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  1. Well two months later...Here I am to say thanks for the wishes! LOL. Turned 40 so its been epic.
  2. That isn't going to affect anything. I had a rogue 4wd that the face was dented (on toe). I think it was from hitting winter range balls. I took it to my fitter and Callaway replaced it under warranty. You could see if this would fit into that category but I don't think its from wear and tear with hitting a ball, so not sure what would happen. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry about it.
  3. I going to add nothing other than support for what @MattF said. Def sounds like a CC is not what you are looking for. You would want to know too if the club allows push carts. Some clubs do not (mine). Only carry or carting it. Might be different in PHX though. I view the club as a social experience for myself and family. We go to the pool, the family will play golf together. Prior to pandemic, I could get on the course anytime I wanted. Now with work from home, its a little different. Pace of play isn't an issue at a CC but could be at even a semi-priv club with memberships. I would think that you could save your money and have less of the nagging feeling of needing to use the CC amenities by going to a public or semi-private membership route. Checks all your boxes.
  4. Seems like when some of KFC's dirty laundry was aired out, it has been a downward spiral. Its amazing he is still there but he is one of the originals. He is sensationalism at his best trying to get eyeballs.
  5. They have already retracted and apologized. KFC was blasted for this as he should be. Foreplay guys addressed it in their podcast this morning.
  6. My hope is yes but wondering what everyone's thoughts are....
  7. Jeez. I grabbed some 921 tours this off season. PURE. Now I am thinking: 1) an epic speed 16.5 wood. first designed 4wd since rogue with Callaway. 2) sweetrollzgolf.com putter grip. Anyone have any experience??? Like the designs but not sure of the size. Currently use the SS Pistol 1.0. 3) possibly the new Sun Mountain Sunday Carry bag. MGS review and that bag looks sweet!!! WOuld like a sunday bag in general so if there are any recommendations that would be great.
  8. I don't necessarily see a reason why to use a lower lofted club for a flop except maybe just for technique and practice. I will usually use 9i to practice some bunker shots. Helps me with not taking too deep of sand which I tend to do. I do use my 55* over my 59* for a flop as it seems to be more forgiving. I had some issues with using my 59* on any short shots around the green and ended up going to my other wedges but allowing for more roll. After i put that 59* in the proverbial corner, and used the other wedges, my confidence was boosted with the 59 now. Also its fun messing around with the different shots to try and make a fool of myself.
  9. 51.11f for square face chips and full shots 55.11D for square, open faced chips (my go to around the green) 59.07M for specialty around greens, short side over bunker etc.
  10. I will usually not say a word, keep everything in that could be helpful or harmful, thinking things will straighten out. After my next 6 crappy shots, I will then start yelling expletives at myself, making everyone in my group uncomfortable. Pretty standard actually.
  11. I agree. I have seen my dad go through the same. 2 back surgeries and it was never the same. Its workable for golf now but it definitely is a hinderance. Nothing a few Bud Lights wont help loosen. I will say his physique is much different than Tiger's! Tiger has put his body through the ringer with just golf and he didn't help himself with the "extra circular" workouts.
  12. Totally agree. very self deprecating, with a little tongue in cheek...
  13. This is guy is great. His delivery and comedic relief is refreshing. Recently found him during YT sessions while trying not to fall asleep during work at my computer.
  14. The question would be if Nike would pay more for the bag vs what Srixon would pay for the bag. I am not familiar with contacts but there seems to be many high profile players utilizing another sponsor on the bag rather than iron/woods OEM. If Srixon ponies out the money then i could see Srixon on the bag but i would doubt they beat out what Nike would pay. That little check mark means a lot in marketing.
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