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  1. Sadly fitting is generally the way to go and the most expensive, if you are quite stable on your swing, the equipment will last for long. You need to refrain yourself from upgrading and make impulsive purchase when you don't play well. 1 or 2 club a year is a good goal on the long term. Drivers every 5 years or so, irons 10 years, putter 10 years, wood/hybrid 10 years, wedges more often. make sure you sell your old stuff too to decrease the cost. Came back to golf after 10 years, full set this years i'm at 3000$ and more. Like the guy who wanted to sell me a club at the store said...I have a 80 yards fade... Best investment was a SFT driver that make me drive straight... drive was the worst part of my game, now its the best. I already saved half the club's value in non lost ball this year alone... Nothing better to start with a good straight long drive in the fairway. I got fitted with a ping g425 with regular alta shaft... Was too expensive for me, went for ping g410 SFT from last year, same shaft, same result, 200$ less in cost, still expensive but managed to save a little here and there. Also if you want to learn, everything older than 5 years tend to have tons of spin compared to the newest one. Shorter shaft also help me. I still bring my 2005 taylormade R5 to the range when I'm mad at my current driver, after a few hit, I remember why I use a ping sft...
  2. Generally at that swing speed, most low spin club head will give you similar result, all will be decided with the shaft I'd say and how you hit them. Proper fitting would do the job. As for the head itself, its one of the best performer on the market at the moment, didn't see many website or fitter say that this head wasn't good, it might not be optimal for you but it is definitively good for sure. You give me a choice tomorrow to have a deal on an epic max LS head at 75% of retail price or a sim2 at 50%, would still go with the epic max ls. Sadly most review are on the high swing speed.
  3. I'm no expert but I was in the same situation. Have a Cleveland 3w and a cobra 5w, I never played a wood before in my life before this year. I got better at golf, started playing those. The contact with the 3W are inconsistent, launch angle is often too low to be able to go over the 5w for me, shaft is longer so I am even more inconsistent with it. For the 5W, I'm still a little bit inconsistent with it but when I am, I am 150 yards in front of me straight (top the ball mostly) and when I catch it, I get wonderful numbers. Most fitter would recommend a 5w over a 3w because its easy to hit. So Now I play with a 5w at 17degre vs my 3w at 15degre. When I go at the driving range if I catch both of them on the nose, 3w goes like 15-20 yards more but in 10 shot, my 3w would be 20 yards shorter in average than my 5w. my 5w is 200-210 yards, a good hit on it is 230- 250 in the wind. Edit: sorry wrong button too fast. Lower swing speed have trouble launching lower number club off the ground 3w,4w, 2iron, 3iron,4iron even sometimes the 5 iron, hybrid 2 and sometimes hybrid 3. Those club have lower loft and with lower swing speed you cannot generate enough height to get a better distance than another more lofted club. So this is why 5w is generally a good safe fit for everyone this is why women's set tend to have 2-3 hybrid in there this is why one length set from cobra stop often at 5 or 6 because people who play those don't have the necessary swing speed to get more distance from a lower lofted club.
  4. More LPGA coverage, way more cute and more like the standard player! Honestly, show more bad shot so the normal golfer can feel more normal... The guy play +5 but does a perfect approach on 16th, we only see that shot....
  5. Same principle in Baseball / Softball / Tennis / Hockey. Force = mass multiplied by acceleration Fitter/Sellers often bank their money on the launch angle and spin. Easy money for them. Take 3 min to adjust loft of a normal player who was hitting the ball way to low for his swing speed, of course he does it with the brand new driver. Fitter can play around with a shaft to increase acceleration or some head but in the end they are tweaking very small numbers. For us MGS freak those numbers are our bread and butter but for the average player out there, they are clueless. I love to overdrive the people I play with with a slower swing speed. Yesterday I played, 20 years old kid have a 110 mph swing speed or so. Can't catch the ball always near the center, often drive too low or too high, I generally drove farther than him on 75% of the drive and I swing around 95-100 mph. I could see him get mad about it until he got one dead perfect...
