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  1. My wrist would always bother me during the swings, and I would get a lancinating nerve pain in that same wrist during some of the swings. I stopped and the pain never returned.
  2. Just started with the Stack system. Love the guided workout. Very well done! Super Speed caused some physical injuries for me. I will report back on health status with the Stack.
  3. Just got this system after sitting on the fence for six months. This is a quality product. I am very impressed with how well this product has been created. I am looking forward to seeing progress.
  4. I heard that they are having problems with shaft suppliers. Orders being pushed back depending on what shaft you ordered.
  5. Well done sir! Now go do it again!
  6. Six over for the last four holes. My short game was non existent. I hit nine greens in regulation with no trouble getting off the tee. My chipping/pitching cost me five shots at a minimum. Actually spent an hour in the chipping area after the round because I was so disgusted. I am glad you played well for the majority of the round! Good to hear!
  7. I hate you guys! Lol. I have read this thread and now I want one!
  8. I always enjoy your content! Keep it going!
  9. joen

    Go Joe!

    Thanks boys! It was a good one!
  10. No. I am not an overpronator. However, as someone who is actually a podiatrist (and didn’t just spend the night in a Holiday Inn).....I can tell you that the ASICS brand is a solid shoe and should serve you well. If you want maximum stability, I generally recommend one of the Adidas Tour shoes to patients. The new HOVR shoe from Under Armour is also a very solid choice for an overpronator.
  11. Here is my Autoflex review. Shout out to @Manimal26as I purchased the shaft from him. Great guy to deal with.... I have had this for close to a week now. It is a very well made shaft. It feels whippy. This is unlike anything you have ever swung. I can guarantee that. I paired the Autoflex 405 shaft with my Ping G400 driver head. Driver SS 93-94 mph. I have gained 4-5 mph swinging at my “normal” speed. That translates roughly to ten yards that I was seeing. Dispersion was down a little. I am used to my driver being a fairway finder over 70% of the time. So that was a little depressing. Smash factor didn’t seem to change from my current shaft to the Autoflex. Now. Here is where it gets really interesting. If I slowed my driver swing with the Autoflex just a little from my “normal”.....the swing speed didn’t change from my gamer shaft at normal speed. My smash factor went up slightly and my dispersion was actually improved from my gamer shaft. My big miss also disappeared using this intent. So my intent was to get something to let me hit the ball further, but if I slow it down....my accuracy improves without distance loss. Go figure!
  12. Darn you. I just dropped some money on this device because it looks awesome!
  13. You are absolutely correct! Proximity to the hole is a direct correlation to better scores. And I figure the closer I am to the hole after the tee ball....the better my proximity will be. Love it! I will be the right handed Bubba!
  14. Driver swing speed is 93-94 mph. I got the 405. Very pumped to see what this will do for my swing speed. I hit 73% of fairways last season. If I can get 15-20 more yards (1-2 less clubs into the green as a result) and maintain accuracy then I will be very pleased. Distance is king. I did an experiment on an empty course this year. I played two balls. One from my regular tees of 6500 yards....and one from the senior tees. I shot a 78 from the regular tees and a 68 from the senior tees. I was on every par five except one in 2 shots from the senior tees, and it became very clear how much easier this game is the further you hit it! I look forward to sharing my progress!
  15. You better pad that pole! I took one off the face from my unpadded pole on my net return. That left a mark! Needless to say my net return is fully padded now!
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