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  1. Went and saw a swing coach yesterday for the first time. Never sought out any kind of advice or help in building the swing I have today. 25+ years of baseball translates fairly decent apparently. The CoachNow app has some cool features including one that mirrors a righty over to a lefty swing. Anyone else actually find it more beneficial to have a righty in front of you like a mirror? Rather than standing away watching another lefty teach and then trying to replicate..? I think I prefer watching a righty show and give feedback, but then prefer to see the video lefty-lefty for better visu
  2. Thanks, y'all! It's been a lot of fun piecing together my first real set of clubs that I actually go out and buy and get somewhat fitted for. The whole P790s to Mizuno blades has been... fun They definitely force you to improve your ball striking.
  3. 1. Phoenix, AZ, 29 years old 2. 114 mph driver ss 3. Above average. retired baseball player. 4. Yes. This would be a great first opportunity to contribute to the forum in a big way.
  4. I have had mine for two weeks now... It has been the best thing I have ever done for my golf game. I am actually going to see Martin Chuck tomorrow for a 1 on 1. First time ever going somewhere for a "lesson" or seeking out some kind of swing coach. We'll see what happens!
  5. I have the original Net Return Pro series that comes with the 8 foot mat. It's been AWESOME during this quarantine bs. Really dont think theres a better net out there.
  6. Just joined the 3.5+ mafia. Compact, simple, and ergonomic. Zero complaints. Had never used a pushcart and don't ever walk. Quarantine may have just changed my life and the way I golf. I may never ride again! haha
  7. You may be surprised how much the Planemate can help your takeaway and backswing. The resistance tubes train your muscles and actually create a very good sense of muscle meory in comparison to "telling yourself" you need to focus on doing this or doing that in the middle of your swing. I have been using it for about 2 weeks, and I've never seen more improvement on some elemetnal aspects of my own flaws. And in regards to the takeaway specifically... the planemate promotes a wide, straighter takeaway which sounds like something you may be looking for?
  8. Need some pics! The T100s looks great. Thinking about a set myself :X
  9. New forum member. Looking forward to contributing! Finally have myself a proper full set. Used to be rolling with craigslist and ebay finds. Details are in the sig.
  10. Hey everyone! New to the MyGolfSpy forum and can't wait to start contributing. I'm a longtime, now retired, athlete about to hit the dirty thirty age. I didn't really grow up playing much golf. Dad and friends were always just about baseball and basketball. The most I played was a few times a year in college as it became our baseball off-day excuse to go drink and swing at a ball as hard as we could. I've been taking golf more seriously since moving out to AZ two years ago. I started at about a 15 handicap and have since gotten down to a 7. I've dropped wayyy too much money on golf
  11. Brady Chandler, Arizona 7.5 WHS Taylormade P790 (2017) T100s
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