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  1. Not in any particular order - just what comes to mind immediately: Tobacco Road - Sanford, NC Pine Needles - Pinehurst, NC Mid Pines - Pinehurst, NC Streamsong (Red) - Bowling Green, FL Spring Creek Ranch C.C. - Collierville, TN Fallen Oak - Saucier, MS Ross Bridge - Birmingham, AL Old Waverly - West Point, MS Escondido - Horseshoe Lake, TX Duke University GC - Durham, NC
  2. Am I crazy or does the shaft in Na's putter look white? Anyone have an idea of what the shaft is?
  3. I played there in June, 2019 on my honeymoon. I really enjoyed the course barring the 17th hole which was just a very odd design. It's a par 4 that only plays 300 yards. As it was my first time there I really had no idea where to aim the tee ball from the box I played. I must have looked at the course layout on the back of the scorecard for a full minute before I would even tee up the ball. I don't know why it seems to be an unwritten rule that courses must be always be a par 72. There's no crime in an extra par 3 for a par 71 and that's certainly what I would do with no. 17. One other thing - if you want a chance to play PXG gear, they stock it there including rental clubs. So, you can avoid the travel issue with your bag from the mainland if you are just playing Emerald and rent the PXGs.
  4. How could there possibility be any grooves left on his irons with all the balls he's hit with that set? I'm sure the wear-point on each iron is about the size of a dime, buy nevertheless, there's got to be no grooves left in that spot at all.
  5. MarkCPA


    That has not been my experience at all. No durability issues whatsoever.
  6. Solid irons. Easy on the eye and easy to hit. The hidden cavity provides a lot of help when your off a little. I'm even carrying a 3 iron for the first time in quite a while on this set.
  7. The putter is subject to mood swings, but my bag has been pretty consistent this season since the move to the P790 irons. I’m thinking about the new TM wedges as well.
  8. MarkCPA


  9. I’m in Florence, AL most weekends and play most of my rounds at The Shoals. I’ve got no problem driving for a fun game and good course. I’m familiar with Huntsville and Birmingham.
  10. How long have you been playing golf? Since I was six years old. What do you love about golf? Competition - no matter if it’s another player or just the course itself. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? I enjoyed reading the 2019 golf ball review. Where are you from? Collierville, TN transitioning to Florence, AL What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best - virtually year round golf. Worst - wet and slow bent grass greens in the middle of summer in the south. What do you do for a living? Self employed CPA How’d you pick your user name? First name + profession = username What’s your home course? Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail - The Shoals
  11. Curiosity got the better of me after seeing the ball being mentioned in the 2019 review here. I played the front nine of my last round with the Tour X and the back nine with the Snell MTB-X. All in all, the ball performs well and the price is obviously hard to ignore. Plenty long and durable. The CG stamping is fantastic for putting alignment as the print is a little larger than what I'm used to seeing from Taylor Made or Snell. I did try using the stamping off the tee and I really can't say I saw any dispersion differences vs. not using the alignment.
  12. Very happy for Doug. He worked at my old club, Windyke CC, in Memphis, TN for a time before moving over to TPC Southwind. I got to watch him work on the range a few times and it was quickly clear he had a ton of game.
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