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  1. Definitely should have waited. Heck, I'd contemplate playing up the left side/other fairway every time on that course. Seems it'd cut some decent distance off the hole.
  2. Nice! I'm the same way. I just picked up an Apex 19 4 hybrid and reshafted it with AMT White X100 to match my irons. I built it to 38.75" and I carry a 38" 5i so the gapping should be close.
  3. Definitely interested. Location: OKC Current Bag(s): SM C130, SM 4.5LS... and others, but those are the main two. Things you look for most in a cart bag: 14 way top (or 15), pockets, handles to make it easy to load in truck, pockets...
  4. If you get to 5,000 balls, you could talk to lostgolfballs.com https://www.lostgolfballs.com/We-Buy
  5. This is about where I'm at. Had a 30' eagle putt that I missed by <1/2 a ball width. Tap in birdies are still nice. Had a couple of good drives besides that. The rest wasn't much work talking about.
  6. I lucked into a rack that holds 16 x 18 clubs from a local course that wasn't using it. Paid $50 and it's a great addition to my setup.
  7. Picked up a used Apex 19 4 hybrid from Golf Galaxy. Reshafted it with AMT White X100 to match my irons. So far, so good.
  8. Nice collection. You have a similar rack for full swing clubs?
  9. Found the HZRDUS Black 85g, 6.5 that I've been searching for a year or so to find!
  10. I have one pair of spikeless. They're an older pair of Nike. They are definitely lacking in traction compared to spikes, but I like them for range work and, if it's really dry out and I don't plan on needing tons of traction, they do the job. My son prefers spikeless. He has a couple of pairs of Footjoys and they work well for him. I've tossed around the idea of trying the ProSL, but never pulled the trigger. The thing I dislike about most spikeless is that they all look too much like a "tennis shoe" or running shoe and not like a golf shoe. As a person who leans traditionalist, I like the "dressier" style of golf shoes.
  11. So, you're sticking to spikes at this point? What spikeless have you tried and not liked?
  12. I could be wrong, but doesn't DeChambeau use a non-tapered grip? If so, that could be the ticket.
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