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  1. I like Winn Dri-Tac Less Taper Oversize. Fits my hands well and is very comfortable for me.
  2. Sorry I posted about a driver. Senior moment and missed heading about custom IRON orders. My bad.
  3. Took bout 7 weeks total, but here's why. Ordered through my local PGA pro and asked for a mid-size grip for my G425 Max driver. Ping was out of stock so THEY STOPPED ALL ACTIVITY ON THIS ORDER! They did not contact my pro. Once my pro contacted them and told them to install any grip they had in stock, I got the driver in two days. I use a jumbo size grip so was going to have the driver re-gripped as soon as I got it anyway. Frustrating.
  4. Public. Where I play most, great rates for seniors, especially walkers, but great even for 18 with a cart.
  5. Ryan Fox 4 under par winning score. (280, I think)
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