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  1. I would recommend you to go get fitted as other members said before. It generally cost around 50$ and you will get tons of information regarding your swing that might help you out looking for another set. Will explain how my fitting went so it could help you out. Shaft, have them try 4-5 different shaft if needed. For me, I am in between regular and stiff for my current swing speed, both could do the job, of course there is always a better option. we tried mainly 5 shaft, regular Awt2.0 and stiff Awt2.0, same with KBS tour regular and stiff and stiff elevate 95g, I ended up with elevate 95g, launch a bit higher for me, more lightweight than other stiff option out there and should be able to use them for a long time even if I increase my swing speed (2nd best option was a regular kbs I think) Lie, have him check your lie angle, if you are standard or anything else, I am 2 upright at the moment, might change eventually to 1 upright. Brand, it's all about feel, price, options, customers service honestly, I was fitted into ping for several reason, first one was that they had 2 upright head live for testing so I could see the difference in the result, Second reason was that if my lie change next year, I can send them back to ping for 30$ and they will fix them. Third and more important reason was the feel, I had a better feeling with ping than Sim 2 or cobra. 4th reason, a fitter try to sell you Ping, you know you still get good stuff. SO if you go see a fitter and you end up standard shaft with standard lie, just upgrade to any brand more recent iron set and you will be good. If you need different lie or shaft, you still can look on the used market for that but will be harder to find a good deal.
  2. Yeah that guy can't play standard club, actually he could but not as effective as the one he play now, he is nothing but standard.
  3. have fun with the decision, always easier when you have a clear winner. Would hit another session with both, if you're numbers are the same, go with the tsi3, all your hit are perfect compared to the cobra where you are a little high on the face. If money is an issue, go with cobra if it's cheaper. (normally is but...) Also when I look at the trajectory of your shot, Tsi3 seems a little bit better but again the sample size are not the same.
  4. If not I would check golf facebook group or message board for some user selling drivers below the resale value of globalgolf, callaway or 2nd swing.
  5. Same here, 1 inch shorter shaft than some other driver out there the ping didn't seem to find the fairway as much as I could have expected. Lets be honest for me it won't change anything cause I'm coming back to golf after 10 years and I was a big slicer, now I still have a manageable slice and best option for me at the moment is the PING SFT, will try the cobra Xtreme Draw too but I doubt it will offer the same result as ping. The raw data put the Ping SFT way ahead of other brand in term of slice killer. A friend of mine hit the sim2 and ping g425 max on a fitting day and ping was better for him in general, better number out there with some almost perfect drive. The data seems to be accurate so far, since the sim2 did not very well on the testing here also. WIll have him try the cobra radspeed for sure and the callaway, especially the cobra cause the pricetag is lower...
  6. Well maybe little update from my own fitting that might help you out. It was on Friday, arrive there, told him at the beginning that I wanted to try one length irons, he said, ok but expect them to be beat by pretty much other brand on the numbers, I said well ok, you are the fitter, so we start and BOOM, no left handed one length head available for fitting solved that problem. Anyway he told me that he sold one in the last 200 fitting, first because a lots of people don't want them and second because they fit more a specific kind of player. Anyway started the fitting with my own 7 iron. hitting the ball with decent club speed, Around 85-90 mph of course no consistency. Of course with the 20 000$ golf simulator used there, I am hitting the ball always to the left of the line( I'm a lefty so basically slicing...)Then the fitting start he gave me F-max first from Cobra, head is like a big chunk of metal, few hit with it , numbers are pretty much the same, then the REAL fitting start. Ping g425 and Taylormade sim2 head (I think the 2 of his best seller this year) with different shaft, stiff at the beginning then regular then back to lighter stiff, heavier stiff, lighter regular heavier regular and so on. 85 to 90 mph is in between regular and stiff for your info. I knew it before going there but couldn't increase my swing speed more than that for now. Sadly the more expensive option of the 2 was the better one... And sadly again, not even close in term of feeling between the 2. Also tried the Mizuno but it was even more expensive but they felt good, almost as good as the Ping. So I ended up with an elevate tour 95g steel shaft with a Ping g425 GREEN dot ( 2degree upright ). Fitter explained me some of the decision for all those choice... 