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  1. That's an oldie. They knew that they had it wrong in time to fix it and went with it anyway.
  2. In Field of Dreams, they had the great Joe Jackson batting right handed. Eight Men Out got it right, though. I hate sloppy background research. In the Showtime series Ray Donovan, they not only don't pronounce "Donovan" as it's pronounced in Boston, but they even pronounced the word "aunt" as "ant" People born in South Boston might not have the most pleasant accent in the world, but they pronounce "aunt" as Queen Elizabeth herself would pronounce it.
  3. 6-0, and the Patriots haven't put together a regular lineup yet, never mind a complete game. No predictions, we'll see how it goes, but one thing lingers on the back of my mind. Massachusetts high schools are having a hard time getting forty kids to have a team, and Pop Warner programs are decreasing. It's been years since there have been cuts in high school. Show up and you're on the team....in every city and town A lot of parents just aren't letting their kids play anymore. They'll watch the Pats while they're winning, but they won't let their kids play. It wouldn't surprise me if the Patriots success is the only thing keeping the game legal in Massachusetts, just for now. It sounds rash, but the way things are going, progressive coastal states could start banning football any time now. Anti-football public service ads are now on TV. I just saw the first one this week. They're comparing children playing football to children smoking and vaping. They're saying it's going to catch up with their health, sooner or later. Keep up hope, Middle America. Your NFL teams could start winning again soon. Chiefs dynasty, anyone? And St. Louis might even get its third NFL team. Brady has his Brookline mansion on the market right now, so it won't be long. Maybe the Red Sox can move into Gillette Stadium. Beloved Fenway Park is a cramped, uncomfortable dump. The weird baseball dimensions of Gillette would be worth the more comfortable seating. For those of you old enough to remember, the Polo Grounds had strange dimensions for baseball. For most of you, though, you might have to Google the Polo Grounds.
  4. How could you know, Chi? It's not something that I talk about.
  5. Well, to be honest, Chi, it's certainly not why I watch football! I watch 16 Patriots games, Patriots post season games if any, and sometimes the Harvard-Yale game if it's on TV. That's it. I don't watch the Super Bowl if the Pats aren't in it. [Actually, I did watch the first four to root for the AFL when they were true inter-league games.] I guess that there's no team sport that I like enough to watch without a local rooting interest. I think they call that "Boston provincialism." Anyway, the Pats played fairly well In Miami, usually a house of horrors for us, and they are now 2-0. Next we get the Jets at home. I haven't looked at the line but I'm guessing that we're favored.
  6. I'm not worried about Antonio Brown. He could work out like Randy Moss did. If he doesn't and gives us his usual schtick , Belichick will simply make him a gunner on the punting team. Then he'll either straighten out, quit, or worse case scenario, fake an injury and try to keep the money that way. But Mr. Kraft has some pretty good lawyers as we know.
  7. You're not lying, jlukes. Even the Red Sox, who are finishing up their 119th season with us, have an attendance drop off when they don't win. But in my case, it's different. I don't even like the game of football anymore, except how it's played by the Brady/Bellichick Patriots, and how the rest of the country reacts to it. That's the fun part.
  8. I agree that football is really damaging and destructive to the participants' health. I was so put off by the Darryl Stingley paralysis in 1978 that I stopped watching football altogether for a couple of years. Then Doug Flutie came along at Boston College and I got sucked back in by the local enthusiasm. Then Doug Flutie broke my heart by playing in the pro scab games in 1987, so I quit on football again. Then came Brady and Bellichick in the new millennium and Lucifer found yet another way to recapture my soul. To make things worse, Flutie made that damned drop kick and I cheered the freaking scab for that. If the people who voted me to my local's executive board knew that, they'd have taken me outside and finished me off! Chisag is the only union guy I know on this forum, and he being a laid back guy, I'm free to admit applauding that drop kick (but no less ashamed). This time I mean it. If I'm still alive when Brady and Belichick stop winning Super Bowls, I'm quitting football for good! As for boxing, I've been watching it since September of 1952 when Italian New Englander Rocky Marciano won the heavyweight title. Even knowing the sport's ill effects, I had such memories of watching boxing with my dad--that was the only sport he cared much about--that I never gave it up. I use to attend big fights in Boston, Miami, New York, and Las Vegas live. I've seen some of the all time best in person. Boxing was great on premium cable because even if one couldn't buy all the big pay per views, they'd be replayed the next week on HBO or Showtime anyway. I didn't miss anything. Then the damned streaming services came along. First, I can't buy all of them. Second, I'm a 73 year old luddite--I don't understand that streaming nonsense. I still use a flip phone for crying out loud. So now I've lost boxing. Perhaps the fates are punishing me for following such an awful sport for so many decades. And when the GOAT / Hoodie Patriots are no more, I'll be off football too. The Red Sox probably have me until I'm sent of to the crematorium, the bastards.
