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  1. got fitted last year for irons and driver .. I know around me the company second swing will do a fitting when you buy the irons .. even used I believe so you could look for a place like that around you were you can upgrade your clubs and still be affordable.
  2. Compiled some data over the weekend and some pictures of the outdoor putting green I did the testing on. While I was doing this I noticed .. I do not practice putting enough. I think I did about 300 putt attempts for this outdoor review and I tired haha. Looking at the data most consistent across the board, I really didn't think the Align would help much better then the black marker I use on my balls but I am a believer now. Visually for me anyway I feel like the align is bold and stands out better, which helped me see the line more consistently. The first round of putts I did couple of weeks back were mainly straight forward putts with little break mostly right to left not to crazy. The second round I did last week and putted on the holes that had more slope and little bit harder then the first go around. As some of the numbers dipped except for the OEM line which I just think I didn't lip out as many as round 1. Got some looks here and there that I just rolled up the one day with just a putter two boxes of Bridgestone balls a 25 foot measuring tap and some paper.
  3. Same problem I am seeing that with putting that the Align is so much better visually then the OEM line or the marker I put on the ball .. but def a huge human error element
  4. During my work days when I am home and have a lot of "important" calls going on all day I usually break out my 6 foot putting mat and hit around 9 balls. There is three holes left, middle, and right, with the middle being further back. I usually hit 9 balls three in each hole to see how many I can make. I decided to test the Align XL vs the Marker line vs no line at all. All of the balls are the Bridgestone Tour B RX balls. I usually don't keep the totals when I mess around but wanted to see how the Align matched up against the other ones. Not sure how the marker did so bad but I did switch up what balls went first so it wasn't consistent. I felt like I did see the align a lot better. Also the hole on the right has a little I added nothing major but def isn't straight.
  5. Not boring at all ! this is what its all about using a product and testing it !
  6. I really like them for the price was getting them buy one get one at Dicks sporting goods during the spring summer so I stocked up and been happy with them
  7. Thats great I have a ton of Maxfli tour x and bridgeston RX balls left but will try srixon I keep hearing great things about them .. also I will most likely use golfball.com too I like the align XL feature
  8. Yeah the company seems great with the customer service part, I think they had issues with a supplier for their ink due to the covid-19 situation so not sure if that has anything to do with it but its really cool they fixed the issue quickly
  9. I been out couple of times but we have a heat wave with heat indexes in the high 90s to 100s so I need to choose wisely about going out haha
  10. I align is darker and thicker then the sharpie mark I use with an OEM tool and so far my numbers from 8 ft are better with the align .. I also feel with the align mark I can see my putting line a lot better from father distance.
  11. in the Align XL golf ball review we are seeing some of the same issues with the print and alignment but the balls I got didn't have any blemishes or cracks but I know the one member used srixon and I believe the alignment print was off.
  12. There's a lot in the garage still learning haha
  13. I used to hit a 3 wood so well and then all of sudden I either get hit it or slice it .. lol
  14. I did this but put the 3 wood in the garage .. my 3 wood was older and little harder to hit lost some distance but hitting a lot more fairways
  15. Nolan220

    Used Putters?

    Did not know that but it makes sense they had a ton of product .... Thanks !
  16. Nolan220

    Used Putters?

    I feel like on Global golf they always have discounts and sales for Taylormade putters
  17. nice yeah I think its a different mind set and will get a bit to get used too .. I know for my PW and GP it was weird at first at how long they were but once I got over that I love them.
  18. it was great he def jump to the top this week after that
  19. I switch to single length cobras and I love them .. I only use single length 5-GW I actual am thinking about trying out the single length wedges.
  20. This is what surprised me with my round yesterday .. the Align mark was still in good condition ! I would also do a red marker line and it was all jacked up during the round.
  21. its crazy the OEM is murdering the 3 and 6 feet putts .. do you usually use the OEM line when playing or some sort of other line ?
  22. Also putting some data together from my putts with align, marker line and blank ball will be updating tomorrow ! So far results look good
  23. Played a round today noticed some minor issues little paint chips or what not .. nothing I care about didn’t mess up the line... Also played a hole round where on every shot I putt the ball so my club face would hit the align mark.. and let me tell you something brother I am impressed see the first two photos and the last photo the align mark did better then I expected !!
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