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  1. Hey BrenkJ, thanks for resurrecting this topic. I was about to write a piece on True Spec myself and then I saw this thread. I recently did a full bad fitting with putter at True Spec and had an amazing experience! Basically, the same as the original author of this thread. You may be able to find a better deal by shopping around but having your clubs hand built by True Spec is part of what you are paying for. It also comes with there satisfaction guarantee. The breakdown for my irons: Taylormade P790’s $174.99 each + Nippon Modus Tour 120X shaft $60.00 + grip $15.00 + SST Pureing $30.00 = $279.99 per iron As I said earlier, this was awesome experience. Christmas morning for any golfer! I really liked the transparency of this experience. Really low pressure, they didn’t try to sell me a club just because. In fact, they didn’t even try and sell me a driver, 3-wood or putter. They gains of the new technology was minimal compared to my current gamers and not worth the expense. Currently they are doing free fittings for Healthcare workers! Drop my name (Bryce Campbell) in the referral box! Hope this helps, Keep on swinging! – Bryce.
  2. I have been looking every time I play but I haven't found it yet. There are so many bag tags!
  3. Bend, OR. HC - 7.1 I use the line pre-printed on the ball Titleist ProV1, personalization - BDC
  4. Handicap and Location - 7.4, Bend, Oregon Social Media Accounts - Facebook, Instagram Expected rounds in an 8-week span - 12-16 rounds Current OEMs in your bag - Taylormade R11, M2 3-wood, Titleist 710 CB 3-PW, Cleveland CBX 52/56, Odyssey White Hot Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge Driver - King SZ white, RH, 10.5 X-stiff, Mitsubishi Tensei AV blue 65 3W - King SZ white, RH, X-stiff, Mitsubishi Tensei AV blue 65 Utility - King Black, Graphite X-stiff, Mitsubishi Tesnei Pro White 100 4-PW - King Forged Tec, Stiff, True Temper Gold 120, +1/4 long Wedge - King MIM 52 (8-bounce)/56 (10-bounce)
  5. Congrats, I am excited to follow along! Looking forward to reading your reviews.
  6. Anyone win this sweepstakes? What a cool giveaway!
  7. This is great, best of luck to all.
  8. Let us know what you learn, I am curious what something like that will go for. You never know what some people are willing to pay!
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