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    Sluggo’s 2019 bag finally

    Wedges look great. Can't wait to read the mini-review.
  2. This is awesome. Thanks! I know what I need to work toward now.
  3. @SuperSpeed Golf and anyone following the program: Can you offer a correlation between stick speed in different colors and actual driver speed? The MGS article mentions 118-120 mph with the green stick translating to roughly 100 mph with a driver. Using that as a basis, does it offer a 1:1 correlation as the speeds increase? For example, does a 128-130 mph green stick average speed correlate with a ~110 mph average driver speed? I understand there are a lot of factors in play here beyond the sticks, but I was curious what kind of potential I have. I just started the protocol this week and have some early numbers. I am curious to see what those numbers translate to and what goals I can set for myself. I'm still at least four weeks away from hitting outside, though I expect to have a least a few more sessions in a heated range yet during that time period.
  4. edingc

    Launch Monitors

    I have the SC200. I believe the major advantages to the SC300 are launch angle and apex. It also has mobile app capabilities. Mr. Short Game on YouTube has been using one lately. I really like the SC200 for what it is. Seems reasonably accurate. Range balls do tend to throw ball speed and carry off a little bit, but not by much. I haven't had the opportunity to hit too many regular balls, however, so I'll find out more about the ball speed and carry differences once the weather turns. The SC300 and Mevo are in the same price range. Had I been willing to spend that much, I think I would have gone with the Mevo. The integrated video capabilities seem worth it to me. I have also heard that the spin numbers are still reasonably accurate without dots using the latest firmwares, but I have no actual experience to back that up. EDIT: I should clarify, I don't think range balls throw off the SC200. I think range balls don't have reliable ball speed characteristics from ball-to-ball because of wear, age, etc.
  5. edingc

    Midwest: MN, WI, MI, IL, IN, OH, WV

    Hi, everyone. I did one of these in the old format, but thought I'd join in here, too. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I first played golf when I was in elementary school. I grew up on a farm and had plenty of lawn to smack balls around using some old clubs my father had. Despite farming being nearly a full-time job in itself, he worked an office job during the day and occasionally played golf for business meetings. My first on course memories are playing a local short course with him a few times, maybe once a year, until I was 12 or 13. I played baseball in high school, but the summer after getting my license I started to play more golf with my friends. I started with my uncle's set of Walter Hagen blades and Persimmon woods. I got my first "real" set of clubs, a RAM G-Force box set with a 460cc driver and cavity back irons, that Christmas. I played a lot through college, getting new Nike CCI cast irons my freshman year (which I just sold in January) and broke 90 once the fall of junior year when I was playing three times a week. After college my wife and I moved around a lot, spending several years in Wyoming and New Mexico, before making our way back to Michigan in 2017. Last spring, after having a disastrously embarrassing golf outing for work, I decided to completely start over with my swing and dedicate more time to golf. I've never taken a formal golf lesson, so piecing together a brand new swing from YouTube and the Internet took all summer, into fall and finally has taken hold this winter. I have played two nine-hole rounds with this new "work in progress" swing, shooting in the mid 40s in difficult conditions both times. My goal for this summer is to break 90 on 18 (par 72), or 42 on nine (par 36). There are a few "easy" nine holes around me, hence the lower nine hole score. I completely revamped by bag this past fall and winter as well. I have a new driver, 3 wood, irons, putter and wedges since last summer, and I am playing a few different kinds of new balls (Srixon Q-Star Tour, Taylormade Project (a), Snell MTB and Vice Pro will be first up in testing). I also recently built a set of DIY SuperSpeed sticks and started training this week. After two trainings the green (lightest) club is up to about 120 mph average, which should translate to about 100 mph driver speed. My goal is to get the green club up to 130 mph average. I do large compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, overhead press, rows, bench) three times a week and do weighted isometric golf holds in addition to the SuperSpeed training. I also just purchased a DST Compressor 8 iron and am excited to get to work with it. I would also eventually like to venture into modifying/making my own clubs, and DIY work like re-gripping clubs for friends and family. What do you love about golf? I've always been a competitive person. After playing baseball in high school, golf has filled a competitive niche for me. It's always fun to try to better your game and score. In that way, golf is also extremely humbling. Struggling like I did last summer really put a lot of life into better perspective. Golf is just a game after all, and it should be fun. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I've been a long-time reader of MyGolfSpy and love the objectiveness of the testing conducted. And, unlike some other Internet golf forums, the people here are incredibly helpful and insightful. I do not know other Spies. However, I do know there are several from Michigan and some that are pretty near me. It'd be fun to get together sometime for a round. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from West Michigan. I do not have a home course, though some of my favorites in this region include Diamond Springs Golf Course in Hamilton and Meadows Golf Course at Grand Valley State University in Allendale. We have several other great courses in the area. My goal for this season to is play Cedar Chase in Cedar Springs and The Mines in Grand Rapids. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The best thing about golf in West Michigan is the absolute plethora of courses to choose from. Growing up, there were probably 8 golf courses within a 20 minute drive of my home. Currently, I can think of more than 10 that are within 20-30 minutes of my residence. The worst thing about golf in Michigan is the weather. If you are well equipped and willing to play in less than stellar conditions, you might be able to play from mid-March to beginning of November. I played nine holes in January this year, and could have played more days if I had better cold weather gear. Although since late January we've had more snow than most years, and I doubt I'll be able to get out again until late March. Offseason options are also extremely limited in West Michigan, with there only being two driving ranges that I know of with heated stalls. Simulators here are ridiculously expensive. The east side of the state is much better in that regard, or so I've been told. What do you do for a living? I work in IT. My background before IT was in sports journalism (you'll notice I hate Oxford commas). I apologize for the long-winded post, but I still love to write. I've had some amazing opportunities because of that, including working at the National Baseball Hall of Fame for a summer. Some of my writing has been published in the Denver Post and also in a book by the Hall of Fame. How’d you pick your user name? I'm Cody, that's where the C is from. Add my last name and you've got my username.
  6. edingc

