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  1. Good question! Honestly @GolfSpy MPR or @Golfspy_CG2 would be better to answer as they know the mod system better than I do right now (only in my second month, haha!)
  2. Your partner in the pants has got style for miles Love the variety in this pic, thanks for sharing!!
  3. Oh man, you KNOW Reed would push the limits of that rule the first chance he gets, lol
  4. Hey Guys - Quick note. First time I tried to Merge a thread - I started a very similar thread today into this one and thought I was doing it correctly, but I did it backwards (copied the OG thread, when I should have copied the new thread). Apologies to the members who were commenting on this topic previously and hopefully you can forgive the oversight as I still learn all the particular nuances of the system! Regarding the topic at hand - I'm in the camp of "play it where it lies." It sucks that happened to Lee, but it could have been anybody and we all have to deal with it. I realize it's even more prevalent on the Tour given there is a "landing zone" that can get pretty chewed up by Sunday of a tournament, but that's what separates the pros from the joes - they can still get on the green from that divot while we'd be in the woods or bunker, haha!
  5. Coming up on the 1year anniversary when the world was turned upside down and realize ESPN has a new 30 for 30 out (or coming soon) regarding March 11, when the world basically stopped. Found an interesting read from them about The Players Championship, what went down, and the confusion that ran rampant through all the tour players, fans, and staff...pretty wild looking back a year ago... https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/31011669/nobody-knew-was-going-how-golf-sports-stopped-players-championship
  6. The guys over at Golf Digest dug into some advanced metrics and found that in the lead up to the Players Championship one unsung player is often overlooked - Ken Duke. Probably not a guy you've heard of, but the podcast was an interesting listen and very neat to see the tour players apply some of the same tech we see in other sports (namely motorsports come to my mind) finding their way into "stodgy," "old guard" golf and how it can shape their approach to a course and tournament. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/greatest-round-players-championship-history-strokes-gained-ken-duke
  7. My wife tells me I'm "pattern mixing" all the time...I guess that means I'm a fashion forward golfer
  8. This article from Financial Times popped up yesterday and it got me thinking about Golf Attire and how many designers are catching on (and cashing in) to the surge in popularity of the sport. However, I've been of the mind that Golf Attire has always been pretty fashionable for the time period - some looks even becoming timeless! So what do you guys think? Are we in a new Golden Age of golf fashion being seen everywhere, have we always been fashionable, or is golf attire a joke and always will be? Special shout-out to anyone posting pics of themselves playing in Jorts
  9. Saw a post recently about Michael Jordan's golf club and how even his ice cubes are branded!! Anyway, it got me thinking about what special amenity or "extra touch" have you seen at a clubhouse that really surprised you? I remember when I visited Kinloch for the first time and how I there was a personalized towel in the caddy's hand already and a nameplate (temporary, but still) on my locker next to the host I was playing with!
  10. Hey @96P993 would recommend, if your VPN has the option, to select a different country, state, or IP address and try to post from that. Often times Forum Board software flags VPN IP's because there are malicious actors using them to mask activities that might not be "above board." Sadly, a lot of VPN's have also started to reuse IP addresses or consolidate all traffic into a handful of IP's to cut down on costs...so, while you may not be a malicious actor, you could be sharing an IP address with many who are and the software flags the entire IP as bad, hence the issues with posting. You can also PM me the IP address you're using and I'll try and whitelist it and see if that resolves the issue, if the above suggestion doesn't work.
  11. Haha, bit of a shame they don't include last years winners to see how they stack up to the new crop of competitors. I keep hearing great things about adidas, and they certainly make some solid shoes, however I find they run a bit narrow and they weren't as comfortable to me. Something note for other guys.
  12. New Buyers Guide results are now published! What do you guys think? Did they get it right? Do you have experience with any of these shoes? Personally, I'm still rocking the Sketchers Go Golf Elite v.3 , although I often wonder if I should switched to Spiked once my sketchers wear out given my size and torque I put on the shoes during the swing (6'4" 240lbs w/ driver speed of ~120mph).
