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  1. Valid point, seems such a shame to throw them away after such a short life.
  2. They can't be knock-offs as I bought from the largest golf retailer in the UK
  3. UK and Veteran would be the ones for me, thanks!
  4. I'll pick up a pack of these on my next visit to Costco, thanks!
  5. So I guess climate/humidity is a major factor in your preference not to wear a glove? Here in the UK it's pretty much wet/rainy 90% of the year... the other 10% is hot and sweaty so I really struggle without. I must say, I can't recall seeing many golfers around here who play gloveless...
  6. I'm the same, I just don't feel comfortable swinging without a glove.
  7. Here's a topic that isn't discussed anywhere near as much as it should be... Golf gloves. Maybe it's not as sexy as a brand new driver or some shiny wedges, but in my opinion a decent glove gives so much confidence and may be worth a handful of strokes per round (no pun intended). Am I right? I've tried a huge number of gloves in the short time that I have been playing golf and have concluded that my top 3 (at the moment) are as follows: (pictures below) 3. All Weather Glove - synthetic (cost £5.99 GBP) A surprisingly comfortable and soft glove, considering it is a value-for-money option. Grips well in all conditions (except freezing cold!). Hard wearing - One pair has lasted a dozen or so trips to the driving range as well as a couple of rounds, and is still going strong. This is my go-to glove for messing around in the garden, range work and when it's not really warm/totally dry. 2. Elite Glove - Cabretta leather (palm) and synthetic leather hybrid (cost £12.99 GBP) Beautifully soft glove, stretches to fit perfectly around my odd-shaped hands. This glove provides the best feel of any glove I have previously tried. I find that this glove is somewhat durable for a soft leather, but nowhere near as hard wearing as a synthetic glove. The first pair lasted 5 or 6 trips to the range as well as a couple of rounds in the summer before the thumb started to stretch slightly and lose a little grip. It still felt good but I replaced it with a new pair. This is my glove of choice for dry/warm weather. 1. RainGrip - Pair, Synthetic (cost £19.99 GBP for pair, including towel) I was a little sceptical about these gloves but they very quickly became my favourite gloves by far. Firstly, I had never worn a pair of gloves when playing golf, only a single glove on my left hand. This felt peculiar initially, but a couple of holes in I was loving them. They gripped well in the dry, but surprisingly really came into their own once they started to get wet. Made from an unusual microfibre type fabric which seemed to become more tacky/grippy the wetter it got! By this point the rain was coming down heavily - a common occurrence here in the UK - and I still felt 100% confident swinging my club around. As the winter months approached I started using these gloves each time I visited the range and wore them for every round I played over the winter. They are in near-perfect condition still and I'm actually looking forward to my next round in the rain! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what gloves work best for you. What glove are you using right now, and why? How much would you pay for a glove? How long does it last? Mo.
  8. Hi, Great idea to include badges. I'd appreciate the UK, Veteran and Broke 100 badges be added to my profile... Many thanks Mo
  9. What a beautiful looking club! Such a classy, timeless look. I'm not much of a driver of the ball yet, still trying to learn the basics so this one isn't for me... Really looking forward to reading the feedback and reviews in a few months time.
  10. I really wanted to dig a little hole in the lawn just like James Robinson but I'm sure you can imagine the look Mrs Average Mo gave me... decided to settle for just poking alignment sticks into the ground to simulate the pin...
  11. Hi JvS, Welcome! I'm at a similar point in my golfing journey so I look forward to following your progress to see if I can pick up any tips... All the best Mo
  12. Hi everyone, I've already managed to pick up some great tips and advice from forum members who have kindly responded to my posts on DIY training in the garden as well as a problem I've had with a club recently. What a great community to be part of! As a new "Recruit" on the MGS forums I'm working toward shaking this label and becoming an actual member, learning as much about this beautiful game along the way. I guess with the current lockdown situation we've got plenty of time to help each other out... I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.
  13. I picked a box of these up a couple of months ago for around £30 (GBP) here in the UK to replace my previous ball of choice: the Wilson Staff DX2, which I loved playing as as all-round performer. These newer Kirklands are a lovely soft ball, which feels beautiful when chipping and putting. I'm not 100% sure how great they are when used with driver/woods as I don't get much distance anyway, so can't pass judgement on that front - it's a work in progress. One thing I do find is that they discolour very very quickly and are difficult to clean after a round. The outer cover seems to rough up and cut up very easily compared to other soft-feel balls I have used in the past. I've concluded that these are a really nice feeling ball which I will continue to use as my ball of choice, but am aware that each ball may only last one or two rounds - depending on how many bunkers or muddy puddles I end up in. Overall, they're great value, despite not quite living up to the earlier version of the Kirkland Signature ball.
  14. Amazing! Thanks @M. Parsons Much appreciated This can be my homework for this week.
  15. I've been having the same problem with other areas of my game that I do actually practice such as driving. Maybe the pressure of playing actual golf gets to me... I seem to work out the faults on the range, but forget it all once I step up to the tee box. Maybe one day it'll all click onto place...
  16. Thanks @PMookie, I was extra gentle and was in constant fear for my life. Mrs Average Mo would have killed me! I basically chipped down the garden very gently, then was able to be a little more aggressive on the way back up.
