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  1. How serendipitous that I was trying one of these in the store just last week. Very interesting concept and given that my current putter is well over 25yrs old, I figure technology may have improved putters a bit. - JS - VA - Ping Anser 2 Steel - Frontline 4.0 35"
  2. Congratulations, guys! @Maltenator, let me know if you need a guest reviewer
  3. Same! Mine look great to far. Even the chrome finish on the sole looks great after all my rounds and a lot of range time with artificial hitting mats, which we all know can "green" a club pretty quick.
  4. So glad to see this topic posted. I have two packages sitting in my amazon cart that I've been hesitant to pull the trigger on, but think you guys moved me over the hill on this one. I'll report back results once I give them a try!
  5. Honestly, the biggest issue I am having with the newer clubs, and I think this is a problem with all newer iron sets, is the gapping. As I mentioned in my last post, I really only use a 4, 5, 7, PW, GW from the set. Realize manufacturers need to make sure the newest model "goes farther" and "flies straighter," but that creates a new conundrum for the average golfer. In fact, I read this article last night and found myself nodding along quite frequently: https://golfweek.com/2019/09/24/new-irons-can-create-a-tricky-gapping-problem/ It created a void sub 135yds for me that I had to fill wit
  6. Haha, my size has it's advantages sometimes Also, check that link I posted talking about Mass vs. Rotational swing types. Might be a good idea to look at changing your swing up with your new, slimmer self. Keep in mind that Rory can hit the ball farther than Dustin, yet is a good 7" shorter and much less mass.
  7. Like @artful_golfer, I wanted to give a weekly update too. I played front 9 last Friday as well and had a special guest! Round went pretty well and shot a 40 after a great chip-in for birdie to end the round! I found myself using the 4i to tee off a lot since it was consistently 235yds+, as I mentioned in an earlier post. Best shot was a 247yd bomber with my 4i that I got all of and felt it in the club with the Reakt tech giving pretty good feedback in my hands. Besides the 4i, I only used the 7i, PW and GW, which I thought was odd for me, but the extra length is providing so
  8. Honestly, teeing off with the 4i and cranking it 235yds+ fairly consistently has been favorite shot Outside of that, I had a great shot that put me 5ft to pin from 135yds out with the GW!
  9. Yep, I've always done squats, deadlift, bench, and shoulder press as my "main 4." Maybe I should look at the overspeed piece and some more explosive movements. I was talking to our gym director/head trainer this morning and he gave me a few explosive types exercises to work on swing speed. One was using a big rubber band secured down low and with arms down low and rotated body to the right, you then explode up and out, swinging the arms from low-right to high-left (like a golf swing follow-thru) and rotating hips and torso to get that explosive power. Also started reading a lot about the
  10. This is a very interesting topic and one I've been focusing on more, now that I'm getting out to the course or range more frequently. For those that don't want to buy a program, but are comfortable in a gym, what tips would you give? What targeted muscle groups might you focus on more so than others? Any lessons you have learned so far without going into specifics of the program? For me, personally, I've stepped away from pure muscle growth for the sake of bulking up (eg: bicep curls and bench press), and started to do more core related exercises - cable routines with twists that bre
  11. When it rains, it pours...wedges! So after reading through this and thinking about my gaps sub 130yds (current full-swing GW @ 48*), I went and bought a couple Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges @ 54.12 and 58.10 to compliment my PW & GW. However, upon mentioning this to a couple buddies, I was also forcibly donated a Cleveland CG11 52*, a Cleveland RTX3 56*, and another Ping Zing 2 @ 60*. So now i'm overrun with wedges and need to figure out which is best for my game. After playing a round last Friday with the Ping's I'm really liking the feel, turf interaction, and grip/spin they create
  12. That's why I enjoy Westwood - more central location to me (I'm in near west end), amazing pool, gym, dining, etc... Plus Tennis if I want to pick that up AND I get access to 3 great courses in the area as if I were a member there - including bringing a guest along! The "home" course is RCC since the two clubs have had a long relationship. Had to double check the list and looks like Two Rivers, Brandermill, Princess Ann, Cavalier, and Birkdale are also full reciprocation - eg: I can call and schedule a tee time and bring a guest.
