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  1. NiftyNiblick

    Ford Mustang, Anyone?

    The other seniors are breaking my balls talking about how easily they get into and out of cars. That, however, is why they can still play golf and I can't. Point being, fellas, my balls are already broken enough!
  2. NiftyNiblick

    Ford Mustang, Anyone?

    You've definitely got the right take on this, Kenny. In the best interests of all, both cars are now garaged where they each belong.
  3. NiftyNiblick

    Ford Mustang, Anyone?

    Today my son had to borrow the Grand Cherokee to tote something home. That meant that I had to drive his nearly 500 horsepower Mustang to my podiatrist appointment this morning. Now forget that I haven't driven a stick shift since, I would guess, the 1960s. (I used to have a tri-power Pontiac GTO when I was a young kid.) Well, it seems that the manual trannys are up to SIX speeds now. That must be great exercise for somebody with a desk job. Forget also that it started to snow on the way home and I'm used to driving a Jeep. It turns out that the Mustang goes just as fast turning multiple 360s as it does going straight. Thankfully, other people had the brains to stay home and I hit nothing but air on the usually crowded Route 495. A cruiser did see me but couldn't be bothered to come over and say Hi. Just another old man trying to drive his kid's Mustang, the trooper must have thought. The REAL problem was that I nearly put myself into the hospital just trying to climb in and out of that ridiculous little car. Would it have killed Ford to include assist handles as on a normal vehicle?. My son is 45, mind you. I would have had trouble getting in and out of that car by the time I was his age. I was driving Lincolns then. What the hell's the matter with these people?
  4. NiftyNiblick

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    We've got our Lombardi Trophy (for this year). Now when do the pitchers and catchers report? What I love about baseball season is that it's almost every night except for a few Mondays and Thursdays. I need that. It keeps me off of cable news which only makes me double up on my blood pressure and depression meds..
  5. NiftyNiblick

    GX-7 and other teeless drivers

    The ads specifically say that the specialty clubs are not designed for elite players. They claim to be more effective than some mainstream clubs for people with more average athletic ability or golf skills. Pros not using them is a non-issue. If you have a 120 mph driver swing-speed , modern low spin design might work for you. You don't need stuff designed for 80 mph swing speeds. The OEMs won't market certain game improvement features if they believe that most recreational players will resist the idea that they need them. The specialty club people seek to fill that niche void. The Alien wedge actually worked for plenty of players not shy about gaming it.
  6. NiftyNiblick

    Is there such a bag or is it a unicorn?

    I loved the individual club dividers on my cart bags. Every time I returned a club, I could see immediately that none were missing. That was also an excuse to carry fifteen clubs in a fifteen slot cart bag. Call it a character flaw if you like. I've never owned a stand bag. By the time they became popular, I was pretty much riding all the time. When I played the little par three course on Route 114 that I very much enjoyed, I did find it easy to walk, right up to the end--but I used an old-fashioned pull cart and my regular cart bag rather than a carry bag of any kind. I think Belding will make you a bag from scratch, pretty much anyway you want, but bring $$$.
  7. NiftyNiblick

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    I can see logic in everything chisag says above. I basically stopped liking football as a sport with the Tatum hit on Stingley back in the 70s. I absolutely HATE the NFL as an organization (as do most Patriot fans). I just love the Brady/Belichick era Patriots. I love how they play in the middle of the field, inside the numbers, with those precise, short passes. I love the ten and twelve play sustained drives. I love how Belichick gives the sportswriters the respect that they deserve in the post game press conferences. I love how Gronk is a seven foot, three hundred pound nine year old. He makes us all laugh. I love how the Pats enrage Middle America after Middle America enraged me over other things. It's entirely likely that when the dynasty is officially over, I'll never watch another football game again because the things that I loved will no longer be there. It's not like the Red Sox. If you were born between Portland and Hartford, the Red Sox are imbedded in your DNA. The Pats are a guilty pleasure like crème brulee. It's delicious while it lasts but one doesn't absolutely need it.
  8. NiftyNiblick

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    I'm still trying to understand why people think LIII was a boring game. I've watched the complete game four times already, and frankly, the last three were the most enjoyable because i didn't have to sweat them out. I'm sure that I'll watch it again before the NFL Network stops repeating it. That one touchdown drive was awesome, and the two punters played magnificently throughout while the kickers struggled a little bit. (The name of the game IS "football.") Great defensive play on both sides, close game until near the very end, and I'm not understanding what was so boring. I even watched the parade twice. It had a local replay, too.
  9. NiftyNiblick

