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  1. Chrome Soft 2017 Player: current gamers: Bridgestone B330 rx 2016 or Pro V1 2017 ​Handicap: 2.1 typical score between 74-77 7 iron carry distance: 157 Trajectory: Mid Putter: Custom; Positiveputter.com 303 stainless steel firm/soft (like the Scotty putters w/303 steel) toe up style putter they call target line putters. Reviewing Chrome Soft ball 2017 Longer than Pro V1 same as the Bridgestone B330 rx (distance gained because it is straighter) Trajectory: Mid Spin: Hop and Stop (we have super firm greens) High spin on softer greens Feel: Soft Durability: between Like New and Scuffed but Playable depending on how many full wedges I need to hit. Full wedges tend to lift little dreds off the cover New Gamer I really like this ball. Putting has a soft feel and consistent distance feel. 1/2 Wedge at 50 yards hops 4-8 feet and spins back 3 ft. 3/4 sand wedge 80 yards same as 50 yarders. Full lob or Sand wedge is mid/low trajectory for me and hops 6 feet and spins 8-10 feet. Mid irons feel soft and hop and stop 4-6 feet. Driver is straighter and boars through wind. I feel like it is about 1/2 a club longer than the Pro V1 with all my clubs. I can work this ball both way with ease and rarely overcook the curve. The only thing I don't like is the Callaway logo being curved bugs my eye and the ball plays so well for me I just putt it with a plan face up. I rarely play a Pro V1 over nine holes before it looks like I hit it down the cart path. I played 18 yesterday with a Chrome Soft and it only had 2 minor scuffs and flew true all 18 holes.
  2. Mackey Virginia Callaway Chrome Soft High Spin I used you MTB ball until I switched to the Bridgestone B330rx for low compression, for less side spin on the driver a few years ago. My home course has firm fast greens so I hit a low flying high spinning ball that tends to bounce about six feet and spin back. Pro v1 and TP5 balls tend to spin to much on full and 3/4 wedges. I really liked the Chrome Soft but this years they are raising the price to $45 and I go thru lots of balls in a year playing over 120 rounds. My balls tend to look like Bob Marley after full wedge and short iron shots.
  3. Dan Virginia I play three hybrids: Taylormade M1 19* with a Matrix Ozik Altus shaft stiff Taylormade Rocketballs stage 2 23* with Matrix Qzik Altus Shaft stiff Callaway Apex hybrid 26* stock shaft, may put the 5 iron back into play. I like that I can hit the ball hi and straight into greens and get them to hold. I tend to miss the 3 and 5 hybrids with a draw when I miss. I can hit a controlled fade and straight at will the draw sometimes hooks.
  4. Dan Virginia 1.6 M1 11.2* Matrix Ozik TP 7 HD stiff 99-102 depends on how stiff I am 250-275 average 262 Mr. USA Patrick Reed USA USA USA
  5. Dan Virginia 1.2 KZG ZO Strength: Distance control, one bounce and stop Weakness: Sometimes I over shape the ball when straight would work
  6. I agree they needed to make these changes. They should address divots and OB. I think they could resolve the issues of touching the sand in the back swing with one easy statement. "With the intent to gain an advantage." ​This way the inadvertent touching of a random grain or two would be handled in the most fair way.
  7. Dan Mackey Virginia 5.7 M1 9.5 neutral and back, Matrix Ozik TP7HD stiff 44" swing speed 100-105
  8. This is awesome. Thanks. Can you do this for the major brands premium balls???
  9. Dan Virginia 105 swing speed Taylormade M1 9.5* set one spot lower and the weights centered and back. The shaft is STIFF Matrix Ozik TP 7 HD 44" Winn Dri-tec wrap oversize.
  10. Dan from Dumfries, Va. Current irons KZG Forged III with KBS pro 110 stiff stepped down. Fitted at Golfdom in Tysons Corner, Va.
  11. Dan Mackey Virginia I use a custom putter made by Positive Putters it is 33 inches long, 309* lie angle, it is 340 grams and has a Winn oversize grip. It is target line balanced and made from 303 ss
  12. Taylormade will be back on top of the driver market again with this one. I took the new M1 driver head I received and put it on the same shaft as I have been hitting with my Rocketballs Stage 2 driver. My Stage 2 was a tour issue 11* played 2* open so 10*, averaged about 255 yards, misses about 225-235 yards on misses and one out of 20 could reach 280-290... I have played three rounds with the M1 9.5* 2* open so 8.5*. My average is 275-285 yards on about 80% of my shots with a gentle draw about 10 to 15 yards. My misses have been 250+ yards. My one in 20 drive went over the green 307 yards to center with the tees in the normal area. I am playing it center and back weight positions for more forgiveness and even at 8.5* loft the ball flight is still medium high. The spin is 1100 rpms less and the roll out is much longer, many of my drives with the RBZ 2 only released about 5 yards ie one bounce, the M1 drives bounce a few times. I have test hit most of the big name drivers over the last three years at Golfsmith when the weather here in No. Va. gets to crappy to play. I have not found anything that I picked up more than 6 yards with until the M1 it is going to stay in my bag for a long time unless someone can beat it by at least enough to hit on less club to the green. It looks good and feels good. The sound is decent not loud nor muted. In conclusion: I know the gains are due to the M1 head because I put it on the same, Matrix Ozik TP7HD shaft 44", as I have been using for over 3 years. I couldn't recommend it more highly!!! Get One!!!!
  13. How after watching round one I don't think I ever would trek across the country to play Chambers Bay. The greens look really bad when they show close views and some of the shots the slops are requiring should have a clowns head on top. Ok message heard brown is cool green is not the only color for a golf course... These guys are good, really good but the course does not show well on tv.
  14. It is all about the feel and workable qualities of the Miura clubs. Most people don't even know what they are so the whole "prestige" thing doesn't matter if you ask me. I went from a 5 handicap down to a +0.2 the first year I owned them. I switched back to my KZG irons after a knee surgery and went back up to about a 5 again. Recently I have switched back and they are doing their magic again. All I changed were the irons in my bag and my numbers are down about three strokes per round in just three weeks.
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