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  1. You just made my day. I miss GO terribly. I co-founded GolfOpinions.com with eight other individuals and we happily ran it for years. As the site grew and more and more time was required from each of us, we decided to sell it. GO was a labor of love, not a living for any of the partners. GO sold at least one more time after our sale which eventually lead it to being a part of GolfWRX. So, the "redesign" you're referring to was not us (the original owners), but the group that bought GO from us. I'm still in touch with several of my old GO partners and even made a trip to Pinehurst with Snowdale (if by chance you remember the GO name) back in June. Thanks again for making my day!
  2. I concur that the Pinehurst area off the resort can be played without the need for a 2nd mortgage. Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Talamore, Mid South, and the incredible Tobacco Road are all right there.
  3. My pics were from just from a few weeks ago; June 15, 2021. Outside of some minor stress around the edges of the first green, the course was in great shape. As usual, I played it twice on my Pinehurst trip.
  4. The irons arrived today, so it was just shy of six weeks from order to delivery.
  5. Thanks for the info and feedback everybody! Looks like the Srixon 585s will be in the bag for a few more weeks then.
  6. I ordered a set of 425 irons back on 2/21/21 via my fitter. The irons are standard length and lie. All I'm having done is changing the shaft. Now, here we are five weeks later and there's no sign of my irons. Anyone here seeing similar time passing by on a really routine, no adjustment order? I feel kind of weird having my new, undelivered irons down in my signature.
  7. Big fan of Morgan Pressel for as much as what she's done off the course as on. Her foundation brings attention to breast cancer; early detection, testing, and treatment. Even if she never broke 80 again, I'm pulling for her no matter what. I'd love to play in her charity event one day, but the usual tournament date conflicts with tax season and I'm still working. I'll get there one day.
  8. I put a Mizuno M Craft III face balanced putter into play a few weeks ago. This is a solid block of 1025 steel with a really, really nice feel to it. The mid mallet, Craft III fits my straight back, straight through stroke. Given I had to cut a stock 34" putter down to fit me, the weight kit was a plus it getting the putter weight to where I like it.
  9. To say I love Tobacco Road is an understatement. No trip will ever be made to the Sand Hills and me not playing no less than two rounds of golf at TR.
  10. I'm up in Florence, AL, but come down to Birmingham usually to play Ross Bridge or Oxmoor several times a year. It's an easy drive and the golf in Birmingham is really good. Or, if you guys ever come up to play The Shoals, I'll be happy to play. Just shoot me a message here.
  11. Mid Pines took a significant jump up after the Franz restoration work was done. It's fantastic and I highly recommend it.
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