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  1. Really nice-looking sticks. Have been a Mizuno loyalist for a long time, but definitely considering the T100 for my next set.
  2. Really like the look of the tan piping on the white shoe...old school and classy.
  3. I've already done this several times through Team Titleist, as well as provided feedback on the new versions of the ProV line over the last several years.. Typically the balls that are sent out for testing are not always easy to ID, (see attached pic of the latest ProV1, sent to me in "generic" sleeve in Feb. for comment/feedback) other than that it's not hard to tell the difference between a Urethane cover and something else. Doing a side-by-side with your current gamer makes for an interesting test.
  4. I've watched a bunch of Edel's videos on putter fitting, eye alignment, effect of the shaft/hosel style etc. Fascinating stuff. Very interested in trying out one of the putters
  5. Anthony - Phoenixville PA Right-Handed 1st Choice VKTR+ in stiff 2nd Choice UiHi in stiff 4.5 index gaming a Titleist 19* Hybrid
  6. Tony Phoenixville PA TaylorMade M5 Tour 4.0 Index 112 Mph (w/driver) TSi3
  7. Anthony , Phoenixville PA Cameron Newport 2 Interested in the ZB3. I like a longer putter so the 36" works for me and the extra heel and toe weight distribution with stronger MOI should fit my arcing stroke. I'm a blade guy , so I don't like too much clutter behind the ball.
  8. Interested in testing this. Used a handheld Skycaddie in the past but it was a bit too "fiddly" for me. Like to see what the newer version in watch form can do. Currently using a Bushnell Tour V5 Switch (slope version)
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