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  1. My issue with it was when I went from Birdie Ball to my normal course (normally, wet and shaggy greens in the mornings) I was leaving everything short. I only have the small "remnant" strip that I bought from them with a Putt-Out Trainer as a package deal. Trying to get a spot in my basement cleaned up so that I could add a 3'x10' or larger surface as well.
  2. If you have any animals with claws, I'd vote Wellputt. The Birdie Ball foam can be punctured rather easily. It rolls nice, though. Comparable speed to nicer courses in my area.
  3. I scheduled a fitting for Saturday. I'm thinking all black with the Stability Tour shaft.
  4. Curious, have you tried calling over to Leading Edge Golf in Okemos? (Where I was fit for #CC4.) Not trying to advertise for them, but Josh (head fitter) is on an advisory board for Cobra and had pretty much every option under the sun for the conventional irons. Not sure about one-lengths because I wasn't being fitted for them, but worth a shot to ask?
  5. Lol. Yes, it is very reminiscent of a gigantic can opener. If it helps me make more putts though... I'm good with it!
  6. Haven't bought it yet, but I did schedule a fitting for a L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 putter. The more I keep reading about them (and watching YouTube videos), the more I'm really interested in one. I actually have putted really well (for me) the last two times out by just being focused on being less hunched over - which has solved my speed control and start line issues. This would have been the time of year I would have wanted to pull the trigger on a Skytrak (which I've gotten the wife to commit to), but they are 3-4 months delayed due to the additional demand. That means I wouldn't get it until around January, and by that point hopefully I'm only 6-8 weeks away from playing actual golf again. I'll stick to the local heated range for this winter and maybe next year will be a better year for a Skytrak/similar purchase. Point is, I've been looking for a Christmas/birthday present to myself, and the DF seems like it would be a good fit. It's going to be pricey when all said and done, but hopefully it's the last putter purchase for quite some time.
  7. - 43 (+7) - 3/8 FIR - 3/9 GIR (1 birdie) - 16 Putts (7 2-putts, 2 1-putts) First post-#CC4 round, which I had to shorten to nine holes because of an outing. That meant teeing off the back nine, which bought me a little more time because you can track your tee shot into the sunrise. Definitely getting to the end of the season both with light and temperature. I couldn't play yesterday because of frost, and this morning it was somewhere right around 40 degrees. Brr. I didn't swing particularly well, really blocking a lot of stuff right at the moment, but really just killed the round with a triple bogey on No. 11. Short tee shot, blocked 5 iron down the right side into the trees and then trying to get out of the trees I squared up a trunk and sent the ball about 25 yards behind me. Also thinned a 54 wedge on No. 13 after a really nice tee shot to turn a good birdie look and guaranteed par into a bogey, and then slipped on the wet grass on No. 14 which led me to have to lay up twice before reaching the green. Still, I putted the best I have in a while this morning so I'm happy about that. And I'm not striking the ball terribly, just think I'm swaying/sliding just a little and that's causing the blocked shots. Overall everything has way less movement than I had previously, and that's a good thing because trying to play a 10-20 yard slinging hook on every shot is no easy task.
  8. Have you stopped by Maple Hill in Grandville to see what they have available on their used rack? I know with this summer's increased demand for golf equipment their inventory is lower than normal, so maybe they are picked over. But they usually have a nice selection of 10-15 used irons sets, some in your price point. At least then you can hit them for a bit and see if you like them. Worst case - they will have demos of this year's stuff that you can hit on their range as well. At the very least you might find out what you like/dislike, and then you can go back a few generations to something cheaper. For example, you could try the Wilson D7 irons and make a reasonable comparison to the D300s, etc. Not a perfect comparison, but at least you can get a feel for what you might be buying.
  9. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I reached out to the local L.A.B. fitter and they do fittings for free. I think what I'd like to do is a fitting with them, and then the remote fitting with the L.A.B. folks themselves to see how they match up. If I like the putter and the fitting specs match up, I'll probably end up placing the order through the local fitter so that they get some cash for their time. (They also told me they have two in stock at the moment and on sale, so maybe I'll get lucky.)
