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  1. Thank you for your thoughtful answer. I am going to stop worrying about my shoulders being open and just go with the stroke as it is putting it on line. Square shoulders were always very important for me with traditional putting that I always worked with a putting mirror to make sure I was square.
  2. OK. 18 more holes today. Shot an even par 72. Putting handicap was 3 today. I had six birdie looks 15 feet and in....,which is what I consider realistic. I converted one out of six. I made a fifty foot bomb for birdie....left a 44 foot birdie right on the lip. I did three putt one green when I left myself with a circus putt....so I am not sure that one really counts....lol. Overall I am pleased with the putter and I suspect it will get more solid as I use it more.
  3. GB, Thanks for your input regarding the shoulders. It does feel more natural to let them be open. And yes....powering may not be the right word....it is just a smooth motion. And I may not have worded it correctly...I put the armlock into play because I imploded with my regular putting method with tournament pressure. I look forward to @downlowkey thoughts on this subject.
  4. GB, Here are my thoughts after getting the Bettinardi out for 18 holes today. I used it for multiple sessions on my indoor putting green before taking it out to the course. First....this method feels awkward as anything. It just doesn’t feel right. With that said....this putter starts the ball on line each and every time. I missed the second round cut of a tournament just recently because my putting stroke broke down when the heat got turned on because I knew I needed to shoot a number. I got handsy with the heat, so I decided to give this armlock thing a try. I am glad I did. You cannot get handsy with this putter. My strokes gained for the round was a +1 putting handicap. I had no three putts. Surprisingly...my distance control was spot on with this putter despite it feeling so awkward! Did I mention yet it felt awkward? Here are my questions for you guys...,and I know feel isn’t real. But, how do you feel like you are powering the putter? It seems to work best when I feel my lead shoulder rock down and then rock up. Also....do you guys let your shoulders stay open like they want to do or do you close them down to square? This putter may be a game changer with the ability to start this thing on the intended line every time. I made two birdies and I missed several birdie putts just leaving the putt at the edge of the hole.
  5. joen

    Random Thread

    That is a magical place! I love the horse crap all over the roads....I believe you can see it clearly in your one picture!
  6. I have a similar story where I failed to say anything....but for a different reason. It was Thanksgiving weekend of 1998. My buddy in Pennsylvania and I were going to play at Penn National which has two different courses. My buddy called to get a tee time and was told that the one course was closed. When we got there....they let us out onto the course that was supposed to be closed. As we were playing with no one in sight....we noticed about six to seven black Suburbans parked in the distance and thought nothing about it other than it was odd. There is a part of the course where you have to go through a tunnel to get to several holes and then cross back through the tunnel to finish the rest of the course. If we hadn’t been playing fast...then we would have missed our sighting. As we approached the tunnel....I stopped because there was a long line of golf carts starting to enter the tunnel from the other side. The first few carts were loaded with guys in suits. The fourth cart had President Clinton in it. All I could do was manage a wave at the President.....mainly because the sight of about twenty guys who seemed bothered by our presence was unsettling to say the least. My buddy didn’t fare any better. The President did wave and say hello to us. After he passed....we watched him slice on off the next tee with his over the top move...and we moved onto the next hole. As it turns out, the President liked to play Penn National when he was at Camp David.
  7. I have a confession. I really wanted to test this putter.....and after reading all the comments I pulled the trigger on one. I figure....worst case scenario....if it doesn’t work out.....I can sell it for relatively close to what I bought it for....... Lets see if it can kick my gamer out!
  8. Awesome to hear about your numbers not dropping off. Glad your back is feeling better!
  9. Professional speech writers are hard to come by at this time of night. Lol.
  10. Yes! What Wedgie said! My feet thank you all!
  11. Thanks boys! I will! I hope it’s ok that I didn’t prepare an acceptance speech! Lol.
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