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  1. I have played Z Star, Pro-V and a bit of Bridgestone X for the last 10+ years. This last season I have been playing the Maxfli Tour CG X. After seeing the driver data (I am over 100 mph on driver but not near 115 so I went out and bought two boxes o of the Maxfli Tour CG. The X rated way lower on distance (even though I was driving them considerably further than the Srixons and Pro-V's). These are every bit as good as any other ball and the price......buy something cheap at Golf Galaxy, fill out the survey on the receipt to get $10 off your next purchase. Buy two boxes of Maxflis for $60, throw on the coupon and you have two boxes of exceptional balls for $50. That deal cannot be beat.
  2. Applying to be a tester. Please consider my application for your random draw. Many thanks.
  3. There is a site called Sideline Swap where plenty of used junior clubs are available. I picked up a nice Cobra set for my daughter, paid about $90 for driver, 3 wood, hybrid, sand iron, 9 iron, 7 iron and putter. Nice stand bag as well.
  4. This is great for a left hander who finds it hard to try drivers in the right specs to try out. Sign me up.
  5. I am in. I play the prior Maxfli Tour X CG model. Love them.
  6. Submitting my app to test this putting green out. I average 21 putts a round (insert emoji here).
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