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  1. I submit for your review the Cleveland VAS iron. Although Corey Pavin did use them to win the 1995 US Open at Shinnecock.
  2. I will update once I have it in my grubby little fingers. I tried the cone drill but all that did was cause me to over exaggerate and my hands and arms drifted too far away in the backswing. This rolling problem causes my main miss so it needs to go. I fully believe that most swing faults are caused by an improper backswing, and I think that is why David Leadbetter (like him or hate him he is controversial to some) said that most golfers would do better setting up in a completed backswing position over the ball and just hitting it from that position.
  3. I pre ordered one as well. Just went to my instructor again and I still roll the club to the inside on the takeaway despite trying not to for the past two months. Everyone talks about how this fault disappears in a very short period of time. We shall see.
  4. Just saw you are from Fulton. I am ten miles away from you. We should play Battle Island some time.
  5. Wish I would have seen this post a week earlier. My wife and I just sold our 30 piece All Clad set for $500. She got Kitchen Craft because the All Clad stuff was too heavy for her. That All Clad stuff is expensive but it is well made and indestructible.
  6. I have this device. My instructor recommended that I get it several years ago. First of all. As with any training aid....I feel that ones you can hit balls with are superior. So this one is limited but it does have some benefits. It does provide feedback of how the arms should feel during the backswing and helps you create width because your arms can’t collapse. Also helps your body and arms to stay in synch. For me....it definitely helped me get into a repeatable backswing position at the top of the swing....and that was worth its weight in gold so I give it a thumbs up.
  7. Tilley makes a nice hat which serves this purpose. I have one. It is great. Packs well. Washable. Looks good.
  8. Lol. You are right. No way I would wear this thing in front of people. I would use it on my home net. Much the same as I have never seen someone wear a Swing Jacket. I do think this device has two useful features. I think it stops the inside takeaway...and I think it helps people feel the “Magic Move” of the transition. However I have not used this device so I could be way off. I was intrigued about it by all the positive praise it has been receiving.....it must be worthwhile at some level.
  9. I see that these are sold out on Tour Strikers web site. I checked E Bay to see if anyone was dumping their used planemate. There is one on there and it is already at $250 bid. Gulp! I should have bought ten of these and resold nine of them at a profit to pay for the one I would keep for myself.....and probably have some golfing money left over.
  10. Mr Hicksta and others using this device. I have to ask. Does this thing work? Is your ballstriking better? I love training aids and I have owned many over the years. Some are better than others. It has always been my feeling....whether it is real or not is up for debate....that the best aids are the ones that you can hit balls with. Would love to hear from you guys further thoughts. Thanks in advance.
  11. These are some great posts in this thread. Pre shot routine will save you shots without a doubt. The pre shot routine needs to be the same each time. Mike Bender has a great book about the eight second pre shot routine. The pre shot routine helps me eliminate fear and second guessing. I always likened it to free throws in basketball. Back in the day....it would be the same for each free throw....three bounces of the ball....give it a little spin in my hands...and go. I feel the more robotic you are in this pre shot routine....the more it can save you because it becomes something more automatic and you just let your body take over the swing instead of overthinking the shot and your mechanics. I feel this routine is especially helpful when the pressure is turned up a notch.
  12. What are the names of the five (at least that’s all I can see in the picture) training aids attached to Roy McAvoy in the classic movie Tin Cup? I can name four of them. How about you?
  13. I have a question for you guys who own this training aid. Does this do the same thing that is shown in this My Golf Spy training aid hack article?
  14. Without a doubt....one of my best golf purchases ever second only to lessons. When spring starts I am ready to go. I know exactly how far all my clubs go which is huge. I have used it to dial in all my wedge distances. You already have the net and mat......go for it.
  15. I went to school in Cleveland. I loved going to Jacobs Field in the nineties and watching those teams they had. They always sold that place out back then. Dont forget Kenny Lofton....Albert Belle....Omar Vizquel. Very fun.
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