  17. Hi fellow Golfers, I took up golf less than a year ago and picked up some beautiful brand-new wedges toward the end of summer 2019 from American Golf, which is the largest golfing retailer here in the UK (see pics below). As the pitching wedge in my iron set (Cleveland CG-16) is 44° loft I decided to evenly space out my wedges to minimise gaps. I got matching 48°, 52° and 58° so i have the flexibility in my set to learn a range of shots and decide which work best for me as my game develops. They are by a company called Benross - I'm not sure of they are only available in the UK - and seem to do a wide range of products from a full range of clubs to bags and apparel. They were really cheap at around £35 (GBP) each, which is incredible considering they have KBS shafts and Lamkin grips as standard! I basically bought an entire brand new wedge set for the price of less than one premium wedge. Good value? Let's see... I've since used them at the ranges at least 20 times and played a dozen rounds too. I rely mostly on the 52° as that is the one I can play the widest variety of shors with and feel most comfortable with, and only over use the 58° to get out of trouble or play the shortest of lobs - which is very rare as I play safe wherever possible. What I have found is that the superficial layer, possibly paint, has started to chip off on the 58° wedge (see image below). It's been cared for and not abused, which leads me to wonder whether it's a quality issue... My question is this: are my expectations too high of budget equipment? Should the finish have lasted a little longer? Would a more expensive wedge such as a Vokey or Cleveland do the same?
  18. It feels like forever since the sun was last shining here in northern England and I was able to get out and hit some golfballs in the garden... although it was actually only 8 days ago! We're forecast some nice dry weather this weekend so I hope to get out there once again and teach myself some basics to improve my short game. Last week I tried a cricket-style shot, as suggested by my brother, where I decrease loft by keeping my hands in front of the club head and pushing through, popping the ball up off the ground and landing with little back spin. It is a delicate little shot, which worked well at a very short range, but I found I was digging the club into the turf. Any tips to avoid doing this? I think this shot could be used within close proximity to the green where there is little room for error...? Secondly I tried a more conventional chip where my hands are directly above the club head, totally square at the point on impact. I kept a shallow angle of attack and follow through, reducing the thins I usually hit. This worked better for longer range shots and stopped the ball dead due to increased backspin. I think this will become my default shot as it feels great lifting the ball into the aid and dropping it down so nicely. I enjoyed the control of this shot and figured out the placing the ball further forward/back determined how high the ball goes. Result! These shots are a real eye opener for me as I have never practiced chipping/pitching and just "go for it" during a round. I hope that by the time we get back onto the course I'll be able to put these into practice and see my scores reduce significantly. Ps. I hope you are all keeping safe and well, maintaining safe distances and doing everything possible to stay healthy.
  19. Talk about reviving an old thread...! Technology has come on leaps and bounds since this thread started back in 2015, I bet the use of conventional watches is even more of a polarising topic. Personally, I'm a lover of traditional watches. Preferably an analogue with day and date - not a brand snob so I don't discriminate - although I'm partial to a classic Seiko (5 or automatic models hold particular sentimental value) and Pulsar takes me back to my military days - it was the brand of the official standard issue British Army watch. Currently I wear a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, which pairs nicely with my phone and is incredibly useful on the golf course when using the Taylormade My Round Pro app. It's a free app on the phone, and not too expensive for the watch version if I'm not mistaken. Great for quick and easy recording where you take your shot from and with which club, at the end of the round you can upload your stats and are given a load of useful data and records your scores. You get live yardage to the pin, which is invaluable information to a beginner like me who doesn't have a clue!
  20. I know the feeling, I can barely hit my driver. Something about the technique just hasn't clicked with me just yet. I'm averaging 175-200 yards with driver, I can get that with a hybrid off the tee! Lovely bag setup by the way, especially for someone who hasn't long been playing.
  21. Hi Tony, I'm from Manchester, England (UK). Currently working on short game: specifically getting onto the green from between 40-80 yards as I find myself short quite often. Have been thinning lots and ending up 20 yards past the green... Mo
  22. Mohammed/United Kingdom (Manchester) Beginner so no handicap yet (estimated 30) Current irons Cleveland CG-16 7i carry distance 135 yards
  23. Hi, Brand new member here, started hitting gf balls at the local driving range in July 2019 with my older brother after giving up football (or soccer to most of you outside of the UK) following injury woes. We finally plucked up the courage to get out onto a course for the first time in around September and haven't looked back since. I'm trying to teach myself to play, which I find particularly rewarding when I manage to figure something out. I usually score between 103-110 on a par 72 course. I broke 100 (twice) at my local course last month and hope to get lucky again and do it a few more times this summer. I'm from Manchester, England. Local course is a beautiful parkland named Marland Golf Course I'm Rochdale, which was recently featured on a popular UK golf Vlog channel on YouTube #Golfmates I work in Optics/Ophthalmic retail, but am a British Army Veteran. My username: my name is Mohammed and I wanted to make a play on the Average Joe title as I would love to see golf become far more inclusive of people from diverse backgrounds and less about status/wealth etc. I also have the same username/handle on social media so feel free to follow my journey on there. The main things I enjoy about golf are getting out and doing some walking, getting some exercise, enjoying the fresh air and open spaces. I love the the challenge of trying to make the perfect swing each time in step up to the ball and the immense sense of accomplishment when hitting a nice shot... but best of all is meeting great people, playing a few holes with strangers and getting to hear their golfing story along the way...
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