  6. From everything I've seen / read /tested this year the Sim 2 seems to be bottomline in all the testing vs other brand out there. Last year it was a beast but this year it became the runt of the pack. In every fitting i've Assisted, watched or read, the fitter always come up with something else WAY better than what sim2 can offer. Ping G425 seems to do well in testing/fitting despite his position in the most wanted driver test. Their shaft choice seems to help a lot for specific player. Callaway is the king this year I think but I'm surprised on how well titleist seems to be doing. They are a very close 2nd I think. Cobra as usual always do well AND always cost less.
  7. I have heard, for iron shaft that they take shaft from the same batch and they have tighter quality control on them. I have heard from some good player that they had sometime a shaft in an iron that would not behave like the other. Personally I wouldn't see the difference but I can for sure believe it from a scratch player that he would see it. I can see it on a hockey stick and you can see some professional hockey player that get 5 dozen of hockey stick and keep like 10 of them.
  8. the 1000$ question!!! or more like 600$ one. Every person have valid point. Most of them will cost you money. Depend on how much you want to invest. I'd say check youtube video, tons of them, try different thing at the range from those video and see if it change something for you. If it does, perfect, if not, try other thing. If you have a strong slice ( Mine was 50 yards +) you have 2-3 quick solutions. PING SFT is an anti slicer, generally work very well and will save you money on balls. Grip and hand position will often help also. For me it was bringing my hand more to the center of my body at address. I allowed me to close the club face more. I combined both the driver AND the hand position, only lost 1 ball yesterday (first drive without any warmup rushing to the 1st hole), all other 13 drive were acceptable even the mishit one. If I use a normal driver now, I usually have a 10-15 yards fade with my old taylormade R5. With my ping g410 SFT I have 10 straight drive, 3 small fade and normally 1 completely slicing the thing out of the park.
  9. Also for people in Canada waiting on ping, shipping delays during easter were awful. here is the listing from Fedex with my shipping number...
  10. Ordered my irons on feb 22th, got them on april 12th, right now some order on ping is 4 month delay at the moment. Most due to some shaft and grip out of order. Just like if you want to change your grip this year, better stock on them cause you might have a little surprise on specific model.
  11. I bough that model after a few recommendation from friends that were travelling often on trip. It's pretty much what other user said. Hard cases are more secure for your club but tend to get damaged wheel more often on conveyor belt, don't store well in hotel room or trunk of rental car, especially if you travel in foursome. Hard bottom, more like a padded soft shell on the outside, driver is a little tight up there with my ping traverse bag so you need to buy an "umbrella"(stiff arm) to protect the club. Can't travel to the US to try it yet because of travel restrictions in Canada but hoping to go in November to lose some ball in Arizona or Nevada. Those Club glove seems even better than mine but come at a high price tag compared to my 169$ at full price. I paid 150 Canadian $ in special which is 119$. if It last 10 trip I'm gonna be happy.
  12. It is a good 9 yards shorter in carry distance compared to #1 in the category, launch angle was under 13 degree for the club, so if you tinker to launch it a little higher, might get back some yards back to close the gap to the #1, faiway was quite high and of course price seems appealing
  13. I found out that club fitting is like everything else when you buy, either you get a good salesman, that will be honest, will inform you the right way, won't try to sell you something you don't need or he will screw you off to get his bonus. To fight that you have 2 choices, either find a good and honest fitter, ask around with friend and other golfer OR come prepared, know your numbers, look at tons of video fittings, especially people that have similar swing speed. it's fun to watch a 110 mph swing speed fitting but his numbers won't be yours. As for chip on the crown I wish they would replace all the driver i'm gonna chip. Sometimes you get lucky and paint don't go off, sometimes it does.
  14. thank for putting the video, i'm not a Mizuno player due to price and starting back golf again after 10 years but I will probably be one within 5 years of so, sad part is that i'm a lefty so option are limited but after watching that video, no wonder those irons cost a lot.
