hit a five iron into a wet spot, saw it splash and walked up to find it in a puddle full of water and leaves, almost a foot deep. Attempted to pull the ball out with a club but buried it further in. Was too cold to go reaching in with a hand, so the course literally ate my ball.
  10. Funny, because I really like the sound. To each their own. Next week I'll bring out the Cobra F6 and compare the two. I would describe it as a "muted ping." But maybe my mind is playing tricks on me.
  11. Since my backyard currently looks like this: I'll just leave this from my (much warmer) range session on Tuesday: I texted my brother-in-law, who knows my game really well, and all he could respond was, "Holy s---." That was the best ball of the day, but I had plenty in the 230-240 carry range, which if translated to the course would be huge! @Berg Ryman, apologies for being Flash Gordon illiterate!
  12. From a burning building, probably not. Tongue-in-cheek aside, the Flash Face seems to be every bit as forgiving as Callaway has made it out to be. I really feel like I'm not being punished terribly for missing the sweet spot. I may give up some distance, but I've had a hard time getting the ball to do anything but go straight.
  13. Looking at all the photos again makes me realize just how nice looking the Epic Flash is. The carbon fiber crown is, for lack of a better term, hot! Wonderful Michigan weather isn't going to be conducive to hitting the range for the rest of the week. They are even talking some snow again . Hoping to get at least nine holes in Saturday evening. The forecast calls for mid to upper 40s and maybe some sun. And I'll echo @yungkory. If there are any questions I can answer or photos I can provide, please let me know! I will have some GAME Golf stats to look at during testing, and next week I'm planning to take my foot spray powder to the range and look at correlation between impact location and ball speeds.
  14. I think, subconsciously, the alignment aid helps. I seem to be getting the handle and clubface into the same positions without much thought. I love that the OptiFit allows for individual adjustment without affecting the alignment aid. I'm not sold on the MCC grip, however. As someone who has always had clubs with velvet grips, it's an adjustment I may eventually get used to. You might have noticed I ordered the grip +2 wraps. That was not really covered in my fitting, I made that decision myself. That turned out to be a very good idea. I'm going to give the MCC a few more rounds and then I might go for an Tour Velvet +4. I like the slightly oversized feel even though my hands are quite small (medium glove size).
  15. I concur. I'm really excited to see my GAME Golf driving stats by the end of this season.
  16. Stage one up for me, too. @THEZIPR23 Add me to the list of jealousness. I'm working on getting that turn!
  17. Hello, everyone! I’d like to start by thanking MyGolfSpy and Callaway for this opportunity. As a longtime reader of MGS and the forums, I’m pleased to be able to contribute back to this awesome community. I’m a 30-year-old hacker who has whacked around golf balls for as long as I can remember. I grew up on a large farm, often grabbing my father’s old clubs to take aim at objects in the yard. Although I played baseball in high school, I spent a lot of time with friends on the golf course once I earned my driver’s license. I have never taken formal lessons. I golfed often throughout college, breaking 90 once. I met my wife at the end of college, and we moved away from our home state of Michigan for work in 2013. We spent time in Wyoming and New Mexico before returning home to Michigan in 2017. I played very little golf during our four years away. Last spring, I played in a charity scramble for my work. It was one of the most humiliating golf days of my life. I was the only member of my foursome with any golfing experience, but I played awfully. Tops, shanks, the works. After, I decided I either needed to sell my clubs and give up golf completely, or commit to getting better. I spent months working on my swing through YouTube videos and many, many practice swings. I have played five nine-hole rounds since October 2018, shooting 49, 46, 45, 42 and 43 on very wet courses and sub-50 degree days. Eighteen holes is a rarity for me. Our dog, a house always in need of fixing and a 675-square-foot vegetable garden stretch my summers plenty thin. I’m thankful for an understanding and golf-playing wife, of course. I have never been more than an average player when playing well. The strength of my game at the moment is my course and mental strategy. The last three rounds of mine have been some of the best golf of my life. Driver has always been an issue and is the worst club in my bag. Although I have been practicing the SuperSpeed protocols with my homemade sticks, the speed increases have not yet permanently transferred to my actual driver swing. I lack confidence in the driver and it shows in my erratic results with it on the course. Right now, I sit comfortably between 97-100 MPH with the driver in cold weather. As the videos show, I currently am fighting a backswing sway that manifests as a forward move/over the top/casting sequence in the downswing. I had purchased a new old stock Cobra F6 from eBay this winter, but only played two rounds with it. My testing of the Epic Flash will be without direct comparison to another club. I had never been fit for any of the clubs in my bag or hit a single shot on any launch monitor prior to this