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  1. 100% correct. I was bombing the older "burner" driver that was in the rental clubs, thanks to the altitude. It was truly a beautiful course.
  2. I have found that one of the best things to be done in cold weather, that can reduce the number of layers required for comfort, is to walk if at all possible. This helps keep the body temperature up. I will also 2nd, cycling clothing. I posted about winter biking pants. Light but completely wind proof, and fleece lined.
  3. My family and I just returned from Kenya. We visited Amboseli NP, Nairobi NP, Tsavo NP(also seeing where the events from the film "The Ghost and the Darkness" took place). We actually got in a day early to cope with "jet lag", but our trip planner was able to get my older daughter and I a tee time at the Sigona Golf Club. So even though with the time change it was like we were teeing off at 3AM, we teed off and walked the 18 holes with our caddies. They were both tremendous. It is a round of golf that ..... I WILL NEVER FORGET!!! 20221106_105603.mp4
  4. If I am counting right I believe I got in 14 different courses this year. My brothers and I always try to get in different courses every year. We like the variety. Sandpiper , Brunswick, Rattlesnake, Meadowlands on trip to NC/SC Locally at home, Erie Shores, Pineridge CC, Madison CC, Powderhorn, Painesville CC, Blackbrook, Hemlock Springs, Punderson State Park, Legend Lakes
  5. I know I am not the only one who golfs in colder weather, or in my case REALLY cold weather, if I can. I also imagine that others have struggled with finding "just the right combination of clothing" so you can stay warm, and can still swing, and not be bound up like Ralphie's little brother in "A Christmas Story". I have struggled finding the right combination of type of pants/ long johns/underneath layer. I'm not going to take credit for this, the guy working at Deer Creek State Park, suggested these to me when I was playing there at the very end of October 2021, I just bought a pair for this fall and winter. Men's winter bicyling pants. They are more form fitting, but they are not spandex work out pants tight. They are fleece lined, and completely block the wind. There are many different brands. The only drawback to the ones I bought(Santic brand) is that they only have one pocket on the front. So far they have been sufficient without putting anything on underneath them. Just wanted to let my fellow colder weather golfers know.
  6. My brother and I will continue to play, and get swings in as long as there is no snow on the ground here in N/E Ohio. Aside from that I am going to become more dilligent stretching in the mornings to work on flexibility. I am also this winter going to keep on working on my putting with my indoor mat. I really noticed the difference on 0-6 footers with all the practice, going to continue to repeat my stroke, and build confidence on the shorter ones.
  7. The Burner 2.0's when I bought them were so easy to hit, well balanced. I played them for 10 years.
  8. I was a little concerned with the width of the bottom of some of them, for the shorter irons, in my individual slots. I actually went with the zipper ones they had...Love Them!
  9. Same here. I never really watched F1. Followed Indy Car a little when I was younger then nothing car racing related. Last year my daughter and I watched "Drive to Survive", now we record practices & qualifying and the race, and watch it all. Going to try and make Miami or Vegas next year.
  10. I will 3rd, or 4th this. I am not ashamed to say I am becoming something of an expert, in answering the question, "Exactly how hard do you hit a 4 iron from 125 yards, out from underneath the trees". Ball almost uncomfortably far back in my stance, hands slightly in front of the ball, ignore the tree 35 feet in front of you, and all the others, and let it rip! If the gaps in the trees are a little more forgiving I will use a 5 iron.
  11. FYI.... FreeGolfTracker...Not Official but its free, and I've been using it since @ 2008 or so, it keeps track of other stats as well, in case your interested.
  12. Ok I am no club specifics "guru" by any stretch of the imagination. I looked up your AP2's and it says that your PW is 46 degrees. With that in mind I would be looking at something around 50 degrees, for a next, and then a 54, or I would say preferably 56 for out of greenside bunkers. Keeping the loft 4 degrees apart, should render about 10 yards more or less distance, "theorhetically", on full shots. I like Cleveland Wedges, which can be a little less expensive than other brands, that is just a matter of preference, and how much you want to spend. In terms of bounce, I have to be honest I have always used wedges with a narrow bottom. I'm sure there is someone on this forum who can tell you the specifics of what different bounces are better or worse for, I can not. I simply do not like the way wide bottomed wedges look, which is why I purchased the ones I have. I am not inferring anything here, just remember that regular practice, with what you have, will almost without exception, improve your game more than new equipment. But with the 46 degree pitching wedge of your set, you certainly would benefit with two more lofted wedges, for around the green, especially if you are looking to replace the used 54 degree.