    GolfPride New for 2019 Grips

    Second that. A 360 version would be sweet.
  7. Yeah, this thread has me inspired as well. I spent so much of last summer completely lost in regards to my swing. Didn't get started down the right track until nearly middle of September, and then I only had four weeks of OK weather to play with. I'm lucky to have a driving range, putting green and sand trap/chipping practice area about a minute's drive from where I park at work. My hope this summer is to hit balls twice a week and chip/putt another two days. I'm trying to swing taking some vacation time every Tuesday morning throughout the summer as well to sneak in nine holes before work.
  8. Cody - West Michigan I have no specific rain gear currently. I'll sport comfortable cotton chinos with a long-sleeve shirt and a thin softshell jacket in less-than-perfect weather. As I've been playing more, rain gear has peaked my interest. We generally have wet and cold conditions early and late in the Michigan golf season. Last summer, I agreed to play in an October charity scramble with my old college roommates at Island View Golf Club in Waconia, Minnesota. When I agreed to this in July, the weather was great and it sounded like a fun time. Naturally, the weather in Minnesota in early October is less than stellar. After making the long drive from Michigan a few days prior to the scramble, we played a practice round in 40-degree, but dry, conditions. Mother nature had other ideas for the actual event. The 30-minute drive to the course was marked with light rain, tolerable thankfully. Shortly after arrival, however, it began to downpour. The rain didn't stop until five holes into the round. There are no worse conditions to play golf in than 38-degree temperatures with heavy rain. I was soaked before even making it to the range to warm-up, had a bad range session and snap-hooked my first drive into the trees. (On the bright side, I single-handedly parred the No. 1 handicap, 487-yard, par five third hole while being unable to really see through my glasses, which were streaked with rain drops.) We ended up finishing something like five-under par, good for nearly last place in the event. How other teams managed to score better in those conditions is still beyond me.
  9. I'll happily chime in and mention this year will mark seven years on keto for my wife and me. In my first three months, I went from 210 to 170 and have maintained 160-180 pretty effortlessly since. I second you - the key to any successful healthy lifestyle is about doing whatever is easy for you to maintain. I agree that my experience may not be indicative of everyone's, as @TR1PTIK mentioned keto can be difficult for certain people. Historically, I was not a big bread or potato fan, so for me the biggest adjustment was giving up pizza (which I now find off putting - the crust at least) and learning how to make vegetables more appetizing.
  10. Looks like the big new stats are apex and launch angle. Also looks like they will be releasing Android and iPhone apps that pair with the device. At $549.99, I'd probably start looking at the Flightscope Mevo instead.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Voice Caddie reads both actual club speed and actual ball speed, and then calculates smash factor and expected carry distance (with barometric pressure and temperature factored in from actual environmental conditions). This is why the SC200 can display very incorrect carry numbers if a ball is shanked or hooked heavily -- it only knows about clubhead and and initial ball speed in that calculation and no spin or ball flight is taken into account. I have hit foam balls in my backyard and the clubhead speed seems to be relatively accurate. Ball speed, smash factor and carry distance are obviously way off. Spot on, @revkev. I have had the Voice Caddie out three times now using cold range balls in heated outdoor stalls. Ball speed and smash factor yesterday were very low, not surprising given the cold (and heavily worn) range balls. I was able to get out on the course once in January before Snowpocalypse gave us this recent awful weather, and my carry was routinely better than with the range balls.
  12. If you poke around the Be Better Golf YouTube channel, one of the teachers he meets with advocated this as well. Especially if you want to hit up on the ball.
  13. I found my notes on the number of washers required to reach the necessary weights: Green - 10 Washers Blue - 13 Washers Red - 17 Washers
  14. Hi everyone, With inspiration from several on here, here's my build of two sets of DIY Overspeed training sticks, matched as close to the specs for the SuperSpeed sticks as I could get. I've included photos of the process and the price/materials list for my build. I ended up building a second set for my brother-in-law as the additional set was really only the additional cost of the shafts. Diamond Tour Golf (1) Water-Activated Grip Tape Strips, 13 Pack - $4.99 (1) 24hr 8oz Epoxy Kit - $13.49 (6) DTG Velvet 360 Grip - $1.49/each = $8.94 (6) Adams/Graffalloy SuperShaft - $4.99/each = $29.94 (1) 1/2" Wood Ferrules, 12 Pack - $3.49 Shipping and Handling - $9.99 DTG Total - $70.84 Home Depot Colored Vinyl Electrical Tape - $4.98 (2) #8-32 2" Pan Head Stainless Steel Machine Screws, 4 Pack - $2.36 (1) #8 Stainless Steel Fender Washers, 8 Pack - $1.18 (1) 5/16" Zinc Fender Washers, 100 Pack - $14.28 (1) J-B Weld 1oz Twin Tube Cold Weld Epoxy - $4.97 (1) 14.5oz Black Plasti Dip - $6.98 6% Michigan Sales Tax - $2.09 Home Depot Total - $36.84 Overall Total for Two Sets - $107.68 1) I started with the grips. I found using dish soap helped immensely with the water activated grip tape. 2) Instead of using different colored grips (which seemed to have different weights), I wanted to keep it simple with identical grips throughout the set. Instead, I chose to make the different weights with colored electrical tape. This step is purely optional. I used a wrap of blue painter's tape that I had on hand to space out the tape evenly from the grips. 3) I found that #8 bolts fit almost perfectly inside of the end of the Adams shafts I ordered. I purchased #8 fender washers and JB-Welded the washers and bolts together to form the "stop" at the end of the shaft. This helps hold the 5/16" washers I used for weight in place. 4) 5/16" washers make up the weights. In an ideal world, I'd rather have machined something from round stock, but without easy access to a lathe or mill this made the most sense. I, of course, failed to record the number of washers needed for ideal weights. However, my notes do say seven of the washers weighed between 79 and 80 grams. I carefully JB-Welded the washers to each other so they would be a single mass. This was tricky because I needed them to be pretty near perfect to fit over the end of the shaft. 5) I have no picture, unfortunately, but I club epoxied the bolt/washer combination to the end of the shafts and allowed it to cure. I lightly abraded the interior of the shaft with some 100 grit sandpaper. 6) I also abraded the end of the shafts where the washers were to be epoxied with 100 grit sandpaper. I then club epoxied the washer weights into place and allowed them to cure hanging down (a jig made from scrap 2x4). 7) I applied two coats of Plasti-Dip to the washer end. This made up for a few remaining grams of weight I needed and added a slightly more finished appearance. All in all, I managed to get within two grams of the SuperSpeed specs on all six sticks I made (2 of each weight). I am very happy with how they turned out. The only thing I might change is to forgo buying the separate club epoxy and use JB-Weld for everything. The PSI rating of the JB-Weld far exceeds the club shafting epoxy, and I see no reason why I'd ever need to remove the heads. My only concern in this design is the bolts inside of the shaft. I doubt the shafts are designed for their being a mass inside of the shaft pressing outward (when swinging) and I've read plenty about just epoxy inside of shaft tip weakening the shaft. I just wanted to pass along the materials list and procedure I used in case anyone else was looking at doing the same. Hope this helps someone.
  15. edingc

