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  1. I thought this was odd and kind of came out of no where for Horschel to bring up .. how many guys are really using it ? And it might for some it might not work for others
  2. Met my buddy at his country club we warmed up and then played a game were we got 3 shots each and picked a target who ever cam closest won and on the range there is two green so we played had to be on the green to count .. great practice and fun ... then we just played 4 holes on our way back to club house ..
  3. I actually stopped using the Arccos, to me it was overthinking and if I choose the club it suggested over what I felt I should hit I start to second guess it .. So I putt it away for now maybe get back to it in the future.
  4. I feel like there is so many guys on this forum that would be great at both positions good luck everyone
  5. yes agree on that .. my old 3w that I had taking out of the bag was a TM Burner so it was really outdated .. but yea year to year or 2-3 years I think they are mostly the same
  6. I did not, I am the guy who will get the year prior to save some cash, so when I went I just did F9 3w bc I have the 5w, but they didn't have the specs I wanted in the F9 so they have the speedzone in my specs and it was only little bit more money .. so I figured pay more but get my specs .. so far really liking it .... I wonder if the RAD would be much improvement ? F9 and speedzone where comparable when I hit them.
  7. Hit the cobra speedzone 3wood and end up buying it in my specs .. I love my f9 5w so tried to speedzone and like it as well
  8. I actually looked into this same homedepot page .. I will prob end up doing it but thought the same thing looks straightforward, also I watched some YouTube clips and doesn’t seem too bad but like @jlukes mentions drainage is key
  9. I had a chance to take the top spot if Michigan would of won but ohwell .. I sitting behind the top two people that are tied for first... my name is thatkidisfast1 ..
  10. yeah I will have to build a subfloor my garage floor is pretty bad, Also I have the garage door rails that could be in the way .. so need to see if I can move them higher or something .. thats a good idea about the skytrak I will check it out...
  11. That looks awesome .. I want to get the G box but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  12. Bought cobra king speedzone 3 fairway wood ... added the 3w back into the bag this season and will roll with driver, 3w, 5w, 3h, 5-GP, 54, 58
  13. thinking of adding the old 3W back into the bag ... I had an old TM superfast burner 3w which I loved but started to not swing it well and took it out for a 5W which I love but I am just missing some distances and have some other Gapping issues might go Driver 3W, 5W, 3H then 5I - GW .. Looking at the Cobra F9 or the newer ones for the 3W since I love the Cobra f9 5w ...
  14. Wish this was where I was ... I always say i wish golf courses had lights to play at night
  15. I would like to test different grips and different options size, soft/hard, oversize or under .. I feel like that’s something that can be a big part in the golf equipment that gets overlooked
  16. Looks dead on center .. wait until the weather warms up balls will be flying
  17. You get fitted by mark or Jon ? Mark was pretty good and honest .. sucks about the wait time, pre covid I had like a 2 week wait time for shafts but Mark kept me updated and was responsive pretty quickly .. hope you get them soon ...
  18. Working on 3 points that I feel I stopped focusing on that really helped my last season ... I like to tilt my right shoulder down is one and making sure my hips forward and chest up on my swing .. just small thing nothing crazy getting back to basics
  19. I am still keeping it in the bag for right now but its taking a bit to get used to ... just dont have the confidence or the feel when I pull it out of the bag.. going to play another round with it and see how it goes .. and prob some more range sessions.. it hits well .. shots been good just doesn't have the right feel for me.
  20. Happy bday everyone !
  21. Pulled the hybrid out for couple of shots on Sunday .. had a really nice on a long or 4 but missed the green starting to get used to it a little bit, but still don’t have the confidence to pull it out when I really need to make a shot.
  22. Looks nice and wide open .. barely any trees ! have fun hit em straight !
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