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  1. Another nine in last night while listening to the PGA championship on Sirius XM radio. These clubs continue to impress. There may be a high probability that my Mizuno irons get retired to the garage bag.....
  2. Played nine today. One under. 6 GIR. The 8-PW make me feel like I am throwing darts. These clubs just feel smooth. I won’t give it away until my final review, but my strokes gained with the Hogan’s are better than with my Mizunos. Finally hit the 5 iron well today.
  3. If you are in the Syracuse area, then Jack Conger is a good choice for in person lessons. He follows the Mike Bender teaching methodology. He has been my coach for over 20 years. I highly recommend him.
  4. Best thing you will ever do for your golf game and your sanity is to take lessons. It is a process. Expect it to take 12-18 months. But...if the instructor is good....at the end you will own your swing (as much as anyone can own something that varies from day to day)....and more importantly you will understand your misses and why....and what you need to do to right the ship so to speak.
  5. Two more rounds in. My swing changes have finally set in. My short game lesson that I took earlier in the year has also taken hold. Last round was an easy two over. 13 greens in regulation. I really like the combo set. I love the blades in the scoring clubs. I feel as though I can really go after the flag with a consistent trajectory and distance. I am still fighting with the five iron. I may get the Hogan hybrid to replace it. The Hogan 4 hybrid continues to be a money club. I love the Equalizer wedges out of the sand. Really digging the V sole.
  6. Played my second round yesterday. 81. 8 greens in regulation. One for nine on up and downs. Horrible short game day. The scoring irons in this set 8-PW are fantastic. I love them. They feel pure and hit the ball a consistent distance. I have had at least one tap in a round with them so far. I am really struggling with the 5 iron. I seem to hit a push fade with it. The hybrid portion of the set is the anti left hybrid unicorn that I am always looking to find. More play today. I will update.
  7. Got this email today. Maybe they are???? Thats what this review is all about...... Stay tuned.
  8. OK gentlemen! First round with the new clubs yesterday. Let me start by saying that I have been battling my swing as of late so I naturally had some loose swings which are absolutely no fault of the clubs unless these are supposed to have AI built into them....and they are supposed to swing themselves. Sadly they do not. Shot a 40 on the front missing three putts that I thought I made. Two tap in birdies on 15 and 16 thanks to great iron shots sealed a 78 for the day. I was secretly hoping to get Deejaid like improvement in my yardages. Alas....the yardages are almost identical to my Mizunos which is helpful for scoring. The feel on a solid hit is muted but pure. This is a great set of golf clubs. I honestly don’t know why these are not grabbing a significant share of the marketplace at their price point and quality. Playing again on Sunday. More thoughts to come!
  9. Very excited. I actually get to play golf Friday afternoon. Hogan’s are going on their maiden voyage. I feel like I should listen to some mood music during the round. I will report back on Friday gentlemen!
  10. I feel your pain. No golf for me this weekend either. It’s like getting a brand new toy as a kid and not being able to play with it. I have already hit some great shots with these clubs in my mind.
  11. Unexpected surprise. Hogan clubs are here. They are flat out gorgeous clubs. The combo set blends beautifully together. They are also dog approved as well. Can’t wait to try them out!
  12. The Triple Track two ball putter knocked my putter out of the bag that I have had for years. I flat out make more putts with that design of putter. Love the lines paired up with the ball. It is definitely like cheating for me inside of ten feet. As with all putters....your mileage may vary.
  13. Got it. Sorry, I didn’t realize that this was pain brought on by the training. Two thoughts pop to mind. One. This is musculoskeletal. Two. This is a nerve irritation which is occurring. These exercises are done at crazy high speeds with a high potential for injury. My shoulders were killing me last year, and I stopped the Superspeed program. Shoulder pain went away. I have hit the weights like never before, and resumed the Superspeed training. No more shoulder pain. Clearly I wasn’t strong enough to handle the torque that I was generating. I never do my training if my body doesn’t feel like it wants to.....I was supposed to train today but I slept horrible last night so no training. I wish you the best with this because your increase in speed you discussed makes you a Superspeed poster boy.
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