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  1. Interesting. Given my track record so far, I might be doing this wrong, too. I assumed that other plastic piece was just to keep the bungee cord in a general loop shape... I'll have to look closer at this!
  2. I wanted to do a quick summary of how a golf bag is actually strapped into the Nitron. You may recall from my introduction that I really liked the strapless bag arms on my CaddyTek and this was an area of concern for me with the Bag Boy. The top of the Nitron features the "Top-Lok Technology" system. For those of us who do not have the bags with this attachment system, the cart features two small cradle arms that fold around to hold the top of the bag to the cart with elastic cords. The elastic cords use a hook and loop system to attach to each other. The hook end is easily adjustable with two simple friction fit slots that pinch onto the cord. The bottom of the cart uses a very similar setup, but there are no folding cradle arms. I like the bungee system for it's ease of use. It's very simple to get my bag on and off the cart. I have been pleasantly surprised with the Nitron's attachment system. The small nylon strap on the end of the "loop end" of the cord feeds easily through my Sun Mountain Sync's cart strap slot. Most importantly, I'm finding that my bag moves around much less than it did with the CaddyTek's top bag arms. So far, the only issue I've had with this area of the cart is that the top arms can pinch the sides of my bag too much, making the clubs that are in those areas rub as they are put in and out of the bag. Unfortunately, the stiffer upper rim of my bag doesn't extend down quite far enough to prevent this.
  3. This is why I appreciate this thread. Sometimes it feels like it's just me. Got a range bucket in yesterday and although I'm still not hitting the ball wonderfully off the tee, my wedge game and putting were very good today en route to a +1 73. Had three birdies and a couple other good looks that just missed. Lipped out a 3 footer on No. 1 and should have saved par on No. 12 but the ball stopped 1/2 revolution before the hole. Such a frustrating sport! Here's hoping I can build back some confidence and do this more often moving forward.
  4. Who had the front wheel in backwards? This guy! I will have to see how it pushes now. I changed it around in the parking lot after my round this morning.
  5. Interesting find tonight while trying to adjust the front wheel. As I mentioned in a past post, my cart pulls slightly to the right, especially when rolling downhill. Bag Boy included a small Allen wrench to adjust the front wheel along with the assembly instructions. Simple enough, right? Turn the Allen screw counterclockwise to fix a cart that pulls to the right. Well, that's all fine, except when I looked down at the front fork, there was no Allen screw and only an 8mm locking nut. I tried to adjust this but no neither direction seemed to change the tracking of the front wheel. Does everyone else have this nut or do the other testers have the supposed Allen screw? I didn't pull off the front wheel, but do I have this installed backward?
  6. First range day in a while as I had been on vacation so was doing a lot more playing (and playing poorly) than practice. Sorted some stuff out, we will see if it sticks on course. Not really a drill person (probably to my detriment) but went back to one my coach gave me a few years back. Placed the empty range bucket just outside and forward of the ball (like within an inch or so). When I start to get too in-to-out this gets me back to neutral or a little out-to-in. I have really been trying to change my default shot to a fade, progress has been intermittent and slow but this drill helped me a lot today.
  7. Top-heaviness is actually one of the things I was worried about when I first saw the cart. The bag does sit up pretty high in the upper supports. I have not had the same exact experience as you, but depending on your bag I could see this perhaps causing some issues. I've really been enjoying the hand brake and have not had a reoccurrence of the issue I mentioned in my initial impressions - the pin has engaged quickly and easily. I also really like that the front wheel is "ready to go" as soon as the cart unfolds. My previous CaddyTek required the front wheel to be moved in order to fold and unfold the cart. I have noticed the top bag supports tend to squish the bag, making the clubs on the bottom left and right of my bag tougher to pull out. I suspect this has more to do with the design of my Sun Mountain Sync bag than the cart, and I'm guessing a bag with Top-Lok technology would not have the same issues. That being said, I've been very happy with how the Sync has performed on the cart, and I would not say having a Top-Lok bag is at all a requirement for this cart.
  8. Meh. My swing has left me. Still scoring OK at times, but outside of a couple solid 9s there has been nothing good to talk about. My driver, which had been phenomenal until recently, is now nothing but low and left. Irons, too. My putter has been really pretty solid though, so trying to look on the bright side. But this has to be the worst swing funk I've ever been in.
  9. That's awesome! Distance is such a huge advantage. Hopefully you can get out and play soon.
  10. Anyone else seeing the fruits of their offseason labor? I had a drive yesterday that reminded me of why I need to work on trusting my mechanics more on course. I came to No. 13 not playing particularly well and coming off three straight bogies to open the back. I won't lie, I was a little mentally checked out at that point and just decided to see how hard/far I could hit my drive. No. 13 sets up pretty well to my swing, there's not a lot of room left but leaving it right is bogey at worst. For whatever reason this hole is confidence inspiring and holds the honor of some of my longest drives at home. Not sure why - it's flat as flat can be, listed at 323 yards. So, with my goal to hit the ball as hard as possible, I absolutely centered one up. The ball carried to the front part of the green, and ran out to the back fringe! Led to a "stress free" par... Still really nice to see. My mechanics have certainly gotten better, but I've had a handful of 300+ drives so far this season and good swings are now 280+ constantly. It does help that we've dried off a bit earlier than usual, but there is still lots of progress here!
