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  1. I did feel like the tempo was good and didn’t feel like I was over swinging, just felt smooth so There good be something to it ..
  2. So I dont have any numbers or anything bc I put this driver together with an A flex shaft Project X LZ driver shaft hit it twice in my garage set up but didn't turn on my skytrak bc I had to run, also didn't get a chance to weigh it or anything .. got asked to play at my buddies club sunday morning .. threw my old shaft in my car just in case but was going to try out the A flex on the range ... was hitting them really well the big miss was a hook that wasn't terrible would put me in the rough so I rolled the diced and gamed it right away ... I played pretty well other then putting ( those greens give me nightmares I think its in my head but pretty sure 3 putted mostly every hole. .. but I was hitting it really well my buddy commented like damn you are driving it like a 2 handi cap ! .. so for the first run it worked out really well .. I felt like I was swinging really easy and the ball would hit a high draw .. I want to explore more and get side by side numbers bc maybe I just had a really good driving day or maybe the shaft really made the difference but I am really excited to see how this goes.
  3. Just coming here to see if you shot a pic of the devils ******* .. partner at my work is a member there and my buddy who’s a managing director plays there 6 times a year when they bring clients out
  4. Went to the range tonight working on tempo and working on the driver .. was just trying to get a consistent shape on my shot
  5. I have an old Project X senior shaft I will try out with my Cobra rad speed .. I need to add the adaptor so wont be hitting it for a couple of days but one of my favorite clubs I own is a my Taylormade 3H rescue and I got this when I first started getting back into golf in 2007 I loved this club it was stocked and I could put it anywhere I wanted .. I noticed couple years back that it was a senior flex .. and I always said I liked it bc it was whippy .. so hopefully this will work out well too
  6. You ever try the winn dri-tax undersize ones ? I use the standard but trying the midsize right now
  7. I saw this on his instagram too ..havent had a chance to practice it yet ..glad it worked for you going to try it on the range
  8. Just came in I like the pix on the ball, it’s prob just in my head but I feel I focus better with this ball then the all white ones ..
  9. I have the skytrak I really like it use it in my garage that is detached I need to convert it a little better but I get really good practice on it .. I pretty much have everything I need to make it a full simulator just have to rework the garage set up
  10. Bought 4 dozen of tp5 balls 2 dozen of pix balls and 2 of the pistol Pete ones
  11. I had a travel bag that my buddy gave me and I just bought the stiff arm threw that in and also removed any heads I could.. put a bunch of clothes in the top of the bag so it would help cushion the clubs in case of a fall... I had a cheaper version of the stiff arm and it broke the first time I used it.
  12. Looking new driver maybe ping g425 max .. at least want to try it
  13. @rvs0002 I play the older SFT G400 and its def shorter but I like the accuracy i get from it ... also in the Most Wanted testing this year the G425 SFt was 3rd from the bottom in Distance .. There's a chart that has all data and you can see SFT had good forgiveness but lower end numbers on everything else. https://mygolfspy.com/2022-most-wanted-driver/
  14. I loved my JPX 900 HM .. these look amazing .. you can see them on mizuno Japan Twitter
  15. which one did you buy .. did you buy the bundle ..been looking to add one of these to start using ...
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