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  1. Had a chance to test the Epic Speed yesterday. My local golf store loaned me one for the day. Sadly, or happily perhaps (I saved $700 CDN) by not purchasing the Epic Speed 9 degree. The Epic Speed was compared with my current Callaway driver head (B21) in my custom fit Graphite Design XC-6 stiff shaft and my daily gamer (Srixon Z-Star) ball. Not really any gains to be had with the Epic Speed in my case. A slightly lower ball flight was evident, but carry numbers and totals were pretty much the same as my B21. So, for now, I'm sticking with my B21 and saving some cash in the process. Perhaps when the season is in full flight, I might give it a go again, but I was in good form yesterday with my clubs and up against my B21, it didn't really make me want to drop $700.
  2. I used to play only Cobras 5 years ago. Now I have a combination of Callaway Driver & 5-wood, Cobra 3-wood, Srixon z785 irons, Vokey Wedges & Taylormade Spider Tour putter. For me it's about consistency, feel and what works best for me based on fittings and on-course play. My feelings about brand loyalty have changed over the years.
  3. I use my 3-wood more than my driver. Cobra F7 with an Aldila Rogue Black stiff driver shaft shortened to 3-wood shaft length.
  4. I've been playing the Z Star for the past three seasons. Wind flight control, acoustics, feel off the putter, driving distance and wedge spin are ideal for me. Best all around ball out of all the balls I've tested out over the past three seasons for all around playing performance for my game. Like Bridgestone, the company makes vehicle tires (rubber) so they should know a thing or two about making good golf balls.
  5. Love my C130 bag. Best bag I've ever had.
  6. I played Cobra prior to Ping G400 Max. I still have my Max, however, this year after a new fitting I'm playing the Rogue and it's the best, most consistent driver head and shaft combo I've ever had. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I am. Cheers !
  7. I won my league championship today so I guess I played well. I was in the A flight group based on my regular season scores. I've never entered a league before until this season. A friend of mine invited me to join so I did. I shot a 77 for 18 holes (damn double bogies cost me 4 strokes. lol). After 14 weeks of league play with my season handicap index, I ended up with a net 68 overall. I won by two strokes over the second place finisher. I picked up two skins and a closest to the pin as well. Came home with some sweet prizes and a warm feeling. Maybe it was the shot of whiskey I celebrated with. I'm pretty happy with how I played today and feel like all my range work, quiet practice walks on the course in the evenings by myself and the patience I had on the course today paid off on the one day that mattered most to me this season. Cheers To All. I hope you have a great rest of the season. I can relax now. The pressure is off ! ~ ward ~
  8. All of my clubs are custom fit. I've always had custom fittings done when I'm investing in new clubs. Including my wedges and putter. I've even put a number of balls to the on-course testing this season since mid-January and I continue to play the Srixon Z Star for best all around ball for my game. My driver is a 43.5" shaft length (custom fit shaft flex as well). I'm making consistent center-face strikes and carrying good distance off the tee consistently as well, so I'm quite happy with my current set up.
  9. KBS Tour 120 Stiff+ for irons. Hzrdus Smoke 60g Xstiff driver shaft. Aldila MSI 95 Stiff driver shaft in my 3-wood.
  10. Skechers ! I have these Skechers Performance shoes and I love them.
  11. Golfers might be interested in this product. I've heard it's non-greasy and made by golfers for golfers. https://skinsunscreen.com/
  12. Walmart carries a glove line called EZ Skin. Here in Canada they are about $10 a glove. The leather is pretty soft and comfortable and the gloves last pretty good for the price. Footjoy goes for about $25 in Golf Town and other golf stores here. I can go through about 3 or 4 gloves in a season when I'm playing and practising quite frequently, even though I only use them for drivers, 3-woods and hybrids off the tee. So, for $30 - $40, I can get three gloves, instead of paying top dollar to wear out 3 $25 dollar gloves in a season. I can spend the left over money on more range balls.
  13. I have Skechers (spikeless) and are probably the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn. Time for a new pair after two well-used seasons. I've worn Footjoy, Nike and New Balance over the years, but the Skechers are my faves. The spikeless are great when the weather is good and the fairways are dry and grip isn't really an issue. Also keeps me from over swinging and slippage isn't an issue. When the fairways are a bit softer, or due to inclement weather, I wear my leather Puma spiked shoes for more grip. Or, when I want to get a bit more aggressive with my swing so I don't slip.
  14. I use a line for putting alignment. With the Taylormade Spider Tour III which has no alignment line on the top of the putter head, it works good for me. Second, for establishing a reference point with the driver (or 3-wood/hybrid/irons) off the tee. It gives my left eye something to focus on for squaring the club face at impact. Works good for me.
  15. I've been playing my Scotty Cameron California Monterey 1.5 for the past two years. However, as of today, I just changed to the Taylormade Spider Tour III, same one used by Jason Day and Dustin Johnson. I rented it for a couple days and took it out on course for testing. I putted very well with it and really like the weighting and balance of the head. Since I always line my ball, I like that there is no sight line on the top of the putter. I've never been much on mallet-style putters, but this one's in the bag !
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