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  1. The Chiefs had both starting offensive tackles out for this game, and that definitely made a difference. It's also part of the game, however. Patriots O-Line coach Dante Scarnecchia had to patch all kinds of line combinations together en route to winning six Super Bowls. TB12, on another note, has won more Super Bowls than any franchise has. I wish Mr. Brady would retire, however, so I can put football watching behind me once and for all.
  2. The GOAT and the Gronk came through for me yet again. The laundry wasn't the same but my guys were there and did it. Patrick is the real deal but was definitely limited by both of his starting tackles sitting this one out. He puts the ball directly on target no matter how contorted he is. He had a couple of drops on good throws and wasn't given many clean pockets, despite the Bucks blitzing only six times all night. Despite all of this, you could still see that he's the real deal. But the GOAT...just amazing.
  3. It's been a while. Who did we say was the GOAT?
  4. The Pats didn't give me any reason to get out of bed this year, but at least Tommy came through. The GOAT has been in the league 21 years. This is his 14th conference championship game. Doug Flutie was my favorite college quarterback back when I watched college football, but overall, the GOAT is the GOAT.
  5. I'm posting on the happy thread. Can't say why, but you can probably guess.
  6. It's been quite a while since I looked at golf equipment, something over which I once obsessed. For decades. I hated the last generation of gear that I window shopped, so I imagine that I'd like the newer stuff even less. Have they gotten to the 1-iron lofted lob wedge yet? Are the drivers over 600cc in head volume? Louisville Golf makes some nice hickory shafted stuff, though. If I were still physically able to play, I'd probably try that. I'm sure that I'd really suck even as a healthy 74-year-old player, so the gear would be irrelevant. I'd go with
  7. Pats won a football match against a decent Baltimore club this week. I snoozed on my recliner through most of it, though. Just needed a break from MSNBC and Korean RomComs on Netflix. Maybe I'll see some of another one before the season ends. Probably. It will never be the same, but who can complain after having had the Brady years?
  8. You're right. I make no pretense of being a fan. I was a fan of the Boston Patriots in the 1960s and went to games at Fenway Park fairly often--at least a couple a year. After the merger with the NFL and the move to Foxborough, I lost interest completely. It took the magnificence of the Brady-Belichick era to pique my interest because they were so special. Even then, I wasn't a football fan in general. I NEVER watched a non-Patriots game--even the Super Bowl if the Pats weren't in it. So I enjoyed the twenty years and now it's over. No big deal, but I really did enjoy tha
  9. Golf didn't burn out for me. I got really super-angry when they banned the steel spikes, but I kept playing. I used to love autumn golf just before the snow, and I loved July golf at 95ºF. I even really enjoyed hanging out at the club even if I wasn't actually playing. But unfortunately, I physically burned out for golf. It happens.
  10. I can't watch four minutes of a Patriots game anymore. I guess that I was the archetypical bandwagon jumper. But how often does a wagon ride last for twenty years? It was really something, but it's completely over now. Watching Brady-less football is like watching paint dry to me. Actually worse. I'd rather watch the subtitled Korean RomComs on Netflix... or even the chipmunks f***ing in the back yard. You're watching the very tail end of the run, but enjoy, Tampa/St. Pate fans.
  11. I walk my dog every day.. I just don't play golf anymore. I used to really love it though... but I rode.
  12. I'm the same age that both of my parents were when they died. It feels as though I've had all of my due at bats and that this is bonus, extra-inning baseball for me. Too bad I have to be spending it in a m-f ing pandemic. Anyway, at this point, I don't worry about being dead. Being dead is a piece of cake...the perfect nap. The processing of dying, on the other hand, can be nasty and undignified. The experience is an inconvenience, and I've spent a now long lifetime prioritizing my convenience over not all but certainly most things. Going out in my sleep after a
  13. Am I alone in believing that playing at all this season wasn't a great idea? Several members of the Patriots opted out. Several others caught covid. NFL players, like most pro athletes in general, are genetic biological freaks. Covid is unlikely to kill them as it might kill a more vulnerable person. If it were I, however, I would definitely have taken the year off--not a scintilla of doubt about it.. It's a personal decision, though, and the guys did, I assume, what they thought was right.
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