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  1. The arccos sensor are photosensitive so yeah you might want to clean the specific club in question if it misses a lot of shot. Also playing very fast seems to be missing some shot for me... ( take club out of bag, then hit the ball under 10-15 second seems to be problematic especially if I tend to leave the sensor close to my body or when I play in darker condition) Also my longer club hybrid, 5 wood, driver with screw in sensor seems to get a little more dirty than my ping g425 with sensor in the grip. 0 trouble on my wedge so far. I had that trouble maybe once every 2 game where I
  2. Been playing public golf course, often taking a random start in the afternoon paired with some other player, I can often see bad equipment choice along those players. I recently restarted golf after 10 years or so and before the season I read pretty much every website available, checked tons of video out there, got fitted with my new equipment. The biggest reason for bad equipment choice is money from what I can see. They buy used golf club, older, in rebate drivers, have no clue about their distance with each club, often have 2 club that does the same distance. Those players are recreative go
  3. When you compare to a brand new hybrid which is around 250$, it's a good price for sure, but yes hybrid used to be on sale quickly because they aren't played as much as they should be. And since the tech doesn't seems to improve much over the year and people don't tend to use them often either, lots of us seek lower price deal. I wouldn't be surprised to see that club at 100$ at the end of the year...
  4. I recently changed my old NICKENT yes NICKENT hybrid (2 week ago), I was looking for an hybrid around 21-22 degree, price was an issue for me, was looking around the 150$ range or so, Halo was one of the contender, was a little high priced at that moment and they ended up not having a regular shaft left handed one so ended up with a taylormade m4, couldn't test the club so it was basically a blind eye purchase. Went with the taylormade because of the resale value only. Much easier to resale a Taylormade club to a guy that don't know anything about golf. Cleveland is like unknow by half the new
  5. that make sense, I had a similar conclusion when I spent more time comparing the two ball, not sure if I want more consistent ball with really few bad one or less consistent with no bad ball or so. Cause as a user, I have no way to single out those bad ball. Of course I'm gonna end up playing something else than those two balls but eventually it might come down to those stats.
  6. yeah was wondering the same too, I found that the 73 was a little low on the rating, don't know the rating system they are using but I would assume that a 50$ ball that don't have any major defect this time would have gotten a rating around 80 or so. Still wouldn't game the ball since I tend to buy used ball and last batch of chrome was awful. Would love to see the rating system explained in detail to reach that number, maybe it's legit, maybe it's bias toward callaway, we can't know until we see the math in general behind the rating. Maybe the rating is related to the price, who knows.
  7. Well from a pure mathematical approach Stroke gained seems the way to go now. I consider that stats to be like the equivalent of .WHIP for pitcher or .OPS for batter in baseball. For non baseball fan, WHIP = walk + hit per innings pitch, basically tell me how many players the pitcher put on base every innings and OPS = on base percentage + slugging. Stroke gained seems to be a combination of a few stats that can give you a good head start when looking for decent clubs / analyze how you play. On my arccos they use that stats to "caddie" me. If often suggest me a club that I can't eve
  8. Yeah I played a Bridgestone XS for the last 2 round (could consider actually 3-4 round since I played a 3 ball best ball round alone last week. Been toying around with different ball but the XS stopping power is incredible, so incredible that my game was off by a few yards every time. It would roll at least half the distance than most ball I played out there this year. Finding and fixing my green mark was easy, 2-3 feet away from my ball on approach shot. Drive I had trouble hitting the fairways, distance wise it was not very far. I had a little off day but the ball seemed harder to contr
  9. Was gonna suggest you bridgestone Rx, could give you similar result, didn't try yet the XS version so can't tell you about it yet. Next time I hit the store I will get RXS XS and X version to try them out. But most consensus is that the XS version don't spin much more than the X version to a point it would change something drastically. Well not for me anyway.
  10. Yeah will do the same if my step son like golf, when he will grow up I will get myself a set of one length regular flex and try them and unload them to him. At the moment he like driving the cart, hitting the driver and red ball / red bag, red polo, basically anything red
  11. Driver, I play a ping g410 SFT, my drive would be way too hard to control without this driver at the moment with an off the shelves generic driver.
  12. I have the Ping G425, when I got fitted, they were by far superior to the sim 2 max, Tried the Mizuno JPX and they were good too, Feeling was similar to me but I could say that Mizuno was a little bit better, wasn't hitting them as well as the ping and of course I know why now, the Mizuno I tried was standard lie and I play 2 upright so in the end I was 3 degree off since Mizuno are flatter than other brand. Price was my main concern + ping offer lie change when you ship them back which I might need to do since I've been playing around with my swing. A friend tried them ( he bought mp20 from M
  13. I got a cobra f8 5 wood brand new this year with Aldila nv shaft, does the job for the price I paid for sure, even got cobra connect on it to pair with my arccos, Previously played some cleveland wood, was hitting them well but the feel on the cobra is better, also the price I got it, hard to beat. Still miss some shot but that's the guy not the stick. Strongly advise you to go adjustable 4-5 wood on the market. I play my 5 wood at 17 degree. Cobra tend to be a little cheaper but any brand used from 2-3 years ago should do the job
  14. Common trouble with One length start usually around the 6 irons up to 4 irons, those will generally hit only a few yards apart for most players so they sell the set with hybrid in general to compensate for that. I wanted one length at my fitting but the fitter said it wouldn't be for me. A high swing speed is generally required those to be more effective. The fitter is a conventional guy for sure, he also know what is better from a year to another so in the end, he often goes for the best product in general. For me it ended up being ping, for the guy after me, he even went on the shelves to un
  15. I'd say get both, trying to adjust your swing is the long term solution if you take the time to do it. Getting a ping SFT would generally do the job. I had a 40-80 yards slice before, I got a PING SFT and I generally don't lose my ball anymore. Yes I still had to work on my swing cause at one point I was drawing the ball with all the adjustment I made, last game I missed one drive, 20 yards slice or so while not aiming at the right spot at the start and trying to swing harder (lesson learned), ended up on the edge of the other fairway, nothing bad but it was the worst shot I did. That 600$ on
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