  13. Those iron covers look great, not that it makes a great big deal, are they slip over, or velcro?
  14. Funny thing is. I looked at the link you posted. Their golf balls they have priced 8 dollars more a dozen than the "mostly accepted" best and most expensive "premium" ball on the market. Ironically the two Tennis racquet frames they have listed, would be considered mediocre at best(based on pricing). Yonex, Vokl, and others have tennis frames listed at $259, $270, and $280 dollars. So their golf ball is "the best", but we could only produce a so-so tennis racquet frame. I just find that kinda funny. I will not being paying 58 dollars a dozen.
  15. I have had good luck with these. I found that for me the Pulsar's individual "cleats" wore down and broke off. Getting good wear out of the Helix.
  16. I don't mean to send this in another direction, but I would guess, Jay Monahan, is hoping that unlike all of the other things Greg Norman has said that have come true.... I'm going to start a league(You don't have the money)....I have players who are going to come and play(You're Bluffing)...... I have well known players(You don't have any major champions)...... I have Phil, Bryson, Brooks, Dustin, Cameron, and some other non major winning young popular players...(yeah but nobody will give you a TV deal ever!) I'm pretty sure Jay Monahan is hoping that Greg Norman is "really bluffing" this time when he says he has 4 Networks bidding to televise the LIV Tournaments.
  17. I do consider myself a feel putter. I've written this on other threads. I pace off the distances of my putts, not because I have some technical take back distance like Dechambeau, but like the markings on a basketball court, telling me how far I was from the basket dictated the force behind my jumper(instinctively), the distance from the cup I believe helps me(without thinking too much) groove the force behind my putts. I do hit balls(putting), but I do not do gate drills like you described. I don't keep track of how many I make, I concentrate more on taking the same grip, and routine. Now even when I putt on my mat, i do practice distance control on every one. i try to get it beyond the holes on the mat without it hitting the rear bumper about 14 inches behind them. I keep track of first putt distance during rounds. And keeping this I am aware that one putt percentage has gone up in the putts less than 7 foot range. I guess I have been fearful of just what you mentioned. I'm not sure a lot of "technical data" on my putting stroke would be a good thing.
  18. "Talk to me Goose"... I like where you are going with this. As I responded previously I have noticed improvement, "knock me over with a feather", when I actually started to do something that could actually be considerned practicing my putting! So I see where a fitting which would suggest something different (or not!), could add to the consistency gained by practicing. I noted marked improvement in # of birdies, doubles, pars, all in a positive direction since practing. So if a putter the "right length, different shape, loft etc" whatever may be suggested can add even more to the benefit of the practice, why not explore it. I'm beginning to see it more clearly.
  19. Thanks again, and I guess I probably should have mentioned, that in September of 2021, I began to actually practice my putting, on my indoor mat, that I was chosen to test for MGS, mostly in the winter, and this has improved the consistency of my stroke greatly. So I have noticed improvement from practicing. I am just exploring with this thread, input on if a fitting perhaps would or could give me some unforseen benefit. I like your idea. I think I will seek out a pro, and maybe do what you suggested and see if he/she would see anything, glaring that perhaps could be adjusted (length etc) that could be adjusted short of a full fledged fitting.
  20. Thank you to all 3 for the responses. Cnosil I will take yours first. I guess this is the question I am actually asking, "I don't know what the benefit can be, or should be". I "think" I am a decent putter. I guess I'm kinda answering my own question here, "but I won't know unless I try something different perhaps", I guess I would want to make sure that going back to what my putting was before, wouldn't be a problem. Wouldn't want that to get messed up. Ricky Bobby & Kenny B This is the type of "endorsement" I guess I am looking for. Someone who didn't have a perceived problem, but found that a fitting that perhaps suggested a different type, length, or whatever they felt improved their putting. So this is good I'm tilting a little more. And Yikes I guess if I had bought a new putter in the last 10 years I would know they had gone up. And I guess I am also just afraid(which doesn't seem to be the case depending) that it would be just another "sell job" to get me to buy something expensive!