opportunity. For this testing, I was fitted at The Golf Emporium in Rockford, Michigan, using a Flightscope. On this particular day I struggled with nerves and an unrepeatable swing. My angle of attack was very steep, and my Flightscope results looked the part of an early season swing. That influenced my fitting into the HZRDUS Smoke 6.0 60 gram shaft. The Smoke is a low-spin option meant to help offset the steepness of my swing. (If Jack “The Hammer” Hamm influenced Callaway’s marketing...) For me, the name Epic Flash and the green/yellow color scheme screams “comic book hero.” This baby certainly looks the part! It is gorgeous! Callaway’s selling point for the Epic Flash is that the driver face is the first created with artificial intelligence. According to the marketing material, Callaway’s computers iterated through more than 15,000 face prototypes before settling on the production design. It arrived on spec at 45.5 inches long and at D4 swingweight. Forgetting the technology for a moment, two little things really stuck out to me when the Epic Flash arrived on my doorstep. As someone who orders a lot of things over the internet, I appreciate the minimalist shipping box Callaway used (pictured below next to the shipping box for my Wilson C300 irons). The subtle branding makes the box less of a target for package thieves. A second small, but awesome detail. An easily-removable UPC on the shaft. No Goo Gone necessary. Little things like this really show the thought put into these drivers. I work in information technology, so I’m a sucker for all things computers. I’m very excited to see how the Flash Face technology benefits my game. I am plagued by inconsistent ball striking, putting me smack dab in the middle of Callaway’s AI-driven demographic. (Don't hate me for the iron headcovers. These clubs spend a lot of time being thrown in and out of my trunk. I hate bag chatter.) This is my first driver with an adjustable weight track. The Epic Flash features a 16-gram weight. As my first Callaway, it is also my first experience with the Optifit system. Forever a tinkerer, I am very interested to see how I can use those things to my advantage. The arrival of the Epic Flash coincided perfectly with spring finally arriving. I purchased both a range and course membership, so this summer should be spectacular! I'm looking forward to putting this beauty through its paces and reporting back. I was also invited back to The Golf Emporium to grab some launch monitor numbers later this summer. Honestly, given my past struggles the Epic Flash doesn’t need to do much to earn a spot in my bag. I am excited to see if this club can give me the confidence I desire from the tee box and to see if the Flash Face technology lives up to its hype. (PS: Early indicators are positive!)
  18. I laughed out loud this morning at this, only because I'm transferring that feeling to my 18th hole on Sunday. Of course, I was standing on 18 tee +4 for the nine already, and I remember thinking, "OK, a five gets me home with a 45 on the back." I proceeded to hit my drive behind a tree, topped a 5 iron while trying to get out from behind it and then fatted an 8 iron. Ended up with a double bogey six and 46 for the nine.
  19. Such a nice sound. Hope the warmer weather reaches you soon!
  20. I finally can contribute back to this thread. As I posted in late February, I cracked the LCD screen on the radar with an errant swing. After some back and forth with the company (they are great, just a small operation), my replacement LCD screen arrived Saturday afternoon. I hadn't really been consistent with my workouts because, frankly, it's not a whole lot of fun without the radar. I did finish the introduction protocol and had been intermittently completing level one, but I haven't been terribly consistent since wrecking the radar. This afternoon I went through the introductory protocol once again to re-establish my baselines. I'm very happy with the numbers, and these were after my normal Monday morning lifting and about 50 range balls at lunchtime. I'm going to go through the introductory protocol twice more this week and then move on to level one next week. I did register one driver at 102 MPH during my lunch session. I have a lot of swing things to work on (most notably a backswing inside takeaway/sway/cast sequence), so I'm hoping that number goes up as I work to correct those issues.
  21. Today was a major letdown after last week's 85. Went 50/46 to finish with a +24 96 on what is probably going to become my home course. Walked all 18 holes in beautiful spring weather. Positive outcomes from today's round: Epic Flash feels fantastic. Getting a little more forward bend at address really helped with my takeaway. As a result my ballstriking was better today, the results were "Eh," however. Hit more fairways than before. Not-so-positives: Only mustered two pars and no GIRs (yikes!). Hit a ton of trees. Chipping wasn't great. Putting was terrible. Lots of three putts. This course was purchased by a new owner about three years ago. He has made a lot of improvements, but it is still in dire need of help. Several tee boxes were dirt, moles ravaged others and everything needed a good roll to smooth it out. Didn't have many good lies today. Still early in the season (they just opened) and greens were in good shape, albeit slow. Back to the range for more practice!
  22. I've been thinking about this as I'm about to play my second round with the Epic Flash this weekend...
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