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  1. I have swapped my driver, added a 2 hybrid in place of a 3 hyrbid, and added two new ZipCore wedges.
  2. I used a Bushnell iON 2 GPS watch and really liked it. I recently switched to an Apple watch when I added Arccos sensors to my clubs.
  3. MisterT

    EDEL EAS Putter

    I'd love to be part of this and could give the putter a thorough workout as I am playing 3-4 rounds of golf per week.
  4. I would love to be a participant in this. Thanks!
  5. Terry/Atlanta iPhone XR Primarily Outdoors No net here
  6. These look like great carts. I generally walk using a pushcart as I quickly learned that my shoulders won't take carrying my bag for 18 holes. I enjoy the workout as the course I normally play is quite hilly, but also recognize I may be reducing my scoring potential by expending energy into moving the cart versus my shots. It's a potential tradeoff that I am OK with... for now.
  7. Terry / Atlanta 9 Medium Adidas Tour 360 (multiple models) Comfort and performance
  8. Terry / Atlanta, GA Righthanded First choice: Driving Iron - UiHi - 18* - KBS Tour 90 Regular Second Choice: Driving Iron - UiHi - 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff Index is 16.0 I play 19 and 25 degree hybrids instead of long irons. Thank you.
  9. Terry Atlanta, GA 2017 TM M2 Tour Issue 10.5 15.3 96 TSi3
  10. Terry / Atlanta, GA 15.3 Cleveland RTX-3 56/12 and 60/09 A Raw Wedge has that bite that is, or appears to be, less impacted by morning dew between the club face and ball.
  11. Terry, Atlanta, GA Golf is year round in Georgia - weather permitting. As a result, I can't practice putting as much. My past experience with mats has been with cheaper foam mats and a machine at the end to spit the ball back. It loowed me to practice my stroke, but not slope or speed, by any means. If selected, I would like the Medium speed as I play a variety of course from private to public Thanks for this opportunity!
  12. Terry / Atlanta, GA 13.3 Index 2017 TaylorMade M1
  13. Terry, Atlanta, GA Cleveland RTX-3 in 56 and 60 If chosen, I’d like to try a 54 degree in hopes of a little more distance and spin.
  14. Handicap and Location My index is 13 and I am based in Atlanta, Georgia Current Irons and 8-iron distance I am playing 2017 TaylorMade M1 irons with Nippon 950GH stiff shafts at D3 swingweight and one degree upright My 8 iron typically goes 150 yards - up to five yards more if I push it What do you know about Sub70? I have been looking at purchasing the exact irons (699 Pro) being proposed for testing. Sub70 is a direct to consumer seller of high quality golf clubs from putters through drivers. They are known for their customer service and pride in wha
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