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  1. I've had reasonable luck with USPS lately, using PirateShip to print labels at home. I always make sure to enter slightly larger dimensions (round up to nearest inch) and weight (+4 oz), but had a similar experience last month. I shipped a SuperSpeed-C club to @B.Boston and about two weeks later USPS tried to tell me the box magically shrunk from 48" to 2" long and somehow gained four pounds. Thankfully, PirateShip immediately refunded the overage...
  2. Yeah, I think today was just a perfect storm culminating from the last two weeks. I haven't been able to get out to play due to the temps in the morning, so I probably got a little too anxious with wanting to kill the ball down the middle like a did a few weeks ago. I did hit one great one (275 into the wind on No. 9 that led to a pretty stress-free par), but otherwise it just didn't work for me today. The putter is fantastic - I two-putted for par on two of the par 3s from outside of 50 feet, birdied No. 1 from 10 feet and saved par on No. 8 from 15 feet going downhill. It helps that the
  3. Missing both ways, unfortunately. I tend miss more to the left than the right. I wish I could just drop down to the Super Hybrid and solve the problem, but I was left going left most of the day with it. Been working with my coach on it - I like to drop my rear shoulder to start the downswing which gets me coming way underneath and inside. If I hang back I go right (or drop kick it with irons/hybrids), if I get to my front side more I go left. Throw in some toe hooks when I don't do either of the above but don't rotate very well. Frustrating game! Although, to be fair, I've never play
  4. - 44/48 = 92 / 90 ESC (+21) - 4/13 FIR - 3/18 GIR (1 birdie) - 31 Putts (1 3-putt, 11 2-putts, 6 1-putts) - Had three lip out on me... blah. Had a free greens fee that expired this week at the condo course I play occasionally, so I took the afternoon off to take advantage of that. Decided to challenge myself from the back tees, which in retrospect with a 15 MPH sustained wind was really a poor choice. The course rates out as a 72.9/142, but they shortened a few holes to accommodate more condos over the past five years, so it's only 6,300-ish yards now. I would assume they'll re-ra
  5. I drive by a golf course almost every day (not my home course) and am so glad to see the number of push carts and walkers out there. What a change from pre-COVID times. I thought a lot of people might go back to golf carts, but, at least at this course, that is not the case. Nice to see!
  6. I think @B.Boston suggested a slightly longer hosel on the hybrids to facilitate tweaking lie and loft during our post-mortem call last year, but I suppose that's a pretty small market. I don't believe any of us carried the 7 wood last year, will be interesting to see how it works out for you if that's the route you go.
  7. The biggest thing I try to take away from my lessons is the "why." Why is this change working? What did that change do to my other match ups to fix my problems? It's been really helpful for me because when things start to go off the rails, so to speak, I can step back and say, "What is my issue and what can I do to fix it?" Certainly no substitute to continuing lessons, but lately I've gone much longer between lessons than I did at the start of them and overall it's always just minor tweaks at this point.
  8. That was with the built-in microphone. I've contemplated getting an external microphone, but the sound has been so good with the GoPro mic that I haven't bothered.
  9. She's doing better. Vomiting which led to her being dehydrated. Under skin hydration (like an IV) and some anti-nausea meds have helped a lot. Not the first go 'round with it, but each time requires a vet visit to make sure everything else is OK. Blood panel came back normal so hopefully just a stomach bug. I'm digging the way the GoPro makes the shots sound. I think it was my best ball striking practice in some time. I had my Mevo running for about a third of the bucket and some of the swing and ball speeds I saw were the best I've had for a while. I've learned not to get too wrapped up
  10. The last 10 days or so have been an unexpected break from golf for me. The weather hasn't been good for morning rounds, rain closed the range last week and then our dog was sick and so my planned round Friday afternoon was replaced with a vet visit instead. I made time yesterday for an extended range visit and am so glad I did. I feel like I'm making a lot of progress now, and I'm getting to the point where I can narrow my issues down when things start to go sideways. I've been working on a few things since my last lesson: Weakening my grip slightly back to "two knuckles."