  10. Planning on a putter purchase this winter. I was "fit" for a 33" Spider Tour Red two years ago, played with it all of 2019 and then club-ho'ed a 33" navy Spider X from @yungkoryfor this season. Just sold the Spider Tour Red, and the X still has some good value, so I could flip that to help with funding. Looking at some of the more "boutique" brands like Edel or L.A.B. Directed Force, but would be game to take a look at Bettenardi, Evnroll, etc. The torque balancing of Edel and Directed Force intrigues me. Biggest issue is going for a fitting. With COVID-related work restrictions I can't travel out of state (I think True Spec in Chicago would have been my choice of fitters), so that leaves me locally with Club Champion. I'm not really keen to go spend $100 at CC given some of the reviews. It does appear one of the local shops is a L.A.B. fitter, and I could always travel to the east side of the state where there is an independent Edel fitter plus a few other really good independent fitters. And then there's cost - a fully decked out Directed Force would run like $700 (assuming upgraded shaft to LAGP or BGT Stability). Not sure that a $700 putter is going to make that big of a difference in my game. I've just been horrific on the greens this year, and I'm really starting to feel like that is holding me back from shooting in the 70s more often. Far too many rounds with 35+ putts, and there are often several misses inside of five feet in a given round (more important than the total putts). (Yes, I know the DF putters are ugly. If it sinks more putts, I don't care.)
  11. Wilson does a nice job in that department. I never thought the C300s were too big at all. I did briefly have the regular D7s and they are definitely larger. These forged beauties look like the perfect size.
  12. Possibly! Need to work with my coach to be sure it's going to help reinforce what I need to work on. Problem with buying stuff randomly is that I probably can do more harm than help in some cases. I do know I can use it to at least help cement the takeaway and getting the shaft vertical. I am interested in trying the red band for a real "swing" workout. Thanks! It's been a long road since the end of 2018. Feeling pretty good about my progress over the past two years. Still not where I want to be on the course, but I'm getting closer.
  13. Thanks, guys. Slow but steady wins the race, I guess. Takes a long time to undo 20-something years of wrong movements.
  14. Hard to believe #CobraConnect is over! I'm still working hard on my game, and I feel like some of the swing changes we worked on during my last lesson are starting to take hold. First, a swing video from yesterday's range session with the SpeedZone 9 iron: Some things I'm really digging about this video: Club head outside hands at shaft parallel in backswing. Left arm is much more up and not around at the top. My coach wants me to feel like Matt Wolff on the takeaway and "climb the wall" vertically with my left arm. Club shallows nicely and club face is stable post-impact (i.e. no need to flip the face closed). The last few rounds have been kind of rough due to some poor putting. Overall, the rounds have been pretty good from a ball striking point of view, but the play on the green has been a big let down. My estimated handicap has slid back up to 11, but I think some solid putting would make a big difference in that. I'm not worried as I'm feeling like my swing is coming around. There is still some work to be done with the longer clubs, where I get the face a little too open on the backswing. Additionally, I need to be mindful of how close I stand to the ball. I'm guilty of crowding the ball which really causes issues even if everything else about the swing is right. Because it's important to focus on progress, I grabbed a few frames from last year compared to this year: Lots of things to be happy about with those comparisons!
  15. I did some testing on the range today and will be dropping the SpeedZone 4 Iron in favor of my Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Tungsten 3 Iron with a Recoil graphite shaft. Both are 19 degrees. I don't hit the SZ 4 iron considerably further than the SZ 5 iron from the tee (and certainly not from the ground). Playing around with my Mevo I was able to get about 210 carry out of the TE Exotics on a good strike, which is just enough to better fill the gap between my 17 degree hybrid and 5 iron from the tee. There are two tee shots on my home course that need about 215-225 with roll and they really can't be longer or shorter or else you're stuck dealing with trees. I attribute the difference to the graphite shaft in the TE Exotics. Something I may look into with the SZ 4 iron is putting in a graphite shaft in it. The head shape is a little more forgiving and launches a lot higher than the TE Exotics. Both were clear winners against my Cobra F8 22 degree hybrid, but my swing wasn't particularly great today so I may revisit that in the future.
