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  1. 51.11f for square face chips and full shots 55.11D for square, open faced chips (my go to around the green) 59.07M for specialty around greens, short side over bunker etc.
  2. I will usually not say a word, keep everything in that could be helpful or harmful, thinking things will straighten out. After my next 6 crappy shots, I will then start yelling expletives at myself, making everyone in my group uncomfortable. Pretty standard actually.
  3. I agree. I have seen my dad go through the same. 2 back surgeries and it was never the same. Its workable for golf now but it definitely is a hinderance. Nothing a few Bud Lights wont help loosen. I will say his physique is much different than Tiger's! Tiger has put his body through the ringer with just golf and he didn't help himself with the "extra circular" workouts.
  4. Totally agree. very self deprecating, with a little tongue in cheek...
  5. This is guy is great. His delivery and comedic relief is refreshing. Recently found him during YT sessions while trying not to fall asleep during work at my computer.
  6. The question would be if Nike would pay more for the bag vs what Srixon would pay for the bag. I am not familiar with contacts but there seems to be many high profile players utilizing another sponsor on the bag rather than iron/woods OEM. If Srixon ponies out the money then i could see Srixon on the bag but i would doubt they beat out what Nike would pay. That little check mark means a lot in marketing.
  7. Thats an interesting perspective... I guess the same scenario was played out with Mizuno. I would say anyone with major wins, playing your irons for free, would be a win. Nothing invested other than some free irons.
  8. I wonder what Srixon's ROI will be on this contract, if there is one. Probably a question of what any player endorsement ROI is... besides Tiger, Rory, DJ, maybe Rickie. Brooks is a great player, major winner, consistent 'cupper, but does he move the needle as a player? Are kids growing up saying I want to be Koepka... maybe they are... but he just doesn't intrigue me as much as others without as many majors. Would there be value in trying to grab a young gun to see if something pans out? Or do they just get too much money thrown at them... TOO MANY QUESTIONS!! i digress...
  9. MY GOSH AM I JEALOUS!!!! Great setup!
  10. Those irons and wedges are so nice and shiny!!!
  11. Such a huge series with excellent characterization. Mando is awesome!
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