1- Swing is inconsistent so harder to fit, It might change with time, Lighter Stiff shaft should be able to grow with my swing in the next year. 2- My lie at the moment is 2 upright but might change also with time, ping offer to redo the lie, would cost me only the shipping. Also ping head are easier to play around with the lie I heard. 3- Since I'm similar to pretty the much the lefty out there in Canada, ex hockey player, our swing then to be more like a slap shot than a real golf swing so we tend to put more weight into the swing and often a little bit before the ball. He said he see that quite often and our swing will change over the time if we play often so Ping ois the best option for long term irons. Also during the fitting I tried my driver, wasn't so bad, Slice of course, but I could manage with it around 230 carry, he came back with a ping g425 SFT driver, 3 first drive, PERFECT CENTER LINE, 250 yards carry. if I had the money it was a guaranteed sell. Didn't try any other driver cause its the most precise this year according to a lots of fitter for slicer, will probably win the most wanted driver out there for slicer if the category existed anyway. He also sold me a cleveland cbx 2 56 degree wedge to go with my kit, very nice wedge, he didnt try to sell me a 54 or 58, simply a 56 degre and said you can manage with that for sure, if you need a 60 come back see me. My friend came with me, he is 6'2, he is a way better golf player than I will ever be. He was playing with standard length club nike VR-S before and he ended up with an heavier stiff shaft with ping white dot (3 upright) with +½ inch on the irons, for him he didn't like the sim2 so it was out of the question, he was going there more for a driver fitting but he decided to use the whole hour and he was hitting the ping iron straight down the line every time, compared to left and right with the old irons. For his driver fitting they tried tons of combination, he tried the sim2 anti slice head and the ping SFT (same one as me), he got around 265-70 carry with those but ping was way more straight. Then the fun part begin, he modify the way my friend hit, move his hand around a bit, make him hit 5 shot or so and suddenly he is hooking every time. Change the head back to the standard sim2 head and the G425 max (those can be adjusted with a weight behind) try the weight on the draw mode, still hooking, try in the center and boom, 285 yards carry, 2000 rpm backspin and 48 rpm sidespin on the first one (and best drive of the whole fitting) then he hit a couple more, mostly in the center, always under 15 yard from the center line, always 265 yards and more carry until he was getting tired and swing speed decreased. He ended up with a g425 MAX 9 degree with a adila rogue 69g shaft. both keep the ball a little lower than other option. So it was our 2 fitting, very nice experience out there, didn't get what I was expecting but extremely satisfied except for the price cause like anyone, the less I pay the more club I can buy. Was expecting 1500$ bill, got a 1650 $ one. so like everyone else tell. GET FIT. P.S. The place where I got fit, he didn't hold Titleist, he had all the ping head for every lie to test. had a few cobra head but nothing more recent I think, Callaway and Taylormade, Mizuno but didn't see srixon but he had cleveland stuff so he probably had them but srixon don't like left handed player like most company.
  7. Well Rick shiels then to hide his club head speed when he test lately, he used to swing at 105 to 110 which is still stiff to my poor knowledge. Rick Shiels was testing the club and got 153 ball speed from the test. Micheal Newton did the test and he got 111 clubhead speed and 161 ball speed A guy from TGW got 98.8 clubhead speed and 146 ball speed A quick simple math without any advanced calculation means that Rick Shiels was hitting around 104 mp/h... AS for the other guy in the video clubhead speed at 110... more a x stiff for sure. I also saw saw another post of 2 that some people didnt get the right shaft into some irons set when they ordered them from wilson... They resent them a new club but still, rookie mistake on their part.
  8. I'm happy to see someone is in the same boat as me, hopefully you will find something good yourself. Just hit around a 100 balls today playing on a simulator and shanked like 5 shot on a sand wedge, hopefully I won't hit like that tomorrow during the fitting, Also you have some option that I don't seem to have myself, direct to consumer company (most of them are US base and don't ship to canada. Just like the other poster before me, the sub70 739 are at a very good price for sure, the closest set I could find around that price in canada would be the Cobra F max a SGI or a used set from 2-3 years.
