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  1. Sorry if I in anyway have caused you to spend money on golf clubs. I apologize profusely!
  2. Thanks. I was concerned about that as well. I have played a 52, 56, and 60 for over a decade. Hopefully I adjust quickly to the 50, 54, and 58.
  3. Was looking at the specs and I noticed the PW is 46 degrees and my current GW is 52 degrees. I was concerned about gapping issues....and I needed new wedges so I ordered the Hogan Equalizer wedges in 50, 54, and 58. It just seemed right to get new wedges from Hogan since they supplied an iron set free for testing (abuse).
  4. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I only hope my review can be helpful. Very excited!
  5. Yes they are. I believe they are listed as water repellent while the BOAs are waterproof. With that said...my round this morning was with wet grass....and I was missing plenty of fairways this morning so they got put to the test. My toes did not get wet at all. So I guess they are water repellent. Lol. Would I wear them on a day with rain forecast....no I would not.
  6. Just bought and tried out a pair of these shoes. I normally get a 40% discount, but because of COVID it was increased to a 60% discount with free shipping. I couldn’t resist at $52. ASICS golf shoes have never been beautiful in my minds eye, but these were tolerable so I pulled the trigger. These are quite comfortable. Now I would not say they are as comfortable/cushioned as the Puma golf shoes, but these are a much more stable shoe with a solid heel counter. They readily accommodate an orthotic and the toe box is quite roomy even at a regular width. They appear to be true to size. They do not appear to be available in wide widths. The shoe appears to be well made. Good torsional stability and the forefoot breaks at the appropriate spot. Insole is removable. If anyone is on the fence about this shoe, I give it my professional seal of approval.
  7. I hear you loud and clear.....I am just glad golf courses have been opened back up. Totally saving my sanity!!!! I have also thought that filling the cups with liquid hand sanitizer would solve this problem as well.
  8. Most of the putting gurus say that your eyes either need to be over the ball or inside the line. Outside the line is bad, but I am sure someone might be able to make it work. A putting mirror does wonders to ensure a repeatable setup every time....shoulders and eye position.
  9. I have played at several courses with the cups raised above the ground. Anything that hits them is a make.....which is a little silly but I have gotten much more aggressive with short putts.
  10. Joe. Syracuse NY Handicap 1.8 Currently play Mizuno JPX 850 forged irons PTX pro/Icon combo please.
  11. My answer to this question until last night was “No.”. Consider this a Public Service Announcement as well. It is a good idea to pad the crossbar of your golf net frame....not just the side posts. I have a nice black eye today. Just so you all know. I merely switched to a lower lofted club and continued to hit balls while icing my eye between shots. Padding will go up today.
  12. joen

    Random Thread

    Wow. She did a nice job! I retract my “Thats what they make hats for” statement.
  13. joen

    Random Thread

    That’s what they make hats for.....
  14. You guys are the best on this forum. This place rocks!
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