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  1. Retired AF. Working now as an AF civilian at Tinker AFB with the new KC-46 tanker. Only 17 years and 1 week until I'm retirement eligible again.
  2. Bump. Reasonable offers considered.
  3. 4 hybrid, 23° 39.25" Swingweight ~D2 HZRDUS Black 6.0, 85g shaft See pics. Club is in great shape with normal playing marks, but nothing major to detract. I'm a religious headcover user. I'd be willing to reshaft with an Aldila VS Proto 80R or 95X if this shaft is not your style. I also have a Steelfiber i110 r flex that I could part with. Asking $125 + shipping
  4. I'd love to get in on this action. Any idea what the guest rate is? Jr rate? Military (retired) rate?
  5. I might have to force myself to do this again. Can't lose the long drive like that. I put up a 79 from 6900+/73.7/126 on Sunday, but not with a hard rock.
  6. Sorry, it would have been Lake Hefner North Course, OKC. I think it's 71.1/123, but I'll confirm. Yes, that's correct. For the record, that drive was alright, but this on on Sunday was off the charts. To make it better, I hit the green in two and sank the eagle putt! Too bad this wasn't part of the HRC.
  7. I'm sure the Google Maps photo was taken when the grass was dormant. It's in very good shape for 7-8 months/year and, even when the grass is dormant, it's playable most of the other months.
  8. Wasn't pretty. Shot a 49 on the front with the Pinnacles. I couldn't putt to save my life with them. I even 4 putted from like 30' on one hole. The good news is, I switched to my Srixon Z Star XV when I went to the back. It was getting dark so I only got in 10, 16, 17, and 18, but I went par, par, bogey (3 putt from 60'), and birdie to be even for 4 holes on the back. So, I know all isn't lost.
  9. Ok, I'm gonna give it a go today. Got 3 Pinnacle Gold LS and. Nitro backup.
  10. Jeremy/OKC Vokey SM6 58 (low bounce 4° or less) or 54 (8° to 10° bounce)
  11. That's a fairly vague question. Anything taken off the tip will make a difference. How much until it's noticeable is different from person to person. I'd recommend finding the right shaft instead of trying to manufacture one with a poorly fit shaft... unless it's really close and you're just tweaking.
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