  16. I hate to be that guy, but since the kid wants to work with numbers for a living, he needs to brush up a bit ... Last I checked, fourth place was still better than fifth place. I came in dead last, thank you very much!
  17. **Disclaimer - I am not in any way shape or form qualified to give this advice as an 11 'cap and not a professional teacher...** But since you asked, do you have a two-way miss with the driver? Guessing your other miss is some form of slice/fade? (Also, I'm assuming your target is the flag out there, where your shoulders are set, since your feet are set pointing right a bit.) My untrained eye would say you have an issue with rolling the club face open/inside takeaway, that you try to save by lifting the arms and getting across the line at top. From that position you come steep into the ball, raising the handle slightly while you early extend. If you look at the last two frames you can see that your club face is open right behind the ball and then you flip it shut right at impact trying to square it. What happens if you focus on taking the club back with the head outside the hands like Mr. Woods in this shot?
  18. I know I ragged on the five-way top of the SpeedZone x Vessel bag, but I've found the ultimate range/practice bag. The larger openings on the top allow me to fit everything I like to take to the range inside the bag. I can hold my tripod, shag tube, alignment sticks and still have room for 5-6 clubs. I almost never take a full set to the range, so this is awesome! And the somewhat limited storage compartments are plenty for my Mevo, foot powder spray and various odds and ends. I had a pencil style practice bag but it couldn't hold much, had no useful pockets and no carrying strap.
  19. Wow. These things are gorgeous. Drooling over my phone scrolling through the unboxing photos.
  20. Funny you mention performance outside of challenges. I played in a work scramble today and my putting was the best it's been in at least a month, and I played a pretty good round overall. I'm terrible under pressure, I think.
  21. This is probably the hardest post I’ll write of the entire challenge, if only because it signals the end of a wonderful three-plus months that made an otherwise crappy, COVID-laden summer really special. First, again, I need to thank Cobra, Puma, Arccos and MyGolfSpy for putting on this excellent competition. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of work! I hope we not only lived up to, but exceeded your expectations. A big shout out goes out to my competitors, @B.Boston, @daviddvm, @GB13 and @Headhammer, for playing some amazing golf during our weekly challenges and making this a very humbling experience for my golf game! I also can’t forget to thank @ncwoz for joining me during the alternate shot challenge. Hopefully we’ll grab another round together sometime soon. And finally, thanks to @GolfSpy STUDque for organizing and running this entire show. The amount of work he has done behind the scenes during this challenge has been amazing. With those aside, let’s take a look at my performance. First, my Arccos handicaps from the 15 baseline rounds: And my overall handicaps after playing 26 rounds with the Cobra clubs in the bag: I didn’t see the drastic improvement in Arccos handicaps that some of my fellow competitors did. What happened? During my 15 baseline rounds, I shot 80 or less seven times, establishing pretty lofty Arccos handicaps based on my historical golf game. During my 26 competition rounds, I broke 80 only once and routinely lived between 83-87. My estimated WHS handicap was around 11 when I applied for #CC4, and it crept to about 13 before I got hot at the beginning of July. During the baseline period it dropped under nine. As of this writing, it’s back to 11. I’m pretty sure that is what statisticians would call “regression to the mean.” Was my inability to continue playing sub-80 golf the clubs’ fault? No, not at all. While I may have struggled initially with the irons, I’m now starting to get more comfortable with every single Cobra club in my bag. I think my results boil down to a few things: I continued my monthly lessons with my coach throughout the challenge. I made a lot of good progress during my June lesson and it led to my improvement immediately thereafter during my baseline rounds. During my July lesson, we tried to change a feel on my downswing. I over-corrected and really struggled for a few weeks with woeful balI striking. I tweaked my left knee walking the course sometime in