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  1. Thanks @revkev That is great advice! I appreciate it immensely. Yeah. I was hoping that eventually I would be able to do the kneeling swings...,but I will do feet together as a substitute for the time being. Sorry....I didn’t realize you were in the more advanced stages of the disease. Lol.
  2. Well. It happened. I have an overuse injury in my left arm. Golfers elbow. It is the kneeling swings from the left hand side which irritate it. The regular left handed swings don’t bother it. As such....I will be modifying my regimen. No kneeling swings for me. I have a disease called OLD (48 years). I am still stoked however. Injuries happen.
  3. Yes. I saw yesterday how “addictive” it can be to try to beat a number with each swing. I am sure you are right about SS increases. I like your dynamic warm up idea. Very cool.
  4. I enjoy your posts. And yes....you may qualify for millennial status. Lol.
  5. Ok guys. Good call on getting the swing speed radar to track my progress. Before I was just listening to the swoosh with no music in the background. I could hear the fast ones...they made a different noise. The swing speed radar is definitely more objective....and I can listen to music now since I don’t have to listen for the swoosh. Today was my first day using the radar on the second session of my Level 1 training protocol. Still have a cold so I was quite winded again during this session just like the last one. I also hope I am faster than I measured today and my illness is slowing me down. Lol! Here are my fastest numbers for each session. R. L Kneeling. G: 94. 80 B: 87. 76 R: 80. 79 Standing. G: 106. 97 B: 100. 99 R: 96. 80 Step Change. G: 109. 97 B: 104. 85 R: 94. 85 Standing final swings. 106
  6. Clearly there wasn’t a written contract here. Don’t know all the details so I won’t comment one way or the other. The optics aren’t good as people are talking about it nonstop.
  7. Thanks a million Sirchunksalot! That is exactly the practical information that I was looking for.
  8. Just finished a great book on managing your golf expectations. It is called Easier Said Than Done by Dr. Rick Jensen. I highly recommend it to anyone who plays this crazy game called golf.
  9. This sounds good to me. Joe from Syracuse Current rain gear: Nike Storm Fit pants and jacket purchased in 2003 for St Andrews golf trip. Worst rain ever played in....that St Andrews trip in April 2003. On the “New Course.” The oldest new course in the world. On hole 9....severe uphill 225 yard par three with a 30-40 mph wind and freezing rain blowing in our face. I got home in two with driver and four hybrid. The Nike gear worked. Thought I might update my gear. I would love to test this product out.
  10. Went to next protocol this morning. Felt a little junky this morning but not bad enough to not work out. I am starting to come down with some sort of illness. The five swings from each side along with the kneeling had me seriously winded due to my less than perfect health right now. I hit the simulator this afternoon. Average driver swing was 97 mph....average carry was 230-240 yards. I think the sim I was on over the weekend was accurate. This is awesome. Swing speed radar arrived this afternoon so I will start tracking that as well. I have a question for all of you. Do you need to track all of the swings? Or can you just track the last ones with the green stick? Any thoughts and opinions appreciated.
  11. I look forward to hearing about your trip. And yes....I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the chipping. Thanks! I will play with garden hoes and shovels if it will improve my game! Lol.
  12. 77 with the HBs at a course in Ocean City MD on Friday. Love them! Hit a 185 yard 4 iron high draw to an elevated green. Beautiful! Also, I have found with the wide flange that these clubs are a chipping monster with a simple putting stroke! Will not DIG on that chipping stroke! Looking to Florida trip next month with multiple rounds.
  13. Was out of town and got to play 18 at Ocean City Golf Club on Friday. 60 something degrees and windy. I thought I noticed a difference with swing speed. Hit some big drives so I thought my speed had increased but still not sure as the wind was a big factor. On Saturday I went to an indoor golf simulator I have never used. Average driver speed was 100 mph with top speed of 103. My average on the last simulator was 88-92 last year. I am back home and I am going to check out my speed on a known simulator that I have used before to see if these numbers are real. Totally stoked if they are!!!!! I did order the swing speed radar as well....should be here this week.
  14. Golf Digest Hot List Gold for Cleveland Launcher HB irons
  15. Easiest 4 and 5 iron I have ever hit. I have only hit them on my Skytrak and at the local golf dome....but they are stupid easy to hit....with height. You are right...,they are harder to hook than a hybrid. Hit these clubs if you can. You won’t be disappointed.