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  1. After a few comments in "Random Thread" I decided to create a thread specifically for Random Golf Hacks.
  2. Is this turning into a "Golf Hacks" thread lmao
  3. Just simply tell your Boss that you have an emergency and that its personal... We really need to see those puppies in hand... its an emergency
  4. "It was the cored greens I tell ya!" lmao
  5. Intro posted, got my delivery date for monday and also an email from Arccos.
  6. I just read this article detailing why Adam Scott has not yet chosen to jump over to LIV. https://golf.com/news/adam-scott-liv-decision/ Full disclosure: I am a bit biased when it comes to Adam Scott. When I was younger my old boss, when I worked at a virtual golf facility, compared my swing to his before I even knew who he was so I looked into him and he became one of my personal favorite golfers. Regardless of if you are Anti-LIV, Pro-LIV or indifferent, I would say it would be hard to not appreciate Scott's open mind on the subject and you can tell that he has given it a lot of thought.
  7. If I purchase something and it goes on this page I am going to have to take it to my priest to be blessed lmao
  8. I have been planning on ordering this set for my razors. https://www.whippeddog.com/product-page/norton-quarter-hone-set It goes up to 8k grit but you should be able to get a pretty good edge for cooking off the 4k side of the stone. I will emphasize getting your technique down (maybe using another knife to practice on) and maybe looking into an edge guide to make sure you have the correct angle. Looks like a lot of good options there, in my link above they are for a set of Norton's. Larry cuts them into quarters to have a nice discount kit and the smaller size still works well, I think the full size set is in your link also. I believe nortons are Made in USA but I am not 100% sure
  9. What are you leaning towards? Naniwa? Shapton? Japanese naturals? I am looking into getting stones also but for my straight razors, not kitchen knifes.
  10. That looks like a really nice knife. Just don't go down the sharpening rabbit hole lol next thing you know we will be seeing you posting videos like this
  11. I am thinking about getting some balata balls. It would really be the icing on the cake to play them using my new to me '72 Hogan Apex blades
  12. My name is Matt Wardell and I am 30 years old. I live in Southgate, MI with my Wife and two daughters. I want to start off by thanking MyGolfSpy and Arccos for this amazing opportunity. I am a CAD Designer and now work with wiring harnesses for gas and electric vehicles. I have been working from home since the pandemic began, and while I want to take more advantage of that to go golf, nothing could be better than being at home with my Wife and girls. The lockdowns are what brought me back to the game I love after a near decade hiatus, it began with youtube videos and MyGolfSpy whilst I was on medical leave helping my Wife through some severe post-partum issues. This led me to buy some used clubs, swinging and putting in the living room. But lets back up a little bit. My journey in Golf started with a misunderstanding, while I was getting ready for high school (~early 2000s) my father was talking to me about sports to play. While I have played many sports throughout my life such as hockey, soccer, basketball, and baseball, Golf wasn’t really on my radar. But I misunderstood my Dad and I thought that playing a sport was a requirement to graduate, my old man had been playing golf for a little bit so high school golf it was. I played on the varsity team, worked at a virtual golf facility and fell in love with the game, the camaraderie, the fact that it is a difficult game but also fun, always wanting to improve whether it be strategy or form. I think Arnold Palmer said it best… "Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening - and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented." These days I can play a couple times a month and thankfully my area has some nice courses as well as some really nice courses if you don’t mind a short drive. I am also working to help my Wife and kids get into the game as they saw my enthusiasm for golf, and we thought it would be a nice family activity. Unfortunately, that has been a slow path lately and I hope that come spring we can really get moving on that, I will still be reviewing the Arccos system during that time as well so that will help. Testing For this test, I will be increasing the amount that I typically golf. This is due to Michigans season eventually coming to an end, and to provide as much data as I can for what I will call the first half of the review. As we are being generously provided a year membership to Arccos, I will be attempting to collect data until I am no longer able to play due to weather, I will then look into what areas need improvement per Arccos recommendation. During the off season, I will use Arccos data to work on areas that need improvement and see how much it has helped me in the beginning of next season. I am also playing with the idea of putting the Arccos system head-to-head against my ShotScope V2 watch, how I would do this is not completely ironed out so I will update when I am able. According to the Arccos website, new users can expect a 5 stroke improvement. So after getting my initial handicap via their strokes gained analysis, I will be seeing if that kind of improvement is achievable between now and when my prepaid membership expires. It is at that point I will make my decision whether the system will stay with me or not. I am very excited to test this product as I have been wondering about stats and what I should keep and not keep while also paradoxically wanting to keep everything as simple as possible while still improving. My hope is that this Arccos system will do just that for me. My biggest hope above all else, is for all those reading to take something valuable from my review be it a new interest, perspective, maybe even a laugh. I will end this introduction with one of my favorite prayers... “Lord, please use my crap as fertilizer for their growth. Amen” I hope you all enjoy the review and please do not hesitate to ask questions.
  13. Thank you @sirchunksalot How would you recommend I clean them? I have read about bar keepers friend and steel wool but honestly there is no rust on them so I am not sure if that is needed. I think I also read about Windex but was a little skeptical of it. It mostly looks like water stains, no pitting just chatter. Also, is there a way to try to save the original grips? They are pretty slick and I would hate to have to remove them but I also really want to put them in play lol
  14. Gratuitous photo dump, they need some tlc for sure but I think they look in very good condition. From a quick search, they appear to be the original 1972 model Apex (The irons at least). The only person that I know for knowledge of old irons is @BIG STU, Are you able to confirm Stu?
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