  21. Some Background! I am 56, my handicap is likely more accurately a 13-15 at this point, and I have never had a golf lesson. I tried to have an iron fitting 3 years ago, and I can't hit off a mat, it would have appeared that I had never held a golf club, at that iron fitting. Now I have read many a post on this site with many eluding to the benefits of a Putter Fitting! Now I'm pretty sure I could handle a Putter fitting without skulling, or grounding any balls into the screen. As the title indicates, I am not "Anti" putter fitting, but I have my concerns as to how much benefit I could realistically expect. For clarity I do not believe I am a bad putter. I am aware like Dave P, points out that pros make 50/50 from 8 feet. My 50/50 is 6 feet. I lag putt pretty well and don't 3 putt excesively. I believe my make percentages at various distances are acceptable when compared to those of the pros. While cost isn't a prohibition, I have explored Club Champion and others and it seems that all of the putter brands these places want to fit you into are $300 + dollar putters. I bought my Ping Scottsdale Wolverine in circa 2013-14 for around $110(and I like it and have no problem with it). If it can really help I will spend the money. Or is this a case of I have to "believe" that a putter fitting will help me, or perceive a problem to be corrected in my putting. And I don't know if I arc the putter, I believe I'm more of straight back and through, honestly its not something I have or ever will consider, I just line up the putt and hit it, trying to repeat my motion over and over again. I am open to questions about my game/putting to clarify things, and comments to help me see if a putter fitting will help me. I guess I'm looking to see if there is anyone like me, who is(or believes they are) a decent putter, and doesn't perceive any real problems with their putting, who had a fitting and experienced a revalation, about how much better they were after the fitting. Thanks in Advance!
  22. I will just add my two cents. Many good comments. Dave P is right pros 50/50 distance is 8'. By the time we get to 20 feet make percentage is less than 10 %. My one putt percentage is less than 10% on everything over 13 feet. So don't put too much pressure on yourself about what you, "should" or "expect" to make. Get a putting mat and practice with it as much as you can. I began to practice with mine late last year. It will help greatly with grooving a putting stroke on putts, ones you can actually make more of, those in the less than 8 foot range. I have 6 balls on mine. I practice 6 putts from each distance from 3'-11', 48 putts takes me about 15 minutes to complete, I try to do it 3-5 times a week (especially in the winter her in Ohio). (Speed of greens/ or mat is just always something you have to adjust to) Lastly I began to QUICKLY pace off the distance of my putts. I believe it helps me to with a little more instinct know how hard to swing if I know that the putt is 15' and not 18 feet. I equated my putting to basketball. How did I know how much much momentum to put behind my jump shot, the lines on the basketball court gave me an instant visual reference, for how long of a jump shot I was attempting, and the amount of force necessary was calculated, instinctively based on these visual cues. There are no visual cues on a putting green. I have found that my distance control has improved greatly knowing the distance of my putts. Now even though I DON'T EXPECT TO MAKE MANY OVER 10 FEET. My mindset on these is going to change, after reading a post on another thread. I'm no longer going to think, JUST DON'T 3 PUTT. I'm going to think, I am a good enough putter not to 3 putt, I'm going to try and make them, and not just lag 17 footers to avoid 3 putting, but comforable with the knowledge that realistically not many are going to go in. But maybe the more positive outlook will help me make a few more in the 10-20 foots. Just some things that have helped me be a better putter, from a similar handicap
  23. This is a very interesting comment which struck me. Now I keep track of my first putt distance. I know my 50/50 make distance is about 6 feet. But what you said gave me pause to think. Similar to you I am aware that based on pro's putting percentages, and what mine actually are I should't "expect" to make many 9-14 footers, but is my current philosophy of "on anything over 10 feet, just don't 3 putt", based on the numbers a bad philosophy. Should I just be confident, that I won't 3 putt from under 20 feet, and be thinking "I can make this". Keeping my expectations realistic based on the actual liklihood of making it. But will the change in thought process help me make a few more 10-15 footers, which may be birdie putts. HMMMMM!!!
  24. I believe I came close to mine about 3 weeks ago. Shot 72 on a par 70. Now it is a smaller, somwhat flatter course that I played at 5900 yards. It was one of very few rounds where everything seemed to work. I had 28 putts, normally 34, 9 one putts, ones of 7 &14 to save par, and another of 7 to save bogey. I had 2 birdies on par 4's that I hit to within 2 feet on approach, and one on a par 5, made the 6 footer. My average first putt distance for this round was 10.2 feet, when it normally averages 16-18 feet. It was just one of those magical days. Could have saved one stroke I guess and not 3 putted from 39 feet on the second hole.
  25. Sarcasm coming....no, no its on behalf of the PGA, so they and they alone, and their supporters determine what is best and legal for the game of golf. The owner of a business can have as many meetings as he wants with employees that are completely loyal to him. They can not however have a meeting to discuss, actions, and means, in which to threaten, coerce, cajole, or otherwise prevent the other employees from organizing into a union.
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