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  1. If we want new people playing this great game we're going to have slow play. If we let old people play with bad eye sight "Me" I lost more balls in Fairways, short grass, than water or woods this year. My play may be consistered slow. Is 4.5 hrs slow 5? If your better than me play through
  2. Where I go in Michigan they run specials you pay for you fitting and they give you a gift card for same amount back to be you. No expiration on the card. But If I get fitted it
  3. Accro customer service or lack of. Any members have any experience with them
  4. I've always been a Bridgestone fan. Old,slow speed always found Bridgestone balls worked for me,and costs less
  5. Why is it difficult to take the lessons from class to range, practice ,you understand doing well with it. get to the course and its ? Then the May lesson clicks that built on June that I had 2 week ago? I'm a senior having a great time learning
  6. tell your family, Christmas birthdays,father's days Etc Please golf balls be specific several different price points and/or gift certificates to continue lessons.
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