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  1. That is a great question! I will be following to see others answers. Golf is a wonderful game, but it can definitely produce some lows especially in competition. For me, I always try to look at everything as a learning experience. I love practice, so I typically work it out in that manner. Hitting balls in the garage after work has always been a great stress reliever after work. Improvement in golf never seems to be linear either.
  2. Joe. Syracuse NY I am right handed. First choice: 3 wood with regular shaft Second choice: Driving iron with regular shaft. Handicap: 2.4 Currently playing Hogan VKTR hybrid as part of awesome Hogan combo set which I tested on MGS.
  3. I have swung one. Unless you are a high handicapper.....this is not the training aid for you. A much better training aid IMO would be either the planemate or the Drive 300 yard impact training aid from Monte Scheinblum.
  4. Best advice I can give you is to try and consciously make your hands do nothing to manipulate the putt. Sounds easy but difficult in reality. Once you figure out how to do this Consistently you will see the magic of this putter. Enjoy the process!
  5. Specs are 70 degree lie angle. 32 inch long putter. I have abnormally long arms for my body so I use shorter putters and irons with flat lies.
  6. Love the Directed Force putter. It did come out of my bag earlier this season because for some unexplained reason I lost being able to see the line. I know this sounds ridiculous, but everything literally looked like it wasn’t lined up. I switched to the Triple Track two ball with the triple track ball and I can see the line again. The Directed Force is crazy good at anything under ten feet for me. I do struggle with the 10-15 footer make percentage for some reason with the DF. DF is also a monster at three putt avoidance. DF went back in the bag now that I can see the lines again.....lovi
  7. Practice putts with your thumbs off on a regular basis to in grain the feeling of letting the club head do the work.
  8. Two more rounds in today. 76 and a 73 in the wind. Anytime I can control my ball the way I want to in the wind I know I am hitting the ball very well. The PW gave me three easy birdies.....drop and stop....short putt. Makes the game look very simple. I encourage everyone to try these clubs if you are in the market.
  9. I am here this morning to throw a little love at the Equalizer wedges. I finally have my half wedge shot distances dialed in. Driver didn’t cooperate the other day, and instead of trying hero shots out of a collection of some of the worst lies I have ever seen, I just punched out to 40-50 yards away from the green in the fairway. These wedges are money with the V sole. Tight lies....fluffy lies....sand.....they perform. I was able to get up and down for par multiple times.....you will break a competitors spirit doing that in match play!
  10. I have noticed that about your club selection in your previous posts....that we hit the ball about the same. And yes....there are not enough superlatives to go around about these clubs!
  11. OK....these clubs are better than I thought. I got hit in the head with a golf ball yesterday waiting on a tee box. No one yelled fore and no one apologized for beaning me. I am OK. I am not repeating myself. I am not repeating myself. Lol. Anyways, I parred out after getting beaned. Clearly there is an autopilot function with these clubs.
  12. 138 to an elevated green with an 8 iron. Absolutely smoked it. Felt pure as anything. Had two other shots just like this in my 35 tonight. These clubs flat out perform!!! They feel like I am driving a Ferrari on a VW budget.
  13. I agree with Sluggos assessment. These are definitely players clubs. Not players distance clubs. I know what yardage all these clubs are going to go with a good hit and my regular mishit. The gapping is great between the clubs. The Icons flow nicely to the PTX pro which flows well to the four hybrid. They did such a good job with the gapping I was considering getting the 5 hybrid to replace the 5 iron since I have difficulty with the 5 iron for some reason. And just to be clear, this was not a cosmetic failure after playing. The club arrived with the paint fill missing.
  14. I think the dings are going to be pretty common with this set. Nothing feels this soft off the face that won’t take a beating from bag chatter! Also, is this indestructotanium alloy the same thing Ironmans suit is made out of???
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