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  1. The TS-3's are the best set of irons I have ever owned.
  2. Golf Galaxy/DSG has the 2023 trifli at Two boxes for 40.00 Cant beat that deal.
  3. I have the TS-3 irons and they are awesome. Forced Tour Edge C721's out of my bag. Benefit of Maltby is you can order one iron, built to a specific spec to try out.
  4. Those violation charges can be filed retroactively, so beware!
  5. After comparing the TS3 7 iron to the Tour Edge C721 counterpart, I ended up pulling the C721 heads and selling them on the bay. Kept the KGS TGI 80 shafts and installed the 5 thru P of TS3 iron heads. While the click/firm feeling of the 721's were ok, the sole of the 721's just didn't work/feel right. It is crazy that the TS3, when struck well, hardly feel like you even struck a golf ball. League starts this coming Thursday. Can hardly wait. In case anyone is interested, I have attached a chart with the Maltby TS line of irons. It compares loft and offsets for each model.
  6. After hitting my test 7 iron a few more times, I decided to sell the heads of my C721 TEE irons. I never could get used to the turn interaction with them. My TS3 heads are arriving today and after a re-shaft and regrip my brothers 3 wood tonight I am going to put the news TS3's on the KBS TGI 80 shafts.
  7. 7 iron TS3. Toe closed a bit while taking the pic. Always liked pics of clubs addressing the ball. Gives a better feel for size and looks. This head is a beauty!
  8. Golf ? Lol. This came to visit yesterday.
  9. I walk nine hole league every week, unless storms or excessive humidity that day.
  10. Small update: I was able to sneak outside to hit a few balls with the STi2 and TS3 on Sunday: Air Temp: 43 degrees ( feels like 37 ) Yeah, cold! balls were sitting in the shed so they were about 35 degrees. (Felt like rocks! lol ) First few warmup swings felt like I was hitting stones. After about 10 swings, I hit two shots with each. STi2, (low stinger that went about 100 yards, 2nd shot much more flush and traveled about 138 ) TS2, (low edge and went about 110 yards, 2nd shot struck perfectly and felt that way. traveled about 148 ) On both shots the TS3 felt significantly better. ( Both clubs have the same shaft, Rogue R65 ) Hopefully I can get in a sim later this week and give all three a whirl.
  11. I have added some pics. Maltby Sti2, Maltby TS3, Tour Edge C721 These are just some quick visuals of the relative size of the TS3. If anyone has a specific picture angle they would like to see, let me know. I'll take some measurements with a digital caliper and post them.
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