  11. Couple additions/changes since my last update: Both hybrids have been shafted with MMT 80TX hybrid shafts. The feel isn't quite the same as the tapered tip MMT iron shafts, but I'm really liking the "smooth stoutness" that they bring to the hybrids. They still launch plenty high but I feel like I have a little better control: I'm really happy with everything in my bag at the moment, so I started looking around at headcovers. The stock Super Hybrid cover was already starting to fall apart, so I opted to match everything with some sweet blue/white/red Callaway "vintage" covers. T
  12. Fresh meat! Now I need to pick a side, I suppose. Absolutely great group of competitors. Looking forward to this!
  13. I just finished workout No. 8 of 12 in the first phase yesterday. Like @jlukes I'm less concerned about speed increases at this current moment and more shooting to maintain what I already have. A few rounds ago I had three drives of 285+ so it seems to be doing the job, so far. It has been very nice to consolidate the three sticks into one, and I really like the volume of the Rypstick protocols so far. It's enough volume to be a workout, but not so much that I won't want to continue it as I get further into summertime. I basically quit on SuperSpeed once I got to the third protocols. I co
  14. Cold front. Tuesday morning round was rained out. No round tomorrow with temps dipping into the 30s and possible rain. No rounds this weekend with frost possible both days again. Going to try to get 18 in on Friday afternoon, low 50s, windy and possible rain, but it's probably my best chance until later next week if we can get our temperatures back to average for this time of year.
  15. This has already started off as a very good thread. I really like the "catcher's mitt" analogy, I'm working on putting something similar into my pre-shot routine to help with my sequencing a bit. I also struggle with coming back really inside at times and always am working to avoid that. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  16. Thank you. I know with amount of time and practice you put into your game you're well on your way.
  17. Wow! Thank you, everyone, for the nice words. It's truly a pleasure being a member here and getting to interact with all of you.
  18. I realized last week I was closing in on 2,000 posts since becoming a member here on the forums. (And I was even able to time this post to be No. 2000!) It has been a wild ride since I joined in Dec. 2018. At that time I was just starting to get back into golf after several years of not playing very much. I think @GolfSpy MPR's DIY SuperSpeed post is what finally sucked me into joining and contributing after lurking for quite a while. I ended up enjoying my stay and am very fortunate to have been a tester for the Callaway Epic Flash driver and for the absolutely incredible #CobraConn
  19. One more bump for the hybrid shaft before this heads off to good 'ol eBay...
  20. Pretty sure it's from Golf Discount: https://www.golfdiscount.com/taylormade-2019-tp5x-pix-20-practice-bagged-golf-balls I've seen multiple people mention purchasing them from there. (Whoops, looks like @sirchunksalot beat me to it!) I'll chime in as an MTB-X user - they are my ball of choice. Very long off the driver for me, fine in the wind and they seem to stop well enough on the greens. I've been playing Srixon Z-Star XVs to start the year (had a sleeve to finish) and I'm ready to go back to the MTB-Xs. To me the are just a touch softer than the XVs, and I'm having a toug
  21. - 42/46 = 88 / 87 ESC (+16) - 6/15 FIR - 6/18 GIR - 35 Putts (4 3-putts, 9 2-putts, 5 1-putts) Blah. Unremarkable round filled with a few great shots and a lot of poor play inside 75 yards again. Putting isn't as bad as it looks - just not doing myself any favors with approach shots. Driver was pretty good again. Should have known after putting my opening Super Hybrid tee shot perfectly into the middle of the fairway that the rest of the round might be rough . EDIT - Yeah, Arccos quantified my round pretty well. You can see where my struggles were, hahaha:
  22. Thanks! All in all, it's going to have taken about five years. Feels really good to be done with classes, at least.
  23. Just finished my last graduate class for my Master's degree. Have a project due at the end of the year, but that is self-paced. No more in-seat or online work. Finally!
  24. I'm fairly content with my bag at the moment, so I've been looking at headcovers. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted at a price that I wanted, so I went with the more generic, but pleasing Callaway 2020 Vintage covers for my Mavrik, Super Hybrid and Epic Flash Hybrid. Found all three brand new on eBay for like $35 delivered total. Couldn't pass that up.
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