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  1. So.....for everyone who has used these....do these things work?
  2. Handicap finished the year at 1.8. I have been trying to get to scratch so I purchased a year subscription to shot by shot strokes gained tracking program to see where I was bleeding strokes. It converts your strokes gained number into a handicap for you. Driving: 3 handicap Short game: 3 handicap Putting: Scratch Approach: NINE handicap it was clear to me that my iron game was holding me back. I really wanted to try something that would help....and this just may be the ticket. I got the 4-PW. I am going to the fitter on Monday to see if they need to be bent 2 degrees flat like my irons. I already catch grief for the ugly putter that I use....,why not catch some flak for my irons as well?
  3. Will let you know how the trip goes. You know...the clubs don’t look that bad at address.
  4. Ok. I am a low handicapper and I have always wondered about game improvement clubs; however, I have always been leary because of the lack of spin that they create. I saw the Cleveland Launcher HB won the category for SGI. I saw Mark Crossfields review. I read this post from start to finish. Yet, I was hesitant to buy them as an experiment to see if they could help a low handicapper. Then, I realized that with my rewards program through our office credit card, I could get this set for FREE. That is my kind of price. Lol. So, I just unboxed them and proceeded to test them on my Skytrak at home against my Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons. Yeah....the Mizunos feel a little more like butter when I hit them....but I can get over that if my iron play improves. I am a club longer with the HBs. I am not sure if the lofts are jacked or not....so that may not be a good comparison. Spin was about 300 rpm less with the HBs....but the HBs flew higher and had very similar stopping power to my Mizunos. The BIGGEST thing I noticed.....about one out of every ten swings for me will be a little on the dicey side....is that I am BLOWN away by the forgiveness of the HBs compared to the Mizunos. I hit one on the heel which felt like it should go nowhere. It flew about five yards shorter than my standard ball with just a baby fade on it that ended up four yards off line. I am looking forward to getting these out on my Florida trip in March. I will keep everyone updated. These could be a game changer......
  5. Love my DF putter. I would love to be able to kick it out of the bag and use a beautiful putter; however, none of the beautiful putters work like my ugly duckling. I have tried to replace it over the past two years.....but I think it is a permanent gamer. So easy to start it on the correct line. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  6. Color me interested for this one. I can be the skeptic of the group. I have always been of the opinion that you either have it or you don't in regards to swing speed. You are gifted genetically and can play from the tips or you look forward to the day when you can move up a box to the senior tees. I have tried everything imaginable in the past 20 years to gain speed in my golf swing to no avail. I tried a three club system peddled by a famous golf teaching pro many years ago that did nothing. I have tried weight training with no improvement. I have tried high intensity training with no help. Gave myself tennis elbow with a gyro ball some fifteen years ago that still hurts occasionally to this day. I would love to be proven wrong..... Joe NY Cobra Fly Z driver. Matrix VLCT SP shaft regular flex 60g shaft weight SS: 88-92
  7. Sign me up! Just tell me how high I need to jump to be a tester! Joe Syracuse I track statistics the old fashioned way. Pencil and paper. No GPS watch used. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  8. Would love to be a part of this challenge. I have the Cobra Fly Z driver and 3 wood in my bag and nothing has been able to knock it out. Joe. Syracuse NY Handicap 2.8 Current bag: Cobra Fly Z driver Cobra Fly Z 3 wood Callaway 7 wood Adams Red 6 hybrid Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons 6-GW Mizuno T7 56 and 60 degree wedges Callaway PM grind 64 degree wedge DIrected Force putter Goal for this summer is scratch. I am convinced data is the key to that goal..... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. 1. Age: 47 2. Swing speed: 96 3. Handicap: 2.9 4. Rounds per year: 80 5. Current driver: Cobra Fly Z 6. Fit for a driver: Yes 7. Average a Driver Distance: 250 Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  10. Joe Syracuse NY Handicap:2.3 Current irons: Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons One length Great concept. Have been afraid to spend the money to try them out. Would love to give these a test run.
  11. joen

    is Tiger Done?

    Agree 100%. If he will make the transition to being a grinder rather than trying to keep up with the long hitters then he will be able to continue to play and will probably win a few more because of the experience factor.
  12. joen

    Cobra One Length Irons

    The one length irons have always intrigued me. Always thought the longer irons were problematic. Ditched my 3 and 4 iron a long time ago for hybrids and haven't looked back. My five iron was always my love/hate club....truly the Jekyll and Hyde of my golf bag. I found a six hybrid that goes the same distance as my five iron....My five iron is now retired in my basement. I think for people who don't hit long irons well and hybrids are a hook machine for them....one length irons make a lot of sense.
  13. Which would everyone recommend? Tour striker or DST?
  14. Joe Syracuse NY Handicap: 2.9 Never used GPS watch Used game golf tracking system for a little while but found it too cumbersome and inconvenient to be practical on the golf course. I absolutely love the potential information that could be gleaned through the usage of a system such as this one.
  15. I found a Wilson Staff Duo ball, and I bought a dozen of them after hitting the ball. I have six rounds in with this ball. The price is right at approximately $20 per dozen. The thing that I like about it at the 29 compression it has is that it feels like the old balata balls to me when I hit it. The ball is longer off my driver and irons. From a full swing in the fairway I get hop and stop action on the green. Around the green it is definitely NOT a Pro V1....it does run out more. The ball has great durability. For the price it is a good ball!