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  1. If a post that isn't directly addressed to me is of no interest to me, I just ignore it and read something else that I find more interesting. Frankly, i don't think you have a clue about the old Kenneth-Smith company and the kind of customization that they offered. I didn't say anything about blades.
  2. My trolling about the Patriots is in fun, and you can criticize that all you want, jlukes. Spinal stenosis and ulnar nerve damage have no remedies, however, and smart ass comments about my disabilities are malicious and nothing more. You're a cretinous troglodyte, and I've no more interest in anything that you post.
  3. This has been the most annoying second half of the football season that I can ever remember. My favorite seasons are the ones with the New England Patriots plus thirty-one teams each serving as the Washington Generals football equivalent. I don't care about competitive games. I enjoy Patriots blowout wins, and i haven't seen much of that in recent weeks. Brady is gone next year, and this year, he's had no offensive help. I've got to find alternative means of entertainment. I might be running up quite a book bill at Barnes & Noble. This is getting serious now.
  4. If I wanted to make a splash in the marketplace, I'd offer something that looked less busy and more elegant than what the other OEMs are offering. Then I'd conduct a really formal and snobbish looking ad campaign that matched the elegance of the product. There's an underserved elite market looking to separate themselves from populist trends in golf. Somebody needs to replace the old Kenneth Smith company which did exactly that.
  5. Your point is well taken, Middler, but I had already stopped watching football after the Tatum-Stingley disaster in the 70s. It made me sick to my stomach. Then the Brady-Belichick era happened and I was drawn back in. I'm guessing that I'll fall back out when it's over.
  6. Thanks for the correction, jlukes. As an active player, I'm sure that your awareness of these things is more acute than mine. My more casual observations didn't reveal many face balanced putters.
  7. I still watch Patriots games, albeit nothing else, jlukes. This will almost certainly be the last season for even that. You've seen my posts explaining why. I'm not a football fan anymore. I'm just a Belichick-Brady football fan. No other football was ever like it, and I don't expect to see anything like it in the future. It hasn't been perfection, but it's been too close to perfection to ever be reproduced.
  8. Here's something old AND new, in a manner of speaking. Straight back and through putting strokes are not in vogue today, but some still do exist. What barely exist at all in today's marketplace are faced balance putters to accommodate those strokes. An old favorite was the Ram Zebra mallet. Original Zebras--the good ones--are now literally older than presidential candidate Mayor Pete. Good luck trying to find a Zebra putter with a face that isn't worn or, more likely, dinged. A friend of mine found a suitable alternate face-balanced mallet, however--the Louisville Golf "Willie Dunn" putter. Reproductions of an early 20th century model, these brand new putters have persimmon mallet heads, brass face plates, and hickory shafts. And, allegedly, despite a more centered shaft, they putt very similarly to the Ram Zebra. I, of course, cannot confirm this with personal experience. Were I still playing, however, I'd certainly try one.
  9. Thanks, jlukes. Officiating may have cost us the game last night, but there were no perverse forces at play, I'm sure. Zebra crews, like football teams themselves, have bad days--and yesterday's crew had a horrific one. They had one cheap holding call on KC...and they had almost countless missed calls that hurt the Pats. Still, if you want to win, don't leave your defense on the field for the entire second quarter so the other team can score 17 points. An exemplary second half by the defense, going with a valiant effort with an understaffed offense, was too little too late. At forty-two years of age, Tom Brady, the Greatest Of All Time, has nothing with which to work other than White and Edelman. Gronk would be irreplaceable for any team, of course. As far as I'm concerned, he's a GOAT as well. Offensive linemen who've played well in the past display terribly eroded skills now. The 2019 New England Patriots, even with a respectable 10-3 record, don't have an offense to scare anybody. If they win their last three games--anything but a sure thing--the Pats will get the playoff bye, even if they must play the AFC Championship Game on the road should they somehow get there. This is obviously the end of a great dynasty, but I'm holding out hope for that Stairway to Seven. That would be a magnificent ending, but I'm not betting the farm on it. Then it's done. Brady's house is up for sale. He's not coming back. What remains to be seen is whether he has the good sense to retire or decides to prove that he can't play anymore by, like others before him, trying to cap his career playing with somebody else. That's certainly not something I could bring myself to watch.
  10. Thanks, jlukes. I guess that that info wouldn't open in my browser.
  11. Just as Top Flite is no longer made by Spalding, Maxfli is no longer made by Dunlop. When you get to be my age, you may still be alive but your world isn't. You're living in another generation's world. My first golf balls, these coming with the clubs handed down by my uncle, were Dunlops, purchased in Bermuda, that were 1.62" in diameter. That was the official R&A size back then. My first golf ball as a frequent player was the original non-wound Spalding Top Flite (1.68", of course). Both models are long buried in history, even deeper than wound Titleists.. Rev mentions nine-woods. A modern nine-wood is maybe a degree or two weaker than a traditional wooden 5-wood from the sixties. If I were still playing, I'd carry one, too. I wouldn't carry a jumbo head driver like Rev does, though. I'd handle tee duties with a mini-driver / driving iron combo. Modern big drivers come lofted enough--I believe Rev goes with 12º--but you still have to play the ball more forward and tee it higher than I'd be comfortable doing. I like to push tees down almost to the cup. Down to the cup with irons. I usually used a broken tee that I found on the tee box. Rev hits the Pro V1x. What might be a good ball for me if I still played? I'm bigger than Rev (if he goes 165) but older and less flexible. I never played at his level, but I was an eight in my prime with a backswing that never came close to reaching parallel. I still drove the ball 220 yards or more--with a strong fairway wood-- quite late in my recreational golf career. This post is a waste of time--ramblings from my having too much time on my hands. I'm sure you've all dropped out by now, but writing it gave me something to do. I'm not in the mood for fighting on the political forums today, so indulge me.
  12. I don't know how I could do worse than some of the existing OEMs. Wilson is the sole survivor of the once Big Three (MacGregor, Spalding, and Wilson). I have to wonder how they're holding on. Out of curiosity only, I went onto their website to check out their Wilson Staff utility driving / long irons. They offer customization. You can order them long or short in small increments. You can order them flat or upright in small increments. But before you decide that you want them a half-inch long or a degree or two flat, don't you have to know what the standard specs are? Those aren't listed. If they're that dumb, they don't deserve to survive.
  13. Cool. My daughter is a case analyst with the BPD Domestic Violence Unit. She started as an intern writing press releases for the Boston Police while she was in college twenty years ago and never left the city. Her husband is a lieutenant detective.
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