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  1. Shot my handicap with a 78. Took a 7 after a poor shot from a flier lie put me in an impossible situation. Hit a wedge over the elevated green so it bounced away, and ended up on some hard pan next to a bush. I had to punch a shot under branches to a short sided flag up 10 feet of slope, then stop it because the green runs entirely back to front. What a mess. I also lipped out 2 eagle putts from 8 and 12 feet on two of the par fives. Flew 5 yards over the flag on a par 3, thought I holed it, but it one-skipped off the fringe into the rough. I hit 12/14 fairways, some due to the 20 degree EXS Pro that I’m testing for MGS, hit 9 greens, and took 31 putts. Change the one really bad shot, and hole one more putt and I’d be looking very near a PB at that course.
  2. Played a fantastic round today. Had a triple bogey after one wedge that was a flier went into no mans land behind an elevated green in the trees and shortsided pin on a downslope away... but I still shot my handicap. As for the Exotics Pro, it continues to live up to the hype and I can seemingly always count on it staying in play. It is now my go to tee shot on short and narrow par 4s. I aim down the left edge and swing hard. Watch it send my ball on a gentle push fade down the middle. I hit 12/14 fairways today by picking my spots with my driver. I also had 2 shots tie for best shots of the day, and the EXS Pro accounted for one of them. 225 yards into a slight breeze for my second shot on a par 5. Hit a little push draw to 10 feet! (My other best shot was my 4 iron that I hit my second shot on another par 5 8 feet short of the flag)
  3. This one was the highest smash factor for sure, but I was seeing pretty consistent speeds that equated to 1.48-1.53. Some of those I know I missed a bit on the toe.
  4. Completely up to you! Not a hard rule to even match every iron in the set. Each one should complement the others and fill a need in your game.
  5. Definitely not a hit on the SuperSpeed system! As an engineer who works on product test, sometimes I get hung up on trying to make it perfect...
  6. Great post! I saw an article with a physics-based thought experiment that showed 2.0 is the limit if you don’t have design constraints. But you’re right that the governing bodies have capped conforming equipment to 1.5. Definitely agree with measurement error. I just wonder what in their algorithm has the loosest tolerances. I would put money on the clubhead due to the more complicated physics of the multiple planes of motion and rotation compared to the ball.
  7. Oh man, these are sweet!!!! This club was on the shortlist to replace my trusty Callaway Jaws I’ve gamed forever. I’ve never let it go because nothing feels like it, even though it’s lost some spin over the years. Zach, Palmdale CA Callaway X Series Jaws CC 56 degree with high bounce
  8. The theoretical maximum is 1.50. Anything over that is likely measurement error. I am very curious as to which number people thought was more correct in swing speed or ball speed. I also have been noting low swing speed readings compared to feel during super speed training.
  9. Like others said, it really comes down to what you want to play. If you can test a few drivers in the 420-440cc range and you like the look and are able to keep it somewhat on the planet, go for it! They are lower spinning and less forgiving as a general rule of thumb, but you could always get one in a slightly higher loft and have a cross between a 3 wood and driver. I also know a few guys that don’t have “great” golf swings that just really like the look of small compact clubheads, and the confidence they get from it offsets the slight loss in forgiveness. I played a small club-builders brand growing up that was like 295cc and used to smoke it.
  10. zrumble


    Thats ridiculous, sorry you had a bad experience. Some clubs do have a reputation for not being that welcoming, which is mind blowing. Especially since most clubs need new members. I’ve received some snide comments before bc I’m not using the newest equipment or whatever... then I drive it 30 yards past their ball and they shut their mouth.
  11. Agreed. Consistent reference is fine with me, but some days it definitely seems slow.
  12. Nice find! I couldn’t get the PRGR pointed at my front foot to work well. Kept getting interference readings. I’ll give this a shot too!