  15. To have watched tons of video from him, he tend to hide some specific data relevant to the test. Normally bad swing or bad hit are cancelled out cause I often want to know how a specific equipment behave when I don't hit the ball well. Also you often see ball speed but no clubhead speed or smash factor which render the comparison useless most of the time. He used to hit at around 105 mp/h at most of his driver he hit the ball at around 155+ which would normally relate to a good smash factor or Increased club head speed. He seems to be playing around with the number to not look bad on the screen. Since then I tend to watch video from 2nd swing, more data driven video and you can draw your own conclusion
  16. I doubt you will be able to find something like that. You can barely see 2 or 3 current head compared with the same shaft, and again, it all depend on the swing. From what I've seen in a few personal fitting this year is that spin tend to be reduced in newer head compared to older one. Sidespin and spin was way lower on 2 current head from this year vs his old Nike Vr-S 2012 driver for my friend. When he wouldn't catch the ball perfectly on the Nike Vr-S numbers were all over the place compared to the ping g425 or sim2 with standard stiff shaft. He then got fitted with the correct shaft and those numbers got even better. Price was too high for the new driver, he wanted to wait and he broke his shaft so had to buy a used one. He got a callaway XR stiff flex, spin was in between the Nike VR-S and the current model, huge improvement vs the Nike VR-S but still was not up to the current year model, 5-10 yards less in carry in general for the XR vs the ping g425. So from what I've read, you could gain around 10 yards or so on most model due to better ball speed and lower spin. As for data on the most driver wanted test, you don't have all the shot done, you only have the average per tester if I remember correctly that you can download from the chart.
  17. I got the traverse instead of the pioneer at the beginning of the season. Color wise, they are all similar, I went for a full black one. Why I choose the traverse: -Non magnetic range finder pocket, not sure I'm gonna use it to put my rangefinder 100% of the time so I prefer a zipper and my rangefinder probably gonna be in the cart most of the time anyway. -Price - 35$ or 50$ Canadian less on the Traverse -Color (at the store I was able to visit) I wanted the navy grey one but finally went for a full black one for the safe choice -14 divider vs 15 divider I said to myself, 14 clubs need 14 dividers, oh god I was wrong, I hold at the moment like 18 clubs/items or so in the bag could have use the putter divider in extra for sure. I'm not playing in tournament or anything and all my friend have more than 14 clubs anyway. I will end up with 14 or 15 and some DIY superspeed stick. For now the bag divider look crowded. -In the top bag on MGS I am extremely satisfied with it for sure, still wish they would have done better color scheme than that. ( I like the navy color a lot but no bag stand out this year with that color. ) 2 of my friend have Ping bag too, one pioneer from 2-3 years old and one got a 2019 DLX that he won in a tournament. The DLX is just huge and expensive but for sure a very good bag, the Pioneer is a little older but still in good shape, hope my traverse is as strong as those too. I don't think you can go wrong with the 2, If I could choose one perfect bag for me it would have been a Pioneer/DLX dividers with full zipper, lower price and Navy/grey navy/white dual colors. like a great philosophers said: you can't always get what you want...
  18. I will replace my golf bag when they will be worn out OR I find one with perfect colors.... Currently have 3 bags... A stand bag if I play a 9 or I decide to walk. Old Wilson staff, no the lightest but does the job. A old Nike cart bag, will use it in the rain / muddy condition /driving range and it keeps my spare club. Got myself a new Ping traverse this year, bigger cart bag than my nike, hold more stuff, will be my main bag only drawback is that I live in an apartment / condo so haviung 3 bag take a lot of closet space.
  19. called my fitter Wednesday march 31st he said they were due to be delivered the same day, he said they were gonna call me to pick them up and still no news so far ( I think he said that to shut me up more than anything but are due this week or next week) I asked also for my friend and he was supposed to get them April 15th. I ordered them on February 19th but the guy probably entered the order at ping on 22th, my friend was 25th. around 6-7 week to receive them...
  20. I understand it because we all collect a bunch of weird stuff in a way or keep old stuff that should be sold or thrown into the garbage. My main concern about collecting putter for me is like collecting ferrari, I wish I had the money to do it...
