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  1. I walk the vast majority of my rounds. Just picked up a set of ewheels v2 for my CG 3.5+ so I'll be walking happily ever after now...
  2. That's very similar to the one I've been using for 15+ years. It's on its last legs, but it has been very good. I'm gonna have to buy a new one soon.
  3. Played 9 holes today on the par 3 course (3 holes, 3 times each). Played white, then blue, then red tees. Birdied the 2nd hole twice in a row (2 and 5). Hit an 8i first to about 4', then a 6i the 2nd time to about 3'. Just missed a birdie the 3rd time after a 9i to 6'.
  4. What have I bought lately? Not much... just an Alphard eWheels v2! Finally came in and I put it together on Friday. Took it out for its maiden voyage today on the local par 3 course just to familiarize myself with it. I can't say enough good things about it. Love it. Love it. Love it. I also ordered the front wheel conversion for my CG 3.5+ along with the TFS. They're both backordered right now and I won't get them until late March it looks like, but when they come, this thing is gonna be that much better.
  5. I feel like the SwingMate has always given me accurate measurements. I never used it for full swings with the SS type clubs, but I feel like it should be good. It's not measuring anything to do with the ball anyway so I figure it should be good to go.
  6. I didn't read through the whole thread, but I will say, I've had better luck with USPS than UPS or FedEx historically. Even as I type, I have a set of Alphard eWheels v2 enroute from the Chicago area to OKC. It is late (I am fine with that since we had a record breaking snow/cold spell here last week), but for some reason it went from Olathe, KS to Dallas, TX yesterday. That makes zero sense since it's traveling ground and more likely than not went down I-35 roughly 5 miles east of the FedEx distribution point here in NW OKC/Edmond. There's no reason other than human error that it shou
  7. Oh, how I wish I'd put away even 5% of everything I ever made. I didn't start my first retirement account until I was ~26 or so. Even then, it wasn't enough. I'm putting away 20% of my base pay right now, plus a little more along the way. Thankfully, my oldest is on the right track. He's Navy and putting 35% of his base pay into his TSP. I doubt it'll stay that high forever, but it's great that he's getting a jump on it. He's not even 20 yet and he's far better off than I was at that age.
  8. Prices on eBay are around $30-$50. I'll do it for $30 shipped if you're interested.
  9. It will, indeed, read speeds from a SS "type" club. See attached pics. FWIW, I was not swinging full speed. I've measured speeds in the upper 110's with his unit. It is old, but it has been reliable.
  10. Maybe on average, but I'd have a hard time believing that one can't just crank out a high swing for a radar with no ball. Granted, form would go out the window, but simply talking about speed, I don't see it. As I said, the averages might work out that way because it's such a mental thing, but I think a single swing, all or nothing, can be topped out on a radar. *** Going to look now...
  11. Definitely tip weights. I, too, prefer high swingweights in my clubs. Sometimes, I'll even use a top weight and then add a little tungsten (not lead) powder on top of it. If I'm shooting for 9.8g, I'll use an 8g on and 1.8g of powder. Not sure why it seems like a "not so good idea". That's the way it has been done for years.
  12. I have something. I will check tomorrow if it will measure speed of a Speed Stick type club. I bought a Mevo so I have no use for it any longer.
  13. I'd love to say my bag is set, but I'm not so sure. I have a tendency to wander sometimes. I will say, it's got a better chance this year than it has for many, many years. I'm not sure what would be changing. That being said, I will likely swap my RTX4 58/3 for the RTX4 58/9 when the weather warms up and the courses aren't so wet. I don't consider that a club change since it's only the bounce I'm changing for.
  14. I'll be pleasantly surprised if SS isn't bankrupt when I get that age. I'm hoping to make it with my military retirement, disability, fed civ pension, and wife's fed civ pension along with our 3 TSP accounts. I figure if we can get the total TSP balance between the 3 accounts to $1M by the time we both pull the plug we'll be fine.
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