  13. Having just bought a G410 LST last october I was most pleased with this section: 2020 Most Wanted vs 2021 - PING G410 LST This year, we put our previous year's winner in the field. The PING G410 LST did not disappoint. It finished 7th in Strokes Gained, 7th in Forgiveness, and 6th in Total Distance. We continually see examples of "newer isn't alway better" and the PING G410 LST is another testament to this observation. --- Looks like no need to upgrade, especially considering if the USGA and R&A start to reduce head size or weight to "combat the distance problem!"
  14. Let's discuss the MGS latest test about Tee Heights! Article here: https://mygolfspy.com/tee-height-test/ What are your thoughts? Does a Tee Height make a difference in your distance or dispersion on the course?
  15. Hey Guys, Miranda at HQ reached out to see if you, or anyone you know might be interested in working at MGS HQ as Director of Multimedia! Job description is below and best of luck applying. Job Title: Director of MultiMedia Job Location: Yorktown, Va MyGolfSpy is seeking an experienced and qualified individual to join a growing company as the Director of MultiMedia. This person should be a self starter, creative and willing to take initiative as the primary leader of the multimedia department. The ideal candidate has experience in all sectors of media production and will be a full time employee in our facility. Daily responsibilities will include but will not be limited to the following: ● Managing a team of photographers and videographers ● Consulting with and contributing to a creative team designed to brainstorm and create specific YouTube and multimedia website content ● Be the primary individual responsible for bringing YouTube video ideas and concepts from the creative table to a final product ready to publish to the MyGolfSpy YouTube channel and website ● Oversee photography for MyGolfSpy web articles, social media and other content ● Oversee production of graphics for MyGolfSpy articles, social media, YouTube videos and other content ● Operate and have knowledge of modern video and still cameras, lighting, sound and editing equipment ● Design, shoot and edit YouTube content from start to finish ● Must be able to assess the need for extra crew and resources and have the contacts to hire freelance crew as needed for each shoot ● Maintain awareness of social media trends in golf and relevant media content opportunities Relevant experience for the ideal candidate would include: ● 3-5 years of previous work experience as a producer or director of a media outlet. Sports and related concept experience is preferred but not required. ● 3-5 years of previous work experience as a photographer and videographer and has the ability to creatively choose shots and set locations ● 3-5 years of previous work experience lighting a set for various types of photography ● Able to show proficiency in creative linear editing Please submit any demo reels or content in addition to your resume to: careers@mygolfspy.com
  16. Thanks for the reminder! I do need some more lowers so that might be worth a visit this weekend.
  17. Thanks! just out of frame to the right of the picture is actually a huge, built in wood shelving unit the previous owner constructed and then nailed into the mortar. Spent last night demolishing the top portion and separating it from the bottom. Believe I'll try and salvage the bottom for a nice workbench and maybe a portion of the top as the shelves are nice and the price of wood is outrageous right now, lol! The rest of the shop is an utter disaster while I reorganize everything and get it back into the new cabinets. Funny enough, not 30mins after I installed the ones in the picture above the person who gave me those texted me again asking if I wanted more, haha! So looks like I'll have 3 more uppers to install on the right side wall maybe this weekend
  18. Ended up using Tapcons per the HD hardware specialist rec. However, to add some extra grip, I also laid a bead of liquid nail on each wall cleat and cabinet cleat. Install was easy having ripped the 2x4's, then ripped them length wise at a 45 for the french cleat. Hung the wall cleat level after predrilling the Tapcons, screwed in the cabinet cleat and added a spacer at the bottom and hung them as easily as hanging a coat on the rack. Lighting and finishing the bases are next!
  19. Once you remove the private and suuuuuuper crappy dirt tracks I bet you could knock it out in a year
  20. This sounds great! Look forward to watching your progress as I've been eyeing their used section too much lately
  21. Totally agree. Although I started thinking about what I would do with that gap and thought about adding some lighting at top and bottom to create an interesting glow/ambient lighting effect in the shop...since it's in the basement I need all the light I can get, haha!
  22. Excellent question! Because I already have plenty of 2x4's lol Although, to your point, I could rip them in half on the table saw and get them more flush to the wall. Perhaps I'll go that route!
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