early August. I’ve been dealing with on-and-off pain since, depending on how much I walk in a day. The pain has made walking the course and playing difficult, and I also assume it led to some of the compensations I was making in my swing. I neglected my putter! I rarely practiced putting this year, and as my Arccos numbers show, I really struggled these last few weeks. I recorded a total of 25 three-putts in the six competition rounds I played in September. That is an astronomically silly number and a great way to ruin otherwise pretty good rounds! I am very happy with the improvement in the chipping and sand handicaps. The Cobra KING MIM Black wedges are an excellent fit for my short game and allow me to hit any shot I can imagine. My confidence around the green and from the sand is at an all-time high. With all that being said, I did record a number of personal bests during the challenge: Some particular highlights from the challenge I’m proud of: Recorded a personal best 76 during the 14-club challenge week, beating my previous lowest score by two strokes. Had two drives over 300 yards total with the Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme, and raised my Arccos “smart distance” to 265 yards with the driver. (Go back and read my Epic Flash review - this is a huge improvement from last season.) Played from the 6,800 yard tees at a pretty difficult course and played even par golf for over half the holes (I won’t mention how the other half went... ). Notched an eagle on No. 9 at my home course, going driver, 7 iron, and finishing with a tricky downhill chip-in using the 54 degree wedge. Played more than 60 rounds of golf during the 2020 season. Over 50 of those rounds were 18 holes, and 46 of them occurred after I was chosen to be a participant in #CC4. A big thank you to my wonderful wife who was all about me getting in my rounds for the challenge. I was the bottom in many of the weekly challenges. Setting such a low baseline handicap didn’t help my chances, nor did the course rating/slope of my home track, but I want to point out how well each of my competitors played. I thought I put up pretty good scores during every week except the irons-only challenge, but I just got blown out! Even recording a personal best 76 during the 14-club challenge was only good for third place that week. I would have needed to shoot under gross par on multiple weeks to have finished in first place. The level of talent in this year’s group was unreal, and I’m so proud to have been a part of it. Each of the weekly challenges were a ton of fun; they really made me work on improving my game. Playing a course with only woods/wedges or irons really forces you to hit shots you normally wouldn’t. And playing the forward tees can really change a course as well (thanks, @GolfSpy STUDque, for that suggestion). I’m definitely a more well-rounded player coming out of this challenge. What’s next for me? Our season here in Michigan is rapidly winding down, and that’s probably for the best with the condition of my knee. My hope is that some additional rest will have me healed up completely quickly, so I can get back to grinding trying to improve for next year. As of right now I plan to keep the Cobra clubs in the bag, although I may replace the 4 iron with another SpeedZone hybrid. Oh, and I think a putting lesson and maybe a fitting is in order . Thanks again, everyone. It’s been a blast having the forum participation throughout this summer. #TeamCalvesLikePhil4Lyfe
  22. I'm seeing similar durability on mine, too. The course I played Friday had lots of gravel in the bunkers, and now I have a small nick in the 58, but otherwise they are holding up great. I hit a bunch of great bunker shots over the past three weeks (@ncwoz can attest to our fried egg sand save during the alternate shot round). Almost like autopilot right now.
  23. Also, to everyone commenting, I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge. Means a lot to us competitors. It was a lot of work (and also a lot of fun!), so it's nice to hear validation of all of that time spent.
  24. No. 1 would be the wedges, for sure. Massive improvement versus what I had previously in the bag. Given my earlier review this may be a surprise, but I think the SpeedZone irons will stick around a while as well. The more I've hit them lately, I've really enjoyed them. Honestly, top to bottom I think my bag is set, except for maybe subbing a hybrid for the 4 iron at some point.
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