  13. I know me I'm a member at Westwood and we have reciprocity with a bunch of local clubs. Those three are just the closest. Think we also have reciprocity with a bunch down near Williamsburg, but I can't remember which ones off the top of my head.
  14. Mulligans out at Bogey's sports park. If you ever need anything, talk to Matt and Jay and they'll work with you to find the right club/bag at the right price. Really great guys, friendly, knowledgeable, and will always give you they best deal they can.
  15. Well, as long as you don't mind helping me search for balls in the woods occasionally, I'll play with ya Just played Federal Club yesterday and had a grand time. Also play RCC, Jefferson Lakeside, and a few other haunts that aren't dirt tracks. Hit me up if you're interested.
  16. Tried a new course, The Federal Club, this afternoon and the weather was amazing. Only had time for front 9, though - rated a 9 HDCP. - 40 (+4) - 3/7 FIR - 2/9 GIR - 13 putts (4 2-putts, 5 1-putt, and 1 chip-in for a bird on #9!) Most importantly, though, is that I brought my 6yr old daughter along for the first time and she had a blast! Let her hit in the fairway and chip around the green and she stayed interested for 6 of 9 holes...lost her a bit to a coloring book for 3 holes, but I consider it a win overall. She told me she wants to go back again, so we have a futu
  17. JS Smith, VA Driver 120mph Srixon Q-Star Tour Tour X, but open to either. Also, this would be a great way to test my new wedges!
  18. One thing that might be overlooked with an instructor is that they may have other students who have old gear you could pickup for a good deal and the instructor would know what your game needs. So perhaps Student A has ill-fitting clubs, but they might be great for you; instructor recommends new clubs for Student A and then they facilitate a sale of old clubs to you. This is actually what happened to me year ago, so it's worth a shot. Also, before buying clubs, a lesson is good to get an idea of what type of club you even need. There are so many choices out there, it's a bit like h
  19. So remember my Ping bag I purchased...I couldn't let the Anser putter be the only Ping club in my bag - just didn't feel right. Had a bunch of Amazon gift cards and found a great deal on a couple of Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges! Also, shout out to greatergolfexpress.com for their incredibly fast shipping - seriously. I placed the order Tuesday and they were at my door Wednesday night
  20. Since I got a new Ping Hoofer bag, been eyeing some Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges to fill out my new lineup with the D7's i'm currently testing. Right now the D7's have wedges @ 43* and 48*, so think a 54* and 58* might be the ticket for sub-130yds shots...
  21. Any fellow spies in the Mid-Atlantic area plan on attending this event? I'm caddying the Pro-Am on Wednesday, if anyone is playing. Also, I might be able to get my hands on some cheap, or even free tickets, so message me. This year, on Friday, Chase Rice is also having a concert on the grounds, which should be a fun time! Admission to concert included in Friday tournament ticket. Past two years have been great weather and exciting finishes, including a playoff the first year and an eagle putt by Bernhard to win the second year! Check out details here
  22. Picked up this beauty on Sunday from the local shop. They were having a sale on 2019 bags and the price was too good to resist. $160 for a brand new Ping Hoofer, I mean comeon! Now i just need one of them G400 or 410 drivers to complete the "look"...you know, in case anyone has one lying around they don't need or use
  23. Didn't have time for a full round this past week, so I hit the range instead and decided to do some comparisons between the D7's, R11's, and DCI's in my bag - also had a special guest appearance by a last gen D300 from W/S to compare to the newer D7's. For the data analyzers, check the link below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VAmCTdUzoEuKVd5bcShOowHTM_MM7jq0mS7RhtsW6bw/edit?usp=sharing My notes from the sessions: - Still hitting the D7 better than the other two, so it's showing how newer tech can really improve your game - Straighter ball flight, albeit higher th
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