  11. I've been out for 72 holes with the Nitron so far, and I'm generally really enjoying my experience! The auto opening/closing function is really slick. I like that the assisted open/close mechanism also helps hold the cart collapsed while moving into and out of my trunk. I used to have to hold my old cart shut while moving it around since there was nothing stopping it from opening. The opening power is plenty strong, so strong that I have to be careful not to eject the contents of the handle storage bin (found golf balls, generally) onto the parking lot as the cart pops open. The wheels glide smoothly. As I mentioned in my unboxing, the whole cart feels very substantial and has some weight to it. It is not flimsy in the least bit. There's very little to no looseness or flex in the frame or handle while traversing my course. Couple of other thoughts, not all positive: Out of the box my cart pulls to the right. I need to look at the manual and adjust the front wheel to fix this. Placing the drink holder on top of the cart makes me drink more water than with my previous cart, but... Moving the storage basket underneath the handle is meh. I like the top storage basket of my CaddyTek way more. How did I live without the push cart mitten accessory? Simply awesome for chilly mornings. The hand brake seems to not like cold weather. On Tuesday morning it was in the low 40s when I teed off. I could not get the hand brake to fully engage as the pin that inserts into the wheel would not extend far enough. I thought it was just needing adjustment, but I have not experienced that again since the weather has now warmed into the 50s in the mornings.
  12. Thanks! Not a video expert by any means but I really enjoy messing around with some light editing. To be honest, they were out of graphite/charcoal color option, else I would have probably gone with that. But, after having the cart in person, I like the looks of the red a lot. Just the right amount of pop, and it goes well with my bag.
  13. Bag Boy Nitron Cart – Official MGS Forum Review by @edingc Unboxing and First Impressions - May 25, 2023 As I posted earlier, FedEx delivered my Nitron cart on Monday, May 22. The cart came securely packaged in its branded box, surviving its trip from Chicago to me without issue. I had to put it together right away! The time-stamped video below shows the ease of assembly. The main cart (the “Nitron” part) comes already put together. I only had to install the three wheels. Honestly, it was harder to figure out where to attach the storage bag I purchased than to set up the cart itself. One important part of the setup is that you must match the orientation of two small stars on the cart frame and front wheel during installation. I had the cart ready to go in under six minutes. The build quality is impressive. It is obvious this is not a cheaply constructed item. The frame has some weight to it, and the plastic parts are sturdy and solid. The top handle assembly adjusts easily using a quick release knob. The handbrake is located on the left side of the top assembly and has a bicycle-like brake line that runs down to the right rear wheel. The top assembly a lso has the cupholder and a storage compartment for balls and other small items. I love that this is not a spring-loaded door (likely to fail), instead a simple open/close door. Rounding out the handle assembly is the cell phone holder and small storage bag on the underside. I have been able to get out for 27 holes with the Nitron so far and have been enjoying my time. Thoughts on actual functionality coming soon!
  14. Roller coaster of a last week. Have shown some really good flashes of golf but just can't put together a full 18 holes. Three 18s: 81, 83, 84 (three double bogies and a triple ) My swing completely left me halfway through the 83 and did not come back leading to the 84 the next time out. Went 37/46 on the 83 which was a huge confidence killer. Four 9s: 40 (finished double, bogey after being +2 through 7), 39, 39, 37. Frost advisory tonight so no round tomorrow or Friday, back at it Saturday. One of these days it will all come together!
  15. Color combo turned out great. Genuinely want everyone to get their carts! Mine shipped from Chicago, basically next door to me, so hopefully everyone else's is not far away at this point!
  16. That was one of the Bag Boy-branded accessories I purchased separately. It's just a velcro-strapped bag, general fit, not specific to the Nitron.
  17. Here's one from its maiden voyage this morning: I will have a longer unboxing and first impressions post within the next day or so. Anyone else get a FedEx shipping notification yet?
  18. Awesome group. Enjoy these clubs. They are fantastic in my opinion.
  19. That sure looks like UPS had a little mishap somewhere along the line... copious amount of packaging tape there.
  20. Been a couple months! I'm off to a good start to my season. The last few years it has taken me a solid month or so to round into form, but it did not take me long to get through the "offseason swing" part of the year. I initially struggled with some low-lefts with my longer clubs, but I've figured that out. I posted this over in another thread a few days ago, but I took some video for the first time in a while and was very happy with my swing: Thanks in part to my new Callaway Paradym TD, I'm driving the ball much better. This has resulted in fewer penalties off the tee, which has hurt me dearly in the past. I'm now trying to play straight/slight fades off the tee, which results in my misses being blocks or slight slices. At my course that is generally fine. In over a month's worth of golf, I've only lost two balls, both of which were water hazards and not related to my driver. I still haven't been able to string together a really strong 18 holes, but there have been several good nine holes stretches - including two rounds under par and one at even par. Over my last 10, I've been playing pretty well versus a scratch handicap: I'm still missing too many putts inside of 8 feet (although my putting has vastly improved this season), and my partial wedge game has not been great. I finally broke down and am making an actual effort at a wedge matrix, which I made up this week at the range and have refined after a few test rounds: Distance-wise, my offseason Stack training continues to pay off. I'm much more consistent with my long shots, and I'm hitting the driver further with less effort. And, as I continue to gain trust in my fade off the tee, I expect to swing a little faster.
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