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  1. Golf is the cricket of individual sports. For those who do play it, the five hours doesn't represent a problem. For many who might have played it, it does. Nine holes of golf is stigmatized today as something less than real golf. If golf had been established as a nine hole game to begin with, however, 2-2½ hours would seem reasonable to a lot more people. Also, the cost of manicuring 150 acres of golf course is staggering today. Keep the course as natural as possible, and it will take six hours to play. And also, 150 acres translates into a lot of expensive house lots. How can it even be economically feasible to use them for a golf course, especially in highly populated areas? In sparsely populated ares, who's around to play? The above two things must add a lot to the cost of playing. Retiring gave me more time but less money. I managed to pay my club dues because mortgages and kids' tuitions were gone, bit it was nonetheless an extravagance for sure. My wife would have enjoyed more trips abroad. I fancied them less, but would have enjoyed Vegas twice a year more than once. As somebody who did play the game for fifty years or so, I would also site changes in the game that were distasteful to me. The banishment of steel spikes nearly drove me from the game years before my health ever did. I never enjoyed the game as much without them. The modern equipment was probably a factor more unique to me. Most people adapted to it. Many like it. I absolutely hated it. I loved golf, despite the things that I didn't love about it. Maybe if I were still healthy enough to play, playing like a healthy septuagenarian would have been sad enough to make me walk away by now anyway. I suppose that if you're young and healthy, have plenty of time and money, and like your outdoors manicured rather than scruffy and natural (as I always have), golf is still a really great game. It's just easy to understand why fewer people seem to be attracted to it.
  2. I never made it, but I peaked very briefly at a 7. That didn't suck.
  3. My countryman Francesco took the pipe, but Tiger was great. Good for him. Congrats, Tiger. This must mean a lot to you.
  4. Members of the the six time Super Bowl Champion Patriots threw out the pitches for the home opener of the nine time World Series Champion Red Sox a few minutes ago. Lots of diamonds around, so it's a good thing it wasn't too sunny.
  5. They look really nice. Four degrees too strong, of course, but nice. Maybe it's a good thing that I'm off the course now in my dotage. I'd have to open my own factory to get clubs that I liked!
  6. I used to hit a 30º 5-iron 175 yards when I played golf. What's a five iron now? If I were able to play, and as strong as I was ten or fifteen years ago, I wouldn't have a clue what to hit 175 yards.
  7. I'm pretty sure that you've all heard my unpopular opinions about golf too many times already.
  8. The new Hogan putters look nice, but no non-offset or face-balanced models.
  9. I don't "get" the fourteen club rule. Fourteen isn't a golf number. Eighteen is a golf number and would make a better limit. I don't think many people would actually bag eighteen, but it's just a better number to use. Part of the problem is that people can't choose the loft increments between their clubs. (As we know, bending for loft affects bounce and thus playability.) If wider gaps were available, fewer clubs would be needed, probably. That would certainly work for juniors, ladies, and seniors. I can't play anymore, so my opinion is irrelevant; but I feel that the OEMs are simply not very imaginative when it comes to offerings.
  10. I really enjoyed executive and par three courses. There's one nearby in Middleton, MA that I continued to play even after I joined my club. It was--probably still is--a great little track.
  11. Excellent observation, MPR. Although I didn't think of that, reading it makes it seem that it should have been obvious.
  12. Titleist, a conservative clubmaker, calls them "metals" still, and I've never had a problem with it at all. I'm admittedly not a populist, however, and don't adopt sketchy terms because they've become popular and commonplace. Woods wouldn't count as a sketchy term, however, because it simply represents a continuation. I have no problem with people still using "woods" for that reason. I just wouldn't call "metals" pretentious(or precious and pedantic) if that's what Titleist and Johnny Miller say-- because I say it too. I'm old enough to remember when the Queen's language was important. I don't say "less" or "amount" when "fewer" or "number" is called for; I don't use "their" as a singular possessive pronoun; I don't say "feel badly" when "feel bad" is correct (feel is a connecting verb, here; feeling badly is what a fourteen year old does trying to fondle breasts for the first time). I'd never say "between you and I" instead of "between you and me;" and more on the topic, I wouldn't use the alleged word "golfing" anymore than I'd say "tennising." (Bowling is OK.) Sounding like a regular guy--Joe Sixpack if you will--was never an aspiration for me. I guess that we all speak "golf" similarly to how we speak everything else. At the end of the day, therefore, isn't at least ok for an "elitist eastern snob" to say "fairway metal?"
  13. I will say unequivocally that golf shoes make a difference. I never regained the game that I lost with the demise of steel spikes. That permanently diminished golf for me.
  14. There are two major versions of the game. Thirteens is called "League" rugby and fifteens is called "Union" rugby. I have no idea why. I can watch rugby football a littler bit, but soccer football puts me to sleep. Neither one is the assault on brains and spinal cords that our American football is, though.
  15. I appreciate it. Patriots fans enjoy being annoyingly snobby and elite. I know that I do. This foolishness is tough on us. I watched a rugby type football match today. It was fifteens. Usually TV rugby is thirteens, so it was fun to watch the old college style game. I'm not an expert, but when somebody got 5 points instead of 4 for a touchdown (they call it a "try") , I knew it was fifteens. I noticed that a few of the players were wearing helmets. They were similar to the helmets used in American football more than 100 years ago.
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