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  1. I played there in June, 2019. Outside of the 17th hole which just seemed really odd when compared to the other 17 holes, I enjoyed the round. The views were incredible.
  2. MarkCPA

    PXG 0211 Hellcat

    I have the 0211 Hellcat in transit now to me from Scottsdale.
  3. I, too, have had problems ignoring the significant price reductions and the free shipping policy underway through Labor Day at PXG. Getting a no questions asked 60 day return policy for a full refund is the clincher. I've nearly pulled the trigger a few times on PXG stuff prior to this big sale, but the usual $60 shipping fee on even one club to a house and office that's a 20 minute drive away from the FedEx hub was just idiotic. I've got a putter and two wedges on the way and if I like what I see and feel with that purchase, I'll jump in on something else as well before Labor Day. I do like the looks of the Gen 4 0311 P irons.
  4. Tobacco Road is outstanding. The first time you play it will be the hardest. The Sand Hills is a golfing paradise and you don't even have to play any of the Pinehurst resort courses. Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Mid South, Dormie (I think it went private), and Talamore are all very, very good. Take a look at each course's website to get some pics and pricing and see what looks good for your taste and budget. You'll enjoy any of these courses being named in this thread.
  5. Ran a search and found this thread. Also saw Tony's story on the release of these irons back in April. The new Cobra 2022 Forged TEC is a really beautiful looking iron. I've had mixed results with these hollow body, foam filled irons. I've owned and played TM 790s and Ping i525s. I just put my i525s in the closet after a few really poor ball striking rounds two weeks ago. The "best of" players distance iron testing here at MGS shows the Cobra to be close to the same forgiveness of the i525s. I don't want the offset or the even stronger lofts of the X version, but if the swing tightens up again I'm very tempted to find a set of Forged TECs.
  6. I have several times and really enjoyed each experience. Well worth the money. One of the more enjoyable times was having a LPGA caddy go around Fallen Oak in Biloxi, MS with me for two rounds. His girl was not playing that week and he went over to Fallen Oak to make some money. The stories I heard about his years as a pro-jock alone were worth the price.
  7. Good info above. Thanks! Given the compression of this ball is similar to the ProV1X and TP5X, I can't help but wonder what it is that makes the Srixon tour caliber balls feel so hard.
  8. I'm tempted to pull the trigger on the current buy two dozen, get another dozen free promotion from Srixon, specifically on the XV 7 ball. I did the same thing this time last year on the Z Star 7 (not the XV, but the black box ball) after some reading and research. The end result? I hated the ball. Very firm to me (if not downright hard) and a very low flight. Live and learn, right? Using several ball fitting sites and more reading, the XV 7 appears to be more along the lines of the ProV1x and TP5X which is more what I'm looking for in terms of trajectory and short game spin. I've read the review of the 2021 version of the XV7 here at MSG which was rather underwhelming, but I'm willing to try it if the feedback is right. I'm a single digit handicapper, need a higher trajectory, and expect some spin with my short irons and wedges. Thanks!
  9. You just made my day. I miss GO terribly. I co-founded GolfOpinions.com with eight other individuals and we happily ran it for years. As the site grew and more and more time was required from each of us, we decided to sell it. GO was a labor of love, not a living for any of the partners. GO sold at least one more time after our sale which eventually lead it to being a part of GolfWRX. So, the "redesign" you're referring to was not us (the original owners), but the group that bought GO from us. I'm still in touch with several of my old GO partners and even made a trip to Pinehurst with Snowdale (if by chance you remember the GO name) back in June. Thanks again for making my day!
  10. I concur that the Pinehurst area off the resort can be played without the need for a 2nd mortgage. Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Talamore, Mid South, and the incredible Tobacco Road are all right there.
  11. My pics were from just from a few weeks ago; June 15, 2021. Outside of some minor stress around the edges of the first green, the course was in great shape. As usual, I played it twice on my Pinehurst trip.
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