  21. If you plan to improve in the next 6 month swing speed wise, tell the fitter so he can fit you for the future if you are in between 2 stiffness. Most irons brand offer decent shaft at no upgrade cost to choose from, ping have like 15 of them or so on my fitting paper he gave me, I really doubt that you won't get very good result with one of those, might not be the optimal one but will probably be close. As for the driver, some driver offer up to 6 different shaft again in some brand at not upcharge. Some brand have shaft made for their equipment (ping) others simply have a standard cheap shaft put into a driver. Sounds stupid but ask for perk that some company offer, ask if you can change the lie easily on your irons later on if needed. If you think you will improve to a point that your current set might not fit you for more than a few years, check the resale value of some brand. Always remember you are the customer, it's always you who have the last word, take a few days to think about it, check your numbers on the screen. If you are not sure ask question why he make you try some specific stuff if he don't provide the info himself. My fitter asked me a few question how often I was playing, when did I play last etc.., asked him a few on my side, about graphite iron shaft, one length from cobra, told him that I just started playing back after 12 years, that my swing speed was improving since I started playing inside in a friend's basement. Told him that I wanted the company to pay me for playing their irons like most players out there. He basically understood that I was on a budget so he did not waste time on exotic shaft. Then the fitting started, I had one hour for like 50$ or so where I live, I wanted to get a full iron set + test a few driver but I knew the way I was driving that I would end up with the best anti slice driver on the market, PING SFT so I could spend a good 40 min for my irons and some wedge. He didn't made me try any exotic shaft, I wanted to try one length and told me after seeing me swing that I would have tons of trouble on longer iron to hit them higher due to the way they are built. I tried ping, mizuno (only for fun at the end), sim2 and cobra... ping and mizuno had the best feeling when I was hitting them, Mizuno was out of the race due to the price tag, ping was on the limit of what I wanted to pay. Sim2 was "clicky" when I was hitting them but numbers were very decent too. SIm2 was 200$ less than Ping but the lie on ping irons can be changed by shipping them back to their company and they can change more than 2 degree if needed. other brand generally can't really change them for more than 1.5 degree... Will be hard to concentrate to keep the same swing and check numbers trust me. I tried myself but it's ball after ball after ball and you get tired eventually so more bad hit... Discuss with the guy when you take a break about your numbers, most of them are very nice people, they will explain what they are looking for on your numbers. Actually the better your fitting experience is, the more customer you will bring them with word to mouth so means more money for them. If you don't want a brand or specific model TELL THEM. Don't waste your time and their time. Will repeat myself but ASK QUESTION. If you end up with an exotic shaft on your driver or irons and numbers are way better, then go for it if you have the money. I've seen what a good shaft can do on a driver for some players. and Finally HAVE FUN. Don't stress, the guy have seen worse than you, trust me. Be open minded also, he might give you a few pointers on how to adjust your swing. You might end up in a weaker flex because it give better result. You need to accept the fact that GCQUAD numbers don't take into account your EGO. EGO is one of the worst enemy for the golfer. Good luck.
  22. My friend that have a swing speed of 105-110 mph on drive got fitted for one, he had a little amount of time after his iron fitting to get fit for a driver, he tried the sim2 and ping g 425 max, he didn't have time for another one but the dispersion of the g425 max was very similar for him than the test result in the chart from "mgs", basically all over the place, mostly within the fairway with a few here and there left and right. Same for sim2, he seemed to draw more with it, just like the chart... I am going back with him to try a callaway epic max LS for sure, the dispersion is so tight with that driver that its not even funny.
  23. I have a 410 SFT version same shaft, shaft took me a bunch of hit before getting used to it, was using a stiff flex shaft before on all my other driver, took me some adjustment and it was weird at the beginning but now hitting it well and I'm satisfied with it. My swing speed keep increasing so I might have to get another stiff flex shaft soon enough but it's another story... I know other people who play the 410 plus and have good result and good comment on it. If you feel comfortable with the stiffness of the shaft, I think its a good buy. But try that specific shaft for sure before, I call it my senior regular flex.
  24. slow motion video is generally the way to go, just have a fiend to take a video of a few swing, bring it to slow motion and compare. I have the same problem when I drive indoor at my friend's house, I tend to have my shoulder at same height to avoid hitting wall and ceiling when driving inside instead of having them like it should be. Also outside I move the ball a little more forward than inside, again to avoid contact with the wall and ceiling. It change my angle of attack and ALSO for some reason allow me to hit the ball more in the center of the club face. When I drive outside, I rarely hit them sky high due to that.
  25. It should, on most test I've seen the ping come a little shorter than other brand, but again ping shaft is shorter which help in dispersion normally, I got myself a ping 410 SFT, should help me hit the fairway more often, I know it hit shorter but when I can find my ball after my drive its a bonus. In the end I save more on ball in a year that compensate for the driver anyway
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