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  1. Edward Staten Island, NY 2019 Odyssey WhiteHot mullet style Would love to test mullet version
  2. Edward, Staten Island NY iphone 11 iOS I would have a chance to try it outdoors and maybe indoors with the net (and be able to compare to tracking device from a 3rd party)
  3. Edward, Staten Island, NY I have a 4 foot mat at home to practice short (obviously) putts. Would love a medium speed putting mat.
  4. Edward S, Staten Island, NY USA USE Odyssey White Hot mullet style Interested in Ping Fetch or Floki - love the design!
  5. Edward, Staten Island NY Currently playing with Callaway MD4 54 and 58 degrees I also have two teenage kids - junior golfers (boy and girl both on high school teams) who’d get a needed upgrade if I am chosen as a tester.
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