  9. It's a start, but at least we're starting from a good place. Three Brady TD passes. 15 points from the kicking game. Solid defense. I hope the injury to right tackle Marcus Cannon wasn't too serious. We've got Miami next, I think. Down there. They had a tough day today, but we haven't done well in Miami. Going to the South Beach clubs to "relax" on Saturday night is a bad idea. Every team is on scholarship in the NFL. And the September games count as much as the ones after Thanksgiving.
  10. I agree. The game of football and the NFL as an organization are both disgraces. As soon as the Kraft-Belichick-Brady juggernaut stops winning Lombardi Trophies, I'll drop football forever. Hell, I'd already done that and then they came along. I can't stop watching now, though. It's like a train wreck, or more closely, two stray dogs doing the deed on your front lawn. You know that you're going to watch. even though it isn't particularly pretty. The reaction of Middle America to it all just makes it more Must-See-TV for an obnoxious coastal elitist like myself. I'd admit to all of this at confession, but my pastor, Father Angelo, has season tickets and will be at the game.
  11. After losing the Stanley Cup in ignominious fashion and then watching the defending champion Red Sox pitching staff all get menstrual cramps at the same time, we're at the very least entitled to another Super Bowl trophy this year. It won't be as much fun without Gronk, but we've still got the hoodie and the GOAT, not to mention the strip mall hand job guy holding the purse strings, and I'll be quite upset if it doesn't happen. Six aren't enough. Even the Steelers have six, and I doubt if i could find Pittsburgh on a map. I think it's a little east of Cleveland, but I'm not sure. What the hell would bring me there? At least Philadelphia has the cheese steak sandwiches. Anyway, what do you say? Don't you think that it's time for the Pats to win one more? Who wouldn't be happy with that?
  12. I walk with a cane. The idea of my playing golf has become so implausible--ridiculous, actually--that finally, after a pretty long time, I don't think about it anymore. I loved playing the game at one time...really loved it. Then came the metal spike ban and the modern equipment. And the sudden bitching about slow play when I was never in a hurry playing golf. I still enjoyed playing, but give me something to complain about and that's mother's milk to me. (If you don't believe that, explore my posts on other venues. You know what's been going on.) Not being able to play but still thinking about it a lot made me a perpetual motion complainer, though. I bitched and bitched and bitched about a game that I couldn't even play anymore! But now it's gone away. My only thoughts about golf, when they infrequently come, are memories of playing with my friends and my uncles and those few but memorable times when my dad took a shot at it. His swing was a manifestation of terrifying violence, bless his soul. You had to see it. The Red Sox pitching staff kicked me in the balls this year, but it's time to make this football season a Stairway to Seven...Lombardi Trophies, that is. I think the Kraft-Belichick-Brady Triumvirate may have one more middle finger salute for half of Connecticut and the other 44 non New England states (although we're all patriots, after all). The defense looks good, and even at 42, and without the magnificent Gronk, Mr Brady is still the GOAT. I personally saw Ted Williams put up a 1.096 OPS as he glided toward his 43rd birthday. So one more, please, and then I'll forget about football, too. [As an aside, do you know how young 42 sounds to me? Our baby, our littlest, is 42. She looks like a teenager.] Hell, I should be looking at urns at this point. I'm thinking old school brass. Opinions? Anyway, hi. I miss you guys. You're a great group with whom to share venting. Yours always, Nifty
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  14. At this stage of life, I just aim for the middle of the bowl and hope for the best.
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