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  1. The most forgiving irons and verified by testing are Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons. These irons are easy to hit, get the ball high in the air even with a slower swing speed and extremely forgiving.
  2. I did my own stretching routine prior to doing this 3x a week. Basic type flexibility stretches for legs/arms/shoulders/back. A long stretching program prior to exercise is another topic that is debated in the work-out circles as not being of value as much as it is assumed as the control groups without stretching and those that did stretching did not show any higher significant value or results but that is another topic. In my view the repetitive stress on muscles swinging at the max swing speed over a period of time leads to break down. Again individual results will vary. T
  3. I went with SuperSpeed program from November until March 2 years ago. Had the radar and the whole program going. Did the program in my garage with all types of nasty cold weather outside. Went to play late winter golf and that swing it as hard as you can mode did not work at all as I was all over the place., almost whiffed a few! Took me about a month to get back to the fairway on a consistent basis. Plus everyone especially beware of a back injury from over-training in following their set protocols. I had a deep low back/pain radiating into my piriformis muscle (truly a pain in t
  4. I do basically the same thing as the S7K putter self standing putter and it probably looks weird to some guys however at first but my playing partners are all used to me doing it. I plumb bob then kind of I align my Odyssey Marksman blade putter behind the ball, keep my finger/hand on the end of the the putter then step right behind the ball lining up the putter to my intended line. Helps me putt much better as I just don't see the line as well at address. Give it a try as my putter and yours too is way better than S7K in quality as i then get the same benefits. Slow play,..NO
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