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  1. Cameron Huntington Beach, CA 9.6 GHIN Taylormade P760s DG s300 T-200s
  2. Huge fan of the RZN. I still play Nike MOJO, bought 50 balls (AAAAA) on eBay for 6.99. Happier than a pig in s***! Miss Nike Golf products.
  3. Right on, with more research I pulled the trigger last night on a V2 and performance tracking system (free). Cant wait for it to show up and put into use!! Thank for all the helpful insights everyone!
  4. Such great insight into the product, I really appreciate it @GolfSpy Barbajo @cksurfdude and @MattF. I didn't even realize there was a V3 coming out. Might hold off and wait for it. I really like all the feedback it provides for the golfer to analyze.
  5. Is anyone using the Shot Scope V2 Smart GPS Golf Watch while playing? (or when they were playing?) What are your thoughts?
  6. Got to get out here in SoCal yesterday, tried to play the same course today and it had been shut down. Looks like that was the last go around for while. While being off of work was hoping to be able to play LOTS of golf. Hopefully they open up the courses by next weekend? Fingers crossed.
  7. Beautiful day! Was able to get out and play Pacific Palms- The Babe yesterday, shot a solid 85 (for me) had 4 3 putts, so room for improvement. As I was leaving I asked if they were going to be open to day and they said yes, so I booked another tee time for today. When I got there today, they were on lockdown! Bummer! I think there is only 4 courses open in SoCal, and Execcutives.
  8. I have to say, I have been looking everyday for courses to play but cant find a club still open. I have been doing hours of putting around my house. Set up different holes on different rugs, carpet, etc, anything I can find to alter the speed.I dont have space enough for a full swing to be made so hopefully this quarantine time will improve my putting! A few more 1-putts would do the scorecard well! -Cheers
  9. I played the e6 for a long time but recently been playing the e12s. I also bought a box of the Tour B X to experiment with. How do you like your p790s?
  10. Only two club in my bag have nicknames. My driver is named Oh-No, as in Oh No, should of went with a wood. Lastly, my 5 wood. It is probably 10 years old, nicknamed Ol 'Reliable. I can cut it or draw it, flight it, bump and run, or whenever I loose the "feel" I can go back to Ol' Reliable off the box and punch it 240 into the fairway.
  11. Whats going on everyone. Really cool to have found this forum board and I am eager to contribute to this community. I have been playing golf for about 3 years now after a college football and brief professional playing career. My handicap is around 13. I typically shoot between 83-87. I like that golf is an individual sport in which there is no one else I am depending on other than myself. I have been doing some research on areas in which I am trying to improve my game and I keep coming back to the information yielded through MyGolfSpy. I am from beautiful Seal Beach, California.My home course would be Meadowlark or SkyLinks. The best thing about golf in Southern California is the great golf weather year around in addition to the abundance of golf courses in a 25 mile radius to me. The worst thing would have to be the courses in which they overbook the course and find myself playing 5-6 hour rounds. I am a Community College professor and assistant football Coach. It is a slam of my first and middle name.
  12. Here we go, this was pretty cool to think about: Driver: TaylorMade JetSpeed 10.5 S 3 Wood: Taylormade M2 S 5 Wood:TaylorMade r7 S (Ol' Faithful) Irons: Taylormade P760s 4-PW DG 120 S Wedges: Titleist Vokey 52, 56, 60 Putter:TaylorMade Ghost Tour Black Balls: Bridgestone
  13. Really nice set up! How do you like your P790s? Been contemplating upgrading from the M2s to them.
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