    Death of the Two-Person Cart

    Economic considerations aside, and I believe that they should be put aside far more often than they are, individual carts sound like a great idea to me. I would have loved to have played with an individual motor cart. It would definitely speed up the game. Poor etiquette and playing in proper order are often blamed for slow play, but my personal experience is that the biggest causes are unskilled play and walking. Individual carts would be a huge improvement over shared ones, never mind walking.
  10. NiftyNiblick

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    In Boston, the duck boats just continually loop the city, picking up whatever championship team that they find along the route.
  11. NiftyNiblick

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    The Patriots were not bigger, stronger, and faster than great opponents like the Chiefs and the Rams. You can't be that when you're picking so late in the draft season after season. But they can game plan for size, strength, and speed. How do they game plan for pedigree?
  12. NiftyNiblick

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    It's about time. We haven't won the World Series and Super Bowl together in more than a decade.
  13. NiftyNiblick

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    You would think that SOMEONE would individually spec build for those willing to pay for it. You only to have to look online for a custom shoe, shirt, or suitmaker. You can even get a custom built car, even now when new cars are so heavily regulated. I'd be happy just to know of the existence of a TRUE custom club maker.
  14. NiftyNiblick

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    To me, it seems like we're making excuses for what fitters can't do. Frankly, the OEMs aren't interested in developing gear that lends itself to fitting options beyond grips and shafts. When clubs were simpler--wooden woods and simple blade irons--the technology was primitive, true enough, but the fitting options--even without today's variety of shafts and grips--were substantially greater than they are now. You could simply specify the loft, lie, and face angles that you wanted by having your PGA club pro order the clubs that way--end of story. The clubs were so simple that the manufacturers had no trouble meeting those requests. It was the primary difference between green grass pro shop models and cheap store models. Now we have EXPENSIVE store models only. You have golf store (studio if you wish to get fancy) fitters who are NOT Class A PGA teaching professionals. They can help you choose a club head model, a shaft, and a grip and tell you that you're getting custom service. Meanwhile, your grandfather got more custom service buying woods for forty bucks each and irons for twenty-five bucks each at an actual golf club pro shop. Everything is a compromise, and primary fitting was the price we paid for better technology because modern clubheads are not as easily customized as simple ones were. Based on how people actually play, one can make an argument as to whether the trade-off of getting advanced science in exchange for better fitting is actually better for playing good golf. Younger players who took up golf in the 70s or later will be all too happy to say that you can get proper fitting with modern clubs, but they will invariably be wrong. You can't screw around with lofts without getting the bounce angles messed up. You can't just tell the manufacturer what lofts, lies, and face angles you want on your metalwoods---you could with real wood, you may or may not know--but you'll' probably hit the ball better with the right clubhead and wrong shaft that you would with today's right shaft and mis-fitted club head. Even something as simple as custom stamping is usually unavailable on main line equipment. Spalding had that option in the 60s. You could get "Top Flite" stamped on your irons in four different fonts Now you can't tell them which loft to stamp a # "5" on. That's just how it is today. I'm sure that there are good reasons for it. But one reality is that even a boutique club maker like National Custom Works will not afford you the flexibility of options that the old Kenneth Smith company would give you before leaving the business fifteen or twenty years ago. I know this through having had direct contact with both companies. If somebody is telling me that it's too hard to get your desired swing weight on a driver that's two inches shorter than the new standard, I have to mock that. That request was a snap in 1961 when I took up golf. I'm not complaining because I don't even play anymore. What I'm doing is letting you know, through my experience, that if they wanted--if they could be bothered-- the OEMS could do a lot better.
  15. NiftyNiblick

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Totally disagree about the overtime. Regular season games should end in ties and not have overtime at all.; that's for all TIMED sports...all team sports except baseball, essentially. I suppose cricket, too, but none of us are talking about that. As for playoff games, I say go back to sudden death, even with just field goals the way it was. You had sixty minutes of playing time to win the game with fair rules. If you didn't win then, "fair" legitimately comes off the table. Having any chance to win at all is at that point fair enough. If you want the ball, don't let your opponent who won the coin toss score with their first possession. Cover your kickoff well, and get a three and out. Otherwise watch the field goal or whatever and have a miserable off-season. It's part of the game. There should be some consequence for not winning in regulation. That's why I hate wildcards, too. There should also be some consequence for not winning your division. I'm a super purist that way. Copying college football is the worst thing that they could do. Nothing is more corrupt or disgusting that FBS level college football--except, maybe, for college basketball. I kind of like the idea of going to school for an academic education. But I shouldn't be bothering you guys. The important things that I really want to vent about, I can't vent about here!