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  1. I'm up in Florence, AL, but come down to Birmingham usually to play Ross Bridge or Oxmoor several times a year. It's an easy drive and the golf in Birmingham is really good. Or, if you guys ever come up to play The Shoals, I'll be happy to play. Just shoot me a message here.
  2. Mid Pines took a significant jump up after the Franz restoration work was done. It's fantastic and I highly recommend it.
  3. Couldn't help but notice in last week's Champions Tour event that Corey Pavin is still.......yes, STILL using a Bullseye putter. Bulldog was one of my favorites back in his prime days on the PGA Tour.
  4. I’ve played Dancing Rabbit - Azaleas and World Woods - Pine Barrens. The round on Rabbit was played in the hardest rain I’ve ever stayed out and played in, so I remember literally nothing about the course outside of the opening hole. Trying to go back in August.
  5. Oops! Forgot this cover that I brought back with me.
  6. It’s been years since I played at Duke and UNC-Finley, but was very impressed with both. I used to have an annual trip to a Pinehurst and we usually flew into Raleigh instead of Charlotte. The first 18 of the trip was always played in Raleigh before we headed south for Pinehurst. Another vote for Tobacco Road here too!
  7. Absolutely! I played there two weeks ago. It’s just a real nice test of golf and a terrific piece of property.
  8. If you have an Academy Sports around you, they have had some Titleist bags marked down including the 14 Hybrid at the stores around me. I picked up a Players 4 Plus as a backup to my Sun Mountain 3.5.
  9. Not in any particular order - just what comes to mind immediately: Tobacco Road - Sanford, NC Pine Needles - Pinehurst, NC Mid Pines - Pinehurst, NC Streamsong (Red) - Bowling Green, FL Spring Creek Ranch C.C. - Collierville, TN Fallen Oak - Saucier, MS Ross Bridge - Birmingham, AL Old Waverly - West Point, MS Escondido - Horseshoe Lake, TX Duke University GC - Durham, NC
  10. Am I crazy or does the shaft in Na's putter look white? Anyone have an idea of what the shaft is?
  11. I played there in June, 2019 on my honeymoon. I really enjoyed the course barring the 17th hole which was just a very odd design. It's a par 4 that only plays 300 yards. As it was my first time there I really had no idea where to aim the tee ball from the box I played. I must have looked at the course layout on the back of the scorecard for a full minute before I would even tee up the ball. I don't know why it seems to be an unwritten rule that courses must be always be a par 72. There's no crime in an extra par 3 for a par 71 and that's certainly what I would do with no. 17.
  12. How could there possibility be any grooves left on his irons with all the balls he's hit with that set? I'm sure the wear-point on each iron is about the size of a dime, buy nevertheless, there's got to be no grooves left in that spot at all.
  13. MarkCPA


    That has not been my experience at all. No durability issues whatsoever.
  14. Solid irons. Easy on the eye and easy to hit. The hidden cavity provides a lot of help when your off a little. I'm even carrying a 3 iron for the first time in quite a while on this set.
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