  9. Tell your wife I have been researching for 2 month now... I am getting fit tomorrow afternoon, been playing inside on a optishot 2 to try to get as close as I can to a normal swing ( stop playing 10 years ago and surprisingly, you tube video and help from a few friend made me improve my game a lot even if its on a screen) I never have been fitted before it will be my first time. I think, just like anyone who said it before, it's the way to go. And hopefully you get a good one What I have found over my 2 month research on a lot of product, website, forums etc... it's basically common sense and don't lie to yourself or the fitter. Know what you want and especially DON'T WANT. Know your limits. Limits in term of cash, your skill level. Know your golf game, where you struggle, where you shine. Take into account your future improvement. For me those answer are : Researched a good fitter according to people around me ( I'm in canada / Quebec and there are not a tons of them out there...) Know what you want and especially DON'T WANT. : I am open to every company except maybe Callaway, it's a personal Opinion and in no way a fact, but its me, if you don't like the club you are hitting, it won't perform. Of course if the club is twice better than all the other one out there, I might consider it but since it ain't gonna happen... Know your limits. Limits in term of cash, your skill level. My cash Limit is 1000$ ca (750$ us) I would be willing to pay 50% more if it's really worth the shot, give me a better resale value in the long term or get more club to lower the cost of hybrid or wedge later on. I was a 100-120 player 10 years ago or a under 100 with 20 mulligans. This year I get under 90 easily just the way I hit and I putt lately, never been EVEN close to that before. I am not lying to myself, but god I was bad. I am probably still bad but not as much. Know your golf game, where you struggle, where you shine. My drive is 200 yards forward / 200 yards left. My irons are decent and my short game is the same as my putting, we could qualify it as %?&*((%$ bad. Take into account your future improvement. I will take some golf lessons, play way more than I used to before and will probably work to improve my swingspeed also in the next month or 2, (might gain some benefit for softball too). At the moment according to most website, I seems to be on the limit of regular and stiff flex. Driver speed is from 90 to 95 mp/h on an optishot 2 but I'm not 100% sure if the number are always accurate. But I am improving a lot lately by just playing so might go to stiff even if the guy say regular. I don't mind the regular flex but not sure it would be good in 6 month. Of course if I follow the advice from most people here I would still have the same irons Di7 2008 from wilson staff, would need a regrip, would spend a 1000$ on golf lessons with a guy that will try to change me from A to Z. Lessons might be very good but I don't think any lessons will be usefull until my swing is consistent enough to be able to correct something. I improved my chipping by a lot, in only in a few inside golf session, actually the right word would be that I can actually chip now compared to before where it was more whacking the ball at a smaller distance. Putting have improved greatly, basically my face is ALMOST always straight. Driving the club face seemed to be straighter than ever before. The set I want to try are: ONE LENGTH radspeed or speedzone and I go with that set because numbers are good, I will take the 5 to AW with SW in extra and will get a hybrid too, cost: 1500 Ca $, enough that my girlfriend will kill me. SIm max from last year, 150 less than sim max 2 and don't think the new one will make me better than I am. cost : under 1000 CA$ D7 Forged from Wilson staff, those are priced a little lower than other irons of that kind and I might like them OR not, maybe the guy will laugh at me and tell me, don't waste your time. Cobra Radspeed or speedzone from last year, variable length Would love to try srixion, titleist and mizuno at around 1300 Ca $ but not sure if they have some in lefties. They all have pros and cons. I have checked tons of video on one length and know exactly what to expect on numbers. I know long irons tend to hit lower and less distance and PW will hit higher and longer I can live with that. Of course all video are with players that always strike the ball perfectly so eveything I saw on video might go to waste on my fitting. This is my thinking for the last 2 month.
  10. Marketing 101! I think best fitting would be a best of both world, human AND computer. The Data never lie but a computer never have a gut feeling either. Most options for electronic fittings would cost too much for what they can get in return. You need the best data possible to be able to fit and sadly lower cost equipement simply dont deliver for now
  11. Loft for 5 to GW on wilson staff D7: 22/25/28/33/38/43/48 D9: 21/24/27/32/37/42/47 I'm looking into these for sure, only drawback where I live is that wilson staff irons are hard to resell
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