    Bang for Your Buck Aftermarket Shafts

    I've been eyeing the Tour Blues as well. Seem to fit what I would be looking for in a shaft.
  16. edingc

    Sub70 golf

    That's awesome! Can't wait to hear how the fitting goes.
  17. I found that link, too. Because of the way my C300s are loft jacked (4 iron is 21*), I'd probably need the 2 hybrid to fill my 3 iron/driving iron gap at 19*. But definitely looks like it would fill a hole in my bag. There are several courses around me where such a hybrid/driving iron would be a better play off the tee.
  18. edingc

    Sub70 golf

    Been wondering the same thing.
  19. edingc

    Rick Shiels / Mark Crossfield videos

    I enjoy the Golfholics videos, you are correct about the drone shots. Mr. Short Game is also pretty good if you're into the Golfholics style. I particularly enjoy Golfholics and Mr. Short Game because they talk through their shot choices a lot. It's a good way in my opinion to work on the mental aspects of my game.
  20. edingc

    Sub70 golf

    I, for one, am very interested in how they turn out and feel!
  21. edingc

    jlukes' 2019 WITB

    Looking great!
  22. These look fantastic. Will definitely be keeping an eye out.
  23. edingc

    Why iron shafts are not getting as much love as driver ones?

    I watched the iron shaft fitting, definitely peaked my interest in those Fujikura shafts. Based on the weight, they could be a contender against the Tour 90s I have in my clubs at the moment. Love the lighter shaft feel.
  24. edingc

    Used clubs from eBay

    Bummer that they couldn't have wrapped bubble wrap around the heads. That's pretty lazy, in my opinion. But still very glad you are happy with your purchase! I'm sure you saved a bunch off the new price.
  25. This looks to be a pretty good deal. I've been looking for something for the garage, and this looks pretty darn good. I had been contemplating a full cage light net hung from the ceiling. This seems a little easier to manage.