  13. So I had a bit of breeze behind me, 10-15mph sustained, but this smash factor seems way to high. 102mph clubhead speed with a 162mph ball speed just doesn’t add up. Unless you think I smashed it with a factor of 1.59!!! note: Visually it did carry to the back of the range so the 281yd number makes sense.
  14. That is my personal take on it, I think it is a winner and has to be one of the few hybrids I would add to my bag. I have hooked it a few times, but there is some definite anti-hook tech built in. It smokes the ball, and is very consistent in its ability to launch a ball. I don't think anything about the look or sound will actually stop someone from buying an EXS Pro. I only bring up my personal preference to be honest in the review and help out fellow MGS members, and maybe Tour Edge. My personal preference being a bit less shine to the black finish, and some softening to the feel/sound of the face.
  15. Hit the shot of the day with the EXS Pro today. Hit an atrocious drive on a double cross. Hit a tree 60 yards down the fairway and went straight down. Hole has a slight bend to the left, and the tree was directly between me and the green. Decided to hit the hybrid as hard as I could to try to slice it around the tree, smashed the ball, got 230 yards of carry, with 30 yards of slice, into the green side bunker. Up and down for a routine par.
  16. Right over my head haha. Next session is on Tuesday, I’ll let you know how it goes!
  17. Definitely better than trying to put all of that into words. Picture is worth a thousand words and all that.
  18. Any more thoughts on PRGR setup from the group? I feel faster. Some of these swings just make an absurd whoosh, and I’ve seen 119mph with my driver once after the protocol. Typically though it always hovers at 110-111, and it’s making me curious if I’m not getting the proper aspect angle with the PRGR. Thoughts?
  19. Played the 20 degree EXS Pro Hybrid during an 18 hole round today and was impressed. I played it off the tee on 5 holes and hit the fairway on 4. And some of those shots were not good swings where a driver might have put me in trouble. Only one shot with the EXS went left of my aim point all day, and I hit it from rough and hardpan with good results. I had one abysmal lie in some weeds, ball below my feet in a little depression. Chose to play the EXS Pro and the ball came out like a low bullet, but still managed to find the fairway 180 yards down range. To say I’m very impressed with performance would be an understatement. My worst swings only gave up 10% of distance max. That being said, I’m still not 100% sold on the look and sound, but that purely cosmetic and shouldn’t stop someone who is looking for an outstanding performing hybrid.
  20. Completely agree, the one most consistent factor in my mind with this club is it has no problems launching with height from pretty much anything! I’m getting more used to the look, but do you think the face has a “hard” feel to it? It feels fast, no doubt there, but it also feels very stiff across the face in my opinion. Also, in some light conditions that glossy black is very very shiny. If they could mute the shine a bit, and soften the feel on the face just a bit this thing would be darn near perfect.
  21. Still really enjoying the ball flight with this club. It is easy for me to get up in the air, and I tried some more bad lies to be sure. Today I also tested the anti-hook claims a bit, as I tried to hit it a bit of the toe and with a lot of hand action. It’s not hook proof, but it took a lot of effort to get a shot that started left and went further left. I’m struggling a bit to upload a video, so I hope you enjoy some stills that I captured.
  22. Another range session in with the EXS Pro. Still impressed with the turf interaction. I did hit a few off a tee, and it was fine. Nothing super special about off the tee performance. But I hit a few out of my previous divots, and still got the ball up in the air.
  23. Nice!!! Similar looking results to my range test. PRGR was claiming 240 yards with the 20 degree, and nothing went left. I’m not sold on the feel of the face yet, feels a bit hard; however, I play Mizuno blades so that is subjective and probably skewed from other opinions.
  24. Same I love my butter knife MP-4s. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t yet converted to hybrids. But I’ll get some shots out of the rough, divots, tight lies, and a fairway bunker or two for the forum since a lot of people use their hybrid in rescue situations. I also have some chips, punches, and knockdowns on the table. But if anybody on the thread wants a particular shot shape or turf condition, post it and I will do my best to replicate it. I’m no Tiger Woods at shot shaping, shocker!, but I’ll do what I can.
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